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1953 2013
CJ Group Structure

Marking the 60th anniversary of the foundation of CJ Group, CJ has

embarked on a journey create a history of new challenges and innovations
for 2020 GREAT CJ. The past sixty years have been a time of continuous
challenge for innovation, despite the recurrent difficulties faced. CJ will
continue onwards to the next 60 years with the same spirit that has sustained
it as it pursues new challenges and innovations. CJ will move forward to be a
Global lifestyle company creating health, happiness and convenience.

CJ Food & Food Service business CJ Bio & Pharma business has global CJ Homeshopping & Logistics business CJ Entertainment & Media business CJ Infrastructure business is involved
has created a healthy food culture by competitiveness. The bio business has has emerged as CJ's future growth leads the globalization of Korean culture in construction, e-business, and the
enriching the meal tables of Korean been leading the world bio industry engine as it has made a quantum leap and Asian pop culture. By closely transmission of digital broadcasting,
people since Koreas first sugar with the production of Lysine, in domestic and overseas markets. CJ connecting all subsidiaries to create creating a synergy effect with four other
production in 1953. Food & Food Threonine, and Nucleotide based Homeshopping & Logistics business will new ideas, and by producing, investing core businesses. It establishes a solid
Service business now spreads Korean on the technology that it has developed make every effort to grow as a leading in, and distributing differentiated foundation optimized for the global
cuisine and Korean tastes to the world in the last 50 years. The pharma global distributor and create a synergy contents, it creates a strong synergy market so that all subsidiaries can
by entering overseas markets with its business has positioned itself as a effect for CJs core businesses as a key effect, spreading CJs cultural contents operate their businesses effectively. It
wide range of brands such as the global global pharmaceutical manufacturer platform for a shopping channel and to the world. also continues to create new values
Korean food brand Bibigo. with its aggressive R&D and production logistics platform. through ceaseless efforts in R&D.

CJ Group Structure

Create a New Culture for Healthy,
Happy and Convenient Lifestyles

Contribute to the global community by
providing the best value to our customers
with ONLYONE products and services

Global Lifestyle company, CJ

creating health, happiness,

and convenience

CheilJedang Corporation produced Koreas first sugar in 1953 and was found with the philosophy of Business
Patriotism, that is A company must contribute to the nation and further the human race with its business. CJ has led
Koreas food culture for the last sixty years based on the founder and chairman Lee, Byung-Chulls philosophy Business
Patriotism, People First, and Rationalism. As it enters the 21st century, the company has extended its business into four
core fields of Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Homeshopping & Logistics, and Entertainment & Media.
CJ has constantly pursued its core values of integrity, passion, and creativity under the vision of Create a New Culture
for Healthy. Happy and Convenient Lifestyles and has produced ONLYONE products and services to create the best
values. These principles were the motivation that helped CJ grows as a global company creating lifestyle and culture
beyond the Korean market. CJ is now embarking on a long journey toward 2020 GREAT CJ. CJ will move forward
ceaselessly until we create a lifestyle that influences the world beyond territorial and cultural borders.



EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE AND CULTURE Achieve No.1 with core competence by being First, Best, Different


Lee, Jay-Hyun Sohn, Kyung-Shik

to create a world in which people can enjoy daily happiness by watching two or three Korean movies
Moving beyond the past 60 years since a year, eating Korean food like Bibimbap once or twice a month, watching one or two Korean TV
its foundation, GREAT CJ drama a week, and downloading and listening to ten or more Korean music tracks every day.
The most important factors to realize this dream are our people and corporate culture. The best
Marking its 60th anniversary, CJ is moving forward to its next 60 years. CJ started as a food people who embody the CJ spirit compete with each other and practice CJs core values of Integrity,
company by producing Koreas first sugar with domestic technology in 1953. As the parent company Passion and Creativity based on having the best corporate culture to be the worlds No.1. Such
of Samsung, CJ has led the Korean economy and continued to grow and evolve as Koreas most people will realize CJ Groups philosophy, ONLYONE.
loved company. Since CJ split and declared independent management in 1993, it has established CJ will continue to fulfil its social responsibility. We have devoted to Donors Camp to provide
four core businesses that are Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Homeshopping & Logistics, and unprivileged children with education and cultural experiences and a Co-Prosperity Activity with our
Entertainment & Media. It has grown as a leading company through creative management. In 2010, partners for mutual growth and a favorable industrial ecosystem. CJ will continue to dedicate every
CJ declared its second take-off and spurred itself on to be the best global lifestyle company creating effort to making a society in which we all live and grow together.
health, happiness and convenience. Creating history through ceaseless innovation and challenge is Just as we have continued to try new things despite the hardships we have faced over the past 60
proof of CJs spirit of Business Patriotism for the betterment of the country and society. years, CJ will never stop to press on with its challenges and innovations. CJ wishes to have your
CJ Group gets ready to takeoff even further as it marks its 60th year. It has overcome internal and encouragement and support toward our challenge to become the best global lifestyle company by
external difficulties by bolstering its core businesses and expanding overseas. Now is the time to 2020.
move full-throttle beyond GLOBAL CJ toward GREAT CJ.
To be the worlds best lifestyle company that leads Korean lifestyle and culture trends worldwide.
This is CJs dream and vision. To achieve this dream and vision, CJ envisages and makes every effort Chairman and President of CJ Group Lee, Jay-Hyun Sohn, Kyung-Shik

Started Developed mass Launched

CJ HISTORY Produced Koreas

first sugar
Created the flagship
brand Beksul
Launched soup
stock Dasida
Cooking oil
production technology
for Interferon
Hepatitis B Vaccine
Started bio

Started Launched Started meat Started

Produced feed Nucletides processing Started Pharma frozen food
flour business seasoning AIMEE business business business

1953 1958 1965 1973 1975 1977 1979 1980 1982 1984 1986 1987 1988

Sixty years of history, which created a culture

1953 1980
The last sixty years was the story of a challenge to pioneer undiscovered lands. Since the production of Establishment and growth as a Extended business areas and established
sugar for the first time in Korea in the aftermath of the Korean War, CJ has written a new chapter of the comprehensive food company a foothold in overseas markets
history of daily Korean meal tables by introducing flour, cooking oil, seasoning and so on. CJ has brought
CJ started as a food company by producing sugar for the first As lifestyles improved in the 1980s and consumers started
innovation to Korean food culture with healthier and more convenient foods and has grown into a global
time in Korea in 1953 when Korea was still suffering from the demanding more in terms of health and convenience, CJ
lifestyle company as it started a culture business in the 1990s. scars of war. CJ supplied sugar to the Korean community at responded to the changing consumption patterns and
Entering the 21st century, CJs cultural contents have been leading Hallyu in the international community an affordable price during a period when food was scarce, extended its product lines into beverages, frozen foods,
and CJs home shopping culture has spread beyond Asia to Europe. Moreover, CJ has advanced its improving Koreans daily meals. CJ launched its flagship food and processed meats. It did not stop there, but started

logistics and distribution service to be a global distributor. CJs bio business has reinforced its top position brands like Beksul in 1965 and Dasida in 1975, which are still a pharmaceutical business based on the accumulated
loved by many Koreans. Responding actively to changes in the technology and knowhow it has built up over 60 years. CJ
in the global market thanks to its technology and cost competitiveness. Starting from a food company,
market and in the dietary lifestyles of Koreans, CJ embarked on established CheilJedang Indonesia and produced L-Lysine,
CJ has grown into a global lifestyle company over the past 60 years through a challenging journey of a journey toward a comprehensive food company. Nucleotide and other bio products.
pioneering creation and accomplishment.
CJ has ceaselessly created Koreas lifestyle since 1953. CJ will now spread CJs convenient and happy 1953 Established CheilJedang Corporation and 1980 Launched the processed meat brand Beksul ham

culture to the world. Starting with the completion of GLOBAL CJ in 2013, we will constantly innovate produced Koreas first sugar 1982 Successfully developed mass production
1958 Extended its business to producing flour technology for Interferon
ourselves for GREAT CJ and write a new chapter of the next sixty years. A company creating a culture
1962 Made the first export of sugar 1984 Started its pharma business and established an R&D center
CJ is steadily working to be a global lifestyle company beloved by the world.
1965 Created the flagship brand Beksul 1987 Established Cheil Frozen Food(currently
1973 Started its feed business CJ CheilJedang Food & Food Service Business)
1975 Launched Koreas first soup stock Dasida 1987 Started its beverage business
1977 Launched Koreas first nucleotides seasoning AIMEE 1988 Constructed a feed plant
1978 Established a food R&D center 1988 Established CheilJedang Indonesia for bio business

1965 1975 1996 2002

1956 2012

Started concession
Opened a feed business in Incheon Opened a The 60th
Stood alone from the manufacturing plant Int. Airport and nucleotides plant in Launched the anniversary of
Samsung Group in the Philippines Gimpo Airport Liaocheung, China Global Brand Bibigo CJ Group

Launched anti- Opened Koreas first Opened the Opened the complex
hangover drink multiplex theater Launched 1,000th TOUS les culture space,
CONDITION Launched CGV Gangbyeon CJ Group JOURS store CJ Foodworld
(cooked rice)

1992 1993 1996 1997 1998 2001 2002 2007 2008 2010 2011 2013 JAPAN U.S.A.
The launch of Growth into a global company SINGAPORE
Comprehensive Lifestyle group that creates culture SOUTH AMERICA
The 1990s was an era of growth for CJ as it grew from a food Since the 2000s, CJ has established its core businesses in four AUSTRALIA
company into a lifestyle group. CJ diversified its business into areas - Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Homeshopping CHILE
pharmaceuticals, bio, restaurant and media businesses in 1993, & Logistics, and Entertainment& Media - to bolster its core NEW ZEALAND
when it declared independent management from the Samsung competences. Its growth into a global company has accelerated
Group. With the launch of CheilJedang Group, CJ has improved the growth of its core businesses, and CJ has pushed hard to
itself as a comprehensive lifestyle group with business areas in be a global lifestyle company spreading Korean culture to the

food, media, entertainment, finance, IT, and logistics. world.

1991 Achieved 1 trillion won in annual sales for the first time 2002 Launched CJ Group and announced new CI
in Korean food industry 2007 Changed to a holding company system

1993 Split from the Samsung Group and 2010 Launched the consolidated membership CJ ONE
declared independent management 2010 Launched a global Korean food brand Bibigo
1996 Launched CheilJedang Group 2011 Achieved 1 trillion won in global bio sales
1996 Launched Koreas first instant rice product, 2011 Acquired six E&M subsidiaries and launched CJ E&M

Hetbahn(cooked rice) 2012 Opened MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards)
1997 Acquired music cable TV Music Network in Hong Kong
(currently, Mnet) 2013 Launched the consolidated CJ korea express
1997 Launched Korean family restaurant brand VIPS
1997 Launched bakery brand TOUS les JOURS
1998 Opened Koreas first multiplex theater CGV Gangbyeon
We create a culture that the whole world can enjoy
CJ has been passionately working to be the first, the best, and to practice the
ONLYONE spirit. Providing healthy and delicious food and food culture as part of
new lifestyles with convenient shopping and distribution, and as the center of the
Asian pop culture in which the whole world is excited, CJ has been creating a
new culture of health, happiness, and convenience. A global lifestyle company,
a company that creates a culture, CJ is building a new kind of world.

CJ is leading the spread of
Korean cuisine and culture around the world
CJ has always pioneered the undiscovered and untrodden path. Since being the first
company to produce sugar in Korea in 1953, CJ has led the Korean food industry. Now it is
spreading Korean food culture to every corner of the world with pride in its 60 year-history.
Korean cuisine and culture is spreading to the world beyond Korea and CJ is at the helm.


2012 Bibigo opened Bibigo Beverly Hills in the most high-end commercial area in LA, USA 2012 Bibigo opened Bibigo Soho in London at the center of London as a Bar & Dining place

Bibigo Soho on <2013 Michelin Guide London>

CJ will From the global Korean food brand Bibigo, to fresh bakery TOUS les JOURS, and to
never stop KCON which is a place to enjoy K-POP and K-Food culture, CJ has made ceaseless efforts
its challenge for the future. CJ will not stop until the world eats and enjoys Korean food and Korean culture.

