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a slwim Symphonic Suite From JORD2RI THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING KJ” Music by HOWARD SHORE Arranged by JOHN WHITNEY INSTRUMENTATION 1 Conductor 1 Ist Horn in F 3. Percussion | (Tam-Tam, 1 Solo Boy Vocal | 2nd Horn in F Brake Drum, 1 C Piccolo 13rd Horn in F Wood Block) 1 Ist C Flute 14th Horn in F 2 Percussion Il (Snare 1 nd C Flute 1 Ist Bb Trumpet Drum, Large 1 Ist Oboe | 2nd B> Trumpet Tom-Tom) 1 and Oboe | 3rd Bb Trumpet 2. Percussion Ill (Bass Drum, | 1 Ise B> Clarinet 1 Ist Trombone Suspended Cymbal) | 1 2nd Bb Clarinet | 2nd Trombone 8 IstViolin 1 Bb Bass Clarinet 1 3rd Trombone 8 2ndViolin | 1 Ist Bassoon 1 Tuba 5 Viola | | 2nd Bassoon 1 Timpani 5 Cello | 5 String Bass | Please note: Our band and orchestra music is now being collated by an automatic high-speed system. The enclosed parts are now sorted by page count. rather than score order. We hope this will not present any dificulty for you in distributing the parts. Thank you for your understanding, CONDUCTOR Symphonic Suite from THE LORD OF THE RINGS THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING “The Flown Theme” Mase by HOWARD SHORE Arranged by JOHN WHITNEY Mareato J 1 & Solo Boy Vocal CPrccolo CFs Bb Clarinet Bb Bass Clarinet Hom iF Bb Trumpets “Trombones pe t v “The Fellowship Theme” Music by HOWARD SHORE Mareaty = 168 3 2001 New LINE TUNES (ASAP) ‘his Aragemeat © 202 NEW LINE TUNES ASCAP) an SOUTH FIFTH AVENUE PUBLISHING (ASCAP) Tt Rigs for NEW LINE TUNES Amine by WB MUSIC CORP (ASCP) ‘Al Rigs Rensredncading Pee Peron Vocal Pree cs This. 2 ‘Toas.2 uta Timp. Pee 1 Pere IL Vins. Viola cello Sit Bass FoMo20n3c ‘Conductor 3 “The Prophecy” - Masi by HOWARD SHORE ‘Textby RR TOLKIEN [z7]Sostemato 4= 60 Adapted by PHILIPPA BOYENS Vest He = =3y Tons.2| Tuba Timp. ee 1. ere. ere. I “The Prophecy” Music by HOWARD SHORE Text by RR TOLKIEN FF sestenuto J=40 MABE4 bY FHLIPPA BOYENS Vins. * a Viola celta Se Bass a 2s 26 n 1 > Fonaonsc, (©2001 NEW LINE TUNES (ASCAP) Conductor 5 “Concerning Hobbs”. Masic by HOWARD SHORE 5 Legziero 3104 | cmp eeD “Concerning Hobbits”. Music by HOWARD SHORE BS) regeiero 4 104 . . Vocal Pies ris! 2 Ts.2 ‘Toba Timp. Pre | Pere IL Pere. vine Viola cello Se Bass roman * » o rT 2 o “ s Conductor-7 Te.2 ‘Taba Timp. Pere Pec. Per. tL Viola cello Ser Bass (Conductor - 10 Vocal Pice. Fi 2 This.2 Tons. | Timp. Pere I Pere IL Pere. Viola calle Str Bass romon003¢ o 6 6 6 o « Timp. Per wsicks, sare of, |, 32. ret | Perel “Three Is Company” - Music by HOWARD SHORE proc [9 Sostenuto 4=72 View 7 Viola cello Se Bass @ = 7 rosmonc (© 2001 NEW LINE TUNES (ASCAP) Conductor 12 76) “In