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ISO 20000 As described on other pages of this site, ISO 20000 is the international ITIL is the 'IT
The Contents standard for IT Service management. LIbrary'. It is
essentially a collection
The Benefits However, ISO 20000 itself is part of a much bigger picture, in that it aligns of volumes detailing a
number of 'disciplines'
ISO 20000 with ITIL, the IT Infrasture Library. This relationship is often illustrated via a and processes for IT
Service management.
Download diagram such as the one below:
It was first published
ISO 20000 & in the nineties by a
ITIL department of the UK
Government, known
Contact Page then as the CCTA,
although is quickly
became internationally
recognized and

ITIL itself does not

offer corporate or
certification: but
rather personal
certification. It offers
three levels of
certificate to suitable
trained and tested
Practitioner and

Clearly, however, there is also a relationship with other management

protocols and frameworks. This will be explored as additional features are
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