1 The first CJ Foodworld overseas store opened in Lido, Beijing, China

2 TOUS les JOURS became the top bakery in Vietnam in terms of number of stores and sales

3 CJ Foodworld in Beijing has a variety of CJ food products available

4 Indonesia has emerged as a foothold for TOUS les JOURS to enter overseas markets along with Vietnam

The world celebrities beloved global Korean food brand Bibigo



The power of culture that unites the world as one
CJ is bringing happy innovation
CJ is standing at the heart of global Hallyu fever. It is creating a pleasurable
synergy effect in various areas including media, movie, music, performance,
gaming and smart media. CJ creates the ONLYONE culture that the whole world
can enjoy: MAMA, Asias largest music award, sets a new record every year.
CJs entertainment contents are welcomed by the world. CGV, the culturalplex, is
spread to the world. Moreover, KCON festival introduces K-Culture to the world
as well as K-POP.

2013 MAMA the Asian biggest music festival in Hong Kong, followed by 2012 festival


2010 MACAU

2011 MAMA festival, which took place in Singapore and was broadcast by 19 global
KCON, the large K-Culture Festival for K-POP
media outlets, achieved record high figures with 1.9 billion viewers


CJ creates CGV cultureplex has become a fashion in the cinema world. KCON has spread new Hallyu
Dreams not only in the U.S.A. but also in Southeast Asia. The company which creates a culture
and Joy CJ creates dreams and joy for the world with its cultural contents. CJ is at the heart of Hallyu
and is always novel and joyful.

1 CGV opened 27 auditoriums in China, where there remains a high growth potential.(As of 2013)

2 3 KCON is a bridgehead to spread Hallyu across the US

4DX at CGV Sangam, the worlds first theater to give a five-sense experience

Unique ideas creating global lifestyle
CJ lives with the daily life of the world
CJ touches the world with its unique and novel services and makes life more
convenient. From CJ O Shopping that created Koreas first TV home shopping
business and completed Asia Home shopping belt, to CJ korea express that
delivers convenient door-to-door services around the world, to CJs advanced
bio business that provides food products, CJ changes lives by creating
convenience and innovation with its unique ideas and pioneering attempts. CJ O Shopping launched StarCJ in India in 2009



CJ O Shopping entered the worlds largest Chinese market through CJ Bio&Pharma business advances with its bio CJ korea express delivers everything from parcels to thousands of
tons in shipments and plant equipment
DongbangCJ, ChenchenCJ and NambangCJ and pharmaceutical products




CJ ONLYONE R&D center will be equipped with world-class

technical competitiveness HOMESHOPPING & LOGISTICS



Weight of the business as % of total sales As of 2013

Food & Food Service Bio & Pharma Homeshopping & Logistics Entertainment & Media Infra

29% 15% 39% 15% 2%

CJ Healthcare established Osong Plant, a production base with

world competitiveness in medical products

CJ CheilJedang has led Korean food industry for the last sixty years since
1953 when it produced sugar for the first time in Korea. CJ CheilJedang

has since grown into the No.1 food company in Korea and a global Food&
Bio company involved even in feed&livestock and bio areas. CJ Cheil-
Jedang has led the Korean food industry through its production of a


large range of products such as sugar, flour, and cooking oil. It has been
expanding its business areas to include seasoning, processed meats,
processed foods, and healthy foods. Such efforts have established its

The Food&Food Service business is the starting point and the status as the leading comprehensive food company in Korea.

center of the CJ Group. Since it started in 1953 by producing FOODS

Koreas first sugar, the Food& Food Service business has led CJ CheilJedangs Beksul is itself the history of Korean dietary lifestyle itself
Koreas food culture. CJ Groups Food&Food Service business with its sugar, flour, and cooking oil. Along with the No.1 brand Beksul,
is creating a global food culture based on its experience and Freshian, the premium fresh food brand, has written a new chapter in
capability in creating Korean food culture for the last 60 years. Korean food history.
CJ Groups Food&Food Service business is at the center of the CJ CheilJedang has worked ceaselessly to create new markets with its
spread of Korean cuisine and culture around the world. first, best and differentiated ONLYONE products. Hetbahn(cooked rice) is
the first instant rice product, Dasida opened up the new area of fermented
BUSINESS OVERVIEW seasoning. Petitzel has been leading the dessert market. CJ is the home

CJ CheilJedang of a variety of brands and best-selling products.

CJ Foodville Moreover, the global Korean cuisine brand Bibigo has spread Korean
CJ Freshway tastes to the world. With its sweetener, premix and other high value-
functioning material business, CJ CheilJedang has achieved quantum
growth into a global food company. CJ CheilJedang is moving forward to
the world based on the 60 years of research and development.


Sales revenues of CJ CheilJedang is leading the Korean healthcare product industry with
Food&Food Service business many top brands including Fat Down, which has created the fitness drink
(Unit: billion won)
market, innerb, a drinkable moisture treatment, Hanppuri, which contains

a whole grinded red ginseng and ginseng. CJ CheilJedangs healthcare
Weight of Food&Food Service
business as % of global sales business makes every effort to provide a healthier life to consumers through
continuous research and development into new products.

Sales structure of
Food&Food Service business 2%
(As of 2013)
CJ CheilJedang
CJ Foodville 18%
CJ Freshway
24 25

CJ Infra is leading Korean food
CJ CheilJedang has launched about 120 types of feed for pigs, cows,
poultry, fish, and pets since its entry into the feed business in 1973. CJ
culture from R&D to training
CheilJedang has been growing into an excellent feed manufacturer
through its supply of various products at home and abroad. The business
will grow into one of the top ten feed makers in the world through its
competitive expertise and differentiated solutions.


the outpost for the globalization of Korean cuisine
The history of Bibigo reflects the proud sixty-year history of CJ
CheilJedang. CJ CheilJedang has released dumplings, seasoning, The R&D Center is Koreas largest center for the development of
new menu items. It is located on the 3rd floor of CJ CheilJedang
sauce, Kimchi, and kim under the Bibigo, creating Korean foods that the
Center in Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul where CJ CheilJedang,
whole world can enjoy. The global food & bio company CJ CheilJedang is CJ Foodville, and CJ Freshway are located. With the sixty years
leading the globalization of Korean cusine with the Bibigo. of competitiveness that CJ has established along with Korean
cuisine history, the R&D Center works closely with the three CJ
affiliates to develop competitive menu items and products.
The R&D Center inspects the tastes and quality of CJ
CheilJedangs new and existing products and develops recipes
to use its products. The center also develops new seasonal
menu items for CJ Foodvilles restaurant brands like TOUS les
JOURS and VIPS. The R&D Center develops menu items not
only for each subsidiary, but also by connecting the brands of
other subsidiaries to achieve a synergy effect. For example, CJ
CheilJedang launched Freshian by VIPS to carry on the knowhow
of VIPS chefs. CJ Freshway supplies menu items of VIPS or
China Factory at its corporate catering business. New menu
items for overseas stores including Bibigo Soho in London and
VIPS Beijing in China are also developed by the R&D Center.
The R&D Center develops unique menu items and creates food
synergy. It plays an important role in globalizing Korean cuisine,
leading the trend for dining out and creating enjoyable K-Food.

Beksul Cooking Studio,

a place to share the fun of cooking

Beksul Cooking Studio opened in July 2011 and is named after

Beksul, the brand that has been with us since 1953. The studio
has a cutting-edge and a large kitchen, a kids kitchen where kids
can experience cooking, and a dining room where people can eat
the food they just cooked and have a chance to talk. The studio
is designed with a simple European interior and is fitted with the
best cooking equipment. The studio carries out a cooking class
for children who have made the field trip to CJ The Farm, women
who visited CJ Foodworld, and foreigners. Beksul Cooking
Studio is a place where CJ meets and greets its customers, who
can have an enriched experience through cooking.

CJ Foodville started in 1994 as the family restaurant Sky Lark. Since CJ FOODWORLD, N SEOULTOWER Complex Culture Space
then it has grown as a comprehensive food service company that owns In 2011, CJ Foodville launched the food culture theme park CJ
and operates a range of Food Service&Franchise brands, the complex Foodworld where CJ CheilJedangs and CJ Foodvilles brands are in one
culture space CJ Foodworld and N Seoul Tower, and concession place for a unified experience. It was a milestone decision in the history of
brands for food&beverage service for airports and express service areas. the Korean food industry. CJ Foodworld is the first flagship store in the
CJ Foodville has developed creative and unique brands based on the food industry to have everything from the food industry there, including a
CJ Foodville ONLYONE spirit that puts differentiated tastes and quality as a core value space to grow food ingredients to restaurants, cafes and bakeries as well
alongside independent technology. CJ Foodville leads Koreas food as shopping and a cooking studio. In addition, CJ Foodville runs N Seoul
service industry with the best tastes and service and is now spreading Tower, a complex culture space with the best F&B service and culture,
Korean cuisine to the world through the aggressive entry of Bibigo, n.GRILL, HANCOOK, THE BEST BURGER IN SEOUL, THE PLACE
TOUS les JOURS, and A Twosome Place to overseas markets. Dining, and N TERRACE. N Seoul Tower has an observatory to look
over Seoul, the beautiful scenery of Namsan, the romantic the Lock of
Love, and the best F&B service that provides a dating place for couples,
CJ Foodville operate the My No. 1 Steak House VIPS, the healthy&fresh
a must-go place for foreign tourists and a landmark of Seoul city.
Korean kitchen Bibigo, the unconventional chinese casual dining
China Factory, the noodle making masters restaurant Cheiljemyunso,
the traditional New York style premium restaurant The Steak house
by VIPS, the healthy Korean food brand Seasons Table, the Italian
urban bistro The Place, Korean fine dining restaurant Dadam, the
premium Japanese restaurant Uo, and the dim sum&Chinese cuisine
Mongjungheon. CJ Foodville is a leading Korean food service company.

CJ Foodville has a range of franchise brands including the healthy bakery
with different ingredients TOUS les JOURS, the premium dessert cafe A
Twosome Place, the trendy cafe specializing in coffee Twosome Coffee,
and the premium ice cream Cold Stone Creamery. TOUS les JOURS
plays an essential part of the Korean history of franchise bakery by baking
healthy and fresh bread in an honest way. A Twosome Place has deep-
roasted coffee and European style desserts. Cold Stone Creamery
provides a unique ice cream culture. Twosome Coffee is loved by
customers for its trendiness and the good quality of its coffee.

CONCESSION / Wedding&Party CJ Freshway is Koreas leading company to be specialized in food

CJ Foodville has entered F&B and convenient facility business areas distribution & food service. Since it started as the first business to be
including Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport, KTX railway specialized in food distribution in Korea in 1999, it has been growing as
stations, expressway service areas, Lotte World, and major hospitals. a leading company that supplies over 20,000 agricultural, fishery and
Either Food O Clock or Food On Air are operated, depending on livestock products, processed foods, and kitchen appliances to all types
the place it is located. CJ Foodville extended its competitiveness of restaurants, including food dealers, catering cafeteria, hotels, chain
in concession businesses with differentiated menu items, business CJ Freshway stores and general restaurants. CJ Freshway moves toward achieving
know-how, and creative space design. CJ Foodville plans to extend a leadership position in global food distribution&food through the best
the concession business even further based on having the best space infrastructure, including regional logistics centers, its Safe Food Center
design and the most competitive development. In addition, CJ Foodville and Cooking Academy. It has established a global sourcing system and
runs Apelgamo and Prive to lead the wedding and banquet trend. operates a Safe Food Center in China to carry out effective safety tests
Apelgamo, which means the best moment in ones life, is a wedding on Chinese food ingredients. CJ Freshway makes every effort to be a
and party brand where you can taste the food by star chefs who used global best food distribution & food company.
to work at domestic and foreign fine dining restaurants. Creative menu
and sophisticated food styling will capture your eyes and appetite. Party
Koreas top food distributor CJ Freshway supplies over 20,000 carefully-
house Prive provides a private space for your babys first birthday.
selected food products based on the advanced distribution system and
Stylish and delicious dishes and sophisticated levels of service will make
expansion of global sourcing. It leads the food distribution market with
the meaningful day even more special.
the trustful brand Its Well and the private brand for agricultural, fishery
GLOBAL ACTIVITIES and livestock products FRESHWAY.
CJ Foodville has spread Korean food service culture to the world with
its aggressive market entry. TOUS les JOURS entered the American
(Unit: billion won) CJ Freshway is Koreas leading food catering company and provides
market in 2004 and has since entered the Chinese and Vietnamese
customized menu items with over 8,000 different menus. It works to
The number of countries
to enter 10 markets. Global Korean food brand Bibigo runs stores in the U.S.A.,
China, Singapore, Britain, Japan, and Indonesia. In addition, VIPS,
establish a specialized business with expertise and to promote a complex
model based on CJ infrastructure.
The number of stores
184 Twosome Coffee, and CJ Foodworld have made successful entries
into China.

