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ly Pete: Fe 1) Wiring. 7 ——=— sony Pog 40 ently = -Aexsagh -—————— = ~— Men easeke cs rover ea len Namade davai blued yn ctu! Doperte. ws Luis) te — — Band Mack Seore. Canadi fan Language: Benchnvarks indicators for passing the CELBAN Speaking (CLB Level gy: ndidate is able to 5 communicate effectively in most fam G take initiative for the inte ‘some confidence ees by the listener without much effort. rate basic organization; main and support Speak with fairly even tempo of speech, with natural 5 introduce and cdnglude topies appropriate connect ideas us propriate sentences use adequate vocabulary fer abstract topics, including suf communicate clearly; grammar errors rarely impede comprehension: 0 use complex grammatical i 0 Use appropriate strategies to support communicati back, ask further questions, rephrase, affirm, use spprop cary out the foil tasks: narrate. describe, ask ques! convince, synth g ideas are clearly alse, 1g speaki nd hypothesize. Reading (CLB Level 6); Candidate is able to skim and scan authentic texts to find specific inform follow an extended set of multi-step instructions for an estat 0 locate and integrale information contained in moderately complex formatted ts 3 demonstrate comprehension of main ideas, supporting details and inferred meanings ions based on that ti ion text, and draw conclusions and make predi 1D locate and integrate several specific pieces of information in visually com| tables directories) or across paragraphs or sections of text Writing (CLB Level 7): Form : Candidate is able to D fil cut forms legibly, and in point form, CO communicate main paints and supporting detal: 5 record information without spelling problems interfering ‘with comprehe: Reporting: Candidate is able to write text effectively (o achieve the purpose of fas 5 communicate most key information accurately and clearly. 1 use complex grammatical structures well, with only minor difficulties: 5 organize information appropriately. 5 connect ideas logically using words, phrases and other devices. D use yoeabulary which Is appropriate and relevant to the task. 5 inelude main ideas and supporting details, — ial Overview of the CELBAN Speaking Assessment * Total length 25-30 minutes * Parts 3-6 nat necessarily given in the order presented here. ~ 1. Warm up questions (net assessed) 4:2 minutes ~ 2. Telling a story { Describing (CLB 5) 2-3 minutes “Please tell me about, ...” * Your career goals * A favourite person * The city/village you came from ~3, Roleplay (GLB 6/7) 10-15 minutes Part 7: interviewing the patient 7 Part 2: teaching the patient 4. Comparing/contrasting (CLB 6/7) 3-5 minutes. “Please discuss...” * Breastfeeding babies and botile-feeding babies + Living in the country and living in the city * Taking public transportation and owning a car 5. Explaining / Discussing (CLB 8) 3.5 minutes. “| have another question. = How doe: © [BGigshould the problem of ‘homelessness’ What is the best way to deal with the problem of chlahood. obi 6. Stating ‘supporting opinions (CLB 9) 3-5 minutes “Now I'm going to read a quote. Then I'll ask you to give your opinion.” . “mimigy ration to Canada should be more strictly controlied than it currently is.” Agree or disagree with this statement and support your position, “Post-secondary education in Canada should be free." Agree or disagree with this statement and support your position. “The sale and use of tobacco should be made illegal.” Agree or disagree with this Statement and support your position, 7. Wind down (not assessed) 1-2 minutes: puri yeu wen Aaxvey instructions: your patient to talk when you are giving: | Re | 8) Ask questions that introduce a point of instruction. ©8.2 Instruction: wear a helmet Question before giving this instruction: Dees Kelly have a halmet? | Then continue to respond ta patient’s responses. Patient ans: No. (doesn’t explain why) Question: — Why is that? [open question) Patient ane: They are so expensive. We can’t afford one. | Response: empathy + suggestion | Mmm, yes voice) perhaps you could find ont | + importance [its important for kids to wear