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1 God's Prized-Possession
2 Preferential Treatment
3 The Object of God's Affection
4 For Those Who Don't Know Jesus, Would
You Like to Know Him?
God's Prized-Possession
Have you e ve r fe lt inse cure ? Inse cure about your abilitie s, your appe arance , your job, your pe rsonality, your
life ? Have you e ve r fe lt unlove d and worthle ss? "I'm not attractive . "I can't do all the things that pe rson can
do." "I'm not good e nough!" "Nothing good e ve r happe ns in my life ." "I'm a failure ."
If your mind is fille d with thoughts of worthle ssne ss, shame , e mbarrassme nt and low se lf-e ste e m, the n it's
time to ge t rid of that inse curity!
"How can I ge t rid of inse curity that's be e n the re my whole life ?" By re alizing that YOU are God's most
prize d-posse ssion! If God had to choose the fine st thing He e ve r cre ate dHe 'd say YOU! Ye s, you! You are
some body spe cial to God.
Those thoughts and fe e lings are lie s from the De vil aime d at ge tting you so down on yourse lf that you will
ne ve r e xpe rie nce God's be st for your life . You'll always fe e l that you're "just not good e nough so why would
God want to ble ss you? God doe s not have one child who is not good e nough to re ce ive His love .
The re are a lot of pe ople who ne ve r e njoy victorie s in the ir live s be cause of such low se lf-e ste e m. Je sus said
that we are to love one anothe r e ve n as we love ourse lve s. If you don't like YOU, how are you e ve r going to like
some body e lse ?
Low se lf-e ste e m is a re sult of a lack of knowle dge . The re ason so many Christians live way be low the ir
privile ge s as a child of God is be cause the y don't know that the y are highly favore d of God.
In Psalm 8:3-5, the psalmist is re fle cting on the gre atne ss of God and write s,
When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained: What is man that
thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels,
and hast crowned him with glory and honour.
In this particular scripture , the psalmist is ove rwhe lme d at just how marve lous and magnifice nt God is and
His ability to cre ate the unive rse . Have you e ve r just stoppe d and looke d around at God's cre ation? Just go look
at the Grand Canyon some time . It's ove rwhe lming. We ge t so accustome d to the things around us, but if you
take the time to just look at the sky or the sunse t and think that God cre ate d thatit's amazing!
The psalmist is saying, "Lord, You're so magnifice nt and cre ative , why would You have anything to do with
man? Why did You cre ate man?" And the Lord is saying that you are His most prize d-posse ssion! In fact, in the
mind of God, you are His prize d-posse ssion above the stars, above the moon, above the he ave ns, above all His
Just like an artist with all the wonde rful, cre ative pie ce s he de signs, the re 's always this one prize d-
posse ssion.
That's the way God fe e ls about YOU!
Now, re ligion doe sn't te ach us that. Re ligion wants us to stay in a sinful state . All have sinned and come short of
the glory of God. We ll, that's true , but that's the re ason Je sus came , be cause all sinne d and fe ll short of the glory
of God, but God didn't le ave us that way, praise God. He se nt Je sus to re de e m us from Adam's transgre ssion,
and from the curse of the law, and be cause the blood of Je sus worke d, we 're not that old man anymore .
Nothing you did in your past could be so bad that God wouldn't forgive you. You are washe d by the blood of
Je sus, and made a ne w cre ation in Christ Je sus. You have the nature of Almighty God!
You are of a royal family. In the natural, you may have some folks in your family that you're not too proud of,
but I'm talking about in the spirit re alm, your ance stry goe s all the way back to God. The blood of Je sus flows
through your ve ins. You've got a crown on your he ad that can't be se e n with the natural e ye , but it's the re , and
you ne e d to walk in that honor.
You are some body spe cial to God! Don't conside r yourse lf a worm in the sight of God. "We 're just pilgrims."
No, we 're not! "We 're just worms in His sight." No, we 're not. You be tte r not be a worm, the De vil will come by
and e at the e !
You can't be a worm in the sight of God. If you are , the n that would me an the blood of Je sus didn't work, and
I wouldn't dare say the blood of Je sus didn't work. It worke d, praise God.
Ve ry importantly, you've got to ke e p it all balance d. You can't be come highminde d and have the attitude of
you're some body spe cial be cause of what you did or be cause of who you are . That has nothing to do with it.
