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While Rizal was in London, he became the honorary president of a patriotic society
which would cooperate in the crusade for reforms. What was the name of this patriotic
AY 2016-2017 a. Asociacion de Indio b. Asociacion de Felipinas
8. Rizals greatest achievement while in London was his annotation of Sucesos de las
Name:___________________________________________Course:______________ Islas Filipinas written by whom?
a. Morga b. Morayta c. Beckett
General Directions: Read the instructions carefully and do not write unnecessary marks on 9. While on voyage across the Pacific, Rizal befriended a Japanese journalist who was a
this paper except on the space provided. (Wag nang ipilit and follow instructions, please.) champion for human rights and was also forced by the Japanese government to leave
Japan. Later, on the life of this person, he wrote two political novels; Nankai-no-
I. Multplie Choices. Encricle the letter of the correct answer. Daiharan which resembles Rizals Noli and O-unabara which was similar to Rizals
El Filibusterismo. What was his name?
1. Who was the woman which Rizal considered to be his wife? a. Usui b. Kagumi c. Tetcho
a. Leonor Rivera b. Josephine Bracken c. Nellie Bousted 10. Who was the theologian from the Manila Cathedral who became a gallant defender of
2. What is the name of the place where Rizal was deported because of the allegedly Noli?
found incriminatory leaflets found on Lucias pillow cases (Rizals sister) which were a. Father Vicente Garcia b. Father Federico Fauna c. Father Jose Beck
a satire against Dominican priests? The gubernatorial decree cited that Rizal this place 11. Governor-GeneralTerrero knew that Rizals life was in danger due to the fact that the
in is one of the islands in the South. Spanish friars were too powerful and so he assigned a young Spanish lieutenant as a
a. Dapitan b. Cebu c. Zamboanga bodyguard to Rizal as a security measure. Who was this Spanish lieutenant?
3. One of the members of the society which Rizal founded upon his arrival in Manila a. Jose Rodriguez b.Jose Taviel de Andrade c. Gregorio
ultimately became the real father of revolution and leader of Katipunan. Who was Echavarria
he? 12. Who became the savior of Noli Me Tangere?
a. Andres Bonifacio b. Apolinario Mabini c. Emilio Aguinaldo a. Maximo Viola b. Eduardo de Lete c. Valentin Ventura
4. One of the reasons why Rizal decided to return to Manila was the formation of a 13. Rizal wanted to master French so he took private lessons from a professor named?
society named what? a. FabianBourzat b. Isabelle Delobele c. Lucile Cerdole
a. La Liga Filipina b. La Solidaridad c. La Mano Roja 14. When Rizal was in Berlin he came in contact with great scientists, one of which was
5. After forming the ephemeral club mentioned in number 28, Rizal also formed another Dr. Feodor Jagor who wrote a famous book, which foretold the downfall of Spanish
society which pledged its members to excel in intellectual and physical prowess in rule in the Philippines and the coming of America to Philippine shores, entitled what?
order to win the admiration of foreigners. What was the name of this society? a. The Paradise of the East b. Travels in the Philippines c. Pearl of the
a. Kidlat b. Indios en Paris c. Indios Bravos Orient Sea
6. While on his 2nd sojourn in Paris, Rizal formed a club which was purely social and 15. While Rizal was in Germany he translated several famous books into tagalog, one of
temporary in nature to bring together the young Filipinos during the Universal which was Schillers William Tell and another was Fairy Tales by a famous writer
Exposition. What was the name of this club? named?
a. Kidlat b. Indios en Paris c. Indios Bravos a. Hans Christian Andersen b. Aesop c. Harriet Beecher

16. What interests did Ferdinand Blumentritt , Director of the Ateneo of Leitmeritz, have 28. Which among the following isnt part of Rizals races?
which ultimately became the reason for his acquaintancewith Rizal? a. Negrito b. Indian c. Malay
a. Studying Philippine History b. studying Philippine Language 29. Which among the following was not Rizals brother or sister?
c. studying Philippine Geography a. Paciano b. Olimpia c. Ciriaco
17. After acquiring enough experience in his specialization in Paris, Rizal left for what 30. Which among the following was Rizals godfather?
German city famous for its old university and romantic surroundings? a. Father Pedro Casanas b. Father Rufino Collantes c. Dr. Rafael Palma
a. Berlin b. Heidelberg c. Wilhelmsfeld
18. When Rizal was in Paris, he worked as an assistant to a famous French doctor named? II. Enumeration. Give what is asked.
a. Dr. Louis De Weckert b. Dr. Adoplh Meyer c. Dr. Feodor Jagor 1. What is the full name of Jose Rizal? (5 pts)
19. After completing his studies in Madrid, Rizal went to Paris and Germany to specialize 2. Enumerate all the women that Rizal had relationship with. (9 pts)
what field in medicine? Give at least one country that Rizal had been to.
a. Ophthalmology b. Obstetrics c. Pathology
20. Rizal joined freemasonry as aid against the friars in the Philippines. In which Masonic
lodge did Rizal first join?
a. Acacia b. Solidaridad c. Publicidad
21. Rizal Completed his medicine course in what university in Spain?
a. University Central de Madrid b. University Central de Barcelona
c. Universidad de Barcelona
22. What course did Father Pablo Ramon, Ateneos Rector, advice Rizal to take?
a. Medicine b. Philosophy and Letters c. Arts
23. Rizal went to University of Santo Tomas to seek higher education. Which among the
following wasnt Rizals course on that institution?
a. Philosophy and Letters b. Medicine c. Literature
24. Who among the professors in Ateneo did Rizal consider to be the best and also helped
Rizal to study harder and improve his poetry?
a. Father Sanchez b. Father Burgos c. Father Lleonart
25. When Rizal was eleven he was sent to what school to study which was under the
supervision of the Jesuits?
a. San Juan de Letran b. Ateneo Municipal c. La Concordia
26. The death of the three priest martyrs awakened Rizals spirit of patriotism. Which
among the following isnt part of the three martyrs?
a. Gomez b. Borromeo c. Zamora
27. The real surname of the Rizal family was Mercado, which was adopted first by
a. Domingo Lamco b. Leon Ma. Guerrero c. Francisco
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