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Rainflow counting 15/08/2015
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Rainflow counting
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Thread: Rainflow counting


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September 14th, 2004, 05:04 AM #1

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Rainflow counting
I have a problem in writing cpp for the below rules in counting peak and valley
values from a graph.

Rainflow counting is a method in determine the random stress experienced on a

structure. From a random flow chart, stress vs time, I need to count the
stresses vs the number of cycle of that stress.
Rules for Rainflow counting
let X denote range under consideration;
Y, previous range adjacent to X;
S, starting point in the history
1- Read next peak or valley. If out of data, go to step 6.
2- If there are less than 3 points, go to Step 1. Form ranges X and Y using the Click Here to Expand Forum to Full Width
three most recent peaks and valleys that have not been discarded. 1/4
Rainflow counting 15/08/2015

3- Compare the absolute values of ranges X and Y. Share 0

a- If X<Y, go to step 1.
b- If X>/=Y, go to step 4.
4- If range Y contains the starting point S, go to step 5, otherwise, count
range Y as one cycle; discard the peak and valley of Y; and go to step 2.
5- Count range Y as one-half cycle; discard the first point (peak or valley) in
range Y; move the starting point to the second point in range Y; and go to step
6- Counting each range that has not been previously counting as one-half cycle

Hope someone could help...


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September 14th, 2004, 05:21 AM #2

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Re: Rainflow counting

Originally Posted by zflora_blue

I have a problem in writing cpp for the below rules in counting peak and valley powered by
values from a graph. This is a survey!
Hope someone could help...

Well, what exactly is your problem?

Guido Stercken-Sorrenti

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September 15th, 2004, 12:41 AM #3

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Re: Rainflow counting

Thks for the response.
Currently, I'm building a module to support an existing FEA software (Strand7).
This module is intended to use for calculating the fatigue stress of some
designed structure, such as beam. Within the module, I need to use the
"Rainflow counting" method to count the stress and Palmger-Miner's Rule in
calculating the fatigue life of that particular structure defined by the user.

I do not have the alogrithm for Rainflow counting. I have attached a file on how
the counting would be done on stress-time history graph. I have tried attaching
the full file but it is too big. As for the rule in how this counting works, is
described in my previous quote.
I have the alogrithm for the Miner's rule:
(ni/Ni)<1 will not fail
(ni/Ni)=/>1 fail
n refers to the stress
N refers to the number of cycle under that stress.
This calculation will depend on the counting of the Rainflow method. From the
rainflow counting, i will get all the ni values and Ni values....

Basically, this is a mechanical module. However, I do not have the knowledge to

do the simulation module/program.

Hope you could help. 2/4
Rainflow counting 15/08/2015

Really desperatly to complete by the end of October.

Thank you.

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September 15th, 2004, 01:16 AM #4

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Re: Rainflow counting

Below link may be useful.. Check it out.

If you feel this post is useful,

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September 15th, 2004, 06:50 AM #5

Junior Member
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Re: Rainflow counting

Thank you for the link.
I did look into this site. However, as a beginner in programming, it is hard for me
to understand. And I could not locate the "mex.h" file within the zip.
I have another problem. i.e. linking my module to the existing software through
API. I have the header files. however, I could not call out the dll.

Hope someone could help...


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Rainflow counting 15/08/2015

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