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Psychopaths literally means mental illness.

Psychopaths comes from the word psyche meaning soul

and pathos meaning disease. A person is also often referred to as a sociopath because of antisocial
behavior and harming people is not the same as insane terdekatnya.Psikopat (schizophrenia / psychosis)
due to a psychopath is fully aware of his actions. Symptoms alone are often referred to as psychopathy,
pengidapnya often called crazy people without mental disorders
General characteristics of a psychopath
Prof.Robert D Hare in his book titled "Without Conscience" mentions 20 people with psychopathic traits.
Ten of these are:
1.Sering lie
2. Egocentric
3. Do not have a sense of regret and guilt.
4.Senang violation
5.sikap indifferent
6.Kurang empathy
8.Impulsif and easily react
9.Tidak able to be responsible
And others.

Based on the analysis, the author divides the psychopath in three categories.
1.Psikopat light
2.Psikopat being
3.Psikopat weight
ad.1.Psikopat light
Ie people with psychopathic behavior, which generally deviate from social norms.
Based on the results of the survey in the US, 1 in 8 Facebook users are people with psychopathic.
1.Sering lie: using a fake profile pictures, fake names and false data
2.Egosentris: Reluctant to accept positive suggestions and cantankerous
3. No qualms and guilt: Like personal attacks maker status without feeling guilty
4.Senang violation: Like porn contains photographs, photos are not polite, likes making the status is not
worth reading
5.Sikap indifferent: Love making cynical comments
6.Kurang empathy: feeling to know more, understand more and be more intelligent than the other status-
7.Agresif: censorious status and writer status. In fact, like patronize.
8.Impulsif and easily react: if there is a status that is provocative, the Facebook users immediately reacted
9.Tidak able to take responsibility: if make a mistake in Facebook, never apologized
10.Manipulatif: if another Facebooker reprimanded, pobud looking for excuses or reasons
ad.2.Psikopat being
Ie people with psychopathic behavior, which generally deviates from the norms of law.
1.Sering lie: Like cheating, extortion, corruption, nepotism, bribery, kickbacks
2.Egosentris: Like memalak or squeeze
3. No qualms and guilt: always finance his evil deeds
4.Senang offenses: crimes like civil
5.Sikap indifferent: do not fear the threat of punishment
6.Kurang empathy: Like playing with the feelings of others
7.Agresif: overbearing
8.Impulsif and easily react: reactive directly without going to listen to the complaints of others
9.Tidak able to take responsibility: always evade accountability
10.Manipulatif: like find-way excuse and justification for criminal acts
ad.2.Psikopat weight
Ie people with psychopathic behavior, which generally deviate from religious norms
1.Sering lie: though sworn in the name of God, but kept lying (in penngadilan)
2.Egosentris: find the most perfect of their own religion
3. No qualms and guilt: if the saying is not true (hypocrites) and likes to break a promise even though
uttered the phrase "God willing"
4.Senang violation: in adultery, gambling, lesbian, gay, masturbation
5.Sikap indifferent: do not want to appreciate other faiths
6.Kurang empathy: hate other tribes, religions, races / other nations and among other groups at random
(gebyah uyah).
7.Agresif: rape, murder, robbery, destruction of personal property, torture, destroy places of worship of
other religions
8.Impulsif and easily react: anarchy attitude towards things whose purpose may be good but how wrong
and not religious
9.Tidak able to take responsibility: committing crimes under the pretext of defending the religion or
10.Manipulatif: being shirk / polytheist

As with some other psychological disorders, it is very difficult to find the exact cause someone to be a
psychopath. There are many factors driving the emergence of these disorders. Some of them are:

1. biological factors

Blair, in LaBrode et al (2007) examined the possibility of biological factors that cause a person to be a
psychopath. Biological factors referred to here is not / less functioning of the prefrontal cortex and the
amygdala in the brain, causing the individual has some ability, among others, to learn from the
environment (in the end hard to distinguish between good and bad) and did fear responses (difficult
experience fear when
commit acts that violate the norms). Such individuals will be hard to feel guilt and also difficult to come to
feel the pain of those who harmed.
2. Environmental factors

The most decisive factor is when people grow up in a family. The emergence of several problems within
the family is not taught as a child to have social skills (empathy, understanding others, etc.) parental
divorce and child abuse can encourage the emergence of private psychopath.

LaBrode (2007) revealed the case of a serial killer who turns on his childhood experience unpleasant events
and tend traumatic. The serial killer has a history among other physical and sexual abuse in childhood and
the loss of parenting and healthy attachment with parents, especially mothers.