Without Je sus, you're nothing! You have no me rits, you didn't e arn this favor, you didn't e arn this honor, Je sus
e arne d it for you. But, be cause He did, you ne e d to walk in it.
Whe n you be gin to se e yourse lf the way God se e s you (crowne d with glory and honor), the n you'll be gin to
e xpe ct succe ss. You'll e xpe ct e ve ry adve rsity to turn into a victory. You'll e xpe ct to have authority ove r your
circumstance s. Why? Be cause you're God's prize d-posse ssion.
Preferential Treatment
The re are so many pe ople who don't e xpe ct good things to happe n to the m. In fact, pe ople re ally ge t mad at
me be cause I'm too positive . I'm not just a positive thinke r. I'm not de aling with the powe r of positive thinking,
I'm de aling with the powe r of re ve lation knowle dge . Whe n you have some thing re ve ale d to you from the Word
of God, it cause s you to be come positive . You'll have a positive attitude .
Doubt and inse curity will vanish as you be come more and more conscious of just how much favor and honor
you have be e n give n by God. John 12:26 says,
...if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.
If you've chose n to se rve Je sus, the n Je sus Himse lf said be cause of your de cision, My Father will honor you.
Halle lujah! Whe n you're honore d by some one , that's pre fe re ntial tre atme nt.
You should be gin to walk in authority walk in dominion. You should e xpe ct to have authority ove r the
circumstance s that se e m to be controlling your life . You should e xpe ct, with the Name of Je sus and the Word of
God, to change those circumstance s into some thing that turns out to be good in your life .
Whe n you truly know that God has crowne d you with glory and honor, the n you will walk in an e xpe ctancy of
good things happe ning in your life .
We have n't be e n walking in the kind of ble ssings we 're e ntitle d to. Whe n you're honore d by some one , that
ope ns doors that me n say are shut. Whe n you're honore d and favore d of God, that e ntitle s you to ce rtain
privile ge s that othe r folks don't e njoy.
Ephe sians 6:24 says, Grace (or favor) be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. What is anothe r
de finition for the word grace? "Unme rite d favor" some thing you didn't e arn, it was a gift of God. So, whe n you
se e the word "grace ," you can inte rchange it with the word "favor."
What is favor? Some thing grante d out of good will. A gift be stowe d as a toke n of re gard, love or frie ndline ss,
pre fe re ntial tre atme nt. You can't be so good that finally God will say, "you're so good, you've now e arne d favor."
It is a gift from God.
Don't ge t mad at some be lie ve rs be cause the y're ble sse d. You can be just as ble sse d, if you're not. Don't ge t
mad whe n you he ar te stimonie s of wonde rful things happe ning in a be lie ve r's life . The Bible says that God is no
re spe cte r of pe rsons, so that me ans the same pre fe re ntial tre atme nt that the y ge t, you can have it too.
Obviously, if you don't have a re ve lation of it, the n you can't walk in it. A lack of knowle dge will cause you to
live way be low your privile ge s. But once you have re ve lation of how spe cial you are to God, the n praise God
you will be able to walk in favor.
The Object of God's Affection
Do you fe e l love d? It's a wonde rful thing knowing you're love d. Knowing that the re is some body out the re
that love s you make s you fe e l good inside . But if you fe e l unlove d and fe e l that the re is absolute ly no one out
the re who e ve n care s about you, the n the lie s of the De vil are working in you and cre ating a de e p fe e ling of
lone line ss. But liste n to this: Eve n gre ate r than a human be ing e xpre ssing love to you, the Lord says in Numbe rs
6:25,26 that He will ... make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee,
and give thee peace.
What is He saying? You are the obje ct of God's affe ction. If you we re the only human be ing alive on the
plane t, God would have se nt Je sus to die for you. That's how much you're love d by the Fathe r. I be lie ve some of
you are going to e xpe rie nce a re al de live rance simply be cause you've re alize d you're love d and highly favore d
of God.
Do you e ve r fe e l alone ? Like e ve ryone 's against you? Le t's find out what happe ns to pe ople who are love d
by God. Romans 8:31,32 says,
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? He that spared not his own son, but
delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also, freely give us all things?