helmets to avoid head injur second-hand] ns ina dosette box. This is box that is divided into 1. Instruction: Keep your medic {ittie sections, each witha lid, Each lid has ‘morning’ ‘afternoon’ ‘evening’ and ‘be printed onit Question before giving this instrtictio 2. Instruction: Call 911 if your baby has a significant change in breathing, Question before giving this instruction wnat crould yur do - Do ype teu trot to lp , they are expensive {empathy in tone of 3, Instruction: It’s safer and easier to use both hands to help get yourself up froma chair, so sit in.a chair that has arms and that is not too low. Question before giving this instruction: Instruction: There are some things you can do to avoid constipation after your surgery 4. (drink lots of water and avoid being too sedentary [sitting too much]) Question before giving this instruction ; You) do ga Tan Yeu can manage Yypie UrShoaken aytur quaopu nd Encouraging Summarizing CELBANPrepy/Speaking/RP2 Ghing Insructions/Askingt s¢ role and Patient role. tums with Nurs with a partner, take Per 7 -d below, first give the instructions, Then ask your ‘patient’ tosummarize them. For each of a low, After hip surgery: rent bath bench; buy long-handled spongs borrow chair with arms a After hip su re going to... Vd like to be sure that my instructions have been clear. //(pause) So, you're going b. After eye surgery: wear dark glasses; avoid computer work x2 weeks; make follow-up appt with specialist. I'd like to be sure that my instructions have been clear. //(pause) So, you're going to. avoid salt; monitor(keep track of} fluid intake, 1 litre max; c. After heart function visi monitor weight, weigh self every day. I'd like to be sure that my instructions have been clear. //(pause) So, you're going to..... train: bend from the knees when lifting something d. Emergency admis from the floor; find someone ta help you lift something heavy; exercises for your abdomen will strengthen your lawer back (start gentle exercises once your injury has healed), 'd like to be sure that my instructions have been clear. //(pause) So, you're going t GELGANPrep/Speaking/RP2 Ghing instructions/AskingQus and Encouraging Summarizing Speaking Strengths feedback, Cweaknesacs ove APPENDIX C: Name or ID#: Langage? ‘uencyiCohesion &. Vocabulary “7. Strategies ‘connects ideas fi excellent abstract topics sufficient vooabu! Uses compound uses a variely of structures __understand text 0 uses strategie: asks for ciantication G sed-cometts 1 confinms own comprehension repeats back | co asks fusti | estions 5 lakes initiative confider natur fairly even flow! and tempos $ aed ‘Use of vocabulary lo accomplish # good __ ‘Sufficient vocabulary for 1 grammar errors rarely make it difficull to feverse __ Date: ing Assessment CLB Level: _ ty ome hesitation of aud upporiing ideas most__ some__ liga bed ele and some tary for farpiliar topics | / complex structures with only minor difficulties simple and some compound many__ some rophrases: 2 affirms uses approprtate to of form makes good attempts to establish rapport (JULY. 2007 Cantre for Canadian Language Benchmarts and Red River College 1 speaks too quickly CO difficulty taking | : D inconsistent taking initiative 1) does not fake initiative 1 effort required in most common daily interactions 4 concentrated listening required 1 problems with stress and/or intonation 1 needs to work on pronunciation (0 has a few pronunciation problems Examples: 1 organization limited or somew! 1 lack of organization makes ideas unclear G frequent hesitations, pauses 0 occasional hesitations, pauses C ideas not well-connected O ideas somewhat disjointed O notenough vocabulary to discuss abstracttopics | (0 not enough vocabulary to accomplish the task © sometimes at a loss for words with non-foutine ( incorrect word form or choice - Example: 7. Strategies 0 Frequent awkward structures 0 Some awkward structures Problems with: O question formation 0 verb tenses 0 prepositions 0 articles O problems with singular/plural forms © other grammatical problems Examples: I 5 does notuse many____ or any. S JULY 2007 Centre tor Canadian Language Senchmarks and Red