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St. Augustine is a scholar, who is bounded by Gods Divine Law. He was a perfect

example of a metanioa or change of heart because he is once considered as a sinner for he

persecutes those who believe in Christ but he change when he met and was inspired by St.

Ambrosio who encourage him to convert into a Christian, so from persecutor he become a

theologian, a sinner to priest and a priest to saint. It is not about your wrong doings or mistakes

that will reflect who you are and who you become but its about your voluntariness or free will to

correct or rectify your mistakes for you to be a better person for the sake of our God and our

fellowmen which was evidently shown in his writings that the spiritual virtue of a sacrament

is like a light, although it passes among the impure it is not polluted.

St. Augustine of Hippo is indeed a prime example of inspiration of God and Natural Law

combined. In the picture, the glaring light at the top left corner signifies how Gods law is the

primary drive for us to realize the essence of natural law. The 10 Commandments given to

Moses in the Mt. Sinai are the very basic of laws that a man must embody his day to day life.

The simple way of following the commandments will help a man to find not only peace of mind

but also glorious things in life. Aside from that he do not just follow or comply with the laws by

mere actions but he treated divine laws as words of God and follow it with all his heart. Me as an

aspiring lawyer and as a good citizen must strive hard to be like him even in every little ways for

the observance of common good and benefits of the body politic.

St. Augustines head is enlightened by both our God and Natural law. This purports

right balance in St. Augustines mind the importance of not only Gods law but the scattered law

of nature. Nature also gave about abundance circumstances that continue to mold our laws today.

However, Gods law remain to be the basis of natural law and should never be disobeyed lest a

person may do a wrongdoing that would equate to a corresponding imposition of punishment.

Hence, balance of this law in ones mind is necessary and indispensable.

With regards to as to what inspires me, I may say that the absolute truth or realm about

that is my eternal love to our God, love to my beloved parents, family, and to my own fellow

beings. Being inspired by our creator and the light that he happen to imply as hope that

encourages and motivates me to try harder, be at my best and reached my goals and objectives in

life for the reason that I know in my heart that he is always be there to accompany me in my

journey as well as my family.

The inflamed heart that the Saint wields signifies the continuous burning of Gods

Love. It also depicts our continuous believe that God exist to watch over our actions and see that

we follow his will. His favour on us depends on the love for him, as to our fellowmen. Lawyers

are encourages to be God-fearing and loving to all creatures of God. We should never allow

injustice and unfair treatment with other.

As to what inspires my heart is really a matter of question, because to be honest at the

beginning entering into law school was really not my thing but when I actually experienced it

until now I may say that I want it not for the sole purpose or reason of securing financial

stability, but for self-fulfilment and to be a mechanism in promoting justice and equality in the

The law related books depicts that St. Augustines belief to our societal laws. Laws

that molded States and without these established and tested laws, we will continuously live in a

dangerous world filled with atrocity and barbarism.

In my journey of reaching and achieving my goal and dream as a lawyer will be

meaningless and useless without the knowledge that will cultivate me to be one. So law related

books form a vital and essential part of my study. Through those books I may able to gain a

proper knowledge and understanding as to what is the nature, principles, and aspects of law as a

whole and its importance or significance to the society as well as to my way on taking bar

examination in the hopefully near future. Without it I will be nothing but just a mere aspirant.

Love and Knowledge means everything in this world of law that I chose to live with.

The Saint steps on the books not connected to law. These books are considered not as

nonsensical and will not cause delay in the development of a person striving to be a lawyer, in

fact those learning not related to law may be used as a means of improving ones personality

because learning is not about focusing on one thing but on all the things regardless of its

connection to your main objectives for the fact that it will still contribute to your personality as a

lover of law. It will add more and undeniably great outcomes if it will be generated and treated in

a proper way. For me learning Law related book is important and significant but learning not

related book is indispensable in the sense that those learning will contribute a lot to our inner

well being and certainty of everything in the world.

