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The US was founded about 230 years ago in 1776 by a hastily

cobbled collection of thirteen British colonies spread out

over the eastern part of the north American continent which
happened to be land belonging to long established native
Indian tribes. When the British or white people came over
and set foot in north America, the native tribes were (over
time) forced out by the newcomers through quite a variety of
methods and ways. Today, the native peoples form just a very
tiny fraction of the people of north America, especially in
the US. Thus the US is a totally artificial entity socially,
geographically and politically. And it can merely boast of a
national history that is only very brief and recent. Certainly
nothing to shout about.
The history of the US is actually nothing but a historical
trail of blood. Human blood. Other people's blood.
In north America, the marauding British invaders were later
followed by fellow European invaders who not only harmed the
natives but also got them involved in intra-white fratricide.
Forced from their land and their numbers chopped down by the
ways of the white invaders, the natives retreated to isolated
areas of north America.
By the time of the 1776 revolution, the Europeans were the
master of the land and the natives totally had no say at all
in the affairs of the day or even what laid ahead of them.
What laid ahead of them was a series of killings, massacrings
and forced corrallings which in the end completely and very
successfully reduced them to an insignificant presence in the
land which was actually rightfully theirs in the first place.
As a result, today their descendants constitute only a mere
trifle number in the country. And you don't find them anywhere
in the homelands of the European invaders. It was just one-way
traffic. It was according to some people, naked genocide.
Their blood was spilled in order to allow the US nation to
come into being. And it was spilled by rivers of it.
The new nation lost no time in pursuing various activities
that greatly harmed the land and other humans. The buffaloes
that were so important to the natives were almost wiped out.
The plains that once supported them were then sequestrated
for agriculture and human habitation. As the white population
inevitably moved south and west, others paid the price.
African people were forcefully enslaved to work in the farms
and plantations which made many white people prosperous. In
opening up the west, Asian immigrants were forced to provide
very cheap and highly dispensable or disposable labour for
the white masters.
In the south, territories were obtained from the devious work
of European missionaries, sea pirates and military explorers.
Through the sword, the book, diseases, conquests and very shady
treaties, the natives were for the final time forced out.
Just over 100 years later, the civil war broke out and results
were very terrible. Northerners and southerners hacked, clawed
and shot one another and prisoners were extremely badly treated.
(They could actually do all this to each other, what else can
they not do to others ? ) This civil war was to leave a very
lasting effect on the black men and women of the US.
Racial discrimination became acceptable and lasted until the
advent of the modern civil rights movement which was well into
the mid-twentieth century. In between, a lot of innocent blood
was spilled. And it belonged to others.
Meanwhile, the young US nation became rich and prosperous just
like its brother nations over there in Europe. Rapid and great
technological advances were made and soon, expedition pioneers
were going out to explore new lands across the ocean. Colonies
were gained and foreign treaties were signed. So very well and
good but sadly lots of very innocent blood belonging to others
were spilled in the process.
Natives living in such places like Hawaii and the Philippines,
Puerto Rico and even Alaska and many other places suffered at
the hands of these new explorers and conquerors. Through much
trickery, lands belonging to the native populations were taken
over and the people subjected to all kinds of bad treatment.
The arrival of the US explorers to Japan and their subsequent
unreasonable and unequal requests forced the Japanese to copy
their ways in order to survive. As a result, that nation went
on to forge an almighty military which was later used to wipe
out millions of totally innocent people. It was truly both a
tale and trail of blood. Human blood. Blood belonging to others.
Shortly after the turn of the century, the European powers went
to war against one another due to heavy intrigues and foul play.
The US got involved too, and when Germany and its allied powers
were defeated it was slapped with extremely severe sanctions.
Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles at a 'peace
conference' by the US and the other victorious countries and the
seeds of a great future killing was sown right there and then.
World War Two broke out exactly two decades later and this great
event presented the US and others with a huge golden opportunity
to slaughter and kill like never done before. Over in Europe,
Germany exacted revenge for the earlier defeat while in the East,
Japan's astonishing gains from the Treaty of Versailles encouraged
it to mount a campaign of aggression against millions of innocent
people in north-east Asia. Rivers of blood flowed without any
The Pearl Harbour attack directly brought the US into the conflict
and it became the turn of German and Japanese civilians to be at
the receiving end. When it all finally ended, over 100 million
humans had lost their lives. It was truly a big harvest of blood.
You might think the countries that had played a principle part in
the bloodletting would become tired of killing and massacring. It
was exactly the opposite. The mighty atomic bomb had just been
produced and tested on real living people and the results were
very exciting. The US and the other victors were now looking for
fresh justifications for fresh new wars and even more killings.
