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BOQ for extension of two nos Intermidiate tank height at top to increase capacity:

S/N Description Qty Unit

BOQ for intermidiate tank-02 & 03
Increase of height to increase capacity:
Existing Capacity:20Kl
Existing Diax Height:2.75x3.62m
Increasing of height:1.2m at top
New Capacity:27kl
Required plate size:1.2x2.4m
1 Required plate Nos:04 pcs for each Tank,total tanK:02 2 Nos
Scope of work:supply,fabrication,bending etc

Top Relling & ladder fitting by S.S Pipe(As per drawing)

For:Two tank
1.1 Scope of work:supply,fabrication, 1 Lot

Modification on eixsting leg for Tank-01

Change the existing leg(As per drawing)
1.2 Required sheet size:1.2x2.4m 4 Nos
Required plate Nos:1 pcs
Total leg:04NosScope of work:supply,fabrication,
Total tank:01 Nos

Inlet,outlet & drain pipe by DN100/DN150mm S.S pipe

Pipe length:300mm
1.3 Total tank:02 Nos 1 Lot
Pipe will be supplied by TBL
Scope of work:supply,fabrication,

1.4 Tank polishing to miror finishing by grinding machine 2 Nos

Total Tank-02 Nos
S/N Job details/scope of work
1 Existing tank cutting at top position
2 New sheet(L:1.2m) fitted at top with necessary bending
3 Welding the new sheet
4 Old sheet refitting & welding again(at top of the tank)
5 Ladder & Top relling fitting & welding
6 Inlet,outlet & drain line fitting
7 Polishing the tank & handover
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Final Measurement Sheet for installetion of utility bridge

W/O Supply Total Price

Sl.No TBL Specification Unit Unit Price Tk.
Qty Qty Tk.

Fabrication of MS Column by 6'' MS PIPE column size-5800mm

1.0 each( As per attached CAD)-4 Nos 4 4 pcs 2,842.00 11,368.00
Installetion of BASE plate at Bottomn of column size:
2.0 360x360x16mm Base Plate 4 4 pcs 240.00 960.00
Installetion of base plate at top of column Size: 200x200x12mm
3.0 Base Plate 4 4 pcs 120.00 480.00

4.0 Installetion of royal bolt, size: M16X150MM 8 8 pcs 35.00 280.00

Installetion of pre-fabricated bridge Size: LXW: 8300x1500mm
5.0 1 1 Lot 30,000.00 30,000.00

6.0 Two coat red oxide 1 1 Lot 5,000.00 5,000.00

7.0 Two coat finished paint by Berzer 1 1 Lot 10,000.00 10,000.00
Sub total(tk) 58,088.00
VAT & AIT(@7.5%) 4,357.00
Grand Total(Tk) 62444.60
In word: Sixty two thausand four hundred & fourty four taka only


A.F.M.Tamjid Hossain