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yes, Im whispering

Ive got something to confess: I feel sorry

you saw me born, and you indulged all those dreams of a dreamy little boy

you warmly embraced me when I came to life; you gave my very first sunshine

you got me wet with your fresh rain and your brave sea

you showed me what the green colour is

you astonish me with your seascapes until I get chills all over my arms and legs. you let me breathe your pure air, and
you touch me with your sea breeze

I learnt from you what the truly meaning of freedom is, of feeling alive.

you told me lots of stories that happened all over your streets and seaports

you showed me the importance of knowing our roots, and the need of respecting them and sharing them.

you captivated me with your magical culture and your Celtic background

and I thank you for making me aware that I dont really need more than a day to fall in love with this place, to find myself.

I must confess something

Ive been away for quite long time

yet I didnt forget you

but I didnt truly showcase how I need you and how proud of you I am

Im sorry.