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We provide highly durable Diesel Generator Sets that are in compliance with GMP and ISI
quality norms. Our Portable Diesel Generator is manufactured from the finest quality raw
materials using advanced technology machines. Portable Diesel Generator provided by us is
highly durable, Energy efficient, environment friendly and CPCB Approved. Low maintenance
cost, our Diesel Generator is easy to operate and handle. We are well reckoned as one of the
preeminent Diesel Gensets Manufacturers and Suppliers based in India.12.5 KVA, 15 KVA & 20


2.5 H.P. TO 30 H.P. Available in /1000/1500/1600/1800 R.P.M We provide high quality Water
Cooled Diesel Engines that is high on demand in the national and international markets.
Compliance with stringent quality standards, our Water Cooled Diesel Engine provides
maximum power output.
We are well reckoned as the most preeminent Water Cooling Diesel
Engines Exporter based in India.

2.5 H.P. TO 30 H.P. Available in /1000/1500/1600/1800 R.P.M

Vertical Single and twin cylinder, water cooled totally enclosed, compression cycle, cold starting
diesel engine.

- For industrial & agriculture use

- Designed to run faultlessly
- Easy to operate suitable for belt driven or coupling application
- Lower fuel consumption, less than similar other engine
Our Air Cooled Diesel Engines are manufactured from the superior quality raw materials to add
durability and efficiency. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the major Diesel Engines
Manufacturers based in India. Our Air Cooled Diesel Generating Sets provide maximum power
output with minimum maintenance cost. The notable features of the Air Cooled Diesel Engines
are compression, ignition, four stroke cycle and many more have made the engine ideal for
various agricultural and industrial application. In the working of the Air Cooled Diesel
Generating Sets, cold air is forced on to the cylinders and cylinder head/s by radial fan that are
mounted on flywheel to direct through a stream lined cowling and thus cool the engine

5 H.P. TO 18 H.P. Available in 1000/1200/1500/1600/1800 R.P.M


n BSA, casting is a successful and expanding foundry business that has created a superb,
efficient manufacturing facility to produce high integrity iron castings.
Continual investment in modern manufacturing techniques, career training and a commitment
to Quality Management systems has enabled the Castings to provide a flexible and modern
approach to our customers demands.
The high integrity iron castings we produce are exported worldwide and are used in the most
demanding industrial applications.As we are casting maximum parts of our Diesel Engine like
Body, Rocker box, Block, wheel, Cupa Plate , Pumps, impellers etc. Very close metallurgical
controls are in place to ensure that the chemical and mechanical properties of materials cast
meet national, international and customers own specifications.
Our customers are valued partners to our business. We work closely with each other through all
stages of the production cycle including initial design, to ensure that we are able to offer a first
class product, manufactured in the most cost effective manner. Our aim is to ensure that
commercial advantage and product dependability result in increased business opportunities for
both parties.
Production flexibility / cost effective products
High levels of casting integrity
Close technical liaison and ongoing support
Superb surface finish
Close dimensional control
Dear Friends,
B.S.Agriculture Industries (India) established in 1968 by S. Baldev Singh Matharoo with the
vision of best quality Diesel Engines, Pumps Sets, Centrifugal water pumps, Generating Sets, Rice
Huller, Rice Polisher, Mini Grinding Mill, Chaff Cutters and other Agricultural implements. He
believes that quality is no accident, it results from determination to achieve perfection. He
marked the products under the Brand Name BSA the name synonymous with quality. At BSA
this has always been the tradition. A tradition of excellence. Our insistence on quality and timely
delivery have enabled us to find ready acceptance of our products in India, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia,
Bangladesh, Australia, South Africa, Lebanon etc. Here we mention the first BSA Diesel Engine
designed by us.
Yours Thankful,
S. Baldev Singh

