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This specification covers the requirement of colour scheme for the storage tanks
and equipment and for the identification of the contents of the pipelines carrying
fluids in IOCL refineries and petrochemical installations. The following colour
coding system has been made based on international standards like ASME/
ANSI, BS and Indian Standard & existing LNG installations in India.

MHI clarifies that which does MHI follow the colour

2.0 FINISH COLOUR SCHEME code specification with 19000-8440-SP-0002 External
Painting system or this notes.

2.1 General
This section covers the general colour requirements for structural steelwork and
PMC Response: MHI shall
Table 2.1 General Colour requirements follow this note.

Painted Item Colour Colour number

Structural Steelwork Blue RAL 5010
Storage tanks White RAL 9010
MHI follows that the Electrical Switch Boards, Cable Grey RAL 7035
painted area is roof Conduit and Transformers and all
surface only based other electrical equipment
on ITB document.
PMC Response: Hand Railing Red RAL 3001
Painting shall be carried Staircase, Ladders and Walkways Yellow RAL 1021
out for the entire tank
(roof and shell). Color Load Lifting Equipment and Mono Yellow RAL 1021
shade for shell will be Rails, etc.
informed later
General Structure Blue RAL 5010

Safety Colour Schemes

Dangerous Obstruction Alternate Black (RAL 9017)
MHI does not apply and Orange (RAL 2008)
safety colour schemes
Diagonal Banding
so that dangerous
obstruction and part Dangerous or exposed parts of Orange RAL 2008
are not applicable at machinery
tank area

PMC Response: Please follow wherever applicable.

MHI clarifies that Ground
PMC Resonse: Ground color relates colour is equivalent for top
to top coating of spec SP-0002. coating of 19000-8440-
SP-0002 External Painting
2.2 Color Codes for Nozzle and Piping of LNG Tank
Table 2.2 Color Codes for Nozzle and Piping of LNG Tank

S.No. Application Description Ground Color First Color Second

Band Color
1. Pipe, Flange, Fire Water RAL No.2002 - PMC- is requested
Valve how to apply "First
2. Pipe, Flange Plant air Blue Grey colour
- Band"
RAL No. 5014 RAL No. 7030
3. Pipe, Flange Instrument Blue Yellow -
Air RAL No.5014 RAL No. 1021 PMC Response: Refer
4. Pipe, Flange Nitrogen Yellow Red -
Section 2.3.1
RAL No. 1021 RAL No.2002
5. Pipe, Flange Natural Gas Yellow White -
incl PRV, RAL no. 1021 RAL No. 9010
VRV nozzle
6. Valve, Valve Above all Vendor Standard - -
handle Except FW
7. Nozzle on Tank, Except White - -
Pump well PRV, VRV RAL No.9010
8. External Structure - Grey - -
Manhole on Tank, RAL No.7305
Anchor Strap MHI clarifies that which does
below base slab MHI follow the colour code of
instrument valve specification
Actuator of control valve shall be painted as below: with 19000-8550-SP-0001
"Instrumentation System
Direct action (open on air failure) valve: Green Design Basis" (Red - Air
Failure Closed / Green - Air
Reverse action (close on air failure) valve: Yellow Failure Open / Orange - Air
Failure Locked) or this notes.
Actuator for shutdown valve: Red
Items like air volume tanks etc., supplied as an accessory along with actuator,
shall be painted as per corresponding actuator PMC Response: MHI shall follow Inst
System Design Basis: 19000-8550-SP-001
2.3 Pipeline Identification

This section covers the requirements for colour scheme identifying the contents
of pipelines carrying fluids.
The system of colour coding consists of a ground colour and secondary colour
bands superimposed over the ground colour. The ground colour identifies the
basic nature of the service and secondary colour bands over the ground colour
distinguishes the particular service. The ground colour shall be applied over the
entire length of the un-insulated pipes.
MHI clarifies that Ground colour is
equivalent for top coating of
19000-8440-SP-0002 External Painting
PMC Response: Yes.
MHI clarifies that Ground colour is
painted on pipe surface under the
Insulated piping shall receive ground colouring and coloured (secondary)
identification bands at a minimum of either side of valves, flanges and the like, at
each change in flow direction and at no greater than 6 metre intervals, ground
colours should be 2 metres long. PMC Response: Yes, however the outer metal jacket
shall also have the same color as ground color along
2.3.1 Piping Colour Bands with color band as per the respective service
Secondary colours are to be applied using adhesive plastic tapes to the specified

Colour bands of the correct size shall be applied to the pipe, at:

Both sides of valves, tees and other fittings

Where pipes enter and emerge through walls

Where pipes enter and emerge from walkway overpasses and battery

At uniform intervals along long sections of pipe

PMC is requested the detail.
Adjacent to tanks, vessels and pumps. PMC Response: Pls refer to
Table 2.3 below
Bands shall also be displayed conspicuously near walkways, both sides of
culverts, tanks, dykes, vessels, suction and discharge of pumps /compressors,
unit battery limit, near valves of line, etc.