River Collage 7 ° Og —E—E—Ee - Practice for Part 2 of 7-part Speaking Assessment {your nursing exp! maximum 3 minutes. Ti me yourself when practicing: minimum 2.5 minutes; wmorized. Ni latural speed; must not sound like you are reading and must not sound mer A; Tople and 2 Main Ideas Iwas a nurse in bit about my experience d tike to teil you years ——— __as woll as 8; Supporting Details for Main Idea 1 tof all, "ll talk about Cohesive device Firs Supporting Detail: This nursing experience Example | Cohesive device: An example of this was Example: .... | €: Supperting Details for Main Idea 2: | Cohesive deviee: As mentioned, another aspect of my nursing career was | Supporting Detail: Here, | | Example Cohesive device: A good example of what I did there (how accomplished this) ts | Exampl m | p: Conelu: Cohesive devic | Summarize: I've had a varies prediction : and | hope toa So In short, as I've said d nursing career ble to continue what I'm passionate about here in Canada - (Yah, 1guess. No, this past schoo! year she's been working as a teacher's Three older brathers | ‘A day and half or two days ago. Kind of belge. Yah. Advil. | | No. [She's visiting my grandma, who's sick. ‘My oldest brother dropped | me offon his way ta | | university, and I'm going to call my dad when I'm ready to Bo. | No not really. HICELBANPren/Seskinerhespo /CELBANPrep/Saaking/nesponding Srategien/ vancouver Community Coblige/ne Forward | Bhd your momt.....ts she still at home? BIRD. How's her health? | Afid how old are they now? Tove you been throwing up at ali? T[eummary). Where exactly do you ‘feel this | pain. TWHGW, have you ever had this pain before? TUM do you have any other problems? And your dad is at work? | WoW, how has your appetite been? | Is your mouth feeling dry right now? cream Patient Teaching ip. 18 [15 Check when you observe the following skills being used, 1, Establishes rapport with client | 2. Introduces topic, including the | phrase ‘there are'a few | things. 3. Pauses appropriately an Uses fillers 4. Responds with a variety word responders, echoes, 5. Responds paraphrases, questior summaries that show comprehension of what was said by client fa, alternate 6. suggestions ows organization 0 e.g, “Another thing... ideas 8, Conclusion .. brief summary or help the client to make one. Responding Strategies; ‘After the patient speaks, nurse RESPONDS before asking another question. Even a ‘minimal response’ ‘ust be appropriate, (mm hmi i | See; oh really) Don’t use ONLY minimal responses, ‘Some respenses must be comments such as paraphrases, what the patient says. ga ae This shows your comprehension of Some responses can be clarification ~ an echo of ane o two words, or ‘What do you mean by?” [Patient Response | Nurse Response to that Response | Nurse’s Next (new) Comment OR Question _| I've been having some pain, | Okay. Well. Um. (fillers) I'm going to ask you alot of questions, and | around my belly button. | we're going to update your chart and then. we're going to figure out what's gaing on with you, okay? a ‘rein grade 8. hirteen, Thirteen. (echo) Great. We just finished our Wow. Good. fillers, showing empathy) ‘What did you get? awards day, and I got # few awards. uu —————_—— ns ‘Okay, im going to ask youa little bit about | | got an academic award, phys your tarsi. | ed and art. == $$ And it says here that he works for the military, | ACO __| some clerical work, Is that correct? ve Forward college) ravogies/Vane pycetsanPron/Speaking/Responsling StrarogiesV# SPEAKING » Baby, 2 months ald, Discharge from hospital (this form is for demo video #3 In. MOODLE} Information; This i the second type of Role Play which you may encounter in the Speaking Assessment. This type is Discharge Summary; the other type is Admission. | This video has questions fer the form AND instructions in the same | Instructions: Follow this form as you listen to the video, Listen for effective communication skills, | Note also any ineffective communication. | See reverse of this page for notes on both effective and Ineffective __communicaton, = =) = Baby, 2 mionths old, was in hospital for respiratory distress th