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Erik van Muiswinkel - De Olieworstelaar


Together with my family and the van der Neut family, I went to a cabaret performance by
Erik van Muiswinkel in De Reggehof, Goor. It was a very fun experience.

Erik van Muiswinkel performed his show, in which he implemented actual subjects like the
refugee crisis and black pete. The main focus of the performance however was the
traditional Turkish oil wrestling. He used these topics and more to get the audience to think
about certain difficulties in a fun way. He made a lot of jokes but in between, he was really
confronting the audience with a lot of problems in the world.

A central theme that Erik van Muiswinkel built his show around was the fact that we are
very fortunate to have the wealth we have in the Netherlands. He did this in a very relatable
way by, for example, reading out a list of all his possessions, and by doing so, making it
awkwardly clear that we all had those things and we didnt even need half of it.
Furthermore he showed that whilst war, disease and starvation are ravaging over the earth,
we seem to be more concerned with little things because we are so spoiled by our wealth.

Erik van Muiswinkel performed in a very relaxed and loose way. He didnt have any props
except a simple table with a matching chair. Neither did he have any special sound effects,
music or movies in his performance. His performance was really genuine in the sense that
he didnt seem to act but he was just standing on the stage telling some stories.
Furthermore, he also really interacted a lot with the audience, which created a very special
atmosphere where if you wanted to tell Erik van Muiswinkel something, you could literally
just shout it at him and he would just answer your question or continue on the subject of
your remark. As stated under why Erik used the occasion to make clear that we are very
lucky to have the life we have and so we are obliged to think about those who are less
fortunate and he did this very well in the described way with a lot of interaction and
improvisation. He glued all this together with some funny jokes and stories which he told
very well. He squeezed in some funny impressions that he prepared to maintain the airy
atmosphere of the show and this worked very well as everyone felt comfortable to interact
with Erik van Muiswinkel and it wasnt boring at all.

Je loopt na dik anderhalf uur toch door de regen met het gevoel naar een reeks aardige
verhalen te hebben geluisterd, zonder veel onderling verband. Met weinig opzienbarende
standpunten en scherpe kanten. En das knap teleurstellend voor een theaterman van het
kaliber Van Muiswinkel.
I disagree with the review, because I thought that the loose stories told by van Muiswinkel
helped maintain this airy atmosphere that in my opinion made his show very special.
Furthermore I think that although his viewpoints might not have been very original, I do
think that the way he made them clear and his arguments were very original and presented
very well.

In conclusion I really enjoyed the show because I had never gone to a theater performance
which was so interactive and so improvised. I have to say the Erik van Muiswinkel is very
talented for being able to perform a show that is so clearly for a big part improvisation. I
thought the stories he told were told in a way that it was funny and so I didnt get bored. By
doing this he could address very serious issues and maintain the airy atmosphere.