The quill depicts knowledge, service, and mission. It signifies our continuous use of

our pen to write down all the knowledge that we can use in the future as we, students of law will
use to obtain justice for those who have none. For lawyers, the knowledge, the service and the

mission are the indispensible mechanism to achieve fulfilment in the profession. A knowledge of

a lawyer will empower him in his service and thus will help him in his lifelong mission to obtain

justice and equality for those who are lacking.


1. Knowledge is a matter of reading, studying, understanding and all of these form a vital

and essential part of cultivating knowledge and wisdom specifically wisdom of law which align

to the love of law. The article tries to imply the very purpose of reading and studying as an

evitably and irreducively ways of interpreting and a fundamental mechanism to enhance ones


Indeed, studying is a wealthy exercise. To discover, to long and to strive are primary

motivations one should have in order to be inspired to study. I believe in the essence of discovery

and striving to make such discovery come to application. There is a certain hunger for me to

seehow a certain provision of law works in difference circumstances. These application of

inquisitiveness tends to help clear fog in my mind and widen my scope of understanding on the

essence of our laws. I believe that I am studious for I have a respectable amount of personal

maturity and understanding of the medium study. I steer clear of the sin of Sloth and indifference

as it would slow down my path. I have my own preset of schedules for the day and for the night

after class. I study advance assignments that are to be covered for the next meetings. I believe

that I am enthusiastic enough with the right amount of perseverance to follow through my study

schedules. Keeping through my studies is congruent to keeping true to myself. As I study I never

forget to pray before and ask help from God I believe that the docility of God is also the key as it

keeps my faith in myself thus giving me enough endurance and motivation to finish my back

logs and be ready for the recitation or quizzes in our subjects a week before. As I study I never

read only from my tongue but also from my heart. If I will carry all the words to my heart I
know that I will be able to retain it because I know remembering in a long run is a must if I am to

pass the Bar Examination and to achieve and attain the profession I want to be.

I believe that being a lawyer is a privilege. A privilege for all the hard work that has been

done to achieve the same. A very though undertaking indeed but never insurmountable. With the

proper amount of reading and study I believe that I can strive for greatness. A lawyer not only by

name but by heart. In relation to how do I read my books, is a matter of reading plus

understanding. I read my books in the sense that I wanted to be familiar with the logic behind the

text then understanding the contents and its essence.

2. List of Bar-Related Books that I have to read for Retention and Recall

For 1st Semester books Bar-related Book

1. Legal Profession book 1. Criminal law

2. Statutory Construction 2. Legal Ethics

3. Constitutional Law 1 3. Remedial Law

4. Criminal Law 1 4. Political Law

5. Introduction to Law 5. Labor Law

6. Legal Research 6. Civil Law

7. Persons and Family Relation 7. Taxation

8. Philosophy of Law 8. Commercial Law

My Reading Strategy

1. Reading and Studying:

a. I read first the book to be familiarize with the content

b. I use to search for the unfamiliar words that I encountered while Im reading and note

it down near with the unfamiliar words for my easy recall of its synonymous meaning

or definition.

c. I read it again for the second to me for me to be able to understand it deeply and


d. After reading Im trying to explain it with myself through relating it to some other

provisions or things even person and expressing it in my own words.

2. Strategy for Note-making and Reviewing


a. While my professor is discussing I use to write or note down in my notebook or even

book (my own book) all the necessary information he was saying.

b. As I went home I always try to search for it in the book or in the internet

c. I make a summary of it for easy glance and for my convenience and easy recall.


a. I memorize the given terms and its meaning.

b. I use the first letter of the given words for easy recall ex. Love, knowledge,

determination (LKD).

c. I memorize it again and again and lastly

d. I start to explain it using my own words.


To pass my subjects

To achieve high grades if ever

To top the class

To graduate hopefully with awards

To take and to pass the bar examination

To uplift my family from our current predicament.

To help my siblings in whatever goals they may desire.

To create my own well-to-do family that could sustain not only my children but also my


The knowledge and understanding with regards to our system of law

The very notion of justice and equality has made me love the la and its various intricacies.

