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+91 8495036559

To secure a sufficiently challenging and responsible position in an organization where I can
contribute my skills and profess as an Engineer.

Personal Brief
I am a quick-learner, versatile, patient engineer with a keen interest in researching and discovering
new fields, learning tricks-of-the-trade and eventually mastering them. I am not much affected by
setbacks as I always tend to extract something valuable even from such failures, eventually, yet
quickly, converting them into required successes.

Secondary (10th) Residential public school, Patna
April 2008 ICSE
68.85 %

Senior Secondary (10+2) Leeds Asian School, Patna

April 2010 CBSE

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology, Bangalore

June, 2016 Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
Electronics and communication.

Technical Skills
Java, JDBC, Oops, Data Structure, HTML5, Python.
Database Management Systems PL/SQL, Oracle
Operating System Windows & Linux
Application package tool MS office, Eclipse

Projects Worked Upon

Remote Authentication for Video Call Conference in wireless networks using Wi-Fi
Team size : 04
Role Played : Team Lead
Skills & Software used: C, OpenCV, and Socket Programming.
In a corporate environment, during video conferencing it is sometimes imperative to make sure
you are talking to right person. In our project we are going to store the finger print and face photo
of the entire client to database along with the user id and name. During the login to the
conference the client has to verify face photo to the server, if the server authenticates the face
then it will ask for the fingerprint if both gets authenticated them only the client can enter into the
Communication Skills
Have delivered a technical seminar explaining the mini-project named Remote Authentication
for Video Call Conference in wireless networks using Wi-Fi.
Have delivered a technical seminar about Thunderbolt 3

Leadership Skills
Have successfully led a team of three in the Open-House Mini-Project Exhibition.
Have successfully led a team of four in the final year project work Remote Authentication for
Video Call Conference in wireless networks using Wi-Fi

Java (CourseCube, Formerly JLC)

Watching and Playing Cricket,
Listening Music
Latest electronic gadgets,

Personal Information
Name: Amit Kumar Sinha
Fathers Name: Anil Kumar Sinha
Mothers Name: Lalita Devi
Age: 23 Years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Indian

Languages Known:

Speaking: Hindi, English

Writing: Hindi, English
Understanding: Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi

Why me?
As a starter employee, I am ready to commit to the best of my capabilities to learn, master and
apply every requirement that is asked of me. I shall face any forthcoming challenges with utmost
zeal and surmount them in the best possible way. I assure a hundred percent hard and undeterred
labor to achieve the goals that have been assigned to me. Also, I shall maintain a stringent, botch-
free discipline and follow the code of the company to the letter.

I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above are true to the extent of my knowledge.
I can assure for the best and honest practices during my tenure.


(Amit Kumar Sinha)

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