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Italian Standard according to CEI-UNEL 35011 fe eget Co flexible copper conductor to IEC 60228 E Glass 5 f stranded copper conductor to EC 80228 class 2 7" ‘solid copper conductor te EC 60228 class 1 CS E polyethylene Es XLPE cross-linked polyethylene: oe silicone rubber ae ethylene-propylene rubber based compound cross-linked low smoke zero halogen 610 insulation compound R 70°C PVG general use 70°C FVC insulation type R2 to CEI20- Be W RSF FEP fuoropolymer RSM MFA fluoropotymer RSP PFA fluoropolymer Rr 90° P¥C low smoke zero halogen thermoplastic compound H aluminium tape screen H1 eopper tape or copper wire spiral screen H2 copper wire brais HS longitudinal aluminium tape bonded to a sheath Dee ane galvanized steel wire braid armour steel wire armour lead alloy sheath galvanized steel tape armour lead sheath Mose aa ‘steel flat wire armour © external round shape D external flat shape X cores twisted German Standard eed instrumentation cable RT. thermgcougle cable. RAGL compensating cable for thermocouple ie installation cable JE industial elecironic cable Ro. conirol system cable Conductor construction Li stranded t flexible re round, single wire ee aoe oe HX (woss-linked halogen free compound eee eee ee ay polyethylene: 2x XLPE crosslinked polyethylene. polyamide 14 laminated shesth of aluminium tsp2 plus polyethylene sheath sthylens-rooylen ruover cased (21) compound: a copper wire eaten eine single pair saeened with metsl tape plus desin wire “pre single trisd sceened with metal tape plus drain wire eee M lead sheath Mz lead alloy sheath a steel wire braid armour 3 steel tape armour R steel wire armour a steel wire armour with counterspiral tao eS steel flat wire armour with counterspiral tape