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Construction Business Management:
 A complete solution that will help you meet the increasingly challenging demands
of managing projects in a fast paced highly competitive market where resources
are tight and expectations are high.
 As a Navision Solution center, implement, customizes & support the same.
 Solutions to all construction businesses management with less hard work.
 It helps companies in their quest to grow by providing cost effective end to end
business solutions and are integrated, upgradable & adoptable.
 BX CBM Project Management takes project management methodology and turns it
into a real tool by enhancing project team effectiveness.
 Project management system is about more than managing projects its also
managing the day to day business processes smarter, faster, and more effectively.
 The cost tracking module in the system enables you to track down to the lowest
level of the activity for tracking down the cost.
 CBM provides you a one to one integration with all the cross functionalities of the
departments through lightly integrated modules.
 CBM Project Management does collaboration with websites/remote projects for
accessing the Central Data Base.
Tender Bid Management :

 Application fee, Earnest Money Deposit(EMD) Management

 Better control of Bill Of Quality(BOQ) with cross functional model/departments
 Quicker tender document generation in required formats
 Negotiation/quick Re-generation of revised BOQ.
Budgeting and Planning:
 Define, Monitor and Control time and resources
 Budget forecasts and Cost To Company(CTC) derivations approval matrix
 Wok Breakdown Structure(WBS), waste and theoretical factor definition's
and control
 Budget revision, version control and automatic reconciliation.
Procurement and Inventory:

 Online MRs, RFQs(request for quotation) comparison, PO approval matrix

 Online GRN(goods receipt note) entry against approved PO, Stock
 Inventory transfer and inventory under transit tracking
 Store and BIN Card management, Multi UOM, Material issue.
Marketing and Sales Management:

 Customer enquiry, Prospects, follow up, Responses

 Collection schedule Management, project details management
 Customers inter unit transfer Management, demand letter
 Interests and delayed payment tracking, Incentives Management
P&M, Financial Accounts:

 Plant request, Procurement, transfer, hire order Management

 Plant maintenance, deployment, idle time & Productivity Management
 Hire charges workout cost & booking and transfer to cost codes
 Vendor credit period management and tracking of payment.
Human Resource Management:

 Resume data bank, interview clearance, promotion, transfer history

 Employee conversion from DB, salary break up, settlement generations
 Leave management, Anniversary alerts/popup, employee reliever
 Appraisals, advances/loan, deductions, holiday management.
Quality Document Management:

 Define major documents, process cycles

 Manage cycles, track comparisons
 Track internal communications
 Approval tracking, order tracking
Sub Contracts and Labor Management:

 WO Approval matrix and remote measurements entry

 Bills payment, mobilization, advance management, deductions
 Reconciliation of bills against theoretical figures
 Productivity validations, retentions and taxations validations.
 Cost tracking to the lowest execution
 Update information about cost, schedules, charges and profitability
 Integration with all the cross functionalities of the department remote
 Connectivity with remote projects enables to manage projects smoothly
 Enabling strategic business decisions effectively and quickly
 Integration with the planning tools and allows users to have better execution
control over the budgets
 Reduces costs and generate revenues over the long term increases
productivity and reduces projects lifecycle time.
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