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World Tamil Population

The Tamil people number around 74 million in the world. The Tamil people are an
ethnic group from South Asia. They have a written history of more than 2,000 years.
Traditionally, they have been living in the southern parts of India and the the
northeastern parts of Srilanka

Tamil Australia

Estimated Tamil populations in Australia are over 30,000 peoples,

spread out in all the six states. There is more than Ten Hindu temples
spread over all the states. Majority of Tamils live in New South Wales
and Victoria states.

Tamil Bahrain

Estimated Tamil populations in Bahrain are over 7,000 peoples; most

of them are workers and professionals.

Tamil Britain

Estimated Tamil populations in Britain are over 300,000 peoples. Sri Lankan
estimated Tamils are 200,000 among the entire Britain Tamil population.

Tamil Canada
Estimated Tamil populations in Canada are over 300,000 peoples. 90% of the
Tamil population is Sri Lankan. There are many Tamil Organizations who keep
the Tamil culture alive. There are many Tamil temples and churches all around

Tamil Denmark

Estimated Tamil populations are Denmark is over 7,000 people. Tamil

population has got well adapted to the Danish environment.

Tamil Fiji
Estimated Tamil populations in Fiji are more than 110,000. Indians were
brought to Fiji by the British to work on sugarcane plantations. Lord Murukan
too arrived to the shores of Fiji Islands

Tamil France

Estimated Tamil populations in France over 100,000 peoples. Many Hindu

temples are serving the community well religiously and culturally, not
only in the capital but also in the suburbs.

Tamil Germany
Estimated Tamil populations in Germany are over50,000 peoples, more
than 50% of them from Sri Lanka.The youth are being well trained in
their religion and culture at home and in weekend schools in rented
halls using texts from Sri Lanka.

Tamil India (Tamil Nadu):

Estimated Tamil populations in Tamil Nadu are over 55 million. The

pride of many Tamils is the language Tamil itself. Scholars recognize
Tamil to be one of India's two languages of antiquity. Tamil Nadu is a
beautiful state nestled in the southern Indian peninsula, on the shores
of the Bay of Bengal and the deep blue Indian Ocean. It is a heady
combination of tropical climate, cooler hill resorts, ancient culture, and
friendly people making it an ideal holiday destination.
Tamil Indonesia:
Estimated Tamil populations in Indonesia are 2,000 to 10,000 people.
Indonesia had 50,000 Tamils at a point of time and they were taken
there by the Dutch colonial masters in the 1830s to build up their
plantations. They were used as hard labor and, as the conditions were
not conducive, many returned in the 1940s.

Tamil Italy:

Estimated Tamil populations in Italy are over 25,000 peoples.

Tamil Malaysia
Estimated Tamil populations in Malaysia over 1,060,000 peoples.
Initially the migration was to work in the rubber plantations, but later
turned to trade and other professions mostly in the government sector
such as the railways and the PWD.

Tamil Mauritius:

Estimated Tamil populations in Mauritius are over 115,000 peoples. The

larger populations are from the southern state of Tamil Nadu who
arrived there since 1727 to work in the sugar cane plantations.

List Updated on Aug/2008

Country Percent Nuumbers

Reunion 21.00 120,000
Sri Lanka 18.2 3,000,000
Fiji 9.60 80,000
Mayritius 8.01 100,000
Malaysia 7.20 1,800,000
Singapore 7.10 250,000
India 5.63 62,110,000
Canada 0.91 300,000
Switzerland 0.53 40,000
South Afria 0.52 250,000
United Kingdom 0.32 200,000
Norway 0.27 13,063