CJ CheilJedangs Bio Business is one of the top global companies in the

market for amino acids for feeds and food additives. Starting with MSG

production in 1964, it has produced Lysine, Threonine, Tryptophan,
Nucleotide, and MSG at seven overseas manufacturing sites with the
bio technology developed over the last fifty years. CJ Tide(Nucleotide)

PHARMA CJ CheilJedang Bio Business

was successfully developed for the second time in the world and now
occupies the top spot in the global market. Lysine, an amino acid for feed,
also tops the world market. The bio business has a number of bestselling

CJ Group has devoted itself to bio business to create a healthy en- global products and leads the global green bio market by developing

vironment for humans everywhere. CJ Bio business has become a environmentally-friendly bio engineering methods to produce the worlds

global leading company in the market for amino acids for feed and first methionine. In addition, the bio business reached over 1 trillion won

food additives. CJ Healthcare has secured its position as Koreas in sales revenues in 2010, playing an important role in CJ groups global

leading pharmaceutical company and is working hard to become business. CJ CheilJedangs Bio Business is working towards becoming

the No.1 company in its market by 2025. CJ Groups bio business the No.1 in the global micro orgasm fermentation industry. It will develop

will lead the future of bio engineering industry with its world-class new biotechnology products and reinforce its competitiveness through

technology and competitiveness. expansion to become a leader in the global bio industry.

CJ CheilJedang Bio Business

CJ Healthcare

Lysines global market share

(As of 2013) 27%
Sale revenues of Bio business
(Unit: billion won)

CJ Healthcare, part of CJ CheilJedangs Pharma business, started in

Weight of Bio business
as % of global sales
72% 1984 and became a leading pharmaceutical company in Korea. CJ
Healthcare has secured its position as a leader in the ETC for cancer,
circulation, diabetes, and kidney diseases, API, and H&B(Health&Beauty).
Sales structure of Bio business
It has continued to develop innovative medicines and preparing for the
(As of 2013)
future with competitive new drugs, bio drugs and world-class production
CJ Healthcare facilities. CJ Healthcare completed the Osong Plant on the level of
cGMP in 2010 to lay a foundation for its growth as a global business. CJ
ONLYONE R&D Center, which is scheduled to be completed in 2014,
87% will provide infrastructure for research and development of new drugs. CJ
CJ CheilJedang Bio Business
CJ Healthcare Healthcare aims to be a top pharmaceutical company by increasing its
overseas sales over 40 percent by 2025 through seamless R&D efforts.

HOME CJ O Shopping is a pioneer of Korean shopping culture. It started Koreas

first TV home shopping channel in 1995 and established the Korean

online distribution industry. Introducing novel platforms such as TV
home shopping, catalogues, internet, mobile and new media ahead of
competitors, CJ O Shopping has become the most popular online media


shopping company and has been growing rapidly in global markets.
Starting with DongbangCJ in China in 2004, CJ O Shopping has
expanded its business across Asia, with presences now in India, Japan,

CJ Groups Homeshopping&Logistics business has made quan- Vietnam and Thailand. It has further moved to the European market with

tum growth in the domestic and global market and emerged as a the founding of MCJ in Turkey in 2012. CJ O Shopping provides a home

new future growth engine. CJ O Shopping exports home shop- shopping channel optimized for your lifestyle. It makes every effort to grow

ping culture to the rest of the world, and CJ korea express is one further into the best media shopping company that is not limited to Korean

of the top five global logistics companies. Moreover, CJ Olive and Asian markets, but will lead the global market.

Young introduced the health and beauty store concept to create TV HOME SHOPPING
a new shopping culture, and CJ Educations creates a new edu- CJ O Shopping has worked to develop differentiated and competitive
cation culture. The Homeshopping&Logistics business will create products from SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) since its establishment
new lifestyles in the areas of shopping and logistics and will grow in 1995. It has led shopping culture with Shoppertainment programs that
as a leading global distributor. combine shopping and information in a way that is fun to watch. It has
made innovative decisions such as the release of a program schedule, real-
BUSINESS OVERVIEW time texting service, and the launch of an independent brand for the first
CJ O Shopping time in the industry. CJ O Shopping creates new trends and lifestyles.
CJ korea express
CJ Olive Young
CJ O Shopping meets customers across a variety of platforms and related
CJ Educations
shopping channels. CJ Mall has been No.1 in NCSI(National Customer
Satisfaction Index) for 12 years in a row and has special internal malls such

Sales Revenues of as CJONmart, Omart, Baby O Shop, and First Look. Moreover, CJ
O Shopping has social commerce platform O Clock to provide smart
business (Unit: billion won)
shopping service through mobile, its first independent offline store First

Weight of Homeshopping& Look Market to cover on and offline, and a shopping catalogue that
Logistics business as %
publishes over 1 million copies a month. CJ O Shopping leads the trend as
of global sales
a shopping culture pioneer.
Sales structure of
Business (As of 2013)

CJ O Shopping
1% 67%
CJ korea express
CJ Olive Young

As Koreas first logistics company which started in 1930, CJ korea CJ Olive Young is Koreas first health & beauty store, creating new
express has played a key role in the countrys economic development. shopping values with differentiated products and leading your lifestyle.
CJ korea express now leaps forward with the ONLYONE spirit. CJ korea It provides you with the best shopping value with over 10,000 trendy
express was acquired by CJ Group in 2011 and consolidated with CJ products and free tests available to purchase as you compare different
GLS in 2013. Since then, the company has grown as a comprehensive products. CJ Olive Young is the only place to meet PB products
logistics company that seeks to be in the global Top 5. CJ korea express like ELLE girl, Singmulnara, and BOTANIC HILL boh and EB
CJ korea express delivers everything from a small parcel to thousands of tons of shipments CJ Olive Young products including Cottage and BULL DOG, which are welcomed
and plant equipment. It provides a differentiated one-stop logistics by customers. Olive Young Lifestyle Experience Center opened in
service across all logistics areas including corporate logistics, its courier Myeongdong, Seoul in 2012 and is the largest flagship store where you
service, shipping, port and forwarding business. It utilizes the nations can experience shopping, entertainment and culture in one space. Olive
largest distribution network. Young Hongadeipgu station store is a hot place with the lively and unique
Moreover, CJ korea express was recognized for its world-class capability Hongdae atmosphere reflected in-store. With the amazing achievement
in overseas markets when it successfully completed the Libya Great of an average customer numbers in excess of 100,000, CJ Olive Young
Manmade River project in the 1980s. The company has since entered will be Koreas leading health and beauty shop as it breaks new ground in
foreign markets including the US, China and Japan, and secured a helping to promote healthier lifestyles.
strong global network across over 70 regions in 16 countries of Asia
and Americas. It is currently expanding its business to Europe, Middle
East and even Africa. CJ korea express will grow to be a comprehensive
global logistics company with the ONLYONE spirit to bring innovation and
lead the global market based on its global network and infrastructure. CJ
korea express has set targets that it seeks to accomplish by 2020: sales
revenues of 25 trillion won, weight of overseas sales over 50 percent, 200
networks in fifty countries. The company will work towards becoming a
bigger global logistics company.

CJ Educations is a specialist in education contents for infants and

children. It was established in 2012 to create sound digital education
culture and has provided excellent design and high quality contents,
receiving a good response from the market. CJ Educations launched the
integrated learning program I THINK series that effectively and closely
link Application + Text books + Educational tools together, suggesting a
CJ Educations new paradigm for infant and childhood education.

ENTER- CJ E&M is at the forefront of the latest cultural trends with its various
media contents and platform service. CJ E&M is the result of

consolidation between CJ Media, ON Media, CJ Entertainment, Mnet
Media, CJ Internet, and O Media Holdings(former) in 2011. CJ E&M
has grown in size and in quality to lay the foundation for it to become


Asias No.1 contents company. Today, CJ E&M maximizes synergies by
convergence across diverse genres, producing ONLYONE contents as a
global media group and leading the globalization of Hallyu.

CJ Groups Entertainment&Media Business leads the globali- MEDIA

zation of Hallyu and Asian Pop culture. CJ E&M has emerged CJ E&M Media Business started with the music channel Mnet. Growing
as Asias No.1 comprehensive contents company beyond the alongside the stature of Koreas cable TV, CJ E&M provides various
Korean market. CJ CGV was the first multiplex theater and has programs through 18 channels available across diverse platforms. CJ
continued to evolve. CJ HelloVision creates the worlds best me- E&M is the top media group with many of the most popular channels in
dia platform by responding to the demands of the mobile era. All Korea including tvN, Mnet, and OCN. Its quality media contents are
these reflect the CJ ONLYONE culture that the whole world en- exported to other regions in Asia and offer their viewers a new type of fun.
joys. CJ Groups Entertainment&Media Business will keep grow-
ing so that the international community can enjoy Korean culture
Asias No.1 studio CJ E&M has been leading the Korean film industry and
in their daily life.
has become the hub of the Asian film industry since it first started business
in 1995. CJ E&M engages in the planning, development, investment, and
BUSINESS OVERVIEW distribution of popular and artistic movies, leading every part of the film
CJ E&M industry with its sights set on the global film market beyond Korea.
CJ HelloVision
The music business of CJ E&M is leading the K-POP boom as its
investment, planning, production and distribution capabilities are the

Sales revenues of
largest and most sophisticated in the music business in Korea. It has
Entertainment&Media Business
(Unit: billion won) contributed to systemizing the Korean music industry based on its rich
music contents and differentiated platform.

