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ADDIO A NAPOLE (FAREWELL TO NAPLES) Edited by Mario Favilti ADDIO A NAPOLI Arranged by Teodoro Cottras |, Andantino = oS VOICE ee Z ap Se eg 3 rows fie tare in the sea Will to er fill my mem ~ tell to thee! But tho’ T yield to Fateh deveree, My heard for'ev— or th 7 i —= ae A Del ciel Taz-zur-ro ful. gi-do, Ia plascida mali f fa, qual Di ba ciedarmo- ai - a 3 Taura tua ri pio - na; 0 Thy shiss of desprest brightest blue, Thy placid waves 10 soft and clear; With O Si rem of my Tove, Whose beauty rare, hose harmony Fills and val lo sea and sky, SSS = e malate co. re non i. neb/ bria, non bea,non bea di vo. lut- ta! In ma. gi-ca Si_ re - na fe del, fo-de-lea te sa. rol Al ean 1 ing “sigh and bitter fear, Tid’ @ lash, a sad farewell! Bie PS a tempo te Ia ter-rap mi_o pensier pin welll the fragrant swell cach ten der th Tau ra te. ne - ri or ange gro, ought shall be, ie fa_ vel — la-no ri. tor - na_no The scent ed air Whereer I go, gli - col canto dalmo . stan ti, that breathes of Love, 2 thought of thee; 4 A Sp? , J. L rail. assai, i — & bo mH at SS a fer v ~ r sola al mio do-lo - re con ~ for - to io sogne- gio-je e le me-mo — rie do’ mie_ i fe-li-ci charm my heart with one bright ray, In dreams, wher-ebr I joy— once more shall lustre shed, In dreams tho! joy is gee phe dee dio mia bella Napoli, ad. dio mia bel—la Napoli, ad — well, my own dear Fare-well to thee, ‘well, my own dear Fare-well to thee, sl => 1 Gem sentiento allarg. stent fy a ge a roe iss Sy di. 0 ca-te me. mo. rie del. tem. po ab! che pas. sal di _ 0 ca-re mo. mo rie del tem — po ah! che fug— gil well fo cach soul-felt memory, Of happy daye long fassl a way! well fo each soul-felt memory, Of — hap-fy days for ev - er fled! r ee 3 = $ ae ran : nga gfe |g seme Peg eS eee