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Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Thesis has been Does not include Argument is not A thesis is stated A clear and
stated. main argument. stated explicitly in the concise thesis is
but the reader has introduction. stated within the
a sense of what introduction.
the thesis would
Introductory, body Does not have Three paragraphs Uses at least three Uses three
and concluding three are present but do paragraphs to paragraphs or
paragraphs paragraphs/Does not form the form intro, body more to form
present. not include correct structure. and conclusion. proper essay
introduction, body structure with a
and conclusion. high degree of
1-3 supporting No evidence of Supporting points 1-3 supporting 1-3 supporting
points. supporting points. are not explicitly points are clearly points are woven
stated. stated. into the body
paragraph(s) of
the essay
structure with a
high degree of
Evidence of article There is no There is some It is obvious that The article is
as a source of evidence of the vague evidence of the article was clearly and
proof present. articles use as a the articles use as used as a source explicitly
source present. a source present. by the use of referenced as a
evidence. source in the essay
Evidence that There is no link There is a weak The introduction The introduction
introduction and between the link between and conclusion are and conclusion are
conclusion have introduction and introduction and tied together. masterfully linked.
been linked. conclusion. conclusion.

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