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Answer Scheme PT3 Science Selangor

1 a) i) Spring balance
ii) Triple beam balance
b) i) /
iii) /

2 (2) STARS
(4) HEAT

3 a) FALSE

5 b) (i) Dumping of polystyrene container will clog the flow of the river.The organism which
feed on the polystyrene container will die.The polystyrene containers will be also the
breeding spots of mosquitoes.
b) (ii) recycle paper and recycle paper

6 b) Fingertips have thinner epidermis than toes.Fingertips have more receptors than
toes.Thus,fingertips are more sensitive than toes.
c) The money has Braille which enables the blind to know the value of the money.He uses
his sense of touch to detect the value of money.

9 a (i) The functions of cervix is to allow the flow of menstrual blood from the vagina and to
redirect semen into the uterus.
b) She has growth of tissue in her Fallopian tube
c) ii) Becomes taller and breasts develop
vi)She reached puberty and her hormones changes.She also get acne because of the
menstrual cycle.

10 a (iii) Solid food is not suitable for starving children.Solid food need to be chewed patient
to change the starch in food to maltose but starving children wouldn't chew the food
patiently.Thus,only partially of the solid food will be absorbed by the small intestine.
b) ii) Menu Q is suitable.Menu Q is a balanced diet which contains all class of food in the
right amount.

10 b) urea
c) The waste will become toxic in our body.If water from respiration is not removed,it will
cause an infection of lungs.
b ii) The players body need to sweat to keep the skin and body cool.The evaporation of
sweat from the skin cools the body.
c) A lot of water is excreted through sweat and water vapour during breathing.This is to
keep the body cool and prevent the body from dehydrating.

11 b) Clay pot.Clay pot is a good insulator while metal pot is a good

conductor of heat.Thus,clay pot is suitable to material to avoid heat
loss to surrond.
c) - The advantage of higher stand is to avoid the food from overheated.
- A higher stand will also allow space for oxygen to support
- When combustion is enough, teh food take a short time to
complete cook.
It can be reduce and save time and energy consumptuion.
13 a) (i) copper
(viii) The correct way to install the telephone cable is Q.In
Q,the telephone cable is hung loosely.This is to allow space for the
telephone cable to contract during cool days and withstand in strong
wind condition.This will prevent the cable from snapping.
b) The function of the air vents is to ventilate the house.The
cooler air which is less dense will sink.The cooler air will enter the
house through the air vents.This cooler air will cool the house.
c) White colour.White surfaces are poor absorber of heat and good
reflector of heat.The heat will be low ratio to absorbed by white
surface.This will keep the house cool

14) a) Population is a group of organisms of the same species.

b) Rats are classified as mammal because they give birth to live young.
c) The rubbish bin that has not closed and irregular rubbish collection in Town S.The
rubbish overflow and the food scraps in the rubbish attract many rats to there.The Rays then
reproduce among themselves.
d) Yes.The objective of the campaign is to prevent Leptospirosis.The campaign has reduced
the number of rats which are the vector of this disease.There is also regular rubbish
collection in Town S that reduces the attraction of the rat and migration of rats to Town S.As
a result,the number of reported cases of Leptospirosis decreases.

e) Explanation:
A few of mousetraps are linked together to form a larger mousetrap.This mousetrap can trap
more rats as it has more doors which will be closed when rats enter.The mousetrap also has
baits to attract the rats into the mousetrap.