The crimes charged to Ryan might eventually uncovered and visible. However, today, there are many more
crimes took place so hidden by cunning perpetrators of manipulation so very difficult for many people but
actually gives a result that is much more destructive. Though caused by many factors, we can minimize this
horror to learn and teach love and other social skills begin in our families each.
Types of psychopaths:
1. The primary psychopath who flinch at sentencing, detention, pressure or reproach. They have their own
way to interpret the words and life.
2. The secondary psychopath is a risk taker, more responsive to the pressure, prone to anxiety and guilt.
3. distempered psychopath prone to anger and if they relapse behavior such as epilepsy (epilepsy) tend to
become addicted to drugs, kleptomania, pedophilia, can even be a murderer and serial rapist.
4. charismatic psychopath liar is attractive and charming, often awarded certain talent, but use it to
deceive others.
How to detect psychopaths
Methodological difficulties in research on psychopaths, especially coming from the limited case provided.
Therefore, some research is only based on one case only (Hare, 1993; Litman, 2004; Bauchard, 2002).

Several other studies limited to a particular sample bias, as Prisoners, can only be performed on topics of
more general and can use the general respondents as a comparative study (N people with indications
Psychopath by DSM IV = 89, N control = 20) (Dolan & fullam, 2004), or a simulation study (n students S1 =
174) (Guy & Edens, 2003). (3)
Although it can not determine the cause, there are a good tool to differentiate between those with
symptoms that are not psychopaths with, namely Psychopath Checklist - Revised (PCL-R) developed by
Prof.Robert Hare consisting of 20 questionnaires have a score of 0-2 on each question. A little excerpt of
the 20 questions in the PCL-R for psychopathic traits, as follows (5):

1. Persuasive and charming on the surface.

2. Appreciate yourself redundant.
3. Need stimulation or easily bored.
4. pathological liar.
5. Deceptive and manipulative.
6. Lack of guilt and sin.
7. Emotions shallow.
8. Rough and lacking empathy.
9. Living like a parasite.
10. Poor behavioral control.
11. the loose sexual behavior.
12. Behavioral problems early (before age 13).
13. Do not have a realistic long-term goals.
14. Impulsive.
15. Not responsible for liabilities.
16. No responsibility for his own actions.
17. Marriage short term recurrent.
18. Juvenile delinquency.
19. Breaking the norm.
20. The diversity of the criminal.

Indonesia currently uses test Minessota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) to detect this
psychopathic personality in which there are clinical scale, Scale contents, and supporting scale. At first the
test MMPI-2 is used in mental health services, and then extends to the military and government as part of
the selection and recruitment of prospective employees, officers (Legislative & Executive), including
candidates for president and vice president. (6)
Measuring tools others are used based on the theory that already exist (deduction) is Primitive Defense
Guide (Helfgott, 2004), Rorschach (Cunliffe & Gacono, 2005), ToM (Theory of Mind) (Dolan & fullam, 2004;
Ritchell, et al . 2003), SCT (Sentence Completion Test) (Endres, 2004), and NEO PIR (Miller & Lynam, 2003).
Psychopaths can be cured?
As a personality disorder can not ascertain the cause, can not be ascertained Psychopaths can be cured or
not. Treatment of patients with psychopathic observes Hare, not only do not cure, but rather exacerbate
the symptoms, because psychopaths in question could be more sophisticated in manipulating the behavior
that harms others. Some things, said Hare will improve themselves with age, for example, energy is not at
a young age.
According Tieneke, psychopathic behavior usually appears and develops in adulthood, reaching a peak at
the age of 40 years late, experiencing the plateau phase around the age of 50 years-an then slowly faded.
"Psychopaths can also be caused by errors upbringing." He adds. Suggestions Tieneke, "Beware of the
grumpy child, scrappy and fight, breaking the rules destructive, and cruel to animals as well as the younger
Beware an angry child, scrappy and fight, breaking the rules destructive, and cruel to animals as well as
younger children.

