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Running Head: RITA G.


Evelyn Miramontes
IEP Assignment
EDU 203

Students Strengths and Needs

1. High verbal skills
2. Knowledge of phonetics
3. Math comprehension
4. Social Skills
Instructional Accommodations
Writing skills
5. Try out different writing apparatuses to help with hand writing.
6. Allow her\to trace words; perhaps spelling words.
7. Review notes make sure Rita is following along with the lecture notes.
8. Tell her before the math lecture that she will be answering and example problem.
Word Problems
9. Use pictures and other visual aids to help her see the problem also color code key
words ex: Sum, Add, Take, Subtract etc.
Reading Comprehension
10. Ask Rita what kind of stories she would like to read and relate class material to the books
11. Use books with visual aids.
Cognitive Learning Skills
12. Role- playing games/plays
13. One-on-one tutoring
Environmental Accommodations
14. Remove posters that are distracting
15. Positive reinforcement (team point/ behavior cards)
Assessment Accommodations
16. Give Rita a manner for her to measure progress (sticker chart)
17. Use timer to let her know how much time she has left
Social Skills
18. Have her in groups of three.

19. Group tables

20. Group responsibilities (Door holder, team leader, paper stacker)
21. Rita will turn in her spelling words eligibly with 90% accuracy
22. Rita will write her name in cursive on all her papers with 80% accuracy
23. Be 80% fluent in multiplication problems or reflex games
24. Rita will be able to identify key words that relate to mathematics
25. Rita will act out a scene of a play using third grade level vocabulary
26. Rita will be able to choose a discussion question for the classroom
27. Rita will be able to choose a group member to be in her group team
Implementing and Monitoring
28. I will work with the tutors and take suggestions as to what she/he can do to help Rita.
29. I will make sure Rita turns in her assignments by reminding her. However towards the
end of the school year the reminders will be less frequent until they stop all together.
30. I will make sure Rita socializes with at least five classmates a day.