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Robin Varshney
Phone number: +919953652012
April 04, 2017

Dear KPMG Recruiter:

I am an associate Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) consultant at KPIT Technologies for the
last 2 years. I am extremely impressed with KPMGs approach to consulting their clients. KPMG is
unique in having the ability to form diverse teams to tackle all the problems a client may have. I may
have the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of people in this consulting group, in other areas
of consulting, and outside of consulting as well. In particular, I like the amount of attention and
dedication that KPMG puts into working with its clients, not only by devising effective strategies to
address the clients problems, but also by often implementing the recommendations on-site. Therefore,
I am writing to request an invitation to interview for a post of [Strategy Consulting] - Consultant -
Supply Chain & Logistics KPMG. In the past two years, I have been involved in the planning order
to cash cycle through the ERP OTM tool. In these two year I worked with two clients Unilever India
and SCG Logistics (Thailand), I have been involved in Order Management, Shipment Management,
Contract and Rate Management, Contracted Tendering, Spot Bid Tendering, Configuration and
Administration, Business Process Automation and Financials, importing and exporting CSV,
Experience with Set up of User roles, users, Manager Layouts, screen sets, user menu, user preferences,
managing user access, Experience in creating business monitors, E2E Business Process Testing and
validation, BI report generation & report analysis, Knowledge in Direct, Multi-leg , Multi-Stop , Cross
Dock , Multi-pick Scenarios ,Weight Base Planning, Global Trade Management (GTM), E2E Business
Process Flow Documentation for Unilever Europe and Latam America, E2E Configuration Document
(BP-080, BR-100, MD-070.

Through my experience with the organization and the clients, I deam confident that I can bring my
strong, diverse technical and business background to best fit the current needs and future ventures of

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about my qualifications and ways that I can contribute to
KPMG. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Robin Varshney