On the other hand, Kirkman (2002) who believe that psychopaths are formed due to misguided childhood,
found Psychopaths can be prevented as early as possible to give proper care to minimize the risk of
individual shortcomings of affection in his childhood.
Indications Domestic Violence (Domestic Violence) can be caused by Psychopathic personality turns as
possible. According to Dr. Husein Anuz Sp.KJ, "Dad Psychopaths tend to give the child a psychopath, too.".
This shows the role of environmental factors. Usually the child will emulate what his Parents, so no wonder
the average domestic violence cases are caused because of what they did to his family at this time as to
what their parents had done to his family. (7).
The important thing is to handle victims of a psychopath. Handling victim psychopaths often have to
undergo the healing process is long and difficult. Generally, they fall into a deep trauma. So, no need to
waste time to change psychopath.
In some countries a reaction in the community due to ignorance about the healing of a psychopath. People
try to protect themselves by Law. In the Netherlands, the Anti Psychopaths launched twice (XX century and
in 2002). Similarly in the US, anti-psychopath law started out the 1930s aimed at Sex Offenders. (Granlund,
2005; Quinn, Mullen-Forsyth & Quinn, 2004).

Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski A hitman who worked on some of the descendants of Italian-American
family and reportedly has killed nearly 200 people, including Jimmy Hoffa with favorite weapon pistol,
knives and saws.

