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Course Syllabus

Renewable Energy Sources, Systems, Economics

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and Environment
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Prof. (FH) Dr. Wolfgang Berger
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The energy topic in general and the use of renewable
sources in particular have acquired a most prominent
position on the agenda of societal discourse.

This course will undertake to introduce basic aspects of

renewable energy supply presenting fundamental
characteristics of the resource base (solar radiation, wind
learning outcomes of the course unit energy, geothermal, etc.) and principles of related
technical systems (photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric power
generation, etc.). In a further step an economic and
environmental analysis of supply technologies will be

Students will learn to acquire a basic understanding of

issues related to renewable energy supply systems.

mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance
learning) 8
Accredited students of University of Applied Sciences of
prerequisites and co-requisites
Kufstein and International Program
recommended optional programme
components 9
- The energy system
- Renewable energy sources (solar radiation, wind energy,
- Photovoltaic power generation
course contents - Other power generation technologies (solar thermal,
wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass)

The main emphasis will be placed on the solar resource

and on solar photovoltaic systems.
Will be noted within course
recommended or required reading
planned learning activities and teaching Presentation and black board
methods Discussions
Own presentations plus elaborated hand out (40%)
assessment methods and criteria Written exam (60%)

language of instruction.
work placement(s) 10

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