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Tooth surgical eruption Instructions

The tissue healing period following the surgery you have just had typically takes one to two weeks and is
uneventful provided you follow the following instructions. The bone takes 2 months to fully heal.
1. Leave the appliance in 24 hours a day for the first 2 days. I will remove it at the next visit.
2. Wear appliance at night for next one or two months.
3. Do not apply pressure with tongue or fingers to the surgical area, as the tooth is movable during the
initial healing.
4. Do not lift or pull on the lip to look at the area. This can cause damage to the wound site and tear the
5. Bleeding: The tooth should aid in clotting the area. Oozing is expected.
6. Do not rinse your mouth with anything until return for appliance removal. After that you may gently
rinse with chlorhexidine twice a day for 1 full minute until the bottle is gone or 1 week (whichever is
first). WARNING: This can stain teeth and tongue brown/black. If happens switch from swish to
liberally applying to area with q-tip. May alter taste.
7. Brush your teeth regularly, avoiding the surgical area(s) and especially the gums.
8. Diet: No eating or drinking until numbness subsides (2-5 hours). Hot (temperature), spicy, and/or
coarse/hard foods are to be avoided for the next week. Eat a soft diet and chew on the opposite side
or away from the surgical site.
9. NO SMOKING for one week; at least decrease amount or frequency as much as possible.
10. For the next week. DO NOT spit. DO NOT drink from a straw. DO NOT open widely, like a yawn. DO
NOT suck on the wound site or candy.

Take ibuprofen (3x3x3) = 3 tabs, 3 times, for 3 days. OR Tylenol (acetaminophen) as directed.
You have a prescription for pain. You may try to control the pain with OTC medications before using
the prescription meds. To avoid nausea take medication with meal or glass of milk.

Will resorb by themselves in 7-10 days.

Next Visits
1. You will return in 2-5 days to remove the appliance and/or check healing
2. You will return in 2 months to verify healing is complete with an x-ray.
3. Once healing is confirmed, we will schedule the root canal, post placement, and new dental crown.
Please call with any questions and immediately if you have prolonged bleeding or any side effects from the
prescribed medications. Call if you experience increase in pain that starts 2-3 days after surgery.
Office Number 630-665-5550 Dr. Bauer emergency number 630-534-0890