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Mentor: Brief CV

1. Mentor Information
b] Present Designation Professor
c] Age as on today (Year/Months)
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) 50
d] Address of affiliated workplace Centre for Biotechnology,
Anna University,
Chennai - 600 025
e] Whether your workplace is UGC-recognized. Yes
f] Whether the workplace is eligible for planning & development
grant from UGC under 12B act 1956
g] Whether you will retire/superannuate/move from current
workplace within the next 3 years. If YES, a letter from the
concerned Head of the Department permitting to provide the
facilities to the DSKPDF fellow must be enclosed.
2. Number of Ph.D. students guided so far
a] Degree awarded 10
b] Currently working 12
3. Publications
a] Total Number of Publication in International Journals 59
b] Total Number of Publication in National Journals 58
c] List of publications in the last five years
(Title of the paper, Authors, Volume No, See Annexure- I
Page No/DOI No, Publication Year, Journal)
4. Laboratory Facilities
a] Whether the infrastructure and equipment needed for the Yes
proposed postdoctoral work for DSKPDF is available at laboratory If yes please specify in brief:
Almost all the instruments are
ready to use.
b] In case the mentor is a retired Professor/ Scientist, a letter from Not applicable
the concerned Head of the Department permitting Departmental
facilities the DSKPDF fellow to be availed must be enclosed. (Highlight your choice)

Name & signature of mentor

Annexure I

Vol. No.
Author List Year Title of the Paper Full Journal Name Page No./
1. T. Suganya and 2016 Macroalgae and microalgae as a Renewable and Vol 55, 909941
S. Renganathan potential source for commercial Sustainable Energy
applications along with biofuels Reviews
production: A biorefinery
2. Lavanya Melcure 2016 Hydrothermal liquefaction of Bioresource Technology 203,228-235
Raj and freshwater and marine algal
Renganathan biomass: A novel approach to
Sahadevan produce distillate fuel fractions
through blending and co-
processing of biocrude with
3. Ramaswami 2015 A comparative study on Polymer Composites DOI: 10.1002/pc.23654
Sachidanandan dielectric, structure, and thermal
Ernest and behavior of micro- and nano-
Sahadevan sized CCTO in nylon 6,9 matrix
4. Ramaswami 2015 Studies on the structural, Science and Engineering DOI 10.1515/secm-2014-0342
Sachidanandan thermal, and dielectric properties of Composite Materials
Ernest and of fabricated Nylon
Sahadevan 6,9/CaCu3Ti4O12
Renganathan nanocomposites
5. Nambirajan 2015 Bio-oil separation from potential Separation Science and Vol 50, Issue 13
Subramanian non-edible urban waste Technology
Renganathan Putranjiva roxburghii
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Renganathan S silver nanoparticles in plant
polysaccaridesin and their effect
on sustained drug release
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and S.Renganthan of the fruits of Terminalia Phytopharmacology
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and S.Renganthan potential of aqueous and plants studies
alcoholic extract of Triphala
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Renganathan Biosynthesized Silver and nano engineering
Nanoparticles Using Kigelia
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Renganathan S nanoparticles from aqueous
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and bactericidal effects
11. Subha V and 2015 An Eco-Friendly approach for Asian J Pharm Clin Res Vol 4(5), 0974-2441
Renganathan S synthesis of silver nanoparticles
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S. Renganathan alginate /Ag beads for tertiary and nano engineering
water treatment
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release from porous collagen chemical sciences
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antimicrobial potentail of
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and S.Renganthan methanol extract of terminalia pharmaceutical and
chebula fruits chemical sciences
16. Sureshan 2015 Metabolism modification and Research journal of Vol.19(8).
Shiyamala Devi cell death induction in cancer chemistry and
And Sahadevan cell lines after the chloroform environment
Renganathan extract of Kocuria sp. SRS88
17. Pandian Sivakumar 2014 An Eco-Friendly Catalyst International Journal of 11: 886897
and Derived from Waste Shell Of Green Energy
Sahadevan Scylla tranquebarica For
Renganathan Biodiesel Production.
18. Suganya 2014 Ultrasonic assisted acid base Fuel Vol 128, Pages 347355
Tamilarasan and transesterification of algal oil
Renganathan from marine macroalgae
Sahadevan. Caulerpa peltata: Optimization
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19. Shiyamala devi 2014 Pyrrolo [1,2-A] Pyrazine-1,4- IJPRD Vol 6(02), (044-055).
Sureshan dione, hexahydro-3-(2-
Renganathan methylpropyl)- and phenol, 2,4-
Sahadevan Bis (1,1-dimethy ethyl)novel
antibacterial metabolites from a
marine Kocuria sp. SRS88:
Optimization and its application
in medical cotton gauze cloth
against bacterial wound
20. K. Saranya Devi 2014 Synthesis and characterization of International journal of Vol 6, NO 10, 4533-4541
and coper nano particle using chem tech research
S. Renganathan Capparis zeylanica
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S. Renganathan Nanoparticles Incorporated With ChemTech research
Gelatin For Sustained Drug
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and characterization of silver
Sahadevan nanoparticle using leaf extract of
Renganathan capparis zeylanica
23. P. Kalainila and 2014 Synthesis and characterization of Asian J Pharm Clin Res Vol 7, Suppl2, 39-43
Sahadevan silver nanoparticle from
Renganathan erythrina indica
24. G. Baskar 2014 Optimization, equilibrium, Desalination and Water Volume 52, Issue 19-21
S. Renganathan kinetic modeling, and Treatment
thermodynamic studies of
biosorption of aniline blue by the
dead biomass of Aspergillus
25. Sneha Yadav and 2014 Accumulation of Malachite Asian Journal of Vol. 26, Article 9
Renganathan Green and Crystal Violet Dye Chemistry
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Single Cell Microalgae
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S. Renganathan Biodiesel Production using Reaction Engineering and
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28. Ramachandran .K 2013 Lipid Extraction from natural Korean Journal of DOI: 10.1007/s11814-013-
Renganathan S. Plant Source of Adenanthera Chemical Engineering 0241-2
pavonina using mixed solvent by
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29. Padmanaban 2013 Synthesis of Silver Nanorods Industrial and Engineering
Sivakumar and from Food Industrial Waste and Chemistry Research
Sahadevan Their Application in Improving
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Acid Red 88 from Aqueous
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S. Renganathan from active compound quercetin- Pharmaceutical and
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S. Renganathan wound site and inhibiting Pharmaceutical Science
Methicillin resistant
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Renganathan plants- A Review
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S. Renganathan demersum plant
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Renganathan Conditions and Bench-Scale
Sahadevan Production of L-Asparaginase by
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Sahadevan process and Kinetics of Sterculia Chemistry Research
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Sahadevan production
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and operating conditions
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and mixed waste vegetable oil using
S. Renganathan an Aluminium hydrogen sulphate
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Artificial Neural Network linked
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medicinal mushroom using
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