Before the war ended, the US had put into motion a chain of events
that ultimately led to the outbreak of war in the Far East, in the
Korean peninsula. Again masses of people were put to the sword and
innocent blood flowed very freely. The US was quite highly tempted
to use still more humans for testing its atomic weapons but it was
fortunately not carried out.
Ten years later, the US again waged terrible war far from its home
and slew millions of local people in S E Asia. Not that the US did
leave its closest neighbours in the western hemisphere alone or in
peace. The US conducted black operations that greatly harmed a lot
of innocent people there. The price ? A lot of spilled blood.
Meanwhile, the US was involved in the so-called Cold War with the
soviet bloc. Each side lined up their respective supporters, allies
and friends. In places like S E Asia, the US directly aided right-
wing strongmen and dictators who then went out of the way to kill
and slaughter millions of innocent people. So much for human rights
or 'civil rights'. Today, the remnants of these killers and their
policies and dictates still rule many countries in S E Asia. Their
minorities are still often treated as second class citizens.
In other places like Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa, the
US directly gave away mountains of dangerous weapons and trained
very dubious characters in the art of making bombs. The result
was a lot of mindless killings and massacrings. So much for 'peace
and freedom'. More like many nightmarish fountains offering human
When the Cold War ended after the USSR went kaput, the US appointed
itself to be the world's policeman or rather the world's sole self-
licenced plunderer.
The US peddled the so-called New World Order to the rest of the
world and falsely identified several new 'threats' that allegedly
imperilled humankind. The US started demanding bases here and
there to place its military and initiated a campaign against a
former ally, Iraq after it ended its ruinous war with Iran. The
Iraqi people were subjected to very crippling sanctions and a
former pupil of the US by the name of bin Laden took revenge.
Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the suicide attacks in the US
and Afghanistan was invaded. The invasion of Iraq soon followed.
In both places, the US military obliterated tens of thousands of
innocent civilians using immense and unrestrained firepower. This
was soon followed by a general reign of chaos and even outright
madness overtaking the fallen countries. Lots of innocent blood
flowed. Today, the blood is still flowing very freely despite all
the pompous and very fraudulent talk of 'troop withdrawals'.
Today, the nearby countries are shaking in their boots. They're
either being confronted by the prospect of blood overflowing
across their borders or being next-in-line to face the great
US military machine.
Places like Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir, the central Asian republics
now have plenty of reasons to fear for their future. Many see a
big flow or a huge flood of human blood coursing through their
areas in the future.
Meanwhile, the US amid all the talk of 'troop withdrawals' from
the devastated lands of Afghanistan and Iraq ( these countries
were hurled back almost to the stone age by the US military) is
eyeing other targets for more bloodletting by its horrendous and
very evil war machine.
For some time Iran appeared to be next in line. The US whipped
up a very vicious smear campaign against Teheran and sent warships
prowling near its coast. The US Navy has always conducted itself
in the manner of the old-styled gunboat diplomacy once favoured
by earlier european powers ever since it became the mightiest
navy in the world. Their mission now is always to draw blood to
satisfy the US leadership as and when needed. The blood belonging
to others.
However, choosing to attack one more Muslim country after already
having messed so bloodily in several similar ones might just be a
little too much even for the world's bloodiest invader.
Therefore in its quest for more blood, the US is now focussing
its attention on another weak country that represents relatively
easy meat, the DPRK.
The US has never forgotten or forgiven the fact that it was very
ignominiously ejected from Pyongyang at the end of the year 1950.
The US was fortuitously saved from total embarrassment and even
ruin in Korea due only to the fact that their opponents there had
very little modern transport machinery. Almost everything was done
by human legpower alone. Had they possessed modern air and land
mobility means they would have surely kicked the US right out to
the sea. Today, the US still sees a score waiting to be settled
in Korea in spite of all those previous very bloody killings and
horrible massacrings.
In March this year, the US Navy blew up a south Korean warship
and blamed the north. It was hoped the ruse would work and the
whole world could give approval for a bloody lunge at Pyongyang.
However, other people were watching intently while the US was
busy at work with their dirty little game. It was conclusively
shown that the north was truly innocent at the time and had truly
nothing to do with the very bloody incident.
Close examination of the purported evidence clearly revealed that
the whole thing was a fraud right from the start despite the so-
called 'international panel' rubberstamping the wildly fabricated
and very extremely evil US-Seoul blame-laying and accusation.
Despite being exposed as an evil and very despicable liar, the US
is still stubbornly attempting to foment war in the Far East. It
knows the region there is now full of very desirable treasures
and it just cannot leave empty-handed.
