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Financial consolidation can be challengingriddled with complexities across
multiple legal entities, account structures, intercompany eliminations, currency
translations, and disparate and changing regulatory requirements. With Anaplan,
you can speed intercompany financial reconciliations and period endclose with
a single platform that connects across your budgeting, planning, and forecasting
process, all while complying with IFRS and GAAP standards.

Speed consolidation and close. Automate every KEY BENEFITS

phase of financial consolidation, from data import to
adjustments and eliminations, and from currency and Streamline consolidation elementsintercompany
cumulative translation adjustment (CTA) to reporting reconciliation, multi-currency, consolidated financial
all on a single, connected platform that speeds the close reporting, eliminations, consolidations, and journal
and increases confidence in the results. methodswith one system Aviva, a British multinational insurance company
headquartered in London, provides insurance and
Simplify processes with built-in, peer-to-peer
Report with confidence. Be confident in your financial investment products to 30 million customers in 16
intercompany matching
consolidation results, thanks to comprehensive countries across the globe.
functionalities across consolidation controls, Automate consolidation of financial statements with
workflow, audit trail, and securityall of which ensure rule-based processing A centralized planning and consolidation source
consolidation data quality and accuracy from beginning
across all business units ensures continued
to end. Speed configuration of core dimensions, including
financial control and a speedy aggregation of
currencies, intercompany transactions, and methods
group view
Enhance collaboration. Improve collaboration
More easily manage multi-entity and multi-account Two-month implementation from design to
between financial planning and financial consolidation
structures with drag-and-dropno coding needed go-live, and rapid scale-up to 180 users
teams. Break down rigid processes and empower
local subsidiaries to close using local processes and Gain critical forward visibility to management,
procedure, all while maintaining corporate controls. Time required to consolidate plan numbers
with connection across plan, budget, forecast,
Reconcile statutory and management consolidations reduced from one week to one day
consolidation, M&A simulations, and currency
with one flexible, connected, and collaborative system. evolutions on consolidated results

Key Features
Data import, modeling, and initialization Reporting and analysis
Automated import and mapping functionalities Pre-built financial statements: balance sheet, income
Pre-built, easily configurable chart of accounts with statement, cash flow, change in equity

Complete financial consolidation solution account rollup to financial statement totals Audit reports for analysis and validation at consolidated
Pre-built list of movements and assignments to balance level for currency translation, journal adjustments, and
A unified single cloud solution across planning, budgeting,
sheet accounts consistency of data
and financial consolidation
Analysis reports with drill-down from consolidated results
Includes all standard consolidation entriesintercompany Data collection to contribution by entity or audit IDs
eliminations, goodwill recognition, investments
Data-collection status dashboard tracks level of
elimination, consolidated reserves Currency translation and CTA
completion entity by entity
The real-time data platform instantly updates status of Pre-built entry forms to load trial balance data, Centrally managed exchange rates and automatic
the consolidationno batch wait times intercompany amounts, and input movement flows in calculation of exchange rate differences
User-owned controls, audit trail, and workflow the balance sheet Convert different balances at different rates: opening
Pre-configured controls and controls reports balance, movement, end balance, spot
Pre-configured data model, data entry forms, controls,
business rules, and consolidation reports Convert financial statements submitted in local currency
Intercompany reconciliation to group/functional/reporting currency
Multiple entities, standards, and versions Peer-to-peer intercompany elimination and reconciliation: Automate cumulative translation adjustment (CTA)
balance and transactional levels calculation in consolidated reserves.
Supports multiple entity, account structures, consolidation
versions, and currencies Reconcile intercompany amounts in group currency
and functional currency of the entity Audit trail
Manages and reconciles IFRS, U.S. GAAP, and any
Audit trail of corrected data journal adjustments
other GAAP
Consolidation and journals History report of data edits: what, when, who
Rule-based automation Local or group-level journal adjustment capabilities
Consolidate at multiple organizational levels in a simple Data integration
Rule-based consolidation process automates recurring
consolidation entries consolidation run Connect with any upstream system to bring in and push
Manage full integration, joint venture, partial ownership, back consolidation data
Ability to manage balance sheet movements, automating
calculation of consolidated cash flow and equity accounting methods One common Anaplan platform for integration with apps
Goodwill calculation based on investment register and processes across the business
Collaboration and workflow Entity valuations based on consolidated data
Microsoft Office integration
Allows local subsidiaries to speed close process following Group consolidation status dashboard to monitor the
geo-specific controls and procedures Integration with Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and
overall consolidation process for each entity
PowerPointshare financial consolidation results via
Track and collaborate across all stages of consolidation Unlimited consolidation processes and reporting workbook, slides, or board book documents
and close with workflow and alerts statutory, management, regional, tax


About Anaplan
Anaplan is the enterprise planning cloud. Anaplan brings together an unrivaled planning and modeling engine, collaboration in the cloud, and a simple interface for business users. Anaplan customers can choose
from over 100 pre-built planning apps from the Anaplan App Hub, or easily build their own apps. Anaplan is a privately held company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with global offices on four continents.
To learn more, visit Follow us on twitter: @anaplan