The stories that I discover from the cases that I have read keeps me intrigued an interested in the

realm of law

The fact that understanding the law imputes not only knowledge but also the means to be a

moving vehicle to assist those who are lacking

The fact that studying law is not a hardship but a privilege that I must exercised for the benefit of

myself, my family and my fellowmen

Mental Strength

Physical Strenght
Emotional Strenght

Aids, guidance, will power from our Almighty God

Financial support from parents and realtives

Support and motivation from families

Support and motivation from friends






Papers ( yellowpad,typewriting,)




The Library

The Competent and Brilliant Professors


Church/ chapel

Safety Assurance and Security

School Facilities (classrooms, elevator, chairs, boards, aircon etc.)

Guidance through Legal Council in Deans Office

Our God Almighty

Church (rosary, bible, prayers, homily of god)

Love, support, motivation and prayers coming from family, relatives, friends, professors,

acquaintances, and fellow classmates

Exercise IV

Every 30 minutes I read about 10 pages plus analysis.

Every hour, 20 pages and 30 minutes rest.

My study time everyday is 6 hours.

As such, if I follow my basic protocol I can finish 120 pages per day.

A book with 360 pages, I can finish in 18 hours sans my 30 minutes rest time every

after 1 hour reading.

When I get home from school at 9:30, I prepare for bed until 11:00 and sleep for at

least 5 hours until 4:00 in the morning and start studying for another 6 hours and 30

minutes in between hours and totalling or summating about 9 hours of study time.

After 15 minutes of a concentrated reading, I allotted 15 minutes of rereading and

review of the 10 pages that I have already read.

I review immediately after I read several pages at names or codes, I incorporate

review even when reading just to cover more topics in my study.

I usually write all the key topics in my notepad and review from there as needed for a

good retention.

If it so happen that I wasnt able to finish reading all the topics, I make it a point to

review the same subject the next day and go back a little further than where I left off

and I start from there.

360- Pages / 10 pages = 36 (of 10 pages)

36 (of 10 pages) x 30 min reading time = 1080 minutes

1080 / 60 = 18 hours (needed to finish a 360-page book)


1. Yes, truthfully, my passion and will to surpass the hectic work needed to finish my

studies has helped in the loved of law and has and still encouraging me in my desire to

serve for my country and fellowmen in my most satisfactory capacity. In my current

predicament as a law student, I have experienced and still experiencing trials and barriers

that seem to be insurmountable despite my beginner status in the school, I believe that

there will be more seemingly insurmountable trials that will come in my way to my

dreams but that it will never diminish my will and hindered my growth for knowledge

instead contribute more in my inner well being and entirety and will made me more

stronger and appreciative of the profession that I pledge to undertake notwithstanding the

hardship Im facing will still be facing in the future.

2. Yes, I believe that the more I understand the essence of being or becoming a lawyer and

their undeniable importance and significance in maintaining justice and securing equality

and fairness in the society regardless of status of a person, citizen or people, my passion

and will to continue it and to become one have become more intense and still increasing

as the days passed by. Lawyers specifically those God-fearing lawyers are the moving

vehicle and a great mechanism to make sure that justice will be serve and the rights of

people specially those oppressed, indigents and poor will still be considered and take

into consideration.
3. It is true that at first my capability and ability to read books regarding law and

jurisprudence was not that good and needs a big, huge, enormous and lots of

improvement due to the fact that at first becoming a lawyer is really not my thing but as I

was still enduring and be in the process of learning and studying of becoming a lawyer I

may say that a big part of me have changed and grown into a progressive, and effective

law student I was able to improve my way of the answering questions, and my logic

seems to be improving in a positive way as well as the scope of my knowledge had gone

wider , and most importantly I was able to retain and recall the provisions, concepts of

the law books and decisions in jurisprudence and try to relate and apply it in the same

manner as it was and happen to be applicable to other subjects that we tackle and will be

handling in the future.


1. As a typical law student there are so many struggle that I am experiencing throughout the

day and it is kind a hard for me to offset those disturbances and nuisances (laptop, cell

phone and etc.) and maintain focus and concentration. When my thought goes to a current

debacle that my family is experiencing. I feel uneasy whenever I think about it and it

affects me a lot at the same time disturbs my concentration so for me to get away or to be

free from bad habits that scatter my attention I see to it that I paused for a bit to anticipate

my needs in social media, phone and etc. for me to be at ease when I go back with my

readings because it is really hard to concentrate if your thinking of another things aside

from reading necessary materials (books, notes etc) that I need to study and retain.