The re are a lot of Christians who are not convince d that God's for the m. The y think God's the e ne my. How
would you like to be commande r-in- chie f of an army whe re half of your troops don't e ve n know who the e ne my
is? The y've got the ir we apons pointe d toward he adquarte rs, blaming you all the time for the ir proble ms. It's like
be ing commande r-in-chie f of a bunch of Gome r Pyle s!
The re are pe ople que stioning God, "Why did You le t this happe n to me ?" The y don't e ve n re alize that God is
for the m and not against the m! God did not cause this awful situation in your life to prove some thing to you, He
care s about you. You are so love d by God that He is willing to give you fre e ly ALL things. He 's on your side !
Ve rse 34 says, Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died. You shouldn't be walking in conde mnation. You
shouldn't be liste ning to the lie s of the De vil conde mning you all the time and te lling you how lousy you are ,
what a failure and a nobody you are . A pe rson who liste ns to that all the time doe s not have a re ve lation of
favor and honor.
You're so highly favore d of the Lord that He says no we apon forme d against you shall prospe r. You've be e n
justifie d in the sight of God. NOTHING can se parate you from God's love !
Romans 8:38,39 says,
For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to
come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus
our Lord.
Whe n you be come "pe rsuade d" of just how love d you are , and just how valuable you are in the sight of God,
the n you can say what Paul said, "the re is nothing that can se parate me from the love of Christ. Not things
pre se nt nor things to come ." AMEN!
You are some body spe cial. Quit running yourse lf down. Quit talking ugly about yourse lf. Quit talking about
what a failure you are . Don't run yourse lf down all the time . Don't talk about how unworthy you are . You are the
handiwork of God. You are love d. You are highly favore d of God.
Expe ct gre ate r victorie s in your life be cause e ve rything you se t your hand to prospe rs! Don't ge t
discourage d whe n a storm come s, be cause you know you're favore d of God and some how, some way God will
turn it around! You are crowne d with glory and honor.
Be gin to e xpe ct pre fe re ntial tre atme nt simply be cause you are highly favore d of God. It's fun walking in
favor be cause you ne ve r know how God's going to work the thing out, you just know He is.
I re me mbe r ye ars ago right afte r I acce pte d Je sus into my life , Carolyn and I he ard that Brothe r Ke nne th
Hagin was going to be ministe ring in Tyle r, Te xas.
We we re so e age r to le arn more about God's Word, and we would liste n to Brothe r Hagin's tape s and re ad
his books all the time . So, by an act of faith, Carolyn and I drove a gre at distance to be in that me e ting. I was so
e xcite d to he ar Ke nne th Hagin. I wante d to sit on the front row be cause I like d to watch e ve ry move Brothe r
Hagin made .
Whe n we got to the me e ting, the place was alre ady jam-packe d. The y we re having to bring e xtra chairs in
and we re alre ady filling up the aisle s and the back with pe ople . Whe n we walke d in, the man said, "We ll, I don't
know whe re we 're going to se at you." And anothe r man came up and said, "Te ll those four right the re to come
with me ." He put our four chairs "in front" of the front row. I call that favor.
Now, I didn't go in the re de manding a front row se at, but the favor of the Lord gave me one . Now, that may
not be a big de al to you, but the Lord kne w that it was the de sire of our he art, and He gave it to us.
Whe n you know that you are highly favore d of God, the n you e xpe ct to be the he ad and not the tail; above
and not be ne ath! Psalm 84:11 says, good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly. It's God's will to
ble ss you! Whe n you're honore d and favore d by God, you can e xpe ct e ve ry ne e d to be me t.
I Chronicle s 29:11,12 says,
Thine, O Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven
and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O Lord, and thou art exalted as head above all.
(12) Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine
hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all.
Notice a link be twe e n riche s and honor, financial succe ss and stability. Prospe rity is linke d to honor. In othe r
words, you will succe e d financially whe n you walk in the favor of God.
Ple ase don't ge t the impre ssion that I'm saying, "If you walk in favor, you'll ne ve r have any more proble ms."
I'm not saying that at all in fact, e ve ry re ve lation you re ce ive from God, you will be he ld accountable for walking
in it. It will produce the good fight of faith. Paul said, be cause of the abundance of re ve lation that was give n unto
me , a me sse nge r of Satan was also se nt to buffe t me .