Is there a Psychopath In Your Family or Friends

December 15
When a criminal in the criminal action carried out by the vile, cruel and inhumane then people will
definitely sentenced as a psychopath. But actually not all murderers are psychopaths and not all
psychopaths killers. Actually more psychopaths who roam and live in the midst of society, not as criminals.
This may not be realized as long as psychopaths are all around us. Do neighbors, coworkers or even your
spouse and family members to experience it. Deviant behavior is selfish attitude, never admit mistakes
even repeating mistakes, do not have empathy, and do not have a conscience. If there is a suspicion that
all psychopaths deserves.
Psychopath is a symptom disorder that had always been considered dangerous and disturbing the public.
The term psychopath who is very well known to the community is not found in the Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) IV. That is, psychopaths are not listed in the list of diseases,
disorders or mental disorders in the United States a psychiatric expert. Psychopath in psychiatric included
in the classification of personality disorder dissosial. Besides psychopathic, no interference antisocial,
asocial and amoral included in the classification of personality disorder dissosial.
Psychopaths comes from the word psyche meaning soul and pathos meaning disease. Psychopaths are not
the same with schizophrenia as a psychopath is fully aware of his actions. Symptoms alone are often
referred to as psychopathy, pengidapnya often called "crazy people without mental disorders". According
to the research about 1% of the total world population suffering from psychopathic. Some experts predict
three of the 10 men in the United States and one of the 30 men in the UK is a psychopath. This prediction
is based on the study, the majority of respondents were male.
Psychopaths are found in various professions and social classes, men and women. Because harmed by
crime not only individuals but also society at large, is difficult to detect because the person with as much as
80% more wandering than languishing in prison or a mental hospital, pengidapnya also hard to cure. In
criminal cases, psychopaths identified as murderers, rapists, drunks, gamblers, hustlers, perpetrators of
domestic violence, suicides and criminals. However, the criminal case was only occurs in about 15-20
percent of all people with psychopathic. The rest is a personal look perfect, intelligent speech, charming,
has a tremendous attraction and fun.
Until now still not known with certainty the cause of a psychopath. Various theories put forward by
researchers. The theory of structural abnormalities of the brain such as the decrease in the intensity of the
brain in the prefrontal gray matter and reduction in brain volume in the "posterior hippocampal" and an
increase in the intensity of the brain "callosal white matter". Another theory is a disorder of serotonin
metabolism, brain function and genetic disorders that allegedly helped create a psychopathic monster
Perhaps there is no brain damage as a cause psychopathic. But there are anomalies in the way psychopaths
process information. In a study using MRI images through the introduction of suicides are not creepy. In
the non-psychopaths seem like a lot of activation in the amygdala, while the psychopath no difference at
all. However, there is increased activity in other areas of the brain that is extra-limbic area. It seems that
psychopaths analyzed emotional material in these brain areas.
In addition there are anomalies in the brain, genetic and environmental factors also play a big bore
psychopathic characters. Stress or major life stressors can also change a person's behavior becomes brutal.
However, if temporary, because there is a trigger that makes sense, it can not be said to be a psychopath.
Psychopathic traits may actually be detected since childhood through a variety of unusual behavior.
Antisocial behavior in children it is genetically inherited. A study of twins shows, children's shows early
psychopathic tendencies. The study was conducted on 3,687 pairs of twins aged seven years.
There are three main characteristics that normally attach to a psychopath, the egocentric, no empathy,
and never regret. There are ten specific character psychopath. Among these are not empathetic,
emotionally shallow, manipulative, a liar, egocentric, articulate, a low tolerance to the frustration, build
relationships short and episodic, parasitic lifestyle, and violate social norms persistent. A psychopath
always make elaborate camouflage, rewind fact, slander, and lies to get satisfaction and benefit himself.
Numerous studies show, more psychopathic than kill her abusive partner. Of the many murders in the
household, only 2% were the culprit is really a psychopath. The psychopaths are generally no regrets after
doing the action. The only slight regret psychopath who then committed suicide. Of 2% psychopath who
killed, a quarter commit suicide.
Learn the symptoms of a psychopath is as follows:
Impulsive and difficult to control. For the psychopath does not have time to weigh the merits of the action
they will do and they do not care about what he has done or thought about the future. Sufferers also be
easily triggered anger the small things, it is easy to react to disappointment, failure, criticism, and easy to
attack someone just because something trivial.
Often lie, eloquent and shallow. Psychopaths often funny and witty, are typically trying to appear with
knowledge in the field of sociology, psychiatry, medicine, psychology, philosophy, poetry, literature, and
others. Often clever stories that make a positive, and when caught lying they do not care and will cover it
with another lie and manage it as if it were fact.
Manipulative and fraudulent. Psychopaths also often show dramatic emotions even though they do not
mean it. They also do not have a physiological response that is normally associated with fear as his hands
sweating, heart palpitations, dry mouth, tense, trembling - for a psychopath is not valid. Because
psychopaths often referred to as "cold".
Egocentric and considers himself great.
No sense of remorse and guilt. Although sometimes psychopaths admitted his actions, but he was
underestimated or denied due to his actions and did not have a reason to care.
Happy offense and behavioral problems in childhood.
Lacking empathy. For the psychopath cut off a chicken's head and cut off the heads of people, it makes no
Psychopath too fast in acting aggressively, challenging the guts and fight, sleep late and often out of the
Not able to be responsible and do things for the sake of amusement.
Live as a parasite because other people for pleasure and satisfaction himself.
Antisocial behavior in adulthood.
Not easy to diagnose psychopaths. Matching the patient's personality with 20 criteria established by Prof.
Hare. This matching is done by interviewing family and those closest to the patient, victim complaint or
observation of the patient's behavior over time. Electroencephalogram, MRI and a complete medical
examination. This is done because according to research images PET (positron emission tomography)
comparison of normal people, murderers spontaneous and planned a cold-blooded killer show differences
brain activity in the prefrontal cortex is low. Parts of the frontal lobe of the brain believed to be part of
shaping the personality. Interview using DSM IV (the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder version IV) were considered successful to determine antisocial
personality. Conducted behavioral observations and the patient's personality. Usually the patient since the
age of 15 years began to show signs of psychiatric disorders. Examination psychological test to assess the
level of intelligence. Psychopaths usually have a high IQ.
MMPL (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) is yag method has been used to detect the presence
of mental disorders in general, including psycho. However MMPLmasih has a weakness. Not difficult for a
clever psychopath to manipulate reports and lied. Finally developed Psychopathy Checklist (PCL) and its
revised version Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R), to be valid and correct assessment of a psychopath.
PCL-R is a method that has been equipped with the basics of semi-structural interview with a person
suspected of being a psychopath, jointly processed with a variety of information about the person. Ratings
are determined by a scale, ranging from 0 meaning no insikasi psychopath to 2, which means the positive
person has a psychopathic character. The total score is 40, and a person is diagnosed psychopath if he had
a score between 30 and 40. In some cases, a score of 25 has also been categorized as psychopathic.
There are approximately 20 criteria in the PCL-R in the diagnosis of psychopath. Including the following:
persuasive and charming on the surface, appreciate excessive self, need stimulation or easily bored, liar
pathological, deceptive and manipulative, less guilt and sin, emotionally shallow, rude and lacking
empathy, living like parasites, poor control behavioral, loose sexual behavior, behavior problems early
(before age 13), did not have a long-term goal that is realistic, impulsive, not responsible for the
obligations, no responsibility for his own actions, weddings short term recurrent, juvenile delinquency,
abuse norms and the diversity of the criminal.
Another diagnostic tool is used based on the theory that already exist (deduction) is Primitive Defense
Guide, Rorschach, ToM (Theory of Mind), SCT (Sentence Completion Test) and NEO PIR.
Basically, psychopaths can not be treated completely but can only be observed and detected. For this stage
of treatment and rehabilitation of psychopathic currently kopleksitas new stage in understanding the
symptoms. Treatment is most likely adalan non drug such as counseling. But the complexity of the
problem, psycho therapy can be said is difficult, if not impossible. A psychopath does not feel there is
nothing wrong with her that she asked him to come regularly to therapy is impossible. That man can do is
to avoid psychopaths, provide therapy to the victims, preventing more casualties arise and prevent
psychopaths do not turn into criminals.
Psychopaths one deviant behavior that many people actually feared this time many are around us. About 1
in 100 people in the community is a psychopath. Nearly one-fifth would be criminal behavior such as
murderers, rapists, criminals, drunkards or gamblers. Maybe one of them will have the potential to be a
"human butcher monster". When the early detection of behavioral disorders in children and
environmental approach is well done, then ideally psychopaths will not turn into a criminal.
Some studies environmental factors are also very influential. The environment can be physical, biological
and social. But most people are at risk are usually entering the same environment that the potential
occurrence of such crimes. Factors physical and social environments that are at risk of developing a
psychopath be criminal is the pressure of a bad economy, rough treatment and harsh since the age of the
child, child neglect, divorce of parents, the bustle of the parents, the factors giving certain nutrients, and
family life that do not comply with legal ethics, religious and social. Other risky environments are living in
the community that is close to criminal acts such as murder, torture, violence and so forth.
While the biological environment one that is currently widely investigated is whether the diet effect on the
crime. Their research by Peter C et al 1997 is surprising. Obtained links diet, food allergies, food intolerance
and criminal behavior at a young age enough to be informed and interesting scientific facts and very
important, however still can not explain why some of these factors berkaitan.Terdapat several risk factors
for outbreaks of violence and the criminal such as aggression, emotion, impulsivity, hyperactivity, sleep
disorders, and so on. It turned out that many of the risk factors also occur in people with allergies. Later it
was revealed that allergies cause dangerous complications, because of allergies may interfere with any
organ or body system including disorders of the brain function. Disruption of brain function that will arise
and behavioral developmental disorders in children such as impaired concentration, emotional
disturbances, sleep disturbances, impaired concentration, impulsivity to aggravate the symptoms of people
with Autism and ADHD.
When genetic factors, brain dysfunction, and followed by the physical environment, biological and social
negative then a crime in psychopathic patients more easily occur. So it is important to know the risk factors
and behavioral disorders on children to do prevention early.