2. All of as specifically those who are like me law students because of so many books,

cases, notes to read, we always end up getting tired or sick of what we are doing,

specially reading etc. so to get away with that boredom we tend me engage in social

media, the facebook specifically using my phone. As I started checking my accounts

updating my status posting pictures I find it hard to end it or stop to then again get back

with my readings because Im hooked with my petty stuff. It was really inefficient to be

hooked and chained in doing disorderly and inordinate passion but as what they said

expect the worst then but do better the next time . Every time my phone beeps I cant

help but to check what it is all about, who messaged me and who chatted me and because

of that I always end up reading few pages or cases worst is there come a time that I

happen to not read anything at all.

3. When I feel that Im not in the mood of going back in reading my books and cases

because I was being chained or fettered by my disorderly and inordinate passions I dont

force myself right away I let and allowed myself to paused for another time and as of that

moment but I see to it that at time another time allotted I already set made limits as to

how long for me to be able to start reading and studying again and as of that moment I

happen to turn off the notifications, charge my phone and silent it so I will not be

distracted. Aside from that I always bear in my mind that as a aspiring to be lawyer

studying those seemed to be mountain of books, cases and etc will benefit me in the near

future because I believe that if I will exert my earnest effort sometime I will be rewarded

and compensated for all the things I did and will do and I also see to it that Iconstantly

pray as I know the Almighty God only sees faithful as the worthy ones to be given a good

life. After all, what is a lawyer but a shell of meaningless husk if he does not surround

himself of the fear of the Lord and faith in him.


List of Books:

1. Obligation and Contracts

2. Revised Penal Code Annotated or Criminal Law II

3. Constitutional Law II

4. Legal and Judicial Ethics

5. Legal Technique and Logic

Schedule of Reading:

In reading Obligation and Contracts I will devote 18 hours to finish it. 30 minutes each

morning at home. 4:00-4:30 AM.

In reading Revised Penal Code OR Criminal law II, I will devote about 23 hours to finish

it. 30 minutes each morning at home. 4:30-5:00 AM.

In reading the Constitutional Law II, I will devote about 15 hours to finish. 30 minutes

each morning at home. 6:00-6:30 AM.

In reading Legal and Judicial Ethics, I will devote about 11 hours to finish30 minutes

during afternoon at the library. 1:00-1:30 PM.

In reading Legal Technique and logic, I will devote 10 hours to finish it, 30 minutes

during lunch at home. 11:30-12:00 PM.

In every Law Book, my span of attention or time allotted is 30 minutes.

3 pages with retention every 5 minutes

My reading peak is during daytime in the morning (AM).

I will start my review at 2:00 PM


I, Dyan A. De Guzman, make this contract by November 21, 2016 will live

by the following resolution:

That I shall follow the foregoing schedule faithfully and finish every book

by following religiously my reading with retention plan or estimates. I shall bind

myself to do this and fulfill my contract, holder as my witness.

I will give a copy of this to Allison Lindayag, who will contact me by the

due date to celebrate with my completion of this contract and at which time we will

have a contract burning.

(Your signature) Signature of the Contract Holder


Fuel Your Desire

1. The icon is the perfect representation of what my student life is. Where in studying

law school there is a great and indispensable need to keep the flame burning as it is

for best to intensify its burning motion because suppose to be it is the desire of me

that keep me going and keeps me moving, the reason why I still manage to remain

standing and fighting to achieve my objectives and goal in life. The book represents

the knowledge and information that I have to cultivate and possesses especially in

time that I will be taking the bar examination , the arrow represent my will and a tool

for me not to get away and loses hope when time comes that circumstances seems to

be very hard and difficult to carry out, and it gives that notion that I am pierced with

the love of law I can never get away with it so no matter how hard the situation will

be there can be no room for quitting just keep moving and stand your goals. The tiny

human holding the arrow piercing the heart represents me to the extent that I should

be the one initiating all the things that comes and will come as I go along with my

study in law school.

