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Grade Motto: Im very interested in rediscovering my body, my emotions and my surroundings in order to
be recognized by others
AREA: Computer Science DATE:
TOPIC: Reinforcement worksheet 3rd period GRADE: Seventh A B C D
TEACHER: Mr. Francisco Javier Ruiz R.

Through the development of this workshop you will have the possibility to identify the level of comprehension
achieved along this third marking period and the correct application of some concepts. The use of your notes
and additional explanations done by the teacher in these spaces will be basic in its correct progress.


Performance standard #1
Understands the importance of develop production processes of goods and services sustainable.

1. Exist some regulations such as Basel convention, created to promote the correct disposal of E-waste,
but why do you think these actions are not enough in order to reduce this problem?
1. A serious action that these problems do not have the attention enough to be able to improve them
2. Every day there are more products, and we do not take into account what we buy, that means more
consumerism, every time a new product comes out we want it, and companies do not have control over it,
3. Although there is a law, or a treaty, it is not exercising or promoting the good use of waste generated by a
4. We do not pay enough attention to these problems as we think they do not have a great impact, but this is for
now, in the future we can repent of the bad actions we did in our times

2. Knowing how the production and disposal of e-waste is an environmental problem that grows day to day;
propose some concrete but practical actions we can apply in the school in order to create clear awareness
in the students about the problem:
1. Promoting good use of recycling, because thanks to that we can reuse some of the objects we buy
2. Implement the proper use of the different waste to create awareness that we can take advantage of that waste
in a good way
3. Take into account and clear the three r (recycle, reuse and recycle), and apply them for the proper use of waste

3. Why we must be able to think about Sustainability in all the actions we do in our environment?

Because, without enviroment we could not live,that will unbalance all the equilibrium on the earth and then we will
enter on a crisis of resources that will kill people by millions until the human race extinct
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4. Some environmental actions promote the use of Green technologies as alternative to assure a sustainable
process, but what are in concrete the benefits these technologies offer us?

Try to improve the use of solar panel instead the actually energy, that is a bad consume from the environment, this
is the most able possibility to take account and improve in our life
The good use is by also make a good environmental, eco-friendly products in order to waste less material and
increase the life span

Performance standard #2
Promotes eco-friendly acts that encourage the responsible use and disposal of technological
Performance standard #3
Develops a creative project that proposes the use of green technology in modern production

1. Watch the following clip: Ecocapsule: New era of sustainable living, complete the chart:

What sustainable alternatives presents? Why this invention becomes an alternative to solve
sustainability problems?
Is a good way because this houses can improve the
The alternative that presents in the video is the contamination problem, and also the use of natural
alternative energies resources, but in a good way.

a. Using the previous ideas create an Infographic that presents the basic elements shared in the videoclip
(, canva)
b. Include graphical tools to make a creative product.
c. Save your final product it in your pen drive

2. Make a mind map using (popplet or mindmeister tools), under the title technology and its role in
sustainable processes, there you are going to include some ideas about what should be the challenges
and proposals new technologies must consider in favor of the sustainability
Save it in your Memory stick

3. Create a motivational videoclip (2 or 3 min long), (use Powtoon or animaker programs) that presents
people how e-waste affects us, you can create a story; and how we can apply some simple actions in order
to help this problem decrease.
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All the previous products must be published in your personal website, create a new page
under the title: Reinforcement practical activities. Publish all your activities there.

I hope you assume a responsible use of these spaces in order to reinforce some important
elements studied along this period. Remember ask to the teacher something not clear for
you, and use this information to be study before the exam