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ironment ‘of well planned effective creasingly important, as * EAB approved. © C€ marked and conforms to EC directives. © stylish appearance. © HAPM “G" rating, © Full range of fixing kits for Wall, Window and Ceiling mounted arrangements. © Simple on-site fixing and wiring © Unique twist on “Locking Ring” for ceiling fixing. How to select the correct fan In order to provide adequate ventilation for a given application, it is essential the correct size, type and number of Elta Units are selected. “section of the correct fan depends on two principal factors, the Performance and Application. How to work out the size and type of fan required: There are three simple steps, with a working ‘example to follow. STEP 1 Determine which mounting arrangement meets your requirements from the icons below. oa ps es Sow arn" GB Br STEP 2 Calculate the VOLUME of the room in cubic metres (m’) by multiplying the length x width x height. 3 tf Ne ‘STEP 3 The VOLUME of the room must then be multiplied by the number of AIR CHANGES PER HOUR (ACH) providing the AIR PERFORMANCE required for the room. This calculates the total air movement required for each hour for each fan. Dependant lume required, one or more fans may need to be selected, AIR CHANGES PER HOUR (ACH) The table below outlines the suggested air changes per hour (ACH) under normal conditions for given applications. ‘Assembly rooms 4-8 Bakeries 20-30 Banks/Building Societies 4-8 Bathrooms 2-4 Billiard Rooms 6-8 Cafes and Coffee bars 10-12 Canteens 8-12 Cellars 3-10 Changing Rooms Main Area 6-10 Changing Rooms Shower Area 15-20 Churches 1-3 Cinema and theatres + 10-15 ‘Club rooms 12 minimum Conference rooms 8-12 Dairies 8-10 Dance halls 42 minimum Dental surgeries 12-15 Electroplating shops 10-12 Entrance halls & corridors 3-5 Factories and workshops 8-10 Garages 6-8 Gymnasiums 6 minimum Hairdressing salons 10-15 Hospitals - Sterilising 15-25 = Wards 6-8 Kitchens - Domestic - Commercial = Laboratories Laundrettes Lavatories Lecture theatres ibraries Living rooms Offices Photo & X-ray darkrooms Public house bars 12 minimum, Recording control rooms 15-25 Recording studios 10-12 Restaurants 8-12 Schoolrooms 5-7 Shops and supermarkets 8-15 Shower baths 45-20 Stores & warehouses 3-6 Squash courts 4 minimum Toilets 6-10 Utility rooms 15-20 (+) Increase by 50% where heavy smoking occurs or if the room is underground (=) Some commercial kitchens may require higher ventilation rates, based on cooking equipment in use.