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7/4/2017 2017 National Electrical Code - Arc Flash & Electrical Power Training | Brainfiller

Arc Flash & Electrical Power Training by Jim Phillips | 800.874.8883

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2017 National Electrical Code

Course No.: NE101
CEUs 1.6


Denver, CO $795.00 July 13 - 14, 2017
13 available

Philadelphia, PA $795.00 November 13 - 14, 2017
28 available

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2017 National Electrical Code Overview

Register 3 and the 4th is FREE!
( 2 Day class by Jim Phillips, P.E. covers the major articles found in
the 2017edition of the National Electrical Code. You will not only learn what the various code articles mean, but you will also learn how to
correctly apply the code in the design and installation of electric power systems. Rather than just going through the articles, you will also
see how and why some of the articles were developed to gain a better understanding of their meaning. This class has many hands on
examples and problems to solve that reinforce the concepts. You will also learn where some of the major exceptions and traps can be

Jimhas developed this course based on over 30 years of extensive experience with industrial, commercial and utility power systems.

[About Jim Phillips] (

What You Will Receive

Training manual containing almost 500 pages
Jims transformer calculation worksheets
A better understanding of new NEC changes 1/4
7/4/2017 2017 National Electrical Code - Arc Flash & Electrical Power Training | Brainfiller
Tips on where common code mistakes are made
Many application examples and problems
16 hours of Continuing Education Credit

Have This Class On-Site at Your Location

You can also have this class conducted on-site at your location. Contact our Program Director at 800.874.8883 to see about having Jim teach this class to your staff at your companys facilities. Contact us for your
custom on-site training proposal.

90 Introduction

Chapter 1 General

100 Definitions

110 Requirements for Electrical Installation

Chapter 2 Wiring and Protection

210 Branch Circuits

215 Feeders

220 Branch, Feeder and Service Load Calculations

230 Services

240 Overcurrent Protection

250 Grounding and Bonding

Chapter 3 Wiring Methods and Materials

300 General Requirements for Wiring Methods and Materials

310 Conductors for General Wiring

320 Armored Cable -Type AC

324 Flat Conductor Cable: Type FCC

326 Integrated Gas Spacer Cable: Type IGS

328 Medium Voltage Cable : Type MV

330 Metal Clad Cable: Type MC

334 Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable: Type NM, NMC, and NMS

338 Service-Entrance Cable: Type SE & USE

340 Underground Feeder and Branch Circuit Cable: Type UF

342 Intermediate Metal Conduit: Type IMC

344 Rigid Metal Conduit : Type RMC 2/4
7/4/2017 2017 National Electrical Code - Arc Flash & Electrical Power Training | Brainfiller
348 Flexible Metal Conduit: Type FMC

352 Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Conduit: Type RNC

358 Electrical Metallic Tubing: Type EMT

362 Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing: Type ENT

368 Busways

380 Multioutlet Assembly

392 Cable Trays

Chapter 4 Equipment for General Use

408 Switchboards, Switchgear and Panelboards

409 Industrial Control Panels

430 Motors, Motor Circuits and Controllers

440 Air Conditioning and RefrigeratingEquipment

445 Generators

450 Transformers and Transformer Vaults (Including Secondary Ties)

460 Capacitors

480 Storage Batteries

490 Equipment Over 1000 Volts, Nominal

Chapter 5 Special Occupancies

500 Hazardous (Classified Locations) Class I, II, and III, Divisions 1 and 2

501 Class I Locations

502 Class II Locations

503 Class III Locations

504 Intrinsically Safe Systems

517 Health Care Facilities

Chapter 6 Special Equipment

690 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

691 Large-Scale Photovoltaic (PV) ElectricPower Production Facility

694 Wind Electric Systems

695 Fire Pumps

Chapter 7 Special Conditions

700 Emergency Systems

701 Legally Required Standby Systems 3/4
7/4/2017 2017 National Electrical Code - Arc Flash & Electrical Power Training | Brainfiller
702 Optional Standby Systems

706Energy Storage Systems

710 Stand-Alone Systems

750 Energy Management Systems

Chapter 8 Communications Systems

Chapter 9 Tables


( questions, registration information or to discuss holding this class at your location as an on-site training program, contact
our Program Director at 800.874.8883

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Denver, CO - July 13-14
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