2. Indeed, actually as I mention earlier these icon is the perfect representation of my life

in law school where I should really keep the flame burning, the arrow pierced to the

heart, to cultivate knowledge and information and me stay close to my dreams for me
not to loosen up and give up as long as I can no matter what struggles that may come

to my way. No matter how high the mountains of books that I will be needing to read

and any other circumstances .

3. Yes Indeed, as a matter of fact it really helps a lot and develop and intensify my love

of God, myself and my neighbour in the sense that I was able to established and

wishing more to established a strong ties with these indispensible factors that I need

to succeed and excel in my chosen field of study and career.

4. Yes it will, I really have a heart to those in need and I do promise to myself that the

sake and life of people is what matters the most aside from that my mission as a

lawyer is to promote fairness and equality in all aspect notwithstanding the fact that

payment must be given.

5. The icon serves to demand discipline in such a way that it encourages me to be more

attached, intensify my desire and will to carry all hardships and shoulder all the

burden that I am and will be encountering. The whole aspect of my life seems to

have a need for a discipline because I know in myself that I am not good enough and

still have to improve and develop for the better.


Elements for a Project of Life and Mission

1. Yes I did. It was truly effective as I was able to consolidate and manage my time

efficiently and effectively. I also came to realize that all I need was a guide to help me

finish my assignments and back logs on time without pressure. It was really helpful and

at the same time it is kind a fun because Im the one who made it making it more efficient

for me to fulfil and the mere fact that it appears to be a schedule I was able to give myself

a notion that this plan or guide I made is mandatory in character and need to be fulfil to

improve myself and my study habits.

2. Yes I did. I already discovered that I would really have to dedicate a big bulk of my time

and exert my earnest effort in studying the law. My time for reading a day is 6 hours and

9 if retention is included. Despite this, I make it a point that I still have time to spend with

my love ones.

3. I see myself now as fledgling students, still struggling to be at home with this new

environment. However, I am glad because Im gaining grades above my expectations so

I do believe that I am adopting to my new surrounding, environment and new set of

acquaintances and friends earlier than I actually expected. Hence, I am loving law more

and my desire to become a lawyer in the near future really inspire me to not only study
hard to get good grades but to love law and my chosen profession wholeheartedly in

every aspect.

4. Yes I have found my own way of reading in fact I consider it a good and most

appropriate way of reading considering my qualities and attitude such as reading while

writing notes on my paper or notepad. My review technique seem to have enhanced and

still improving as I am constantly making my own version of booklets using bond papers

stapled as a mini books and thereof contain all the brief and concise topics to review for

the forthcoming recitations as well as examinations. I am not scattered and unorganized

as before although there are still times wherein a distant memory haunts me but its not

that serious.

5. Yes. I now balance my time with friends to that of study as a matter of fact we always

organized a study group and place to study together so we can be able to exchange ideas

regarding certain topics that we are dealing especially those that are hard or difficult to

understand alone.

6. Yes I do. Although I have here in my heart my earnest will and effort to bring a desired

outcome or result with regard to my chosen field sometimes I happen to overestimate the

circumstances and end up doing nothing so for me there is still a great need for me to

discipline myself especially in preparing with bar examination. As what many people

says no man is an island no one can do things by himself without seeking need from

other so I will admit that I cant do it alone or by myself of course because along the way
I will be needing the support, encouragement and help of my love ones and friends. As I

lesson and sort of disciplining myself step by step I now turn off my wifi or internet

connection every time I will start studying for me to be able to concentrate and remain

focus of what I am doing.

7. Of course, my determination seems to be more intensify as I go along with my journey of

reaching and achieving my goal of becoming a lawyer. Aside from that Im teaching

myself to go to church every Sunday as a means establishing a great and strong

connection with our Almighty God who make this thing for me to be possible to achieve.

As I make steps following the path I have chosen my desire to improve and be a better

person and a law student aspiring to be a god-fearing lawyer is bursting in my inner body

and serves as a tool for me to do good and be at my best.