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It was on November 12, 1987 that Pagsanjan became

a regular parish and through a Franciscan, Fray Agustin de la

Magdalena, its first parish priest, that an image of Our Lady of
Guadalupe was enthroned in the church of Pagsanjan. The image
was given to him by pious Mexican families, during his stay in
Mexico before being assigned to the Philippines.

Since Pagsanjan did not have a patron, Fray Agustin

installed the image in the first church of nipa and bamboo which
wound in subsequent years grow as majestic temple in honor of
the La Morenita, this parish church would be known as one of the
most beautiful and grandest in the province. This simple act of
Fray Agustin would make Pagsanjan as the oldest parish in the
entire archipelago, claiming Our Lady of Guadalupe as patroness,
uninterrupted for over 326 years.

The original image of Our Lady together with the

majestic church would sadly be lost due to the second world war.
But Gods providence would never abandon those who love the
mother of Christ, a few years after war, the church in Mexico
learned the loss of Pagsanjan of the original image given by Fray
Agustin de la Magdalena. Thus the Plans to donate a new image
was conceived by the ecclesiastical council of the Basilica of Our
Lady of Guadalupe, a noted sculptor by the name of Roman
Baretto from Tuloca, was commissioned to carve the image.

On December 11, 1958 the new image and tilma of

Our Lady of Guadalupe arrived at Pagsanjan and solemnly
installed in a special altar in the church. From then on, numerous
devotees have increased in number throughout the years, due to
the many favors granted through the devotion to this image.
Everyday and most especially during her feast day droves of
pilgrims would come to her image seeking favors as well as
thanking her for petitions answered.

During the recent years, the no less than the rector of

the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico made a historic
visit to Pagsanjan twice, to recognize and confirm the spiritual
ties of Pagsanjan with Mexico in honoring the Virgin of

On December 12, 2012, the parish church of

Pagsanjan was erected as a Diocesan Shrine by the Most Rev. Leo
M. Drona SDB DD, due to many pilgrims who show affection to
the Virgin Mary. During that celebration, this image given by
people of Mexico was honored with the Rite of Episcopal
Coronation with precious Diadem fitting for a queen.