Therefore, night and day, the evil US leaders are hissing and
even howling blood-curdling threats all around the place. They
are right now very busily jetting here and there and throwing
evil tantrums hoping that somehow people would become convinced
and thus support another round of evil bloodletting in the Korean
peninsula. What a great evil the US is. And just what a so very
terribly bloodthirsty nation it also is.
No sensible person would ever believe that anyone else (other than
the US) was responsible for the Cheonan incident. In the past, the
US was very quick to attack anyone who dared to fire a shot in its
way. And attack very most severely.
It would not have been any different had the north been the party
responsible for the incident. The north has no means to retaliate
against the US at all. Even today, right now.
As the north is innocent, all that the US can do for now is to
thump its chest and whip up non-stop fiery emotions and cries of
hatred, anger, disappointment and evil spite. Still, this carefully
planned scheme could pay very handsome dividends if given ample
time. The US is truly very evil and damned bloodthirsty.
The US has long being planning for such happenings. Its Prompt
Global Strike inventory of weapons is second to none and actually
has no peers. Already it has brazenly and shamelessly concocted
a number of advanced weapons systems that pose a deadly threat
to other countries from the upper reaches of the atmosphere and
even from space orbit. Spanking new prototypes of such advanced
weaponry have already been tested and are awaiting production or
The future facing us is a very dire one indeed and could simply
be full of future 'cheonans'. The world must be aware.
The world must know that the 2007-2009 truth commission set up to
investigate US mass killings during the Korean war concluded under
immense pressure from President Lee Myung-bak and others, that the
killings and massacres were 'unfortunate but unavoidable due to
US military necessity'. How's that for blatant absolving of guilt ?
Killing defenceless civilians who do not belong to it has always
been a hallmark of US behaviour. It is a nation very attuned to
such actions. It has always had a deep fascination for blood.
The actions of the US military in harming and mauling innocent
people have never been prosecuted by international bodies such
as the ICJ. As a result it has very greatly encouraged the very
mindless killings and bloodletting by the US all over the globe.
At the the height of its power in the fifties and sixties, the
US conducted many hydrogen bomb tests in the south Pacific. Not
every test went exactly according to plan and therefore some or
perhaps many innocent Pacific islanders suffered very greatly.
The US is a totally artificial entity and it has every intention
to become the lord and master of the whole planet and to remake
or remodel it in its mold. The completely artificial and truly
synthetic mold. Beware.
There are already very unmistakable signs of this happening. The
US has turned Afghanistan into the world's premier supplier of
heroin and opium and narco drugs are flowing out of Latin America
like an awesome modern version of the Great Flood.
Its demands for the 'free flow' of people under the WTO rules of
admission have created mind-boggling problems of human trafficking,
drug smuggling, global warming and cross-border crime. The world
has followed in its footsteps and now people all over the world
have become enslaved by a very vast variety of addictions.
Its mass media has taken over the world and now masquerades as
the world's media. And what's more, it is full of lies and spews
tons of misinformation. It is always fully prepared to shed other
people's blood in order to obtain gains for itself and the US.
The US media for example, has viciously attacked some foreign
capitals but has been mostly or totally silent on US atrocities
in Kabul and in Pakistan. It is actually part and parcel of what's
not right with the US today.
Not only is the media controlled by the US, other international
groups and organisations also lie under its thumb. Thus you have
quite many countries wasting so very huge sums of money just to
placate the US and appease all the extremely pretentious and evil
US politicians. The cash should have been used to improve safety,
security and health at home but it has not been done. The blood
of the people has been cruelly sacrificed. The US has very greatly
benefitted from our blood.
The US now controls much of the world's resources through both
legal and illegal means. Today, the US has an unmatched army of
speculators, manipulators and market shorters which can upend
almost anyone or anything. The US even has the power to corner
and manipulate the world food supply. Today, now. You don't even
have to wait until tomorrow.
In our time, the US has enormously benefitted from the Arab-Israel
dispute. It is why the US is never keen to see peace come to the
Middle East. Or even peace settling down elsewhere.
Israel, under big pressure from Gaza militants has carried out the
development of high-tech assets including the Arrow rocket system
and it is bringing untold benefits to the US. The blood of innocent
people in the Middle East absolutely amounts to nothing. Be aware.
Truly, from the time of its founding to the present day the US has
been connected to the flow of blood. The blood belonging to others.
There is no indication that the US is about to change course or
has intentions to change course for the future. As such, one can
rightfully say that the US is a nation whose history is tied very
closely to an immense trail of blood. And the blood belongs very
much to outsiders or foreigners. It is never purely or wholly its

Be aware. Be fully aware.

Be on guard for more 'cheonans' in the future tomorrow ! ! !