Weight of Entertainment&Media
business as % of global sales 5%
Sales structure of
Entertainment&Media Business
(As of 2013)

CJ E&M 30%
CJ HelloVision

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT CJ CGV introduced a multiplex theater for the first time in Korea and
Since it moved into a musical market in 2003, CJ E&Ms Live created the movie-watching trend in Korea. As a top theater in Korea,
Entertainment Business has produced over 30 musicals a year and led CJ CGV boasts the largest number of screens and chain theaters, and
the musical boom in Korea. Some of the popular musicals it produced the highest ticket sales and customer satisfaction in Korea. CJ CGV is
are the licensed musicals <The Phantom of the Opera> and <Jekyll and not complacent with its current success, but continues making efforts to
Hyde>, creative musicals including <Finding Mr. Destiny> and <Bibap>. improve with the ONLYONE spirit. CJ CGV has continued researching
It successfully produced Chinese versions of <Mammamia> and <Cats>, CJ CGV and developing special theaters to provide the best environment for an
positioning it as a global content platform. audience to watch movies. 4DX, SCREENX, and SOUNDX are the
results of the innovative technology. THE PRIVATE CINEMA, CINE de
CHEF, and GOLD CLASS are the proof of the change from a theater to
CJ E&M Game Business has launched over 70 online games for PC and
a premium cultural space.
30 or so mobile games through Net Marble. Providing MMORPG, Casual,
CJ CGV opened up the age of multiplex theater and now delivers
Sports, FPS, Web board and other types of games, it has grown into one
the more advanced Cultureplex concept as it has launched CGV
of the top online game companies globally. Its recent success in mobile
Cheongdam Cine City, CGV Yeouido, CGV Shinchon Atreon, and CGV
games has given the company a new growth engine and helped it to be
Yeongdeungpo. Cultureplex is a word combining culture and complex,
positioned as one of the best mobile publishers.
suggesting a new paradigm for a theater by offering pleasurable
SMART MEDIA experiences via diverse cafes, restaurants, concept shops, and
CJ E&Ms Smart Media Business has been creating a mobile lifestyle Showcase. CJ CGV shows that a theater is not only a place to enjoy a
based on diverse cultural contents. It has led the domestic digital music movie, but rather a place to create a new lifestyle that you can watch, eat,
market and global K-POP trends with its music portal drink and experience. CJ CGV has made an entry into the US, China,, and Mwave( where you can access a and Vietnam, spreading CJ CGVs cultureplex culture. CJ CGV will grow
multilingual service for K-POP videos, images and news. Its Smart Media to be a global brand based on the differentiated service knowhow and
Business has created the best excitement that you can experience on a capabilities it built from running a business in Korea.
mobile phone with its various programs.
40 41

CJ HelloVision works tirelessly to create and maintain the worlds best

Complex Culture Space, the new lifestyle
media platform and create values that transcend content for the media
big bang age. Since its first cable TV broadcast in 2002, CJ HelloVision
created through synergy with CJ
has operated services including: next generation broadcasting
technology like UHDTV, Giga internet service and Giga Wi-Fi; the next
generation platform hello tv smart that connects smartphones and TVs;
CJ HelloVision the digital cable TV hello tv that has the largest number of channels in
Korea; the high speed Internet hello net boasting the highest speed in
Korea; home telephone with a digital VoIP service hello fone; Koreas
CJ Foodworld, the complex culture space where you can The Steakhouse by VIPS, Cheiljemyunso, M PUB, and
No.1 budget phone hello mobile; tving that leads the N-Screen era; experience restaurants, food, food ingredients, and even daily Olive Market, which was created with Olive TV, are achieving a
and an affordable international call brand 00747. CJ HelloVision will products, opened at CJ CheilJedang center in Dongho-ro, more improved complex culture space with their trendy brands
continue to lead the global broadcasting and ITC industry with creative Jung-gu, Seoul in 2011. CJ Foodworld accommodates a and cultural contents. CGV Cheongdam Cine City is also one
variety of CJ brands, an indoor farm growing rice and beans, of the key places to go as it has a variety of brands in one
ideas and world-class technology.
and Beksul Cooking Studio for a one-stop experience on food place including CGV, Bibigo, Latelier TOUS les JOURS,
hello tv smart culture. The entire process of food culture is in a single place for Twosome Coffee, The Steakhouse by VIPS, M Cube, and
This is the next generation broadcasting platform that offers smart customers to experience, which offers a pleasurable surprise to First Look Market. Located in Shinsa, the Cine City building
the industry. has become one of the top landmarks of Gangnam as a high-
services for existing channels and a VOD digital broadcasting
CJ Foodville, CJ CheilJedang, CJ Freshway, CJ CGV, and CJ end complex culture space with a premium theater, fashion
environment. It pursues truly User-friendly Smart TV through continuous
E&M and other CJ subsidiaries have collaborated to create concept stores, cafes and restaurants.
hyper-connection between smart phones and TV. synergies and achieve a new business model. CJ Foodworld CJ has created a new lifestyle that you watch a movie, eat,
CheilJedang center store have reached 2 million in terms of shop and experience in one place. A lifestyle place of CJ
hello mobile
the number of accumulated visitors within two years since its style is spreading overseas where the demand for a complex
This is the No.1 budget phone in Korea. It provides you with pleasurable
opening, and have positioned themselves as two of the must- culture space to shop, eat and leisure is increasing. CJs trendy
experiences and variable lifestyle content at a reasonable price. It delivers go places in Korea. CJ Foodworld in Yeouido IFC Mall targets food culture and cultural contents are able to converge and
rich services customized to customers lifestyles and sets new standards office workers and foreign business customers, reflecting evolve in this kind of place. It will be one of the core elements
for Korean mobile communications. Yeouidos status as the center of economy, finance, and of CJ globalization and become a successful model of the CJ
politics. CJ brands targeted to different types of customers ONLYONE spirit.
tving have contributed to positioning CJ Foodworld Yeouido IFC
This is a video service that enables customers to watch live HD channels, store as one of the hottest places in the area.
broadcasting, and movie VODs on their PC, smartphone, table PC or
Smart TV. It is a leader in N-Screen.

CJ Foodworld
CheilJedang Center



Infrastructure Business
(Unit: billion won)
CJ Systems

CJ Powercast 172.3

CJ E&C creates the best value of space with the key business in civil en-
gineering, construction, engineering, and resort development and opera-
tions. With the vision of Building Your Dream, Constructing the Future,
CJ Foodworld Olive Market
at Yeouido IFC Mall CJ E&C has experienced a range of construction projects and developed
CJ E&C a differentiated capability. CJ E&C is pushing to enter into overseas mar-
kets based on its accumulated experience and proven capability. It is
expanding its engineering business to industrial plants across the world.
CJ E&C has built Club Nine Bridges and Haesley Nine Bridges, recog-
nized the world over, and CJ Foodworld maximizes the synergy for CJ
Group, proving the success of the new business model.

CGV Cheongdam Cine City


CJ Systems aims to be a global IT specialist and offers a total IT service

from the development and establishment of information system, system CJ Welfare Foundation CJ Culture Foundation
management and operations, to IDC service. CJ Systems has supplied
stable infrastructure to help CJs core businesses boost synergies. As the
CJ Systems IT specialist offering a total solution, CJ Systems can provide an optimized
solution that suits the changing environment and trends, positioning it well
to lead the IT industry.

CJ azit

CJ Powercast was founded in 2003. Since then, it has positioned itself as

a leading company in the digital broadcasting play-out and transmission
industry through DSA, Digital Signage, Digital Intermediate, and new
media contents. CJ Powercast also provides a one-stop total service for

diverse contents and responds quickly to the endless challenges of the
rapidly changing media platform environment, extending its business
CJ Powercast area into movies and advertising. CJ Powercast covers everything from
post production systems to special effects production with its specialists

and high technology, helping it to become Asias leading digital contents

The more we share, the greater the value we create

CJ set itself a goal of creating health, happiness and convenience to enrich
society. CJ established a department dedicated to CSR(Corporate Social
Responsibility) in 1999, expanded into its current guise as CSV(Creating Shared
Value) management bureau in 2013. CJ has since engaged in activities that
maximize the social value of corporate business activities to create value that
society can share. CJ creates a society where everybody can grow happier.

Joy of Growing Together,

Koreas first mutual growth brand
Happy Companion with CJ

Co-prosperity, defined as mutual growth between a large corporation

and small and medium enterprises, underpins all that CJ does. Repre-
senting CJs commitment to co-prosperity as a mutual growth brand,
Joy of growing together started in 2011 with Joy of growing together-
Products for Mutual Growth, which involved CJ undertaking national
distribution for the products of local SMEs. In 2012, Joy of growing
together-Products for the People was released, which was for over 30
products across five product categories. CJ lowered the product price
by ten percent but maintained the price set for CJ partners so that the
benefits could go both to consumers and its SME partners. Then, Joy of
growing together was extended to cover the entire activities for mutual
growth. CJ CheilJedang provided technical and R&D support to SMEs
to develop environmentally-friendly plastic bags which are now used at
TOUS les JOURS and Olive Young stores nationwide. CJ also provides
SMEs with a consulting service for product marketing purposes and ren-
ders support for their marketing activities. It has since expanded mutual
growth activities to cover R&D and marketing areas more generally.
CJs subsidiaries also take part in Joy of growing together. CJ O Shop-
ping takes a lead in promoting and selling the products of SMEs via 1
farmer 1 quality product and 1 company 1 quality product activities. CJ
CGV grants Movie COLLAGE Prize under the name of Joy of growing
together to broaden the opportunity of screening small but good mov-
ies. CJ HelloVision runs Joy of growing together! hello Service Acad-
emy and hello Dumoak Summit, which together provide employment
and training support to create a resolute media ecosystem. CJ Freshway
shares technology development with partners, local agricultural commu-
nities, and farmers and carries out a range of mutual growth activities to
secure stable profits for them. The mutual growth brand Joy of growing together is proof of CJs
Joy of growing together is a good example of mutual growth activities strong commitment for co-prosperity. Joy of growing together

upgraded from CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) to CSV(Creating was expanded to cover the entire mutual growth activities by CJ
Group in 2013 and it is one of the good examples of the upgraded
Shared Value). CJ is fully committed to paving the way for sharing and
mutual growth model from CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) to
co-prosperity by working closely with our subsidiaries. CSV(Creating Shared Value).

CJ Culture Foundation,
cheering for the future cultural Korea

CJ Culture Foundation was established in 2006 to provide an environ-

ment where young artists can fully explore their talents and establish a
cultural space in Korea in which creative arts and cultural activities can
flourish. Since 2010, CJ azit has nurtured young artists and proponents
of pop culture who are capable of leading the future of Korean culture.
CJ Azit provides fringe young artists with the opportunity to discover and
release their hidden talents and passions and communicate with audi-
ences through their art works to help promising artists go mainstream.
CJ set up a couple of pop music support programs. Tune Up supports
1 2 new musicians who are outside the star-making system with showcases,
1 CJ Donors Camp is established in 2005 and
has spread the sharing culture since then networks, and promotions, and CJ Pop Music Scholarship supports
2 CJ Donors Camp has supported 3,500 study rooms
potential musicians studying overseas. As a support program for the film
across the nation for the last seven years
CJ Welfare Foundation, 3 Tune Up by CJ Culture Foundation is a support and radio industries, Project S provides new storytellers with expert
program for new talented musicians
mentoring and lectures at the treatment stage to help them complete a
nurturing persons and growing the nation 4

Creative Minds by CJ Culture Foundation is a
support program for performance creators in musicals
polished scenario. Creative Minds supports budding creators of theatri-
and plays to create new performances
cal and musical performances by providing practice rooms, monetary
CJ established CJ Welfare Foundation in July 2005 to carry out social
support for planning, casting, reading or staging to help with the develop-
contribution activities in a systematic and continuous way. CJ has shared
ment of new performances.
love and hope with members of our society via CJ Donors Camp which
supports the education of underprivileged kids, a food sharing business
Food Bank, and voluntary activities of employees from all CJ affiliates.
CJ Donors Camp is the first donation foundation to be established by a
Korean corporation and has grown through regular contributions by citi-
zens. It is seen as writing a new chapter in the history of corporate social
3 4
contributions. Matching Donation was introduced for this program. That is,
CJ donates the same amount of the donation as a donor makes via online
site(, which makes the meaning of every donation
even more valuable. The program has also supported over 3,500 study
rooms for the last seven years and set a record of 10 billion won in dona-
tions from 260,000 donors as of 2012. Many of the children who were sup-
ported by CJ Donors Camp have gone to college or got a job. Children
can achieve their dreams and they can take part in sharing activities. As
such, recipients and donors can grow mutually in a virtuous circle of shar-
ing. This is what CJ Donors Camp aims for and what it works to achieve
as it lays the foundation for social capital.

