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Signed this _________ day of ____________________2015

This Memorandum of Understanding is made between:

BLUE DRAGON CHILDRENS FOUNDATION (Blue Dragon), whose offices are located at 879
Hong Ha, Hanoi, Vietnam; and

PABLO YANG (Pablo), of [ insert address ]

Blue Dragon and Pablo will hereafter be jointly referred to as Parties and reference to Party
shall mean Blue Dragon or Pablo, as the case may be.

1. Purpose and Scope

1.1. Blue Dragon is an Australian charity working in Vietnam with children in crisis. Blue
Dragon kids are street kids, children with disabilities and victims or children at risk of
human trafficking and slavery. Our aim is to rescue kids from danger, reunite them with
their families when we can, and provide all the services needed for recovery and
1.2. Pablo is a US citizen currently residing in Vietnam. Pablo is a musician and has
experience delivering music programs to disadvantaged children in the US and
1.3. The Parties intend to work together to bring music to children currently being supported
by Blue Dragon. With support from Blue Dragons social workers, Pablo will hold regular
Music Labs at Blue Dragons Drop-in Centre and Shelter.
1.4. The purpose of the MOU is to set out the responsibilities of each Party in relation to the
Music Labs.

1.5. The Parties recognise that this MOU establishes a foundation of mutual understanding
and interest and does not in itself entail any financial obligations for any Party.
1.6. The Parties acknowledge that nothing in this MOU is intended to be legally binding. It is
a statement of their shared intention to work together in a spirit of co-operation.

2. Music Labs at the Drop-in Centre and the Shelter

2.1. The Music Labs will introduce children and young people to musical instruments
including ukeleles, guitars and cajons. Supported by Pablo and other volunteers as
approved by Blue Dragon, the children and young people in the Drop-in Centre and the
Shelter will have the opportunity to try the instruments, learn some techniques and
listen to others playing the instruments.
2.2. The Drop-in Centre is located at 879 Hong Ha, Hanoi. The Music Lab will take place
four times a week. The exact time will be determined between the Parties.
2.3. The Shelter is located at a confidential address to be supplied by Blue Dragon to Pablo.
The Music Lab at The Shelter will take place every Saturday afternoon 1pm 3pm.
2.4. Any proposed changes to the Music Labs (including but not limited to new activities,
content, structure) must be discussed and agreed between both Parties in advance.
2.5. Pablos direct supervisor and main point of contact for the organisation and delivery of
the Music Labs is Le Ngoc Khoa.

3. Responsibilities of the Parties

3.1. Blue Dragon agrees to:
3.1.1. Ensure that all Music Lab sessions are supervised by social workers. The names
and contact details of each social worker assigned to this duty will be supplied by
Blue Dragon to Pablo;
3.1.2. Talk to the children and young people about the Music Lab and what the
sessions involve; and
3.1.3. Provide a locked cabinet in the Drop-in Centre for the safekeeping of Pablos
instruments which will be available for use during the Music Labs.
3.2. Pablo agrees to:
3.2.1. Lead the planning and delivery of each Music Lab;
3.2.2. Work closely and communicate regularly with Blue Dragon staff about the Music
Labs and participants progress;

3.2.3. Supply instruments for use during the Music Labs (and kept safe by Blue Dragon
in between sessions, see 3.1.3. above);
3.2.4. Adhere to Blue Dragons Child Protection Policy and report to Blue Dragon staff
immediately in the case of any child protection concerns;
3.2.5. Notify Blue Dragon prior to bringing any volunteers to take part in the Music Labs
and ensure that proper child protection procedures are followed;
3.2.6. Raise funds to cover any of his own costs associated with the Music Labs; and
3.2.7. Seek prior permission from Le Ngoc Khoa before taking photographs during the
Music Labs and then again from To Thi Huong Giang, Step Ahead Program
Manager, if he wishes to reproduce photographs publically.

4. Commencement and Duration

This MOU will begin on the date of its signing and will remain in effect for one year.

5. Termination and amendment

5.1. This MOU may be terminated prior to the expiry date by written notice by either Party.
5.2. The MOU may be amended upon written agreement by all Parties.

6. Publicity
Blue Dragon Childrens Foundation is an Australian charity registered to operate in Vietnam as
an international non-government organisation under the Department of External Relations
(Vietnam). Vietnamese law prohibits international organisations to operate in Vietnam without
the proper authority. Blue Dragon is therefore working directly with Pablo Yang.

7. Dispute
Any dispute arising out of the interpretation or implementation of this MOU will be settled
amicably by consultation between all Parties in good faith.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties by their authorised agent or representatives have signed
this MOU on this [ ] day of [ ] 2015.

Julienne Megan Carey

CEO, Blue Dragon Childrens Foundation

Pablo Yang