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check the microwave link status

1.1 check whether the microwave link is up.
1.2 Check the RSL of this link according to the LB, if cant meet the requirement of the LB,
make a record and informe Mr Leon.
1.3 Confirm which slot dose this link work at, which FE port we are going to use.
1.4 Check the LAN cable connection between SDR and IDU.

2. Configure the lDU

2.1 change the system information of the IDU (NE name, IP address etc.) according to the

2.2 configureETH trafficGeneral , change the chip working mode to VLAN and input
the default VLAN ID (the Microwave Management VLAN ID)

2.3 configureETH trafficVLAN, add the VLAN ID range to the relative port.(for example
this link work at transmit unit 5, and we use FE1 in slot 2 to connect the SDR, we should
add the VLAN ID range to TN5-RMU, and TN2-FE1)

2.4 Call the RNC engineer to confirm if the transmission between the RNC and SDR is OK,
If the link between RNC and SDR is OK, make this site on air.
If the link between RNC and SDR is not OK,
a. Check the LAN cable
b. Check the VLAN ID you added.
c. Make a ping to the RNC :
Remove the LAN cable ,configure one FE2 port to Access mode and PVID same with
the services VLAN ID, then set the site IP address for your laptop and connect to FE2,
ping to the RNC IP, if you can get reach and get reply from the RNC IP that mean the
transmission is OK, the problem is the parameter of the SDR, if you cant call the
MW engineer to check the uplink VLAN ID and connection.