Dreams” Words ad Music by FRAN WALSH and HOWARD SHORE I-76 Vocal Pree 1 Fe! obs. cs Tp. Timp. Pere Perc. tt Perc “Im Dreams” - Words and Music by FRAN WALSH and HOWARD SHORE i=76 Vins. ~—— Viola cal. Se: Bass ~ o a ona ‘02001 NEW LINE TUNES (ASCAP) and SOUTH FIFTH AVENUE PUBLISHING (ASCAP) 2 a (Conductor- 13, “Shortt to Mushroom” - Music by HOWARD SHORE [Marca J 82 wot z ? ne Tes. 2 Toba Tip. Pee Pert Pee. BD, i y » erat Mushroom" - Music by HOWARD SHORE ero Vins. r Viola cele Se Bass 7 ss 6 © 2 a (©2001 NEW LINE TUNES (ASC » AP) Pies. a1 me Ct Teos.2 Tuba Tip. Pee 1 Perc. It Pere. IIL Viola cello Si Bass v FoMoomc 9 os 9s 96 ” * Conductor - 15, roumnexc “0 1 Py vs 08 vas 108 m m m3 Te FoMmonc wo 108 1 no Conductor - 17 Conductor = 18 16) ch. Bo oe. br tins, tps. ‘ta Tip. re Pro I Pere. Ith ins Yiota Cello Se. Base oemaane mm mm 1m ns 138 m ns ‘Conductor 19 Viola cello Se Bass oa Ca 5 Conductor-20 136] "A Kage ix the Dark™ - Masic by HOWARD SHORE Jt va SE Pree Fs! 2 BCL Bens. 2 Tps.2 Tons.2 Tube Timp. Pere 1. Pere. esc Il Vins. Viola cello St Base as 139 0 Foweanose (02001 NEW LINE TUNES (ASCAP) Tip. Pere Pe. er. BL Tts.2 has. 2 Tuba Timp. Pree I Pre It Pec. Cello Se Bass Fommonse Conductor - 23, “Argonath’- Music by HOWARD SHORE 60 =p “Argonath” - Music by HOWARD SHORE = 60 Viole Cello Se Base Conductor 24 {igql “The Breaking ofthe Fellowship” - Music by HOWARD SHORE. 19% Pesante = 48 - 60 Tps.2 ‘Tuba “Timp. Pee Pre. It Pec. ttt —rs i 7h Breaking of the Fellowship" Music by HOWARD SHORE — Ye rz, a Viola catlo Su, Bass 16 166 1 18 1 vo fae Fowno0ne (22001 NEW LINE-TUNES (ASCAP) Conductor 25 Toss. 2 Tens.2 Tube Timp. Pere Fev. Pere. ih Viola cello Se Bass Conductor 26 This.2 “ube Tip. Pere Pec. lt Pee. Viola cate Su Bass Fouennese m us i iss 186 "7 iss ‘ares off wisicks so| 7 in “Optional Cut from Measure 136) Contactar - 28 (osm Voeal Tins Tee Tinp. Pers IL Pere. Viola Calo Ste Bass oman: 196 ro 198 199 20 201 me (Conductor 29 ‘pog) “7 Dreams” 283 Semplice 2 76 Vocal = SS SSS 1 cold of Win-ter comes, sarless night wil cov - er day. In the vell-ing ofthe sun, we will Vocal Pie Ths. 2] Tip. Peel Per It er Il Vins Viola cello Se Bass Fown003¢ walkin bitter 2 When the on Pay oy tence Rstr. \ ae ey mene (Obs. ! 1 om 2 aa Conductor 52 Grandiose J=72 Vocal seas and moun-tains come to end of days in the dark 1 hear a Pies. Ld me Tps.2 Tons.2 Tin. Pre Pere. I Grandioso J=72 Calo Se Bass owmnnnsc a mi nu 25 ne 2 a m = = = 5 Pree wt ru Tin. Pee Per. tt Perel Viola ceo Ste ass owen 2s mo ae 26 a 2 Constr -35 1 2| 3 Tos 2 Taba Timp. ee Pec ere Vie. Viol cto Se Bass Aired Pupisning Co, Ine Alfred) 16320 Roscoe Bivd., Suite 100 (] 2 ee Wan Noy, cA 91410-0003,