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illustrated by Earle Oakes ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ‘The author and publisher are indebted to the six astute eyes of Jason England, Teller and Newell Unfried, which hunted out typographic errors of a supernatural elusiveness, “Disorderly Conduct” was first published as notes to a presen= tation given in Las Vegas at Jamy lan Swiss’ Stack Clinic on October 16, 2004. “Jazz Charts & Favorite Licks” is published here for the first time, The remaining material, in slightly dif ferent form, was published in 2003 within a limited issue set of _monographs titled Coflexion, Connexions and Reflexions. Frontispiece art by Eric Mead. Copyright & 2006 by Erie Mead and Stephen Minch, All rights reserved under International and Pan-Americatt Copyright Conventions. Published in the United States by Hermetic Press, Inc., Seattle. Printed in the United States of Americe ISBN 978-0-945296-53-9 65432 Contents Werion—Teller Howdy Do the Birdie el Mystery HY WARNING Deaired Bifect w Hiynny- Bill Swindle Hight -Plece Combo Walkout HewiyY ConpucT Chairs & Favorrre Licks BripGine THe Gap Fifty“Two on One to One Puddle Jumper ‘Transitions When Children Walk with Canes Say Anything INVASIONS OF PRIVACY Retna gas eae A Proper Introduction all Hat they gave and continue to give me, Tie One On Peek-a-Book Gone Fishin Hilal they taught and continue to teach me, ll that they are and all that I hope to be— Lovingly dedicate this book to Hilizabeth and Enoch Mead. Beth and Nick. Mom and Dad. eee An Auspicious Occasion So Lona Introduction ivy Eaic Mean was a teenager, he Jihing on a career of traveling the world \ny to other magicians. But after a single {our at the age of nineteen, he discovered ich) rather perform for humans than dem- Jor students, Not that Eric is a snob or a _ Huy from it, He loves sharing and collabo- will) other serious magicians. But that’s not oul. lid he made that choice. Hanging out “jnugie ghetto”* is incestuously delicious. i phrase Jim Steinmeyer coined, originally n iw atea of bookstores where magic is sand Tutwuen purzles, games, and other “pastimes.” fiseelaadt Eric Mzap——_& TANGLED Wep Myself, I truly love attending conventions, wal: lowing in the gadgets of the dealers’ room, and Ws emece/host at high-end corporate drinking in the joy of those who stay up all night When he does a private party (a large part in the coffee shop and daydream of dominating the Wark) his clients are people like Jeff Bezos world with a new wrinkle on the Zarrow shuflle, ‘of, Michael Eisner (for- But I'm not sure this arsistic communism does Mlof Disney), Michael Douglas, Catherine a lot of good for our art fo:m as the public sees it Wes, Kevin Costner, and Jack Nicholson. ‘The complaint 1 hear most from members of the jerforms the one and only card trick in public is that “Magicians