Pe ople who walk in an abundance of re ve lation also e ncounte r an abundance of adve rsity. BUT whe n you
know you walk in the favor of God, the n praise God, you know that favor will carry you through the adve rsity
and you will be come victorious on the othe r side .
Right now, I urge you to allow the Holy Spirit to cle anse you from all the lie s that Satan has put in your mind
of worthle ssne ss, inse curity and low se lfe ste e m. You now have an unde rstanding of who you are in Christ! You
are crowne d with glory and honor and you are some body who is so spe cial to God! I e ncourage you to make
this confe ssion right now:
"In the Name of Je sus by the authority of God's Word, from this mome nt forward, I do not look at myse lf in
the natural but according to the Word of God. I se e myse lf the way God se e s me . I am highly favore d of the
Lord. I am crowne d with glory and honor. I take authority ove r conde mnation, guilt, shame , and infe riority
that's not of God. I bre ak its powe r ove r me in Je sus' Name . I de clare by faith, I have pre fe re ntial tre atme nt."
"From this mome nt forward, my se lfe ste e m and my se lf-image shall rise and be in accordance to God's
Word. I'll not be high-minde d, I walk in humility, but I know who I am in Christ, and I fully e xpe ct the tre atme nt
that is afforde d to those who are highly favore d, in Je sus' Name . Eve ry morning whe n I rise , I will de clare this is
the day the Lord has made , I will re joice and be glad in it. TODAY I e xpe ct the favor of God to go be fore me in
Je sus' Name . I'm honore d by My Fathe r, I am the obje ct of His affe ction. And if God love s me , nothing can
se parate me from His love . I am some body spe cial to God in Je sus' Name ." Ame n."
For Those Who Don't Know Jesus, Would You Like to Know Him?
If you we re to die today, whe re would you spe nd e te rnity? If you have acce pte d Je sus Christ as your
pe rsonal Lord and Savior, you can be assure d that whe n you die , you will go dire ctly into the pre se nce of God in
He ave n. If you have not acce pte d Je sus as your pe rsonal Lord and Savior, is the re any re ason why you can't
make Je sus the Lord of your life right now? Ple ase pray this praye r out loud, and as you do, pray with a since re
and trusting he art, and you will be born again.
De ar God in He ave n,
I come to you in the Name of Je sus to re ce ive salvation and e te rnal life . I be lie ve that Je sus is Your Son.
I be lie ve that He die d on the cross for my sins, and that You raise d Him from the de ad. I re ce ive Je sus now
into my he art and make Him the Lord of my life . Je sus, come into my he art. I we lcome you as my Lord and
Savior. Fathe r, I be lie ve Your Word that says I am now save d. I confe ss with my mouth that I am save d and
born again. I am now a child of God.
Dr. Jerry Savelle is a note d author, e vange list, and te ache r who trave ls e xte nsive ly throughout the Unite d
State s, Canada, and around the globe . He is pre side nt of Je rry Save lle Ministrie s Inte rnational, a ministry of
many outre ache s de vote d to me e ting the ne e ds of be lie ve rs all ove r the world.
We ll-known for his balance d Biblical te aching, Dr. Save lle has conducte d se minars, crusade s and
conve ntions for ove r twe nty-five ye ars and has ministe re d in thousands of churche s and fe llowships. He is in
gre at de mand today be cause of his inspiring me ssage of victory and faith and his vivid, and ofte n humorous,
illustrations from the Bible . He te ache s the uncompromise d Word of God with a powe r and an authority that is
e xciting, but with a love that de live rs the me ssage dire ctly to the spirit man.
In addition to his inte rnational he adquarte rs in Crowle y, Te xas, Dr. Save lle is also founde r of JSMI Africa,
JSMI Unite d Kingdom, JSMI South Africa and JSMI Tanzania. In 1994, he e stablishe d the JSMI Bible Institute and
School of World Evange lism. It is a two-ye ar school for the pre paration of ministe rs to take the Gospe l of Je sus
Christ to the nations of the world.
The missions outre ach of his ministry e xte nds to ove r 50 countrie s around the world. JSMI furthe r ministe rs
the Word of God through its prison ministry outre ach.
Dr. Save lle has authore d many books and has an e xte nsive vide o and casse tte te aching tape ministry and a
nation-wide te le vision broadcast.