mother Now being discharged home Ask mather questions in arder to get chart information: Then give instructions to parent. tection fe complete incomplete NF, | suctioning and ‘ | ews | Feeding, formula combination | | G ~ Teeation other coping . | age ‘oping | Instructions for Parent Raise up head of crib mattress (does parent understand why this is important?) Instructions for suctioning nose {has parent been shown how to do this?) How to spat signs of respiratory problems: © Frequent breaks in feeding to catch his breath icully breathing, or a change in beesthing (breathes faster or harder, with chest rising © Has di and falling or nostiits faring) Call 911 it baby has a.signiticant change in tresthing. Baby Zmanths oid/HO Hative/ CELBANPrep/Speating/ Discharge Summ mode! Seo back of page Effective communication: good introduction; explanation of purpose; pausing to allow mother to contribute comments (but does not do this enough) encourages mother to show her understanding of raising crib mattress (but nurse should have asked the mother about her knowledge first) ® good leave-taking/ending. Ineffective communication: * not enough probing (follow-up questions), resulting in missed information (TIP — Mother is responding many times with just one word, e.g. ‘yes'; that’s how you can know you are not getting enough from the parent). €.g. Nurse has not asked mother to tell her what she has been told about medication or suctioning; mother only said ‘yes’. * not enough confirming or summarizing of parent’s comments eg. should say: “So he’s totally breast-fed; no supplements?” * No specific confirmation that parent has understood all the instructions (should get parent to summarize) e/CELBANPrep/Speaking/ Discharge Summ Model/Baby 2 months old/HO ‘Tips for Patient Teaching A, Ce nye yECnOM 2 shy wl Mo Aiwa ° ¥ Shope m4 Manon, Uoog told When vou are delivering the info to your elient:: Do NOT just talk” without taking into consideration what the client already | or knows or understands. Explore what the client already und Based on what the-client says, tailor the talk inaccurate info or fill in the gaps. Do NOT just give the whole message without any clear unde jerstands before starting to give information to what the client doesn't know; correct nding of where the isat. Giving the CLIENT the opportunity to talk: Frequent pausing is VITAL to encourage client questions. isa tool for this. You MUST encourage client responses. Pausing Respond to client responses appropriately BUT manage the conversation toward your to respond, offer their thoughts or ask goal. Repetition of ideas is important, DO NOT assume that the client will understand something after you have said something once. Get the cl to summarize ‘Ask the client to summarize what was said. scan sound awkward. Try: “ aver what it is you need to do. How about you start.” (Do not make this sound like you are ‘testing’ the client.) “So, let’s go. prifrive/CELBANPrep/Speaking/RP2 Patient Tesching/Tips for Patient Teaching Speaking Skill: Organization particularly during tasks 1,4 and 5, they will be looking When you are speaking to the assessors, 9 follawing structure: at how you organize your thoughts, They are looking fat th A. Topic and Main Idea (be prepared to talk shout 2 main jeleas) | B. Supporting Details €. Example ( give at least one for each Supporting Detail) | D. Conclusion Tip: When yau hear the question. Allaw yourself thinking time to think of TWO topics to talk _about Organization is and {can think of 2 4. Inmy opinion reasons for this. and A 8 2. First of all/ In the first place/The first thing I'd like to say is... [ralk about A]. Give reasons and examples. Mini-conclusion [summary sentence or appropriate brief comment e.g. “All Canadians can benefit from this.” 4, Secondly/My next point is/My next reason for-agreeing with is ...ftalk about B), Give reasons and examples. 5, Mini-conclusion about the second point. 