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“ I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues Words and Music by ELTON JOHN, BERNIE TAUPIN and DAVEY JOHNSTONE F ae ie 8 (3? Instrumental) Don't wish it a-way, don’t look at it like it's for - ev-er. Just stare in-to space; pic - ture myface — inyour hands, © “ Bm a fat ee aa # Be-tween youand me Live for_each se- cond couldhon-stly say, that _thingscan on-ly get with-out he-si - tgation, and _nev-erfor-get I'm your se © 1983 Big Pig Music Lid., London W1Y 3FA cy Em ta dust out_ the de - mons_in - side, ory hands in to the place in our more than I could be time the night And I spent.with if__cit helps, arp and it won't_ be long but more than ev-er n before you and— me— T simp -ly— love- hearts love where we hide. life. it ~ self. guess that’swhy they call it___ the rail 8 Jaugh - ing like chil- dren, liv - ing like 2 Am ciE F Dirt ae Hel ge an fev - ers, roll - ing_like thun-der___ un - der_ the guess that’swhy they call_it__ the _ blues. and 1 guess that’s why they call_ it _ the —