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32 Tourism

General descriptions of tourist
to escape the crowd', makes the country

a promising choice. Nobodythe tn Sunna:tw targe tractsi' ot the country are

clams that the country boast8 S best sand. by virgin' home to a
sea and sun in the Caribbean. But that.areni There is great potential to den)op
way, precisely the point: there
either. tourism') as one ot the major
hoards Sof people income in the near tutum, says ot
As Henk Essed. director of the Sunname Harold
We dot real.y Si), director of Stir
Tourism orga:usanon which promotes
need masses of tounsts like we have in the wildlife and conRrvatin
tvst of the Canbbeatv Instead.
modest tourism sector' focuses on what
go where there are not many vxople common collocation: Ing
go to places tourtsts dotti normally go somethtng differentlunusual
live a natural, rural stvlc of life large amount of (formal)
a choice which could be a sxrygood one areas of land, collocates with large, vast,
s this use of boast for Itsting the good huge
qualities of a place (formal) ongtnal and natural
crowds, in a negative sense plants and animals (Latin); a fixed phrase
tourist industry (formal) holidays that respect the

Travel advertisements Guided tours for the

Unwind' in Estera, dscerning s traxeller. Rambles,
Ancient sites in and
recharge: in Postalia, all
modem comfort. Unrivalled
Yom under 500 Send for our
Taste of the bush): all travel in Stunning' locations.
air-conditioned4x4' vehicles Unbeatable' prices. Phone now.I

SVaterfront self- Awe-inspiring Savour t: the renov,ned

caterinz. sleep up to six national parks landscapes in our heartland

relax, reduce your general of stress

: get hack your energy (like recharging a batterv)
a term for thc trec- or grass-covered areas of Africa or Australia
pronounced four by four; vehicles With drtvtng power on all four wheels
on the cdgc of the sca or of a rtvcr
s who knows what hc/shc wants tn terms of good quality
cxtrcmcly bcauttful no other company can offer ones for the same service
't fills you wtth a scnsc of the power and txauty of what you are looking at
These thrcc aords rcptcscnt a scale of length and difficulty. A ramble ts a long, pleasant
walk, not too dcmandtng.A hike ts more dcmandtng. difficult terrain. A
trek usually of scvcral Wild country.
no other holiday programme can mate-hthts
a word typtcally used tn advcttsscments mcantng cntoy
the tnland arcas furthest away from the sca ot from bordcts With other countries

82 Engfsh Use (odyonced)