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Danna Mae T.

Yuzon Class Observation Critique 3

EDL 231 Prof. Romyln Metila


The Grade 9 class we observed was under Prof. Immanuel Verzo but it was his student teacher,
Ms. Nicole Catrina Santos who took charge of the class on the day we came. The class was currently having
their series of discussions on their novel for their HRR (Home Reading Report) so the first 30 minutes of
the period was allotted for their HRR quiz, inclusive of the review time for their answers. A review of their
previous discussion regarding the book entitled House of the Scorpion immediately followed and after
which was the giving of task cards for the group activity. Around 15 minutes were given for the group
work and then two groups were given the chance to present their outputs already. Since there was not
enough time, the teacher said that they will continue with the group presentations on the following

There was not much instructional materials used since the subject matter for the day was just
the review of the previous discussion they had on a chapter of the book and then group work which
introduced them to a new chapter too. The outputs of the students served as visuals. It was a good thing
that the teacher was able to efficiently do chalk talk while facilitating the review for the students. She
managed to take note too of the salient points of the students regarding the previous lesson they had and
better still, she was able to provide a smooth transition from the review to the group activity.

Since it was a group activity after a recap and anchored on the next lesson they will discuss, one
aim of the teacher was not just to make the students recall the important insights they got from the
previous chapter but also discuss the main ideas and themes of the next book chapter by performing the
assigned task given to each group. These two objectives were achievable and just specific enough to cover
only what the class can accomplish during the day so the teacher did not need to rush.

Aside from the objectives, the teachers style in classroom management is another positive factor
which affected the learning of the students. The class is relatively fine as compared with other classes I
observed which are out rightly so passive. In 9-Iron, some listen well and always participate, some do
other things but still participate while the rest are in between. Generally, the behavior of the students is
still tolerable and the teacher definitely has high tolerance for them. Before the class began, it was
important that the teacher clarified first what must be left only on the desk before the quiz started. The
class was organized because it did not just start right away but instead, the teacher assured first that
everyone is ready, has settled down and prepared the things they would need only. The quiz was
conducted systematically too because there was no noise or any other distraction. Students just raise their
hands and wait for the teacher to come in order to address their concern. The teacher knew how to
discern well too because when she noticed that many were already asking about the same question, she
called the attention of the class already and explained it to them. She clarified that particular part of the
test well enough. One thing though which could also have been done was the explicit writing of time left
on the board so that the students become aware and more conscious of their pacing in the exam too. This
is to avoid instances when students become suddenly surprised when the teacher says that there is just a
minute left. If time left for working is consistently being updated on the board, students become more
watchful and also accountable of the way they use their time. But despite the lack for this, the quiz
booklets were still collected just in time.

After the quiz, a purposeful review on the previous chapter of their book was initiated by the
teacher. It was purposeful because the themes are very connected too to the next chapter which they will
also tackle. The sound quality of questions is evident because the right answers are easily being drawn
from the students and the teacher does not need to dig that much for the students to produce the desired
answers. This could be because she started first from the very basic or easy ones to the more complex
ones, while making sure that GPU (Gradual Psychological Unfolding) was still integrated. Answers of
students were not just left but were processed and used to transition to the next question/s. It was an
advantage too that the students were so perceptive and most of their answers really hit the points which
the teacher would want to emphasize. Turn-taking has been made less intimidating for the students since
most of the answers of their classmates are quite open-ended, hence, it would be easy to nominate
oneself to share something or bid someone to also express his / her thoughts about the matter being
addressed. Discussion became more natural and free-flowing too because of the teachers way of
discussing and asking questions. She has a light, jovial attitude towards teaching and it emanated on the
way she dealt with her students. The ambience she creates in class is so positive and her talking with
students is nice too. The way she explains things displays her mastery of the subject matter and she can
process good answers effortlessly, as if she was just talking to her dear friend. Her genuine smile is an
added strength too because it makes the students feel assured that their ideas are being accepted and
valued so they can really express what they need to.

Given that the personality of the teacher was a big factor to her success in teaching, another thing
as important as this was her pedagogy. The group activity seemed to lack organization because aside from
the absence of time allotment and (maybe) criteria, the 15 minute time was a bit fast for some enterprises.
Also, when the groups were asked to go back to their seats, it took time. The teacher was not that strict
when it comes to mobilization so the students did not have a sense of urgency every time they move from
one place to another. Besides, this is one thing which they should have developed in themselves already
being alert all the time. There was also no time check in the group activity so while some groups are
already almost done, some are still starting. It became difficult to call their attention back also because
the teacher did not strongly reiterate such time reminder. Hence, it would be necessary to really tell the
class all instructions and rules first before letting them go and do their task.

Another important life lesson on teaching has been learned as the student teacher was observed.
Do things one step at a time and make sure that your positivity as a teacher influences your students too.
I would want to emulate the student teachers gentle and pleasing countenance when having a discussion
in class. It would be helpful too if I will be able to create a positive, friendly ambiance in the classroom so
that a dynamic classroom interaction is achieved. Teaching is indeed full of wonders and colors
becoming positive despite utter gray and black is just one of those.