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Elves are slighter than most humans, as well as being shorter and more "fragile". The elves were brought into the
world by the Gods of Good, and they enjoy natural beauty and live long lives, allowing things to take their course.
Elves of certain clans can live to be 1200 years old, though they generally leave the world before this time.

The elven race is inherently magical, shaping natural elements of the world to their will and keeping things in
balance. Elves possess a high level of dexterity as well as infravisionthe ability to see infrared outlines of
creatures in the dark. Krynnish elves are haughty creatures, considering themselves superior to the 'lesser' races.

There are quite a few different types of elves on Krynn: Silvanesti, Qualinesti, Kagonesti, Dargonesti, Dimernesti,
Lucanesti, Hestite, Cha'asii, Mahkwaab, Beekatawahb, Silvanaes, Talanesti, Huldrefolk and Tamire. The unifying
characteristic of all these races is that they remain isolated from other races and generally ignore (or seem very aloof
and unconcerned about what happens) the rest of the world.

These are the 'grey' elves of Krynn. They consider themselves to be the "purest" elvesin fact they fought the
Kinslayer War because of it. Silvanesti, the traditional elvenhome, went to war with the Ergothian Empire to
preserve their purity and to root out the half-elves born through illicit unions of elves and humans. After the war, the
elven nation split, and those choosing to remain in Silvanesti became even more set in their ways. The Silvanesti are
ruled by the Speaker of the Stars, who lives in the capitol, Silvanost. Famous Silvanesti are Silvanos, Lorac Caladon,
Alhana Starbreeze and Dalamar the Dark.

This is the nation formed by the split of Silvanesti following the Kinslayer War. These 'high' elves left the east in an
effort to get away from the rigidity of their cousins; however they have become rigid over time as well. The
Qualinesti are more likely to leave Qualinost, the capitol, and venture out to see the rest of Krynn, though by no
means is this common. The Qualinesti are ruled by the Speaker of the Suns. The most famous and notable Qualinesti
elves are the likes of Kith-Kanan, Laurana, Gilthanas, Porthios and (to a certain extent) Tanis Half-Elven.

The wilder elves live in the large forests all over Krynn. Kagonesti elves generally are stronger and bigger than their
civilized cousins and dislike the hustle and bustle of the big cities, preferring the quiet atmosphere of their forests.
The Kagonesti almost perished during the Cataclysm and now call the Ergothian isles their home. The most famous
Kagonesti is Kagonos, the first Pathfinder (leader of the Kagonesti), who led the wilder elves away from the council
of Sinthal-Elish, thus separating from their Silvanesti cousins.

The Dargonesti are sea elves who live off the eastern coasts of Ansalon. Rumor has it that the Dargonesti were
originally land elves who were mariners and were transformed into aquatic elves by the passing of the Graygem.
The Dargonesti are the 'grey' elves of the seathey are the more civilized than their Dimernesti cousins. Dargonesti
elves are lead by the Speaker of the Moons. Though little is known of them, the Dargonesti have bluish skin, as well
as webbed feet and gills. In addition to being able to breathe water, the Dargonesti are able to transform themselves
into dolphins.
The Dimernesti are the 'high' sea elves, with all the characteristics of their Dargonesti cousins, with the exception
that they turn themselves into sea otters rather than dolphins. Where the Dargonesti live in the deepest parts of the
ocean, the Dimernesti prefer to live in the shoals and shallower waters. The Dimernesti elves are ruled by the
Speaker of the Sea.

These elves are a minor branch of the Dimernesti, who once mined opals in the grasslands south of Istar. They were
enslaved by the Kingpriest before the Cataclysm and have since disappeared. Lucanesti elves has a mottled,
opalescent skin and have a translucent eyelids (like frogs). When using this covering (the Lucerna), the elves can see
veins of water or opals clearly. They can feign death by slowing their heartbeat, and use a type of martial arts in
hand-to-hand combat.

These elves are a branch of the Silvanesti. During the reign of Sithas, the mage Vedvedsica and the general
Hestanfalas, fled his wrath with many of their followers. They fled underground to escape Sithas' armies, and
founded a new elven nation deep in the underground of Abanasina. Due to centuries underground, these elves have
become extremely pale and live in a strict caste society. They remain hidden from the world, fearing retribution from
future Silvanesti.

