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Cat 365B L

Your Working Advantage

for High Production
3 6 5 B L : Yo u r Wo r k i n g A d v a n t a g e

T he new Cat 365B L Excavator

takes excavator design and
technology to a new level. The 365B
incorporates all the advanced features
of Cat 300 Family B-Series Excavators,
plus it features an electronically
integrated power and hydraulic system
like no other.
This system offers more power,
hydraulic control, fuel efficiency
and lift capacity. Comprehensive
365B hydraulics include valves
communication and diagnostic
capabilities make the 365B easier which reduce the natural tendency
to operate, service and repair. The of the boom and stick to drift. As
result is a high-performance, easy-to-
a result, the 365B can suspend
maintain machine.
pipe or heavy bucket loads for
The 245B Replacement long periods of time with little drift.

Designed as a replacement for the

Cat 245B, the 65-ton 365B is an
aggressive performer in digging and
trenching applications, with weight
and working ranges similar to that
of the 245B. Plus, the 365B has the
stability and lift capacity to maximize
production loading of off-highway
trucks. The 365B also features a
variable gauge undercarriage for
easy transport. Table of Contents:
Take a closer look at all the advantages Advanced Hydraulics ............................4-5
of the industrys most advanced Innovative Control ................................6-7
excavatorthe Cat 365B.
Versatility ..............................................8-9
Production-oriented Cab ..................10-11
Easy Maintenance
and Diagnostics..................................12-13
Rugged Durability ............................14-15
Dealer Support........................................16
Pass Match Specifications

OHT Reach Boom Mass Boom 365B with reach boom and 11'10"(3.6 m) stick
Model Payload (ton) 11'10" Stick 9'10" Stick
Flywheel Power 385 HP (287 kW)
769D 40 6 5 Operating Weight 149,000 lb (67 630 kg)
771D 45 7 5-6 Maximum Reach
at Ground Level 42'7" (12 980 mm)
D350E II 35 5 4-5
Maximum Digging Depth 27'7" (8400 mm)
D400E II 40 6 5

Working Advantage: Advanced Hydraulics

T he 365B maximizes hydraulic

power under any conditions. The
integrated power management system
Load sensing efficiency. Adding to
365B efficiency is a Proportional
Priority Pressure Control valve, or
precisely adjusts hydraulic power to PPPC valve system. This load-
achieve rated engine power. This sensing system, proven on the
reduces power losses, improves fuel Cat 375, accurately determines and
efficiency and lowers fuel consumption. adjusts hydraulic flow for efficient
hydraulic power and speed. And it
Powerful, Efficient Hydraulics eliminates the need for power modes.
The 365Bs advanced hydraulics deliver Smooth stops and starts. The PPPC
greater full-time power, high- system is designed to reduce swing
performance trenching and lifting, and wag, so stops and starts are smooth
an unsurpassed level of controllability. and controlled.
Precise, fine control. The 365B Excellent swing speed and torque.
features an innovative hydraulic The swing circuit, including the swing
control system that converts electrical pump, is independent of the tool and
signals from the joysticks to travel circuits. The system provides
hydraulic pressures. powerful swing acceleration during
This Caterpillar exclusive design, truck loading and torque for wall
precisely matches hydraulic response finishing during trenching.
to joystick movement. This keeps Outstanding simultaneous
machine movements in line with operation. When flow is required by
operator expectations, which increases more than one function, the electronic
confidence and productivity. joystick controls communicate the
exact requirements of each
immediately and efficiently. The
operator doesnt have to constantly
adjust the joysticks to maintain
smooth control. Overall operation
is easy and efficient for higher
levels of productivity.

The new 365B hydraulic system

is designed to maximize

simultaneous lift and swing for

high-production truck loading.

Working Advantage: Innovative Control

T he Cat 365B brings together

the very best power, hydraulic and
electronic technologiesits simply
smarter. And, its easy to operate.