Sharing activities by CJ subsidiaries,

taking care of the neglected and
underprivileged in society

Like as Joy of growing together, CJ Welfare Foundation, and CJ Culture

Foundation, CJs subsidiaries also take part in a diverse range of sharing
activities combined with the business infrastructure. CJ CGV runs Totos 2 4 5

Film Making Class through which directors and actors visit underprivileged
children to help them make a film by themselves. Totos Film Making Class Creating a
has recently expanded overseas to China and Vietnam to help more chil- healthy sporting culture
dren cultivate their dreams through the movies. Movie day for the disabled
is in place to help those who are visually impaired to appreciate a movie by CJ has continued to carry out sponsorship and marketing activities for vari-
explaining the subtitles and the scenes. CJ Freshway utilizes its business ous sports as a part of its efforts to be a global lifestyle company creating
areas of food material distribution and catering for co-prosperity. Its em- health, happiness, and convenience. CJ has sponsored female golfers at
ployees visit a regional children center on Fridays to cook dinner and run a LPGA and it has sponsored CJ Nine Bridges Classic, part of the LPGA
cooking class for the kids on a special day or during vacation. official tour, as the first Korean corporate sponsor since 2002, which is
CJ E&M Movie business sector runs Cinema To You program which highly effective golf marketing. CJ sponsors Lee, Dong-Hwan, who was the
plays a movie in communities that would ordinarily have a lack of access winner of US PGA Qualifying School, as well as Jung, Yeon-Ju, Baek, Kyu-
to movies. Most movies that are shown are those which are currently open Jung, and Kim, Si-Woo. CJ also sponsors Choi Kyung-Ju CJ Invitational,
at theaters and produced or distributed by CJ. CJ Foodville runs VIPS an annual event held since 2011 that has been recognized to change the
Sharing Day, which invites children in study rooms to have a meal at VIPS, paradigm of Korean golf culture. CJ hello mobile Superrace Championship
and VIPS Kids Health Class, which aims to improve the dietary habits of is Koreas only and largest championship in which highly-rated racing driv-
children. In addition, CJ runs an annual KimJang Volunteership Project for ers from home and abroad has participated each year since 2006, boosting
children in study rooms. the popularity of motorsport in Korea. CJ Racing Team, which was estab-
All CJ subsidiaries conduct social contribution activities that combine their lished in 2007, won three champion titles and produced winners at two
business areas with the voluntary participation of their employees continu- classes in a single event last year. It has established Koreas first support-
ously. CJ will continue to carry out sharing activities for the under-privileged ers, all of which have contributed to creating the Motortainment culture
in every corner of society to realize mutual growth. in Korea, a country in which motor sport has not traditionally been widely
recognized. CJ has led the movement to establish a sound leisure culture
via E-Sports. CJ ENTUS, which was established in 2006, is one such effort.
CJ ENTUS has achieved great performance in games home and abroad
and has grown into a prestigious pro-game team with over 100,000 fans. In
addition, CJ completed an official sponsorship contract with Korea Ski As-
1 All CJ subsidiaries conduct diverse sharing activities relevant to their business areas
2 CJ CGV Totos Film Making Class supports underprivileged kids in making a movie sociation and sponsors snowboarder Kim, Ho-Joon and mogul skier Choi,
3 CJ CGV Movie Day for the disabled is for those who have visual or hearing impairment
4 CJ ENTUS has achieved excellent results since its foundation in 2006 Jae-Woo as well as various snow sports to expand the fan base of less
5 CJ hello mobile Superrace Championship establishes a healthy
popular sports and discover potential athletes who express CJ values.
motor sports culture in Korea

A company that grows together with its people Consolidated lifestyle membership
CJs People First Principle CJ ONE

The Cradle of learning and growth, CJ HumanVille

CJ HumanVille opened in May, 2003 at Pil-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.
CJs founding principle of People are the company is practiced in this
place. CJ employees receive various training including leadership, job
competence, and global training to develop their capability and share
CJs philosophy at CJ HumanVille as they grow with a global mindset.
Starting with CJ Hall which includes 170 seats, 6 classrooms and CJ
Auditorium, CJ HumanVille has added a Learning Center, Global Cen-
ter, and Leadership Center over time, playing a role as the cradle for
talents with a global mindset. CJ HumanVille provides extensive sup-
port to nurture people and equip them with the best qualities, following
CJs business philosophy of Valuing Talented People. CJ embodies
CJ ONE(, launched in 2010, is a consolidated mem-
its core values of integrity, passion, and creativity based on a culture in
bership service based on CJs corporate values that provides variable
which talented people challenge and compete with each other to be
cultural benefits like restaurants, shopping, movies, and music to
the best they can be. CJ HumanVille is the best place to nurture tal-
customers as they use accumulated points. CJ lifestyle brands were
ented people capable of driving the growth of global CJ.
consolidated into a single membership service that enables you to
A happy workplace without worrying about the kids, CJ KidsVille save points on one card and use them for cultural benefits. You can
CJ KidsVille is a workplace day care center for CJ employees to worry CJ ONE Application enjoy various benefits to upgrade your lifestyle with this card, which
about their children at work. The center opened in 2008 and occupies includes offline stores like CGV, VIPS, Olive Young, online sites like
an area of 1,000m (approx. 302pyung) and features a high quality
2 and CJmall, and CJ Donors Camp and hello mobile.
environment that includes 7 classrooms, a kitchen, and 19 day care You can save up to 5 percent of the purchased price of the prod-
teachers. The facility is one of the Koreas best facilities as it provides an ucts and services of 32 brands, add up the points that your family or
environmentally-friendly menu, a large slide and a library and uses envi- friends saved to yours, or send your points as a gift.
ronmentally-friendly paint for the interior. Native English speakers work You can use the saved points at CJmall for online shopping, at A
For iPhone
as teachers, providing high quality English and educational programs. Twosome Place for coffee, or at CGV for movies. The differentiated
On top of it all, CJ KidsVille offers 24 hour-care and weekend-care. With benefits CJ ONE offers have attracted 16 million members within three
its innovative system and high quality facilities, CJ KidsVille was the years of its launch and its smart phone app has been downloaded
winner of 2012 workplace day care center evaluation and 2013 Seoul 3.7 million times(As of Jan. 2014). As expected for a membership ser-
Jung-Gu workplace day care center evaluation. The center is located in vice of a culture-creating company, CJ ONE will continue to expand
CJ CheilJedang Center and in CJ E&M Center, and it is operated under the areas in which points can be used. CJ ONE won the award for
the CJ philosophy of Valuing Talented People. CJ Group will continue Membership Card Sector at the 2013 The Most Trusted Brand Award
to expand and improve its facilities to enhance employees satisfaction, For Android Phone sponsored by Digital Chosun. It has become a way of life that enables
and it will continue to cooperate fully with the governments policy. customers to enjoy cultural contents with rational consumption.
Global Network 55