Also known as the 'Elves of the Abyss'. The Mahkwahb are an evil branch of the Dargonesti elves. They dwell in
deep fissures in the ocean floor. This branch of elves was exiled from the main Dargonesti clan over a millenia ago
for their unspeakable acts, and have become even more twisted and evil in their dark lairs. Mahkwahb have white
skin, black hair and eyes with a reddish tinge to them. Their features are harsh and angular (moreso than most elves),
and they have pointed fangs. They are vicious and treacherous, able to be set off into a rage at the slightest thing.
They naturally bear a deep and abiding hatred for all Dargonesti and attempt to kill any Dargonesti or dolphins that
they see.

The Silvanaes are the descendants of a Silvanesti expedition to Qualinesti during the Age of Dreams. The expedition
was blown off course and ended up in Taladas. Part of those in the expedition chose to form a new nation based on
the ideals of old Silvanesti, whereas others tried to reclaim what they had in Ansalon, and tried to build New
Silvanost. A smaller branch of dissatisfied elves who did not want to link with either group, chose to migrate to the
islands off the Banks of the Hoor, and call themselves Dimernesti after their Ansalonian brethren. The construction
of New Silvanost turned out to be a massive failure, and most folks returned to building the new nation of Armach-
Nesti. The Silvanaes of Armach are slightly more tanned than the Silvanesti, but otherwise resemble them fairly

Tamire elves, also known 'Hosk'i Imou Merkitsa'. The elves of the Tamire are wild and untamed. They are a nomadic
people, who are splits into various clans. Each clan is ruled by a shaman. The elves of Tamire were also once part of
the Silvanesti expedition, however a small part of the expedition migrated to the Ilquar Mountains to live off the
land. In the wilds of the Tamire, the people changed and the Tamire elves now resemble the wiry Kagonesti far more
than their predecessors. They are known as wild raiders and dealings with them is often avoided.
The Cha'asii are the wild elves of Taladas. Descended from the Elderwild elves, they are much the same as the
Kagonesti in Ansalon. They are wild and untamed elves who use their own form of nature magic to protect
themselves. They live deep within the jungles of Neron.

Huldrefolk are one of the lost races of Krynn. Upon Ansalon they are almost never seen, and in Taladas they reside
only in one hidden forest. They are the most isolationist of all the types of elves, and are also the most magical. They
are extremely small and are gray-skinned. Most people do not realise that the huldre are actually a type of elf. They
occasionally reside on the Prime Material Plane, but more often than not, reside in other realms also. They are
generally ruled by a king and queen, however there is no government or heirarchy in place.

The Talanesti are yet another group of elves (much like the Armach and Silvanaes), who were shipwrecked upon the
shores of Taladas. They formed a small community on Taladas and formed their nation of Talanesti. They named
themselves thus after their new continent, which they first foresaw as a saving grace, since they believed themselves
lost to sea. This small elven nation is not a major power in Taladas and is often overlooked by the mightier nations
of Thenol and the League of Minotaurs. Even the other elven nations of Taladas have few dealings with the

The Beekatawahb are a splinter group of the Dargonesti elves. They are a fringe group of elves who reside in the
Watermere region. The Beekatawahb strongly believe in helping out all other living creatures, both land or sea-
based. They are unconditionally good to all travellers in need of aid, often rescuing drowning sailors, or nursing
injured creatures back to health. Because their train of thought is quite different from most Dargonesti, they are
herded to the fringes of the Dargonesti domain, but not exiled, since they are still inherently good creatures. The
Beekatawahb are led by a Speaker of the Stars, whom is generally a powerful cleric of Habbakuk. The Beekatawahb
are commonly referred to as Foobwahb, by the other sea elves, which is translated as 'crazy elves'. Most other sea
elves consider them to be harmless yet crazy, an embarassing anomaly in sea elf society.

Another offshoot from the elves is the half-elf. The average life span for a half-elf is 250 years. They possess the
strength and sturdiness of humans and the grace and beauty of elves. However half-elves are often not accepted into
either race, and the most they can hope for is mere tolerance. One such example is Tanis Half-Elven, who was
tolerated in Qualinesti, but never truly accepted.