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Integrated Exam
Exceeds Meets Expectations Needs Improvement Fails to Meet
Expectations Expectations
Physical Meets all criteria Effectively chooses a Choice of PE regions Examines 1 areas
Exam for meets minimum of 2 pertinent not the correct choices poorly missing
expectations body regions to examine given the CC, examines multiple
and chooses (given the chief complaint) only 1 region but does components, poor
more than 2 and integrates those regions it well, or assesses 2 osteopathic
pertinent regions with a minimum of two of areas but poorly. evaluation only
for PE and the following: a structural Assesses less than 2 looking at one
multiple areas for exam, Zinc exam, areas osteopathically, area or less,
osteopathic assessment for TART, or more than two but misses 2-3 of the
considerations viscerosomatics, chapmans. poorly related to the ABCs or is
Also evaluates for each of CC. Misses 1-2 of the completely
the A (Autonomics), B ABC evaluation for the unprepared and
(biomechanics), C CC. unpracticed for
(circulation) For the CC. the session
Integration Meets Integrates the above Includes osteopathic Poor incorporation
components for examination causing minimal components but poor of osteopathic
Meets position changes of the flow and multiple components,
Expectations patient, appears practiced patient position unpracticed,
and and thoughtful, completes changes, does not forgets exam
Fluidly integrates system/body area exam with appear practiced, just components,
the exam, few times having to go back tacks the OMM unprepared,
appears to regions- jumps around in component on at the osteopathic
practiced, concise PE rarely end, many position considerations an
and organized changes afterthought
Meets the criteria Chooses osteopathic Chooses some Poorly chosen
Osteopathic for meets examination relevant to the osteopathic osteopathic
Consider- expectations & CC which would benefit from examination that is examination,
ations assesses multiple OMT and help the relevant to the CC but irrelevant to the
areas proximal physiology and health of the minimal consideration CC, misses key
and distal that patient and misses key elements and
affect the related elements considerations of
anatomy and the CC-
physiology, such unprepared
as short leg,
upper /lower
crossed, distal
Evaluation of Partner
Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Needs Improvement Fails to Meet
Meets all the criteria for Able to evaluate most (3- Able to evaluate 2-3 body Able to evaluate 2 or less
Meets expectations 5)body regions in 15 regions in 15 minutes, has body regions in 15
and able to evaluate 5-9 minutes, Most diagnoses difficulty making minutes, has difficulty
body regions in 20 are correct, able to diagnoses, some making diagnoses,
minutes, most diagnoses delineate either key lesion diagnoses are incorrect, cannot remember how
correct, can identify key or identify where they misses or does not to diagnose body areas
somatic dysfunction and would start and why, able diagnose key areas of with prompting, multiple
describe where they to identify significant areas somatic dysfunction incorrect diagnoses,
would start treatment of somatic dysfunction unable to identify major
somatic dysfunction

Treatment with OMT

Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Needs Improvement Fails to Meet
Meets all the criteria for Effectively chooses a Utilizes correct treatment Unable to remember
Meets expectations technique to best address without effect on somatic treatments for
with full resolution of the type of somatic dysfunction, struggles dysfunction even with
somatic dysfunction, dysfunction, utilizes a with correct treatment prompting, ineffective
treatment considers technique with good effect positions but achieves treatment, causes pain
proximal and distal and partial to full with prompting, chooses to the patient or
considerations resolution of the somatic techniques that may not dangerous positioning,
dysfunction, appears well best address the somatic poor choice of technique
practiced, fluid and dysfunction given the somatic
comfortable with use dysfunction

Preparedness for the Came prepared to the session with the Unable to demonstrate an integrated
session ability to demonstrate an integrated physical examination. Was late to the
physical examination. Was on time. session, participation was minimal,
Participated in the event. disrespectful, inconsiderate of partner.
Respectful peer Gave positive and negative feedback to Did not participate, was disrespectful to
feedback on diagnosis peer in a respectful, constructive, partners work, did not give adequate
and treatment professional way feedback
Sensitivity to touch and Takes patient autonomy, respect and Is disrespectful or inconsiderate to patient
treatment of patient comfort into account when diagnosing comfort and positioning
with OMT and treating with OMT