6, Overall conclusion. H:/CELBANPrep/Speaking/ Organization Speaking Skill: Explanation Tip: When you hear the question. Allow yourself thinking time te think of TWO topies to talk about DON'T ‘just start talking’. | Organization is a problem nowadays. + ONE SENTENCE. can think of two ways that this problem can be addressed. and_ 2, So, asi said, .... [talk about A). Give reasons and examples. “So, this can Mini-conclusion [summary sentence or appropriate brief comment e help with the problem of Secondly/My next idea for dealing with this problem is {talk about 8]. Give reasons and examples. 5. Mini-conclusion about the second point 6. Overall conclusion. Write I OPINION statement that relates to article. be I ond In my opinion, is effective/a good idea/ not 2 6 | can think of two reasans for this. idea. Opinion Statement: Fourth: State two reasons why you have this apinion. For each reason, include examples. Finally, for Speaking practice which will prepare you for an Opinion question during the CELBAN Speaking test: Aska friend (or one of the tutors.2t VCC’s library) to listen to you give your opinion by: 1. Making your opinion statement. 2. Stating 2 reasons why you have your opinion, including examples, 3. Ending with a summary statement. HDrive/CELBANPrep/Reading/Speaking/NewsDiscusskon Journals/ form ——— a” | Listening 10 | ©] When people speak at a normal rate, I can understand most general interest and technical topics in my field. | occasionally miss a topic change and may not always understand cultural references and humour, especially when people speak quickly. | © Tean identify and explain the personal | attitudes, emotions and intentions of { speakers to one another and to the topic t being discussed. | O) lean understand 30-60 minute complex i discussions, meetings, presentations and | i { ' } { } ! } { i i i | i training sessions and extract detailed i information, ideas and opinions. | © Tecan follow and evaluate the organization, i development and reasoning of a detailed | argument. i i | j i (] | can understand and critically evaluate a lot of “unspoken” information. i 0 Tcan follow extensive and detailed oral | instructions and carry out multi-step complex instructions for a familiar procedure or process, Listening and Form-filling cam Answer Key Patient's first name Age Reason for necessary doctor visit Previous dector visit to this one Diagnoses from this visit "Prescriptions and referrals | Lifestyle choices Past Medical history Mobility aids ‘Cam Letter from MV department ime oF vist Doctor sname never High blood pressure and high cholesterol Prescriptions Lipitor and a vasodilator — i. No meat; mostly oysters, fish Good “Both brother and sister — high 8P and high chol | polio cane Follow up visi Date of nent visit | uncertain Any care of | the injury? Ans ten, Reid Stowe Young Boy's Accident Writing Task One: Form Filling ‘Nursing ‘Assessment Record: Name and Aesal: Name: _@eid Stewart Corwers by rao) | Patient i agen Vee | ae _ z i | | Rewooor | Rita, bike — runt (ay shovldon Description: Gke hit a rock — fell Deseription . 7 ‘ Gr aguy Cie KER aka, Gl wince ied Peete ‘Additional | Any other health problems: = Health Inform } Appetite 3 ak Allergies: p Medication ice - On viva to clinic | Current ] Level of Pain Same Video because THis 45 ort, tea®,. o The assessment Pages 5 (below) and G is filed out with the correct information, The information in parenthesis indicates further information that is Correct, but nat required. TASK ONE WRITING SAMPLE Medical Clinie Assessment Form 7 : “Name of Thompiow, — Kinw Patient | | Z Reason for | Padein: belly button! (xtomach; abdomen) — lp Visit j de si | Patient Age Gaile Riiendance => Bethe Information as 8 good (ne absencesnot uckD | a Family 7 “Age Health Stats 1 ; Information | Father: AS good \S Occupation: clerical worker (mélétary) (arm b | ARE Heal Seana | 9 Mother (not giver) good | Occupation? _feacher'paide (assistant) | Siblings 7 Brother or Sister Age Health Status 1. _Broier = =_20 _ ~epilepiy (goods ne) 2 brother dP ook 3, brother _16 __ good Symptoms | Onset Experienced LH - 2 dayvage Description. - sharp Corampyfachy) pair - throwingeup (few tomesfday) (beige colour) - (patrvarcund telly buttons abdomen) 5 2 or Canadian Lance ks > Subject ——__4_not ears, mach itional | Appetite ae omaie Health not eating mach Condy ate toes, (AUER ie & na | am) Information a AY Weightchage norchaenges (no gadnror lai? (RO ay Allergies none (no-knownadlerge == Se S~C*«C wate cap tee “ee Advil (used to take Tene? must be copy tes Tirie/Amount 2 tardy thig morning, Current reg about the same) Level of Pain bor? Coutof IQ) (aheayy: Lifestyle | Dat ahtese | - deeenot drinkialcohot Z— must bets Gxt Jer doer not imoke amcken” kaise Criteria for Self-Assessment 1. Spelling: - Do spelling problems make it difficult to understand your writing? 