BSA group has always been a pacesetter for times ahead. BSA group will concentrate on
development of quality products for expanding diesel engine industry and precision agriculture
sector.To become a true leader in the diesel engine industry within a decade.To promote in -
house quality awareness through training programs and workshops. To contribute and
participate in the mammoth task of nation building and to take our country forward to the rank
of most industrialized nation in the 21 century. Low cost and high quality which helped in
achieving a continuous growth of 15% to 40% from the last five years.
BSA commits to produce high quality, cost efficient products and endeavors To fully satisfy its
customers on measures of conformance, reliability andconsistency. quality is never an
accident, it results from determination to Achieve perfection. At BSA this has always been the
tradition. A tradition Of excellence.
Implementing and ensuring continuous compliance to ISI base quality management system.
Reducing rework and rejection levels at all stages, By 10% every year. Providing continuous
training to the employees to upgrade their skills and abilities.Encouraging employees
participation at all levels for carrying out the work correctly the first time, thereby building
quality into the products. Helping suppliers to improve quality of their supplies through
continuous interaction.
We are well known as Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Agricultural Products like
Portable Bag Closer sewing Machine, Air Cooled Diesel Engine, etc. The products are
appreciated for features like corrosion resistance and high performance.


Nature of BusinessManufacturer, Exporter, Supplier

Year of Establishment1968
Diesel Generator Sets

As the leading enterprise in the concerned domain, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting
and supplying optimum quality gamut of Diesel Generator Sets. These products are
manufactured using raw material that we source from the most trustworthy vendors of the
market. Moreover, it is meticulously tested on industry defined guidelines to ensure that the
flawless range is obtained by our customer.


Smooth finish
Corrosion resistance
Robust construction
Diesel Generator Sets

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We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a qualitative assortment of Diesel
Generator Sets. These generator sets are generally used for emergency power supply when the
power grid fails and are provided in various specifications to meet the diverse needs of clients.
Owing to their diverse features, these generator sets are extensively demanded among our
customer spread all across the nation.


Environment friendly
Energy efficient
Longer functional life
Diesel Generating Set

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3 kva air cooled diesel generator set
very less fuel consumption, ruff n tuff use.

Water Cooled Diesel Engine

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We are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying an assorted gamut of Water Cooled
Diesel Engine that is offered in different horsepower and capacities. Designed as per the exact
requirements of our customer, our offered engine find extensive application in different areas
like construction, machinery etc. Further, we use the modern and latest techniques in order to
develop our offered product.


Precisely designed
Accurate dimension
User friendliness
Air Cooled Diesel Engine
We are offering our customer a qualitative assortment of Air Cooled Diesel Engine that is ideal
for various agricultural and industrial applications. Developed by using the sophisticated
machines and high grade raw material, our offered engine is designed in compliance with the
set industry standards. Moreover, our quality controllers inspect this range on varied quality
aspects to ensure its high efficiency.


Maximum power output
Minimum maintenance

Main Parts of an Internal Combustion Engine

Today we will learn about main parts of an engine. An internal combustion engine is the engine
in which combustion (burning of fuel) takes place inside the cylinder of engine. By burning of the
fuel high temperature and pressure force generates. This pressure force use to move the vehicle
or rotate wheels by use of some mechanism.
In an engine many parts work together and achieve the goal of converting chemical energy of
fuel into mechanical energy. These parts are bolted together and the combination of all these
parts is known as engine. Today I am going to tell you about these parts and how they work so
you can know the basic of automobile engine.

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Main Parts of an Internal Combustion Engine:

1. Cylinder block

Cylinder is the main body of IC engine. Cylinder is a part in which the intake of fuel, compression
of fuel and burning of fuel take place. The main function of cylinder is to guide the piston. It is in
direct contact with the products of combustion so it must be cooled. For cooling of cylinder a
water jacket (for liquid cooling used in most of cars) or fin (for air cooling used in most of bikes)
are situated at the outer side of cylinder. At the upper end of cylinder, cylinder head and at the
bottom end crank case is bolted. The upper side of cylinder is consists of a combustion chamber
where fuel burns. To handle all this pressure and temperature generated by combustion of fuel,
cylinder material should have high compressive strength. So it is made by high grade cast iron. It
is made by casting and usually cast in one piece.

2. Cylinder head

The top end of cylinder is closed by means of removable cylinder head. There are two holes or
ports at the cylinder head, one for intake of fuel and other for exhaust. Both the intake and
exhaust ports are closed by the two valves known as inlet and exhaust valve. The inlet valve,
exhaust valve, spark plug, injector etc. are bolted on the cylinder head. The main function of
cylinder head is to seal the cylinder block and not to permit entry and exit of gases on cover
head valve engine. Cylinder head is usually made by cast iron or aluminum. It is made by casting
or forging and usually in one piece.

