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23 June



23 June 2014
1. Will you participate in the Open House & Job Fair?
Please fill in this form and send it by fax/mail (or scanned copy by email).
Yes No

Name: ___________________________________________________ If yes, number of participants________________

Designation: ______________________________________________
2. Do you require students CVs before the Open House, for short-listing eligible
Organization: _____________________________________________ candidates?
Yes No
Address: _________________________________________________

_________________________________________________ 3. Would you like to short-list students by a written test at Campus, at any date before
the Open House?
Tel. No.: _________________________________________________
Yes No
Fax: _____________________________________________________

E-mail: __________________________________________________ 4. Do you plan to conduct interviews at the Campus during the Open House (on 23
Jun 2014):

Yes No

Signature: __________________________ Date: _______________ Please tick the discipline(s) of your interest:

Electrical Engg. Mechanical Engg.

NOTE: Final program and a formal invitation will be sent to all participating
guests. Mechatronics Engg. Computer Engg.

Event Coordinator: Brig. Dr. Basharat Mehmood 5. Would you like to setup your companys publicity stall if you are willing to provide
Tel: 051-9247545 sponsorship for the event during projects exhibition?
051-9247550-4 Ext: 4200 & 4250
Fax: 051-9247548 Yes No

Please tick the relevant box.

College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, National University of Science & Technology, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.