1. Psychopaths be nice at the first meet

This is Characteristic the psychopaths could make it easier to vent their bad intentions. A psychopath is
very charming in the beginning of the meeting with you. With behavior that is courteous, warm greeting,
and his intelligence in speaking easily causing many people to believe it. And with the beliefs of others that
is the initial capital used psychopaths to carry out the action.
2. Feel the most important and special
The psychopaths generally is a selfish and feel great among the most privileges and other people around
him. The psychopath always assume that all things just for the satisfaction only.
3. High-willed
High-willed here sometimes diluapkan psychopath by doing a job until late at night even willing to sacrifice
his time to achieve the target. The psychopaths would be angry if their wishes are not met immediately
and therefore they are willing to do anything to realize his desire at once.
You have to be careful with the playboy, because they might include psychopaths. Yes, multiple partners
including one of the characteristics of a psychopath where psychopaths quickly bored with anything that
has included partner. The characteristics of a psychopath can also be pointed out that when people
frequently change jobs.
5. No responsibility
A psychopath just do the work and activities for sheer pleasure. A psychopath will not weigh the merits
reward will be acquired later. They are not concerned with what will happen in the future. When his
actions harm others, they will dodge and evade responsibility. Convicted even psychopaths deterrent will
not perform actions again and again.
6. Sympathy and empathy are less
Lack of sympathy and empathy is the most cruel nature that is owned by a psychopath. The psychopath
does not matter how loss and grief of others caused by perbuatnnya because the most important is the
sheer satisfaction. For the psychopath, cut off a chicken's head and the head of the person does not make
any difference.
7. Tends to have a hobby to blame others
Because of his intelligence in speaking and lack of sense of responsibility, psychopaths tend to like to
blame others. In addition it also has the ability manipulative psychopath great so that it can deceive others
to believe what the psychopath discussed.
8. Lack of physical response
Which meant less physical responses are unique physiological response capabilities possessed
psychopathic where they will be shaking, sweating, dry mouth, pounding heart and tense when confronted
by a problem or fear them