2. Legibitity: Does the legibility of your handwriting make it difficult to understand yourwriting? §— (€ handiorthing ‘gorawls’ it locks childish. 2 Pointtorm: ‘© te? smott - sane Wwerds leck wms-s¢elted Did you use point form effectively, omi itting unnecessary words and including necessary words to convey information? nor Unite Complete sentenc 4. Main Points: eee ees Did you include the important main points int! ‘ene pe when you filled in the 5. Supporting Details: Did include: i ir il mu include important supporting details when you filled in the form’ The sample below MS : medel of wiiting at a CLB Level 8. Writing CLB Li been established as the required level for practice: eae = ie eee Xavier Jones, a 5S year-old male, came to the Emergency Room with complaints & Of chest pain. He reported that he had taken his nitroglycerin and that this had not relieved his symptoms. Because of this, he was concerned that he was having a heart attack On history, Mr. Jones stated that he is working in a highly stressful occupation as achef, In addition, he has risk factors of a family history of heart attack; his. father and uncle both had heart attacks. He is also a heavy smoker, and he reports smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. All tests done were within narmal range. Before discharge, Mr, Jones was advised to follow up with his family physician. Criteria for Self. 1. Effectiveness: 1s key information accurate and clear? 2. Grammar: Is the language you use generally correct grammatically? r i cohesive devices Are you able to use complex structures correctly? tne a dhs < Tansitions 3. Fluency: Are ideas organized well? Have you used language appropriately to connect ideas? 4. Vocabulary for Purpose: Have you used vocabulary that Is appropriate and relevant? Have you used word forms correctly? 5. Content: Have you included main ideas and Supporting detaiis? © 2005 Canadian Language 7 Homework For He 10 [I (Savory) wy) onli ees ans [ — a . Important Information: | ‘Who, What, Wher: When, Why, How 1. WHEN: Dec 21,2012; 1305h 2. WHO: Larissa James (female) 3. WHAT: found unconscious (no witnesses) 4. (WHERE): in her bed 3 5. WHY: possibly: hypoglycemic episode; undisciplined eating; she is diabetic HOW TREATED: What was done/actions taken: head-to-toe exam; vitals taken BP 100/58; Resp 16; pulse 110. On-call MD, Dr. Woo, nurse supervisor and next-of-kin notified immediately; MD ordered SOml of dextrose in water per IV and manitoring of vitals and accu-check every 15 mins for one hour. Warm blanket provided. 6. 7. FUTURE PLAN: Treatment plan. | You lose marks if your writing has: © Omissions Additions of detail that is not in this chart ® inaccuracies (errors) | © Information that is unclear E Incident Repart Writing for: Warker’s Report of Injury Veronica Johnson Model and Grammar Check Instructions: Read the madel incident report below for: Worker's Report of Injury for Veronica Johnson, Gircie passhielverbs, Underline participal.adjectives (e.g, fractured) Put ( ) scound words/phrases that are synonyms for words/phrases from the original report Double underline cohesive devices. ~ C6 MAtOY Squigely underline phrasal sentence-starters, Find the one inaccuracy {error) ; draw.a line through the 2 details nat in the chart | Veronica Johnson, an B4 year-old in ago he Emerges Dewan abaoive. 4 Pluaek Mite today by her son. At{1400 this. afternoon, May 20, 2013, they invol downtown Vancouver. head. The patient's son reported that his mother became confused just before the felonies accident, Additionally, he reported that “she ic forgetful sometimes”.