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Directed Writing

Sample 1

A very good morning to the teacher, Pn. Rohana and to all my friends. I stand here
infront of you because I want to talk about our trips. Teacher want me to decide where the
place we can go, is it DM Television Factory or SL Tea Plantation. So, I have decide to go
SL Tea Plantation for our trips.

Firstly, you all have to know why I choose SL Tea Plantation. From here, to go a tea
plantation are 250 Kilometers. To far? Yes, of course far. I choose this trips because I want
all of us have experience in a long trips. If we go television factory, there are 2 Kilometres
from here. Too bored because we cannot feel the fresh air, river on a long ride and forest
along the road. Well, SL Tea Plantation is in Pahang. I just want all of us feel the experience
in calm place and fresh air.

Secondly, how long we stay at that place are two days and one night. That is enough
time for us enjoy our trips. If we choose television factory, we just have one day. Do you
want to enjoy just for one day? Of course not, we want to make our heart or ourself satisfied.

Thirdly, where to stay? We stay in hotel. Sound great right? For those who never
sleep in hotel, this is your chance to feel the environment in the hotel.

Then, the cost. Cost, we have to charge RM100 for bus, food and hotel. When you go
with your family the cost will be very expensive. For the trips they give us discount, if not we
have to pay until RM400.

After that, for the transport. Like I said we go with the bus. If, television factory, they
did not prepare for the bus. So, how can we go to the place? Walk? Of course not right. This
is for our safety too.

Then, in SL Tea Plantation, we can do some activities such as go to the tea factory, go
to the tea shop and anything that you want to do in that place. Many things we can do.

After that, we can visit another place, like bird farm, strawberry farm and chocolate
factory, just with RM100. If you want to buy a gift or anything else just bring your extra

Not just that, for the ride to go back home we can stop at the near river and we can go
for swim. Make barbeque and river activities. Sound great right? This things is for our
experience. Beside this year is our last school. I want to make all of us satisfied and happy.

In conclusion, what can I say is, SL Tea Plantation are just the great idea for us. I am
very sure that if we go at tea plantation trips you all will satisfied and always remember what
you did at there. That is all for my talk. Thank you for listening, make a good choice for your
satisfied and thank you once again.
Directed Writing

Sample 2

My teacher have organising to study trip for that information my friends and I like to
choose SL Tea Plantation because very best place they can enjoy.

The place name SL Tea Plantation. This place about a tea. The Tea plantation place is
so far than the DM television place. SL Tea Plantation place far about a 250 Kilometres than
the DM television far is 2 Killometres because what we choose a far place, we want some
experience for a trip.

The trip of SL Tea Plantation is long about two days and one night very long more
than DM television about one day only. Student in my class want more day because they can
enjoy the study trip. At the strip of SL Tea Plantation we can stay at the hotel for a two days
of strip.

All students in my class know the SL Tea Plantation is so expensive more than the
DM television but we all want the experience will be the best study strip. The transport to go
at the SL Tea Plantation is school bus. Teacher have talk to principal of school to take a
school bus for transport to go at the SL Tea Plantation. But the DM television is not far from
school so we all no need to take a transport.

lastly, insyaallah we all can learn about the tea and lot of thing in study strip. We all
can make more experience at study strip.
Directed Writing

Sample 3

No. 35, Jalan P.Ramlee

Puchong Perdana
43000 Kajang, Selangor



Dear Teacher,

How are you? I hope youre always fine and good. I write this letter because I want to
tell you about the trip. This trip has suggested either because there have two place can visit.
Better we must choose one of the best place.

I thing the best place and we must visit is SL Tea Plantation. I would enjoy if teacher
visit this place because my classmates want to visit this place. I think this trip is more suitable
and more better than DM Television Factory. SL Tea Plantation is so far away, but this
situation can give something for each other than DM Television Factory.

Furthermore, this trip is long to visit and we would like to the long trips. We can stay
Hotel in two days and one night. We can plan activities at nightmare time and happening with
friends and teacher. This trip can give me and my friends spend time together before start
exam. Thats why I choose this place because we can stay together at one hotel or room and
enjoy together-gether haha.

Maybe this trip can give me happening but their cost is very suspent. But its okay
because we can get experience from this trip. I think this the best way to would enjoy with
friend and teacher. Happening can exists for each other if this trip happen truly. About the
transport, we can go with school bus and this can give happening for a while.

And the last think, I hope teacher can go to the trip SL Tea Plantation than DM
Television Factory. How do I put my feels if teacher choose SL Tea plantation? I hope this
situation are truely happen to me and my friends. I got all I need when can go to the trip.


(Harris Jebat)

*Biar tak pandai, janji usaha*

Directed Writing

Sample 4

Hello student, first time ever a school have planned to visit to a television factory or a
trip to a tea plantation. Maximum of student can join to visit is 100 each other. Many student
have choice to trip to a tea plantation but no all the student can join the trip because not have
a money to join and happy for the trip.

How far trip to tea plantation is very far we at Kuala Lumpur. Tea plantation has at
the Cameron Highlanf, far the way to trip plantation is 250 Kilometres. If student really want
to join the trip, student must behave self because not many teacher has to join to do a see a
student. Student also must discplined at the sometimes trip.

Long of trip is two days and one at there because very far. Transport to go plantation
is bus. We have 3 bus if many people want to join. We stay at hotel and student must to buy
RM100 for hotel only.

At Cameron Highland also has many plce, we can visit for the example Strawberry
farm and release mind at there. Teacher also has planned to do some activities at Cameron
Highland and student must to behave for example cellphone and money.

Lastly, many happy activities at there we can do to enjoy together and relaxing. At
Cameron Highland, students must follow all notes given to do at there.
Directed Writing

Sample 5

The talk a televion factory or a tea plantation. Firstly, a far DM her television factory
by 2 Kilometres and they SL tea plantation by 250 Kilometres. Then were how a long day
DM television factory here one day and years but SL tea plantation that two days and one
nights. They to stay not needed dm television factory because or SL tea plantation here hotel,
when never much no cost it can DM television factory and much SL tea plantation RM100.
We be transport do dm television factory can not be transport that but be SL tea plantation
with transport here school bus.