Fully Integrated Control

The 365B is the first 300 Family
B-Series Excavator to feature a
fully integrated system. The operator,
engine, pumps, and hydraulics
work interactively through three
controllersa monitor controller,
a pump-valve controller and an The Vital Information Display
Advanced Diesel Engine Module System (VIDS). VIDS is a complete
(ADEM II) engine controller. These monitoring and communications
controllers get information from system that includes:
sensors, joystick movement and
keypad entry. a gauge panel for frequently
checked informationengine
This integrated monitoring and control oil pressure,
system offers these advantages: coolant and
hydraulic oil
Efficient, precise control. Engine
speed, hydraulic pressure and priority,
or fuel level
plus other machine functions are
constantly monitored and adjusted, a message center for easy-to-
so the 365B offers smooth, precise read information about
control, high productivity and ultra- operating
efficient, cost-effective operation. conditions,
faults or
Custom operating choices. Joystick abnormalities
controls on the 365B allow operators in the language
to adjust the feel to match individual the operator chooses
preferences for applications. With
the touch of a switch, operators can a keypad for sending
choose: fast and aggressive, slow instructions or making operating
and smooth or a setting in between. adjustments
If options other than the three factory with the
presets are desired, a service technician touch of
can change settings quickly and a button
easily with the Electronic Technician complete diagnostics that can
(ET) tool. be retrieved by a technician with
the ET service tool
Operating data on demand.
Communication between controllers or
between the machine and operator is
possible via an exclusive, Caterpillar
developed electronic information link.
This link also allows critical machine
information to be downloaded to a PC
using the ET service tool.
Two Work Modes
With two work modes available at the
touch of a button, the operator can
choose the optimum engine speed and
hydraulic flow for the work situation.
Digging Mode. This mode is
designed for high-production truck
loading and trenching, high-speed
travel and hammer use.
Heavy Lift Mode. When activated,
lift capacity or digging force is
increased by 9%. When Heavy
Lift Mode is on, actuator speed
is restricted to ensure excellent

Engine Efficiency
The 365B is the first Cat Excavator to
use the proven 3196 Air-To-Air
Aftercooled (ATAAC) engine with an
Advanced Diesel Engine Module
(ADEM II) fuel system. The system
optimizes fuel injection volume and
timing to improve fuel efficiency and
engine performance.

Automatic Engine Control (AEC)

The AEC greatly reduces sound levels
for easier communication and reduces
fuel consumption. Lower engine
speeds also increase engine life and
reduce repair and maintenance costs.
Activate the AEC by pressing the
button on the keypad. Selecting AEC
1 will automatically reduce engine
speed by 100 rpm if light or no-load
conditions occur for more than three
seconds. In the same situation, if the
AEC indicator is set on 2, engine
speed will automatically reduce to
1300 rpm.
The one-touch low-idle button,
located on the top of the right
joystick, cuts engine speed from
high idle to 1000 rpm.
Using any hydraulic function
automatically returns the engine to
the throttle setting.

Working Advantage: Versatility

W ith a variety of configurations and

work tools available, the 365B
can be customized to meet your
Ground Engaging Tools (GET).
A wide range of Cat GET is available
to maximize bucket performance
specific application needs. A large and extend wear life. Tip options
undercarriage and 21,610 lb (9,800 kg) include short, long, long heavy duty,
counterweight increase lift capacity and penetration, wide, sharp and abrasion
stability, and the 365B has the highest heavy duty tips.
drawbar pull in its class.
Mechanical and Hydro-Mechanical
Tools. A variety of Cat Work Tools
Undercarriage are available to meet demolition needs
The 365B undercarriage is a variable including: contractor grapples,
gauge design which allows tracks to pulverizers, shears, multi-processors,
be spread for optimum stability on site and hammers. Ask your Cat Dealer
and retracted to a reduced width for for more information.
easier transport.
Work tool protection. To protect
work tools from excessive hydraulic
Cat Work Tools flow, a constant flow function
With Cat Work Tools you have the maintains fixed volume, regardless
advantage of tools that are designed of load pressure. Four flow rates
specifically for your application and can be set using ET to match tool
precisely matched to the 365B. and application.

Buckets. Three types of buckets

are available for the 365B:
Excavation for general purpose
excavation and truck loading
Mass excavation for mass
earthmoving and high-
production truck loading
V-type excavation with a V
or spade edge for improved
penetration in tough materials

Hammers. Cat hydraulic hammers

are built to deliver power and
reliability. Because hammers
are sensitive to back pressure,
365B hydraulics are designed to
reduce back pressure and
prevent overheating.
Reach Boom
25'7" (7.8 m)
Versatility with best balance
of reach, dig depth, lifting
and digging forces

15'4" 11'10" 9'4"

(4.67 m) (3.6 m) (2.84 m)

Mass Excavation Boom

21'7" (6.59 m)
Higher force levels and larger
buckets for mass excavation and
high-production loading

9'10" 8'5"
(3.0 m) (2.57 m)

Long Variable Gauge
Length:19'3" (5860 mm)
Gauge: 9'0"10'8"(2750-3250 mm)
Ground Clearance: 28" (720 mm)