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CJ do Brazil Ind. TEL. +86-25-58257405 / FAX. +86-25-58257407 CJ Freshway(Shenyang) Food Service Co., Ltd. Room 6-2, Huahong International Building, No 717. Suite 3003, 30 Fl., Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road,
Av. Das Nacoes Unidas, 12901-9 andar- Conj. 902 Shenyang Shenbei New Area, Yunong Rd 38, China CJ Shanghai Smartcargo Supply Chain Zhongxing Road, Ningbd, China Wanchai, Hong Kong
Torre Norte, Brooklin Novo, Sao Paulo, CEP 04578- CJ Changsha Feed Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-24-3141-0218 / FAX. +86-24-3141-0109 Management Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-574-8773-7099 / FAX. +86-574-8773-7219 TEL. +852-2802-9909 / FAX. 852-2866-1351
910, SP, Brazil No.8,Renhe Road, high-technology food zone, Room K-M, 10F, International shipping&Finance
TEL. +55-11-3717-8804 / FAX. +55-11-3717-8800 Wangcheng Xian, Changsha, Hunan Province, China CJ Freshway(Qingdao) Trading Co., Ltd. Building, 720#, Pudong Avenue. Shanghai, China Qingdao CJ Smartcargo International Services CGI Holdings Limited
TEL. +86-731-82963000 / FAX. +86-731-82963004 226-603 Gongyeyuan, Fushan Jiangshanzhen, Laixi TEL. +86-21-5103-6198 / FAX. +86-21-3377-0677 Ltd. Zibo Branch Suite 3003 Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road Wanchal,
CJ do Brasil Co., Ltd. City, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China Room 18I, Diamond Commercial Building, 95# Hong Kong
Alameda Vivente Pinzon 173, 8th fl, Edificio Midas, CJ Liaocheng Feed Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-532-8247-1416 / FAX. +86-532-8889-3218 CJ korea express Qingdao Co., Ltd. Shenyang Branch Gongqingtuan West Road, Zibo, 255000, China TEL. +852-2585-0034 / FAX. +852-2866-1351
Sao Paulo, Brazil Zhuangtang west Residential Quarter, Economy Dis., 38 Yunong Road, Hui Shan Economic Development TEL. +86-533-359-3787 / FAX. +86-533-359-3939
TEL. +55-11-3717-8705 / FAX. +55-11-3717-8800 Liaocheng, Shandong Province, China Shanghai SMG-CJ Home Shopping Co., Ltd. Zone, Shenyang, Liaoning, China UVD
TEL. +86-635-8518870 / FAX. +86-635-8518871 400 Guoding Rd.,Yangpu District, Shanghai, China TEL. +86-24-3141-0080 CJ Shanfhai Smartcargo Supply Chain Suite 3003 Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road Wanchal,
TEL. +86-21-5111-9910 Management Co., Ltd. Wulumuqi Branch Hong Kong
CHINA CJ Yihai (Kunshan) Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. CJ korea express Tianjin Co., Ltd. Dalian Branch Room 2-1211, 518# North Kunming Road, High-Tech TEL. +852-2585-0034 / FAX. +852-2866-1351
No.8, Yihai Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China TianTian CJ Home Shopping Co., Ltd. Rm.1004, Hongyu Building, No.68 Renmin Road, Zone, Urumqi, 830011, China
CJ Liao Cheng Biotech Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-70-7112-2181 / FAX. +86-512-5016-9799 No.143 Weijin Rd., Heping District, Tianjin, China Zhongshan District, Dalian, China TEL. +86-991-365-5062 / FAX. +86-991-365-5052 CJ korea express Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
Economic&Development Zone, Liaocheng City, TEL. +86-22-2360-1000 TEL. +86-411-8253-1009 / FAX. +86-411-8271-3350 Rm2503-4 EW International Tower, 120 Texaco Road,
252022 Shangdong Province, China CJ International Trading Co., Ltd. CJ korea express (C)Shanghai Co., Ltd. Tsuen Wan., NT. Hong Kong
TEL. +86-635-218-8888 / FAX. +86-635-851-9696 RM501, A Block, Venture International Park, NO.2679 SMC-CJ O Shopping Co., Ltd. CJ korea express (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Chongqing Office TEL. +852-2429-6788 / FAX. +852-2429-6788
Hechuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Yuecheng Business Center 7F. 1718 Jichang Rd Guangzhou Branch Rm.1307, 4 Longhu MOCO, No.166 Xinnan Road,
CJ International Trading Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-21-3208-2627 / FAX. +86-21-3231-3626 baiyun District, Guangzhou, China Rm.518-519 Yuanhui building, No.423 North Tianhe Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China Ch M Asia
Deposit&Rental of Unit 505, Building A, No.2679 TEL. +86-20-8611-0000 Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China TEL. +86-23-6301-7107(209) / 12F One Harbourfront, 18 Tak Fung Street, Hung
Venture International Park, Hechuan Rd, Minhang CJ Qingdao Foods Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-20-3880-4415 / FAX. +86 20-3880-1593 FAX. +86-23-6301-7109 Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
District, Shanghai, China 13F. ONE INDIGO, 20 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang CJ IMC Co., Ltd. TEL. +852-2621-8812
TEL. +86-21-5208-2397 / FAX. +86-21-5208-0716 District, Beijing, PRC. China 12F, Hongwell International Plaza(Tower 1) No.1600 CJ korea express Shanghai Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch CJ korea express(Shenzen) Co., Ltd. Xiamen Office
TEL. +86-70-7112-2076 West Zhongshan Rd. Shanghai, China Rm.2401, 24th floor, CCB Sichuan Building, No.88 Rm.231, 2nd floor, Bonded Market Builiding, No.88
Shenyang Jilong Corn Biotech Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-02-2107-1630 Tidu Road, Chengdu, China Xiangyu Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China INDIA
No.38 Yunong Road, Shenbei New District, CJ Qingdao Foods Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-28-8669-6831 / FAX. +86-28-8669-6852 TEL. +86-592-291-2217 / FAX. +86-592-574-2504
Shenyang City, Liaoning, China Huanghe Street 16, Laixi, Jingji kaifaqu, Qingdao city, IMC Shenshen STAR CJ Network India Private Ltd.
TEL. +86-24-8979-0688 / FAX. +86-243-141-0100 Shandong, China Room 1709, Dongzhao Bilding 515 Dongfeng(M)Road CJ korea express Tianjin Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch CJ korea express Shanghai Co., Ltd. Wuxi Office 5th Floor, STAR CJ Plaza Dr.D.B Marg, Grant Road(E)
TEL. +86-532-8849-1141 Yuexiu District Guangzhou, China Rm.A4018, Yandong Commerce Mansion, No.2 Rm.414, No.287 Gaolang Road, Wuxi New District, Mumbai, India
CJ ChengDu Feed Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-02-2107-0729 Wanhongxi Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Wuxi, China TEL. +91-22-4321-7000
No.12, Hongda Road, Liucheng Town, Wenjiang CJ Beijing Beverage Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-10-8450-5556 / FAX. +86-10-8450-5015 TEL. +86-512-6767-8250 / FAX. +86-512-6767-8250
District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China Song Lan Bao Xi, Sha He Zhen, Changping District, IMC Tianjin CJ O SHOPPING Co., Ltd.
TEL. +86-28-8278-2154 / FAX. +86-28-8276-2734 Beijing, China Room 1502, Regent international Plaza, no 53 Weidi CJ korea express Shanghai Co., Ltd. Suzhou Branch CJ CGV (shanghai) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Unit No. 5B, Mahajan Mills Compound, Vikhroli(W),
TEL. +86-070-7112-6101 Road, Hexi district, Tianjin, China Rm.404-405, 1A Xindou Plaza, No.8 Jinji Lake Road, 9F, Building3, No.695,Lingshi Rd., Zhabei District, Mumbai, India
CJ Tianjin Feed Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-02-2107-0762 Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China Shanghai, China TEL. +91-02-2107-0390
Jin-Hai Road East, Jing-Hai Economy Development Beijing Ershang CJ Food Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-512-6767-8250 / FAX. +86-512-6767-8249 TEL. +86-21-6117-5150 / FAX. +86-21-6117-5152
Zone New Borough, Tianjin, China No.1, Wuxing Road, Lucheng country, Tongzhou CJ korea express Shanghai Co., Ltd. CJ korea express INDIA PVT., Ltd.
TEL. +86-22-6860-9931 / FAX. +86-22-6860-9936 District, Beijing, China 3/F, Tower B, Venture International Park #2, #2679 CJ Shanghai Smartcargo Supply Chain CJ 4DX Beijing Cinema Technology Co., Ltd. 416, Suncity Business Tower, 4th Floor, Sector 54,
TEL. +86-070-7112-2025 Hechuan Rd, Shanghai, China Management Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Room No.1109, Block C9, Universal Park, No.9 Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
CJ Shenyang Feed Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-21-3329-9533 / FAX. +86-21-3329-9501 Room 1161, Jingan Centre, No. 8, East Road of North Jiuxianqiao-raod, Chaoyang-qu, Beijing, China TEL. +91-124-457-6666 / FAX. +91-124-457-6665
Huishan street No.20, Shenyang new and high-tech Sichuan JIXANGJU Food. Corp. Sanhuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China TEL. +86-10-8443-0333
agricultural development zone, Shenyang, Liaoning Taihe Economy Center Meishan city, CJ korea express Qingdao Co., Ltd. TEL. +86-10-5108-5067 / FAX. +86-10-5108-5066
Province, China Sichuan Province, China Qingdao Guangdong Development Bank Building CJ E&M Beijing Representative Office INDONESIA
TEL. +86-532-8491140 / FAX. +86-532-8491142 TEL. +86-070-7112-2233 2702, no.40, Shandong Road, Qingdao, China CJ Shanghai Smartcargo Supply Chain Unit 513, 5F, Aviation Service Building, No.2 Building,
TEL. +86-532-8501-5660 / FAX. +86-532-8501-5665 Management Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch No.39 Dongzhimenwai Street, Dongcheng District, PT. CheilJedang Indonesia, Pasuruan Plant
CJ Harbin Feed Co., Ltd. Guangdong CJ DCH Frozen Food Co., Ltd. Taidaxintiandi A1-403, No.12 Nanhai Road, Beijing, China Desa Arjosari-Kecamatan Rejoso, Kabupaten
Bohaidong Road, Jizhong District, Haping 10 Jiang Yu Road, Jinguzhou, Xinhui District, CJ korea express Shenzhen Co., Ltd. Development Area, Tianjin, China TEL +86-10-5789-7000 / FAX. +86-10-5789-7000 Pasuruan 67181 P.O.Box 20 / PS Pasuruan 67101,
Road, Haerbin city Development zone, Haerbin, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China Rm.608, Lanhudao Haifu Warehouse Building, Jinhua TEL. +86-22-6637-0171 / FAX. +86-22-6637-0175 Indonesia
Heilongjiang Province, China TEL. +86-070-7112-2088 Road, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen, China Untied Asia Live Entertainment TEL. +62-343-482333 / FAX. +62-343-482-768
TEL. +86-451-86786068 / FAX. +86-451-86786009 TEL. +86-755-8257-4969 / FAX. +86-755-8257-4965 CJ Shanghai Smartcargo Supply Chain No.17 YuQing Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
CJ(China) Consulting Co., Ltd. Management Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch TEL. +86-21-6445-3128 / FAX. +86-21-6445-3122 PT. CheilJedang Indonesia, Jombang Plant
CJ Changchun Feed Co., Ltd. 12F, ONE INDIGO, 20 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang CJ korea express Tianjin Co., Ltd. Room 25B05, Jueshi Building, Jiabin Road, Luohu Jl.Raya Brantas KM 3, 5, Desa Jatigedong, Kec.
No.1958 Xingbei Road, Technical Economic District, Beijing, China Rm.501 Ningtai Square, No.1 Xiaguang Road, Nankai District, Shenzhen, 518001, China Beijing Galaxy Space Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Ploso, Kab. Jombang 61453 Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Development Area ,Changchun, Jilin Province, China TEL. +86-10-5639-6090 / FAX. +86-10-5639-6285 District, Tianjin, China TEL. +86-755-2513-8807 / FAX. +86-755-2513-8817 Room 609 6th Fl., 12 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang TEL. +62-321-887700 / FAX. +62-321-887-711
TEL. +86-431-89368896 / FAX. +86-431-89368893 TEL. +86-22-5938-8809 / FAX. +86-22-5938-8817 District, Beijing, China
TEL. +86 10-6438-6751
56 57