Band width are shown below in Table 2.3 for different pipe diameters and are to
be spaced 25 mm apart when two bands (or more) are used.
Table 2.3 Band Width for various pipe sizes

Outside diameter of pipe or Width of colour

covering in mm bands in mm
19 to 32 200
38 to 51 200
64 to 150 300
200 to 250 600
Over 250 800

The frequency of banding on un-insulated piping shall be as follows:

a) Unit Area Bands at intervals of 6 metres

Offsite Area Bands at intervals of 10 metres

b) Each pipe segment will have a minimum of 1 identification band

irrespective of length
The ground colours and secondary banding colours are identified in Table 2.5.

2.4 Identification Lettering

2.4.1 Size of letters (stencilled or pre-formed adhesive) for equipment shall be:
Column and vessel 150 mm (height)
MHI does not apply Pump, compressor and other 50 mm (height)
cryogenic pump machinery

2.4.2 Pipe contents and direction of flow is to be identified using legend letters and
PMC Response: Noted arrows, any hazard must be identified clearly by the legend.

2.4.3 Lettering shall be black on pipes painted with light shade colours and white on
pipes painted with dark shade colours so as to give good contrast. PMC Response: MHI shall
follow IS 2379
2.4.4 Name of service and direction of flow for all lines shall be positioned at the
following locations: PMC is requested the detail such as letter font, size of
arrow for flow direction
Offsite lines: Both sides of culverts, any one side of walkways, near tank dykes,
at tank inlet/outlet points and suction/discharge pumps/compressors

Unit lines: At the battery limit, suction/discharge of pumps/compressors, near

vessels, columns, tanks, exchangers etc.

2.4.5 Identification/legend letter sizes on the pipe shall be as per the Table 3.4.
Table 2.4 Letter Size

Outside diameter of pipe Size of legend

or covering in mm letters in mm
19 to 32 13
38 to 51 19
64 to 150 32
200 to 250 64
Over 250 89
MHI clarifies that Ground
colour is equivalent for top
coating of 19000-8440-
SP-0002 External Painting
2.5 Recommended Paint Colour Code
PMC Response: Yes.
Table 2.5 Ground colours and secondary banding colours

SI. No: Service Base/Ground Colour Secondary

Band Colours

Chemical Lines (Un-insulated)

1. Corrosion Inhibitor Grey RAL 7030 (x1) Red RAL 3001

Water Lines (Un-insulated)

1. Drinking Water Sea Green RAL 6029 (x1) Blue RAL 5014
2. Service Water Sea Green RAL 6029 (x1) Grey RAL 7030
3. DM Water Sea Green RAL 6029 (x1) Red RAL 2002
4. Liquid Nitrogen Sea Green RAL 6018 (x1) Orange RAL 2011

Fire Protection System (Above Ground)

1. Fire Water, Foam and Red RAL 2002

Air and Other Gas Lines (Un-insulated)

1. Plant Air Sky Blue RAL 5014 (x1) Grey RAL 7030
2. Instrument Air Sky Blue RAL 5014 (x1) Yellow RAL 1021
3. Nitrogen Yellow RAL 1021 (x1) Red RAL 2002
4. Fuel Gas Yellow RAL 1021 (x1) Grey RAL 7030
5. Flare Aluminium RAL 9006
6. Natural Gas Yellow RAL 1021 (x1) White RAL 9010

MHI clarifies that Ground colour is painted on pipe

Process Fluids surface under the insulation.
1. Liquefied Natural Gas White RAL 9010
2. Diesel White RAL 9010 (x1) Blue RAL 5014
3. Lube Oil Grey RAL 7012 (x1) Green RAL 6010
4. Glycol Water Yellow RAL 1023 (x1) Blue RAL 5015
5. Glycol 100% Yellow RAL 1012 (x1) Blue RAL 5025
PMC Response: Yes. Further MHI shall follow the
(x1) in above table signifies one band. requirements specified in sec 2.3 of this document