(As anexample.he | nia reported that she plained that he had not visited her when in fact he had) | 7 | Mrs. Johnson complained of pain in her left hip, 8/10 on the pain scale, and therefore she” | —z- | lass given Sn medication,) Vital signeaWere taken;and they were blood pressure 150/61, | Johnson was ieable'to answer. Surgery for open reduction and internal fuaation bas been) =¥ ] respirations 19, and pulse 98. When shegalé asked the date and where she wes, Mrs. Re scheduled. nee: her family physician tas been notified. = LAKESIDE HOSPITAL Incident Report _ [For Office Use Only Today's Date Date il de late ived Day [Month [Year | Day | Year| (24 hrolock) | Day Year 25/05 [a9ial 201 64° [aopl 0720 | | —_1_ — PERSONINVOLVED | Veronica. ~lohosony TYPE OF INGIEE a Sa CIDENT vt © | MVA Phardyye be ote | WITNESSES [adult son = | CONTRIBUTING @ confusiées in infersechen Cope by g27) FACTORS ew Son teporty “she is HEUL Soma hr NATURE OF INJURY | x-ras veveala- head ee = CONDITION S p | FOLLOWING Nita” Sigua INCIDENT » Blood Prasane. 150/61 » Respratins 34 + fulse 98 Phapical Stakus. : + complaining a gan “s/io’ @ we | Mental Stabe + disoriented to time aod place. | PERSONS NOTIFIED | Famii gnyctzin TREATMENT Open ee eduction aad internall Gozo roy ( AF) ORDERED CELBAN Prep: Tips for Writing Task 2 1, Remember tose Supporting Details a. He took nitroglycerin. (no SD) b.. He took nitroglycerin 3 times at 5-minute intervals before ‘coming to Emergency, 2. Try to use passive voice once. or bw e.g, He was given nitroglycerin sublingually Nitroglycerin was given/administered. Some info is reported to a nurse by the patient or pt's, wi a. He reported a family history of heart disease in his family, saying that his father died of ML. (notice the SD) v b. He stated that he ‘has @ short fuse! and gets angry easily. ¢. According to him, he has’‘a short fuse and gets angry easily. (what is the SD?) 4. According to Mr. J's wife, who accompanied him. ..... 4. Avoid having all sentences begin with a subject, esp he or she. This helps to avoid all sents being ‘grammatically ‘simple’ Here are some other ways to start a sentence: bi arrival, | Blood work showed... | in addition, Moreover, Because Even though... : \ Finally, ) \ (On discharge, aera for Task 2)/Mancouver Community Cotege, Jane Forward 5. Don't diagnose, Describe. X He was presenting with a heart attack > He was presenting with symptoms of a heart attack. 6. Avo any subjective words or phrases, €.2. She was upset’ Instead, describe something the patient did or said X He looked worried or anxious X He was concerned X He was feeling pain in his shoulder. > He stated that he felt amtious He reported feeling concemed abs He stated that he b Tip: Read reports from textbooks for Medi and Discharge Summaries. (or look th ib Tips for Task 2/Vancouver ommunity ¢ It. 3d pain in his left shoulder. | Transefiption programs that cor up online), in Admission Reports ) Incident Report for Larissa James with full Supporting Details and Cohesive Devices Note: ‘ ote: Some supporting details.are the second half of the sentence. Others are the in the next sentence. | Remembs ‘Marks are taken off your w _and information that is unclear. December 22, 2013 5 inher ‘On December 21, 2013, patient Larissa James was found in bed, unconscious, at 130! rooni, Apparently, there were no witnesses to the incident. Mrs. James's diabetic, and therefore a contributing factor could be 3 hypoglycemic episode due to undisciplined eating. Ahead to toe examination was conducted and vitals were BP 100/58, respiration 16 and pulse —— 110. She was unresponsive during the exam as she was still unconscious. The on-call physician, Dr. Woo, was notified immediately. Additionally, the nurse supervisor and next-of- kin were also notified The doctor ordered 50 ml of dextrose in water via IV. Dr. Woo also ordered monitoring of vital and accu-check.every 15 minutes for 1 hour. Furthermore, he requested a warm blanket for the patient to prevent shivering. Finally, a:treatment plan was ordered. Note: varied subjects andsome sentences begin with phrases Cohesive Devices: therefore additionally furthermore finally