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Writing 39B


Rhetoric in Practice Essay

As someone who studies computer science and develops IOS applications, I created an

Instagram advertisement of an alarm clock application for my Rhetoric in Practice project

because I thought that if I combine the knowledge I have acquired about rhetoric in Writing Commented [DK1]:

39B class and the knowledge I have gained from my previous application development

processes, I can create a successful project. My alarm clock application, Awakely, guarantees

you to get you out of your bed with its unique feature. You set up alarm by taking a photo in

your house. After you set your alarm, the only way to stop ringing is to get out of your bed

and take the same photo you used to set your alarm. In my advertisement, I tried to persuade

Instagram users, especially the ones who are looking for success, "If you want to be

successful, you should wake up early and if you want to wake up early, you should use

AWAKELY" by showing four successful people who wake up very early. To give this anti

carpe diem message, I also used similar strategies to Delta Airlines and Blinkist Apps

Instagram advertisements. In this essay, I will make a rhetorical analysis of my Rhetoric in

Practice project by focusing on genre, medium and message of my alarm clock advertisement. Commented [DK2]: be specfc show the man pont

First of all, I have to decide where to place my advertisement. After some research, I

decided to put my advertisement on Instagram because The older generation really isnt

active on the app. A majority of Instagram users are under 30 (Sproutsocial) I believe that

Instagram is very suitable for my purpose because according to Statistas statistics 20.6% of

Instagram users are between 18 to 24 years old and 25.2% of Instagram users are between 25

to 34 years old, which means 49% of Instagram is in the range of my target audience. More
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specifically, my target audience is people who wants to be successful in the future, who wants

to be CEO or founder of a big company or who wants to work at a big companies such as

Microsoft and Google. Therefore, my ad will be shown to people who follows Forbes, Ted

Talks, Entrepreneur, Elon Musk, Google or Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram. Another useful

source will be peoples website history. If someone makes a research about some secret

keywords related to success or successful people, then my advertisement will be on their main


Second, I tried to understand the general conventions of Instagram advertisement by Commented [DK3]: what s the general conventon?
summarze t to show your understandng
making research about Best Instagram Advertisements on Google and by scrolling down as

much as I can on Instagram. Although I have seen lots of different advertisements, Delta

Airlines and Blinkist App advertisements impressed me most. It was obvious that they did

something right so that they selected one of the best Instagram ads by Adespresso and


The first example I used was Delta Airlines advertisement. In my advertisement, I

tried to take the attention to the wake-up time of successful people. Therefore, I made the

wake-up times bigger than the rest just like in the first photo of Delta advertisement. I gave
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some information about the person in the background with a smaller text, which helped me

not to take the attention to the name or to the title. Moreover, I used logo and name placement

strategy of Delta. I placed the name of my application and my logo at the right corner of every


The second example I used was Blinkist App advertisement. Firstly, I was influenced

by their usage of geometric shape at the center with

an interesting text in it. After some research, I

found out that square creates a sense of equality

and conformity. The familiar shape is seen as

stable and trusting (Designshack) and according

to Hubspot this shape is visually pleasing and

helps it stand out on an Instagram feed.

(Hubspot). Therefore, I decided to use exactly

same style: Interesting text in a square box. I

believe that when someone sees an Instagram

carousel with The Universal Habit of Successful

People text in the first photo, the first thing they

will do is to swipe right and learn more about it, just like in Blinkist advertisement. Secondly,

their caption was appealing. It was straight forward and mentions about the functionality of

the application. I used the same strategy by selecting my caption as This alarm app

guarantees to get you out of your bed! The only way to turn off your alarm is to get out of bed

and take a picture of registered place!

Third, I made a mini survey with around 40 wake-up time of successful people to

decide the successful people in my advertisement. At the end of the survey, the top four was

Apple CEO, Michael Obama, Fiat Chrysler CEO and Twitter CEO but my target was to reach
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both women and men. Therefore, instead of using three men and only one woman. I removed

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, who wakes up at 5:30am and put the second most voted woman,

General Motors CEO, Mary Marra. With this addition, all of the successful people were

waking up before 5:00am.

Forth, I have to choose the best photo of the decided successful people. While I was

choosing photos, I made sure that they all have eye contact with the audience because

according to Wishpond, eye-contact, no matter the medium, denotes trust, friendliness and

openness. Eye-contact is also the first step in persuasion.

Last thing is to come up with a strong message in the last photo. I come up with an

anti carpe diem message, "If you want to be successful, you should wake up early and if you

want to wake up early, you should use AWAKELY". This message is anti carpe diem because Commented [DK4]: why wake up early s ant carpe dem?
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it encourages you to wake up early and start studying or working before everyone else like

Tim Cook, Michael Obama, Sergio Marchionne and Mary Marra. Instead of seizing the

moment, it motivates you to make plans for the future because being successful cannot be Commented [DK5]: fnd someone famous who sad ths

gained only in one day or in one month. Success is accumulation of effort, accumulation of

work, accumulation of knowledge, an accumulation of implemented ideas, an accumulation of

overcome obstacles (Andrew Hansen). Thinking that you will be successful in the future is

also against carpe diems core idea of negative impression about future. In this advertisement,

I emphasize that waking up early is the first step to succeed. If you live like successful people

and wake up early like them, you will be successful and Awakely will help you to live like

them and wake you up early.

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