Working Advantage: Production-oriented Cab

T he 365B cab is wider, longer and

higher than the mid-size B-Series
cabs. Operators will find it easy,
Climate control. The air conditioner
automatically adjusts air flow
according to temperature settings.
efficient and comfortable to operate.
New cab mounting system. Viscous
mounts reduce vibration and minimize
Operator Cab Upgrades sound levels in the cab.
Vital Information Display System.
VIDS gauges, message center and
keypad are all conveniently located in
the front right of the cab for easy
viewing and operation. VIDS offers
operators more options and
information than ever before.
Low-effort controls. Joysticks,
travel lever and pedal all require
minimal force.
Grouped switches. Switches most
often used for operation are
conveniently located on the
right console.
Adjustable seat and control lever
consoles. Operators can adjust them
independently or as a unit to
customize to individual preference.
Tilt console. Both sides of the
upper seat can be raised or lowered
independently. This allows levers
to be adjusted to exactly the right
height for the operator.
Comfortable foot pedals. Foot
pedals are as far forward as possible
and feature a new shape designed to
make travel easier during fine control The 365B Cab keeps operators working at
work. Large footrests are installed peak performance. Comfort features and
beside each pedal. the advanced VIDS system allow the
highest levels of efficiency.
Straight travel pedal option. A
single pedal for straight forward and
reverse travel offers an advantage for
traveling when trenching.

Working Advantage: Easy Maintenance and Diagn

M ore time on the job. Reduced

owning and operating costs.
The 365B is designed to be easy
More Information from the
Electronic Technician
to service, diagnose and repair. The Electronic Technician (ET)
is a comprehensive service tool that
Convenient Maintenance allows service technicians to access all
When routine maintenance is quick and the controllers on the 365B quickly and
easy to perform, it gets done. And, that easily. Once connected to the machine,
means more time on the job. the ET comes on with a turn of the
excavator start key.
Longer Intervals. Oil and filter
intervals have been extended from PC compatible. The ET allows a
250 to 500 hours, so you can stay on personal computer to communicate
the job longer. with the machine, to confirm each
controller is operating correctly and
Daily maintenance. Catwalks make to identify problems.
access to service doors and the upper
structure convenient. The left-side Fast, easy changes. The 365B
catwalk runs the length of the uses flash memory, so programs
machine, providing access to the cab, for the controllers can be changed
radiator and air cleaner compartments. by simply flash downloading new
parameters. This reduces the time
Central lube points. Lubricate and effort spent by service technicians
stick, boom and swing bearings at and increases uptime.
grouped blocks.
Standard Radial Seal Air Filters.
The filters can be changed in seconds
without using tools.
Engine access. The engine can be
serviced from the upper structure or
below the engine. The hood is spring-
assisted for easy open and lock.
SOS sampling valves. On the Top: Six cartridge-type hydraulic
hydraulic system and the engine oil oil filters provide high-level filtration
system, these make sampling quick,
easy and clean. as well as fast, clean changes.

Bottom: The Cat 3196 Diesel Engine

ATAAC (Air-To-Air Aftercooled)

is a highly reliable, low-

maintenance engine.

Working Advantage: Rugged Durability

T he 365B performs with the

same rugged durability found
in all Cat Excavators, so you can
Upper Structure
An I-shaped steel reinforcement of the
take on the toughest applications main frame increases strength.
with confidence. Robotic welding
Side doors. In the closed position,
and automated fabrication assure
side doors can be automatically
consistently high quality throughout
locked to safeguard components.
the manufacturing process.
Boom foot. Extra-thick side plates
Front Linkage give better rigidity to the boom
foot area.
All booms and sticks are reinforced and
stress-relieved for added strength. Cab skirt. Cold steel drawn through
a roller sets the shape which ensures
Booms. Large cross sections and
uniform strength throughout the rail.
forged steel in high-stress areas make
them strong and durable.
Lower Structure
Sticks. All are reinforced with thick
The large swing bearing and modified
bottom plates for rigidity.
X-shaped carbody spread stresses over
a wide area for longer life.
Track roller frame. The fabricated
U-section design with thick steel
plates is robotically welded for
consistent, durable quality.
Durable Cat undercarriage.
Designed specifically for excavator
applications, its rugged and lasts in
the toughest conditions.
W o r k i n g A d v a n t a g e : To t a l D e a l e r S u p p o r t

T he power, performance, efficiency

and durability of the 365B add up
to a strong working advantage. And
Flexible financing, rental and lease
options that make it easy to put the
365B to work on your jobs
our Total Dealer Support helps you
keep that advantage with: Customer Support Agreements to
minimize cost and maximize uptime
Parts on demand, where and when
you need them Your expertise combined with our
service and supportand the 365B
Expert service in the shop or on delivers the strongest working
your site advantage for high production.
Machine management advice to
help you get the most from your
With a computerized worldwide dealer investment
network and the ability to locate parts

24 hours a day, Caterpillar has the most

efficient parts network in the industry.

This assures that any downtime will be

kept to an absolute minimum.

AEDC0603-01 1999 Caterpillar

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