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TS4000 Radio Modem

High Speed
Channel Rates

Packet Data
Operation with
Data Repeating

Network Wide
Monitoring of
Radio and Data
Applications Key Features
Water and Waste Water Management Provides high speed channel rates
Oil and Gas Field Monitoring in excess of 19,200 bits per second
Differential GPS and RTK Surveying Selectable operating modes for
Traffic Monitoring and Control transparent and packet data operation
Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Provides addressed communications
CAD Dispatch and Messaging
for devices that are not directly
addressable themselves
Security/Alarm System Management
Includes store-and-forward data
repeating for wide area coverage
Advanced Performance
Provides two individually configurable
The TS4000 is a high performance radio data ports
modem supporting over the air data rates
in excess of 19,200 bits per second. Its Supports data activation (three wire)
advanced data processing architecture and RTS/CTS handshake protocols
allows high data throughput even on narrow Includes powerful network diagnostics
12.5, 7.5 and 6.25 kHz channels. The TS4000 for non-intrusive monitoring of all radio
incorporates a wide range of high perform- and data network functions
ance radio modules which meet the stringent Built-in bit error rate (BER) monitoring
demands of both domestic and international
regulatory agencies. Advanced features Configurable RF output power levels
including address selective store-and-forward Programmable receive sensitivity level
data repeating, multilevel packet manage- (squelch) for use on noisy channels
ment, remote system adjustment and network
Watertight case option for field work
wide diagnostics makes the TS4000 the new
and marine installations
benchmark for next generation radio modems.

providing complete Wireless Data Solutions

2635 North First Street, Suite 205 San Jose, CA 95134 800 MODEMS 4 408 232 0180 408 232 0188 Fax
TS4000 Radio Modem
Integrated AirNet Packet Data Protocol
Allows user directed transmissions to only
selected destinations.
Provides addressed communications for
devices that are not directly addressable
Can be optimized for point to point, point to
multipoint, and full mesh networks.
Supports group and all-call broadcast
Built-in CSMA/CA algorithm minimizes
transmission collisions to maximize channel
efficiency and utilization.
Individual TS4000s can be configured as
store-and-forward data repeaters to extend
radio network coverage.

Advanced Diagnostics
Non-intrusive operation efficiently mixes
application and diagnostic messages.
Flexible Data Interfaces
Radio and data communications metrics
Two highly configurable user data serial ports.
available from all nodes in network.
Primary port supports connection to virtually
any asynchronous user device. Field node parameters remotely settable
from other nodes in network.
Secondary port used as diagnostics port,
synchronous port, or separately addressable Diagnostics control integrated with user
packet data port. data or accessible through separate port.
Full Handshake and Data Activation modes
supported on both ports. PC Configurable
Data Activation mode requires only Windows based configuration software
receive and transmit data lines for provides quick setup and testing of TS4000
full communications with user device. radio modems and networks.
Data rates from 300 to 38,400 baud. TS4000 flash memory program storage
RS-232, RS-485 or TTL signal levels. allows easy in-field firmware upgrades.
Free technical support provided during all
Integrated RF Transceiver phases of installation and use.
Synthesized transceivers cover
VHF, UHF, 800 and 900 MHz bands. Rugged and Reliable
Programmable RF output power levels. Optional watertight housing and connections
designed to withstand abuse from field and
Channel frequencies, stored in internal flash
marine use.
memory, selectable on-the-fly using simple
ASCII command strings. External interfaces protected against voltage
transients, reversed polarity, electrical shorts
Selectable Channel Protocols and high VSWR.
User selectable scrambling codes for private Two year no nonsense warranty.
network communications.
Teledesign Systems provides a complete line of
Optional error correction block coding (FEC)
wireless data equipment including high speed
with bit interleaving to correct channel
wireless modems, RF amplifiers, antennas,
induced data errors.
duplexer kits, power supplies, cables and DGPS
User selectable transparent or AirNet packet surveying accessories.
data transfer modes.

This product is available for domestic and international sale.

For domestic sale, some frequency bands have not been
approved by the Federal Communications Commission.
Therefore, some devices are not, and may not be, offered for
sale or lease, or sold or leased within the United States and
its territories until approval of the FCC has been obtained.

2635 North First Street, Suite 205 San Jose, CA 95134 800 MODEMS 4 408 232 0180 408 232 0188 Fax