PT. CheilJedang INDONESIA Ebara CJ Fresh Food. Co., Ltd. CJ korea express Malaysia SDN., BHD PHILIPPINES THAILAND U.S.A.
21F. Menara Jamsostek JI. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. Nisso NO.3 Bldg, 2-5-15, Kitasaiwai Nishi-ku Suite 8-01, Level 8, Intan Millenium Square 2 No.
38 Jakarta 12710, Indonesia Yokohama 220-0004, Japan 88, Jalan Batai Laut 4, Taman Intan, 41300 Klang, 2509 Jollibee Plaza, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas CJ Corp. Bangkok Office CJA Chicago Office
TEL. +62-21-5299-5000 / FAX. +62-21-52995192 TEL. +81-45-314-319 / FAX. +81-45-314-1017 Selangor D. E. Malaysia Center, Pasig City 1605, Philippines 399 Interchange Building 25th Floor Unit 2, Sukhumvit 3500 Lacey Road, Suite 230, Downers Grove, IL
TEL. +60-3-3361-2888 / FAX. +60-3-3341-6226 TEL. +63-2-638-7937 / FAX. +63-2-638-7937 Road, Klongtoey-nue, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 60515, CJ America Inc., U.S.A.
PT. CheilJedang Superfeed CJ Foodville Japan Corp. TEL. +66-2-665-9930 / FAX. +66-2-611-2574 TEL. +1-630-241-0112 (ext.110)
JL.Lanud Gorda, Desa Julang, Kec. Cikande Kab. 9F, CJ Bldg, 2-7-4, Nishi-shinbashi, CJ korea express Malaysia SDN., BHD (Johor Branch) CJ Philippines Inc. FAX. +1-630-241-2502
Serang 42186, Banten, Indonesia Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan PLO 8, Tanjung Langsat Industrial Estate, 81700 Pasir Barangay Sampaioc, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines GMM CJ O Shopping Co., Ltd.
TEL. +62-254440660 / FAX. +62-254440442 TEL. 070-7112-2828 / FAX. 03-3591-6067 Gudang, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia TEL. 63447666201 / FAX. 63447666224 46/7 Rungrojthanakul bldg. F8-9 Ratchadaphisek Road, CJ BIO America
TEL. +60-7-252-4732 / FAX. +60-7-252-4736 Huai-Kwang, Huai-Kwang, Bangkok, Thailand 1946 Harvest Avenue, Fort Dodge, IA 50501, USA,
PT. CJ Feed Jombang CJ Prime Shopping Inc. ACJ TEL. +66-2-817-9999 CJ BIO America Inc., U.S.A.
Jl. Raya Mojoagung-Jombang Km 2 Desa Gambiran- 11F, CJ Bldg, 2-7-4 Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, CJ korea express Malaysia SDN., BHD Unit 902, Ecotower, 32nd Street Corner Ninth Avenue, TEL. +1-515-574-3114
Mojoagung, Kab. Jombang, Jawa Timur, Indonesiaia Tokyo, Japan (Penang Branch) Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634, Philippines CJ IMC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
TEL. +62-321497200 / FAX. +62-321497555 G2 Warehouse, Penang Free Commecial Zone Butter TEL. +63-2-800-9000 90 Cyber World Tower B, 17th Floor, Unit B1702, CJA New Jersey Office
CJ korea express Japan Corporation Worth Deep Water Wharves 12100 Butterworth, Ratchadapisek Road, Huaykwang, Huaykwang, 400 Kelby St.,19th Fl, Fort Lee, NJ 0702, U.S.A.
PT. CheilJedang Feed Medan 9F, CJ Bldg, 2-7-4, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Penang, Malaysia CJ korea express Bangkok, Thailand TEL. +1-201-363-9975 / FAX. +1-201-461-9926
Jl. Pulau Nias Selatan IV, Kawasan Industri Medan Tokyo, Japan TEL. +60-4-332-1448 / FAX. +60-4-332-1449 Philippines VMI Warehouse Inc WH No7,EZP Business TEL. +66-2-2107-0705
II Ds. Saentis, Kec. Percut Sei Tuan, Deli Seerdang- TEL. +81-33-500-5841 / FAX. +81-33-500-5120 park, CPIP Brgy, Batino city, Laguna City, Philippines CJA Chicago Office
Sumatera Utara, Indonesia CJ korea express Malaysia SDN., BHD (KLIA Office) TEL. +63-2-567-1320(1093) CJ korea express(Thailand) Co., Ltd. 141 W. Jackson Blvd, #4140, Chicago,
TEL. +62-616871234 / FAX. +62-616871222 CJ korea express Japan Corporation Narita Lot D23, Cargo Forwarders Building, Malaysia 598 Q.House Ploenjit Bldg., 16th Fl., Ploenchit Rd., IL 60604, U.S.A.
Airport Branch Airlines Freight Forwarders Complex, Kuala Lumpur CJ korea express Philippines Corporation Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand TEL. +1-312-212-1359 / FAX. +1-312-212-1359
PT CJ CheilJedang Lestari No.406, The Second freight agency Bldg, International Airport 64000 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia (Bulacan Office) TEL. +66-2627-3925 / FAX. +66-2627-3923
Menara Jamsostek 21st Fl., Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto New Tokyo Intl Airport 2091, Azadainota, Komaino, TEL. +60-3-8787-1388 / FAX. +60-3-8787-1131 Brgy. Sampaloc, San Rafael, Bulacan City, Philippines CJ Foods(CJ America)
Kav. 38, Jakarta 12710, Indonesia Narita-City, Chiba, Japan TEL. +63-2-567-1320(1006) CJ korea express (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 4 Centerpointe Dr. #100, La Palma, CA 90623, U.S.A.
TEL. +62-21-5299-5000 / FAX. +62-21-5299-5192~9 TEL. +81-476-30-3182 / FAX. +81-476-32-1202 CJ E&C Malaysia SDN., BHD 76/57 Moo 10 Tambon Tungsukla Amphor Sriracha, TEL. +1-714-367-7200
Kerteh Polymer Park, Phase 2, Lot Q, Mukim Kerteh, Chonburi, Thailand
PT. CJ Indonesia CJ korea express Japan Corporation Osaka Branch 24300 Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia RUSSIA TEL. +66-3840-0499 / FAX. +66-3840-1929 CJ Omni Inc.
Menara Jamsostek, 21st Floor, JI. Jend. Gatot 9F, Sokenmidousuji Bldg, 3-5-13, Awajimachi, TEL. 070-7112-3024 1) DUMPLING
Subroto Kav.38 Jakarta 12710, Indonesia Chuo-Ku, Osaka-City, Osaka-Hu, 541-0047, Japan Moscow Representative Office, Stand Best Tech Co.,Ltd. Paramount-Frozen Plant 6305 Alondra Blvd,
TEL. +62-21-5299-5000 / FAX. +62-21-5299-5191 TEL. +81-662-02-9002 / FAX. +81-662-02-9004 Russian Federation 731 PM Tower, 15 Fl., Asoke-Dindaeng Rd.,Dindaeng, Paramount, CA 90723, U.S.A.
MEXICO 409D, Park place, 113/1, Leninskiy prospect, Bangkok, Thailand TEL. +1-562-531-3688
PT. CJ Foodville Indonesia CJ Entertainment Japan Moscow, Russia TEL. +66-2-642-8212 / FAX. +66-2-642-8211 2) NOODLE
Menara Jamsostek, 21st Floor, JI. Jend. Gatot 10F, CJ Bldg, 2-7-4, Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Sevilla 15, Torre C, Depto 302, Juarez, Cuauhtemoc, TEL. +7-495-937-3457 / FAX. +7-495-937-3458 South Gate-noodle Plant 4585 Firestone Blvd.
Subroto Kav.38 Jakarta 12710, Indonesia Tokyo, Japan D.F., Mexico South Gate, CA 90280, U.S.A.
TEL. +62-21-5299-5000 / FAX. +62-21-5299-5191 TEL. +81-3-5251-7377 / FAX. +81-3-5251-7378 TEL. 070-7112-2224 CJ CheilJedang Corp. Moscow Representative Office TURKEY TEL. +1-323-569-3655
117198 Moscow Russian Federation Leninskiy
PT. CJ. korea express Indonesia CJ E&M Japan CJ CheilJedang Mexico, S.A. de C.V Prospect 113/1 'D office 409, Russia CJ MediaSa Shopping Corporation TMI
Graha Kirana Building, 2nd floor unit 201, Jl. Yos 3F, CJ Bldg, 2-7-4, Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Av Industria De La Transformacion 4 Puerto De TEL. +7-495-937 3457 / FAX. +7-495-937-3458 Eyup Sultan Mah. Imam Rabbani Cad. Dekor Sokak 7 Bushwick Place Brooklyn, New York 11206-2802,
Sudarso Kav. 88, Jakarta Utara 14350, Indonesia Tokyo, Japan Aguirre, Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico No:2 Samandira Istanbul, Turkey U.S.A.
TEL. +62-21-6531-1202 / FAX. +62-21-6531-1201 TEL. +81-3-3519-4551 / FAX. +81-3-3580-1051 TEL. +52-442-299-7002 TEL. +90-850-200-4200 TEL. +1-718-386-6868 / FAX. +1-718-821-6841
PT. CJ korea express Resources Indonesia CJ Internet Japan Corp. CJ korea express, S.A. de C.V CJ IMC Pazarlama ve Tic. Ltd. sti. CJ BAKERY INC.
Ruko Solok Selatan Blok A3 Jl. Lintas Sumatera Km 7F, CJ Bldg, Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan Av.Manufactura #502, Parque Industrial Queretaro, CJ Foodville Asia Pte. Ltd. Eyup Sultan Mahallesi Imam Rabbani Caddesi Dekor 6834 E. Slauson Ave., Commerce CA 90040, U.S.A.
12, Ds Gunung Agung, Kec. Merapi Barat, Kab. Lahat TEL. +81-3-5157-7430 / FAX. +81-3-5157-7431 Santa Rosa Jauregui, Queretaro, Mexico 20 Toh Guan Road, #08-01, CJ GLS Building, Sokak No: 2 Samandira - Sancaktepe Istanbul, Turkey TEL. +1-323-480-9100 / FAX. +1-323-480-9101
Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia TEL. +52-442-240-9301 Singapore TEL. +90-02-2107-0201
TEL. +62-81-3-1780-240 TEL. +65-6410-2341 / FAX. +65-6410-2355 CJ Freshway America Corp.
KAZAKHSTAN CJ korea express, S.A. de C.V CJ korea express Corporation 4 Centerpointe Dr. Suite 100, La Palma, CA 90623,
PT. CJ korea express Av. Cordillera Himalaya No. 325 D 2 nivel, Col. Lomas CJ korea express Asia Pte. Ltd. Turkey Istanbul Liaison Office U.S.A
Logistics Service Indonesia Graha Kirana Building, 2nd Representative Office Of JSC CJ korea express 4ta seccion, San Luis Potosi, Mexico 20 Toh Guan Road, #08-00 CJ korea express Bldg, Bilim Sk. No:5 Sun Plaza, Kat : 13-15, Plaza-Cubes, TEL. +1-714-367-7268 / FAX. +1-714-367-7252
floor unit 201, Jl. Yos Sudarso Kav. 88, Jakarta Utara Corporation In Almaty Office TEL. +52-442-240-9301 Singapore Maslak Istanbul, Turkey
14350, Indonesia 106, Pavillion No.15 ATAKENT Timiryazeva Str. 42, TEL. +65-6410-2800 / FAX. +65-6410-2801 TEL. +90-212-367-9235 / FAX. +90-212-367-9237 CJ korea express U.S.A. INC.
TEL. +62-21-6531-1202 Almaty, 050057 RK, Kazakhstan CJ korea express, S.A. de C.V 6131 ORANGETHORPE AVE. Suite 410,
TEL. +7-727-269-5481 C. del Parque No.354 Col. Chapalita Zapopan Jalisco, CJ E&M Singapore SHR Interaktif Servisler Sanayi ve BUENA PARK, CA 90620, U.S.A
PT. CJ korea express Indonesia (Surabaya Branch) Mexico 151 Lorong Chuan #03-01 New Tech Park, Singapore Ticaret A.S.(Joygame) TEL. +1-714-994-1200 / FAX. +1-714-994-1221
Jl. Perak Timur No.246 A Surabaya, Indonesia TEL. +52-442-240-9301 TEL. +65-6410-2357 / FAX. +65-8436-624 A.S. Aydinevler Mh. Sanayi Cd. No.3 Centrum Is
TEL. +62-31-328-1894 LAOS Merkezi Kat:4 Maltepe Istanbul, Turkey CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Rancho Branch
CJ SE Asia Pte. Ltd. TEL. +90-216-445-8202 10299 6th ST RANCHO CUCAMONGA,
CJ Internet Indonesia CJ korea express THAILAND Co.,Ltd (Laos Office) MYANMAR 20 Toh Guan Road, #08-01, CJ GLS Building, CA 91730, U.S.A
3rd Fl. Menara Jamsosteksubroto Kav. 38 Jakarta No.406, 4th floor, Kolo Tower II, 23 Singha Road, Singapore TEL. +1-909-428-3302 / FAX. +1-909-428-3993
12710, Indonesia Nongbone Village, Saysetha Distric, Vientiane, Lao, CJ CheilJedang Yangon Representative Office TEL. +65-6410-2800 / FAX. +65-6410-2898 UAE
TEL. +62-21-522-9490 / FAX. +62-21-5292-2456 P.D.R, Laos No(38), Q(10), Parami Road, Mayangon T/S, CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Dallas Branch
TEL. +856-21-455-092 / FAX. +856-21-455-092 Yangon, Myanmar CJ korea express Middle East FZE 2727 West Airport Freeway, Irving, TX 75062, U.S.A
TEL. +95-1-662617 / FAX. 95-1-662617 TAIWAN P.O BOX 17307 Office No 2406, JAFZA view 19th, TEL. +1-972-986-5500 / FAX. +1-972-590-1934
JAPAN Jebel ALi Free Zone, Dubai, UAE
MALAYSIA Joybomb Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. TEL. +971-4889-5433 / FAX. +971-4889-5432 CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. San Francisco Branch
CJ Japan Inc. (Japan HQ) NETHERLANDS 5F No 21, Lane 583, Rueigung Rd, Taipei 11492, 19410 Cabot Blvd. Hayward, CA 94545, U.S.A
8F, CJ Bldg, 2-7-4, Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, CJ BIO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Taiwan TEL. +1-510-324-2424 / FAX. +1-510-324-0360
Tokyo, Japan Lot Q, Kertih Bio Polymer Park Phase 2, MuKim CJ Korea express Netherlands B.V. TEL. +886-2-7720-7999 / FAX. +886-2-7720-7555 U.K.
TEL. +81-3-3519-3177 / FAX. +81-3-3580-1054 Kerteh, 24300 Kemaman, Terengganu Darul Iman, Laan op Zuid 173-175, 3072 DB Rotterdam, CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Los Angeles Branch
CJ Bio Malaysia SDN BHD, Malaysia Netherlands CJ Food Europe Ltd. 18805 S. Laurel Park Road, Rancho Domiguez,
TEL. +60-9-830-2410 TEL. +31-10-360-1020 / FAX. +31-10-360-1029 Building 3 Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, CA 90220, U.S.A.
London, U.K. TEL. +1-310-639-3333 / FAX. +1-310-639-8282
TEL. +44-208-899-6211

CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Atlanta Branch CJ Corp. Hochiminh Office CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co., Ltd. CJ has been developing global competitiveness by providing the best corporate values
1240 Hwy 155S Mcdonough, GA 30253, U.S.A. Unit 2211, 22F, STC Bldg 37 Ton Duc Thang St, Dist 1, Room No.201, TTC Building, 630 Le Thanh Tong Str.,
TEL. +1-678-593-1420 / FAX. +1-678-593-1439 HCMC, Vietnam Hai An Dis., Hai Phong City, Vietnam to customers around the world through ceaseless challenge and innovation for the last
TEL. +84-8-3911-8400 / FAX. +84 -8-3910-722 TEL. +84-31-326-0735 sixty years. CJ has made an aggressive entry into major overseas markets based on its
CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Chicago Branch
760 Crossroads Parkway Suite Bolingbrook, The Representative office of CJ CheilJedang CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co.,Ltd. accumulated experience and capability, accelerating its globalization strategy.
IL 60440, U.S.A. corporation in HCMC VIETNAM F2, Nhon Trach IZ3 Building, Nhon Trach Dist,
TEL. +1-815-886-3825 / FAX. +1-815-886-3830 S11, 22F, STC Bldg, 37 Ton Duc Thang St., District1, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
HCMC, Vietnam TEL. +84-90-993-1031
CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. New Jersey Branch TEL. +84-8-3911-5114 / FAX. +84-8-39-100-722
901 Castle Road, NJ 07094, U.S.A. MegaStar Media Company
TEL. +1-201-643-1051 / FAX. +1-201-865-1761 CJ Bakery Vietnam Megastar,904 Level 9, CT Plaza, 60A Truong Son
180 Hai Ba Trung, P.Dakao, Quan 1, TP. HCMC, Street, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Vietnam
CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Miami Branch Vietnam TEL. +84-83-547-1000 / FAX. +84-83-547-2383
6000 NW 97 Ave, Suite 5-8 DORAL FL 33178, U.S.A. TEL. +84-8-3827 2772 / FAX. +84-8-3827 2773
TEL. +1-305-716-2785 / FAX. +1-305-716-2788 CJ E&M VIETNAM
Fides Food System Co.,Ltd. 10/F CT palaza, 60A Truong Son, Tan Binh,
CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Fort Dodge Branch SE1-12 Bldg B, Riverside Residence complex, Tan Hochiminh City, Vietnam
1946 Harvest Ave, Fort Dodge, IOWA 50501, U.S.A. Phu ward, Dist.7, HCMC, Vietnam TEL. +84-070-7112-2727 RUSSIA
TEL. +1-515-574-3184 / FAX. +1-515-574-3190 TEL. +84-070-7112-1461~6 / FAX. +84-08-5471-791
CJ CGV America LA, LLC CJ Freshway Hoalam Co.,Ltd. U.K. GERMANY POLAND
5670 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036, U.S.A. Benh Vien Quoc Te Thanh Do, So 3, Duong So 17A, CZECH SLOVAKIA
TEL. +1-213-406-8600 / FAX. +1-323-930-1015 Phuong Binh Tri Dong B, Quan Binh Tan, Tp. HCMC,
CGV Cinemas LA TEL. +84-08-6283-1111
621 S. Western Ave. Suite 304, Los Angeles, BULGARIA
CA 90005, U.S.A. CJ Freshway Vietnam Co.,Ltd. TURKEY CHINA
TEL. +1-213-388-9000 SE1-12 Bldg B, Riverside Residence complex, Tan U.S.A.
Phu ward, Dist.7, HCMC, Vietnam JAPAN
CJ 4DPlex Co., Ltd.
7083 Hollywood Blvd Suite 600, Los Angeles,
TEL. +84-070-7112-1461~6 / FAX. +84-08-5471-791
CA 90028, U.S.A. SCJ TV Shopping Co.,Ltd. KUWAIT
TEL. +1-323-606-7555 / FAX. +1-323-606-7554 31-33 Dihn Cong Trang, Tan Dihn Ward, District 1,
CJ E&M America Inc. TEL. +84-1800-8055 MYANMAR LAOS HONG KONG ASIA
5670 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2450, Los Angeles, MEXICO
TEL. +1-310-557-3050 / FAX. +1-323-930-1015 Unit 4, 12F ,Green Power Building, 35 Ton Duc Thang, VIETNAM
Dist.1, HCMC, Vietnam
3535 Hayden Avenue STE 120 Culver City, MALAYSIA COLOMBIA
CA 90232, U.S.A. CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co.,Ltd. AFRICA KENYA SINGAPORE
TEL. +1-424-258-1900 / FAX. +1-310-815-8133 6th floor, C.T. Plaza, 60A Truong Son Street, Ward 2, SOUTHEAST ASIA
Tan Binh District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
CJ GAMES GLOBAL CORP. TEL. +84-8-3547-4456 / FAX. +84-8-3547-4457 INDONESIA
300 Brannan Street, Ste 504 San Francisco,
CA 94107, U.S.A.
TEL. +1 415-767-5011
CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
6th floor, C.T. Plaza, 60A Truong Son Street, Ward 2,
Tan Binh District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
TEL. +84-8-3547-4456 / FAX. +84-8-3547-4457
CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co., Ltd.
CJ Corp. Hochiminh Office Saigon Port BRVT branch building, Phu My 1 Industrial CHILE
Unit 2605, 26F, STC Bldg.37 Ton Duc Thang St. Zone, Tan Thanh Dist, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam
Dist 1 HCMC, Vietnam TEL. +84-64-3924-003 / FAX. +84-64-3924-002
TEL. +84-8-3910-32 / FAX. +84-8-3823-7840
CJ korea express Packsimex Co., Ltd.
CJ VINA Agri Co., Ltd. (Long an) ST NO. 4, Bin Hoa Industrial Zone 1, An Binh Ward, NEW ZEALAND
National Highway No.1, My Yen Village, Ben Luc Dong Nai Province, Vietnam Global Sales (unit: billion won) Share Global Sales (unit: billion won) Share
District Long An Province, Vietnam TEL. +84-61-383-0415 / FAX. +84-61-383-6338
TEL. +84-723870363 / FAX. +84-723870366

543 14.4% 640.4 17%

CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co., Ltd.
CJ VINA Agri Co., Ltd. (Hung yen) 10F, Charmvit Tower, No. 117, Tran Duy Hung St,
QL 5 Pho Noi A Industrial Zone-Hung Yen Province, Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Vietnam FOOD&FOOD SERVICE HOMESHOPPING&LOGISTICS
Vietnam TEL. +84-4-3512-2560 / FAX. +84-4-3512-2561
TEL. +84-3213967487 / FAX. +84-3213967644
CJ korea express Saigon Logistics (Hanoi Branch)

2,400.5 63.8% 180.4 4.8%

CJ VINA Agri Co.,Ltd. (Vinh Long) 10F, Charmvit Tower, No 117, Tran Duy Hung St,
Lot B3 Hoa Phu, Hoa Phu Commune, Long Ho Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Vietnam
District, Vinh Long Province, Vietnam TEL. +84-4-3512-2560 / FAX. +84-4-3512-2561
TEL. +84-703962018 / FAX. +84-703962014

Based on Sales as of 2013


CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Atlanta Branch CJ Corp. Hochiminh Office CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co., Ltd.
1240 Hwy 155S Mcdonough, GA 30253, U.S.A. Unit 2211, 22F, STC Bldg 37 Ton Duc Thang St, Dist 1, Room No.201, TTC Building, 630 Le Thanh Tong Str.,
TEL. +1-678-593-1420 / FAX. +1-678-593-1439 HCMC, Vietnam Hai An Dis., Hai Phong City, Vietnam
TEL. +84-8-3911-8400 / FAX. +84 -8-3910-722 TEL. +84-31-326-0735
CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Chicago Branch
760 Crossroads Parkway Suite Bolingbrook, The Representative office of CJ CheilJedang CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
IL 60440, U.S.A. corporation in HCMC VIETNAM F2, Nhon Trach IZ3 Building, Nhon Trach Dist,
TEL. +1-815-886-3825 / FAX. +1-815-886-3830 S11, 22F, STC Bldg, 37 Ton Duc Thang St., District1, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
HCMC, Vietnam TEL. +84-90-993-1031
CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. New Jersey Branch TEL. +84-8-3911-5114 / FAX. +84-8-39-100-722
901 Castle Road, NJ 07094, U.S.A. MegaStar Media Company
TEL. +1-201-643-1051 / FAX. +1-201-865-1761 CJ Bakery Vietnam Megastar,904 Level 9, CT Plaza, 60A Truong Son
180 Hai Ba Trung, P.Dakao, Quan 1, TP. HCMC, Street, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Vietnam
CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Miami Branch Vietnam TEL. +84-83-547-1000 / FAX. +84-83-547-2383
6000 NW 97 Ave, Suite 5-8 DORAL FL 33178, U.S.A. TEL. +84-8-3827 2772 / FAX. +84-8-3827 2773
TEL. +1-305-716-2785 / FAX. +1-305-716-2788 CJ E&M VIETNAM
Fides Food System Co.,Ltd. 10/F CT palaza, 60A Truong Son, Tan Binh,
CJ korea express U.S.A. INC. Fort Dodge Branch SE1-12 Bldg B, Riverside Residence complex, Tan Hochiminh City, Vietnam
1946 Harvest Ave, Fort Dodge, IOWA 50501, U.S.A. Phu ward, Dist.7, HCMC, Vietnam TEL. +84-070-7112-2727
TEL. +1-515-574-3184 / FAX. +1-515-574-3190 TEL. +84-070-7112-1461~6 / FAX. +84-08-5471-791

CJ CGV America LA, LLC CJ Freshway Hoalam Co.,Ltd.

5670 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036, U.S.A. Benh Vien Quoc Te Thanh Do, So 3, Duong So 17A,
TEL. +1-213-406-8600 / FAX. +1-323-930-1015 Phuong Binh Tri Dong B, Quan Binh Tan, Tp. HCMC,
CGV Cinemas LA TEL. +84-08-6283-1111
621 S. Western Ave. Suite 304, Los Angeles,
CA 90005, U.S.A. CJ Freshway Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
TEL. +1-213-388-9000 SE1-12 Bldg B, Riverside Residence complex, Tan
Phu ward, Dist.7, HCMC, Vietnam
CJ 4DPlex Co., Ltd. TEL. +84-070-7112-1461~6 / FAX. +84-08-5471-791
7083 Hollywood Blvd Suite 600, Los Angeles,
CA 90028, U.S.A. SCJ TV Shopping Co.,Ltd.
TEL. +1-323-606-7555 / FAX. +1-323-606-7554 31-33 Dihn Cong Trang, Tan Dihn Ward, District 1,
HCMC, Vietnam
CJ E&M America Inc. TEL. +84-1800-8055 TEL. 02-726-8114
5670 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2450, Los Angeles,
CA 90036, U.S.A. CJ IMC Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
TEL. +1-310-557-3050 / FAX. +1-323-930-1015 Unit 4, 12F ,Green Power Building, 35 Ton Duc Thang,
Dist.1, HCMC, Vietnam
3535 Hayden Avenue STE 120 Culver City,
CA 90232, U.S.A. CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
TEL. +1-424-258-1900 / FAX. +1-310-815-8133 6th floor, C.T. Plaza, 60A Truong Son Street, Ward 2,
Tan Binh District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
CJ GAMES GLOBAL CORP. TEL. +84-8-3547-4456 / FAX. +84-8-3547-4457
300 Brannan Street, Ste 504 San Francisco,
CA 94107, U.S.A. CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
TEL. +1 415-767-5011 6th floor, C.T. Plaza, 60A Truong Son Street, Ward 2,
Tan Binh District, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
TEL. +84-8-3547-4456 / FAX. +84-8-3547-4457
CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co., Ltd.
CJ Corp. Hochiminh Office Saigon Port BRVT branch building, Phu My 1 Industrial
Unit 2605, 26F, STC Bldg.37 Ton Duc Thang St. Zone, Tan Thanh Dist, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam
Dist 1 HCMC, Vietnam TEL. +84-64-3924-003 / FAX. +84-64-3924-002
TEL. +84-8-3910-32 / FAX. +84-8-3823-7840
CJ korea express Packsimex Co., Ltd.
CJ VINA Agri Co., Ltd. (Long an) ST NO. 4, Bin Hoa Industrial Zone 1, An Binh Ward,
National Highway No.1, My Yen Village, Ben Luc Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
District Long An Province, Vietnam TEL. +84-61-383-0415 / FAX. +84-61-383-6338
TEL. +84-723870363 / FAX. +84-723870366
CJ korea express Freight Vietnam Co., Ltd.
CJ VINA Agri Co., Ltd. (Hung yen) 10F, Charmvit Tower, No. 117, Tran Duy Hung St,
QL 5 Pho Noi A Industrial Zone-Hung Yen Province, Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Vietnam
Vietnam TEL. +84-4-3512-2560 / FAX. +84-4-3512-2561
TEL. +84-3213967487 / FAX. +84-3213967644
CJ korea express Saigon Logistics (Hanoi Branch)
CJ VINA Agri Co.,Ltd. (Vinh Long) 10F, Charmvit Tower, No 117, Tran Duy Hung St,
Lot B3 Hoa Phu, Hoa Phu Commune, Long Ho Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Vietnam
District, Vinh Long Province, Vietnam TEL. +84-4-3512-2560 / FAX. +84-4-3512-2561
TEL. +84-703962018 / FAX. +84-703962014