3. Piston

A piston is fitted to each cylinder as a face to receive gas pressure and transmit the thrust to the
connecting rod. It is the prime mover in the engine. The main function of piston is to give tight
seal to the cylinder through bore and slide freely inside of cylinder. Piston should be light and
sufficient strong to handle the gas pressure generated by combustion of fuel. So the piston is
made by aluminum alloy and sometimes it is made by cast iron because light alloy piston
expands more than cast iron so they need more clearances to the bore.

4. Piston rings

A piston must be a fairly loose fit in the cylinder so it can move freely inside the cylinder. If the
piston is too tight fit, it would expand as it got hot and might stick tight in the cylinder and if it is
too loose it would leaks the vapor pressure. To provide a good sealing fit and less friction
resistance between the piston and cylinder, pistons are equipped with piston rings. These rings
are fitted in grooves which have been cut in the piston. They are split at one end so they can
expand or slipped over the end of piston. A small two stroke engine has two piston rings to
provide good sealing but in a four stroke engine has an extra ring which is known as oil ring.
Piston rings are made of cast iron of fine grain and high elastic material which is not affected by
the working heat. Sometimes it is made by alloy spring steel.
5. Connecting rod

Connecting rod connects the piston to crankshaft and transmits the motion and thrust of piston
to crankshaft. It converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of
crankshaft. There are two end of connecting rod one is known as big end and other as small
end. Big end is connected to the crankshaft and the small end is connected to the piston by use
of piston pin. The connecting rods are made of nickel, chrome, and chrome vanadium steels. For
small engines the material may be aluminum.

6. Crankshaft

The crankshaft of an internal combustion engine receives the efforts or thrust supplied by piston
to the connecting rod and converts the reciprocating motion of piston into rotary motion of
crankshaft. The crankshaft mounts in bearing so it can rotate freely. The shape and size of
crankshaft depends on the number and arrangement of cylinders. It is usually made by steel
forging, but some makers use special types of cast-iron such as spheroidal graphitic or nickel
alloy castings which are cheaper to produce and have good service life.
7. Engine bearing

Everywhere there is rotary action in the engine, bearings need. Bearings are used to support the
moving parts. The crankshaft is supported by bearing. The connecting rod big end is attached to
the crank pin on the crank of the crankshaft by a bearing. A piston pin at the rod small end is
used to attach the rod to the piston, also rides in bearings. The main function of bearings is to
reduce friction between these moving parts. In an IC engine sliding and rolling types of bearing
used. The sliding type bearing which are sometime called bush is use to attach the connecting
rod to the piston and crankshaft. They are split in order to permit their assembly into the
engine. The rolling and ball bearing is used to support crankshaft so it can rotate freely. The
typical bearing half is made of steel or bronze back to which a lining of relatively soft bearing
material is applied.

8. Crankcase

The main body of the engine to which the cylinder are attached and which contains the
crankshaft and crankshaft bearing is called crankcase. It serves as the lubricating system too and
sometime it is called oil sump. All the oil for lubrication is placed in it.
A four-stroke engine (also known asfour-cycle) is an internal combustion engine in which
the piston completes four separate strokes which comprise a single thermodynamic cycle. A stroke refers to the
full travel of the piston along the cylinder, in either direction. The four separate strokes are termed:

1. INTAKE: this stroke of the piston begins at top dead center. The piston descends from the top of
the cylinder to the bottom of the cylinder, increasing the volume of the cylinder. A mixture of fuel
and air is forced by atmospheric (or greater) pressure into the cylinder through the intake port.
2. COMPRESSION: with both intake and exhaust valves closed, the piston returns to the top of the
cylinder compressing the air or fuel-air mixture into the cylinder head.
3. POWER: this is the start of the second revolution of the cycle. While the piston is close to Top Dead
Centre (TDC), the compressed airfuel mixture in a gasoline engine is ignited, by a spark plug in
gasoline engines, or which ignites due to the heat generated by compression in a diesel engine. The
resulting pressure from the combustion of the compressed fuel-air mixture forces the piston back
down toward Bottom Dead Center (BDC).
4. EXHAUST: during the exhaust stroke, the piston once again returns to top dead center while the
exhaust valve is open. This action expels the spent fuel-air mixture through the exhaust valve(s).