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Reuse, Redevelop and Design How the Dutch Deal With Heritage
nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462083585 Acqn 27182
Pb 20x25cm 128pp 120ills 100col 27

Where there are vacancies, there is room for new uses, such as housing and leisure and health-
care facilities. This often results in surprising combinations, such as a school or a community
centre in a factory complex, a shop in a church, or a recreation area in a military zone. This book
presents 20 inspiring redevelopment projects. It addresses the story behind the success of
redevelopment in essays on heritage policy, public-private partnerships, financing, and design.
The creative way Dutch architecture offices deal with heritage is also catching on abroad, as
evidenced by OMAs projects in Italy and Germany, West 8s in Russia, Mecanoos in the United
States, and Maurers in China.

3RD4ALL - How To Create A Relevant Public Space

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462083516 Acqn 27211
Hb 24x31cm 240pp col ills 48.50

How can places you go to other than your workplace or your home, such as libraries, idea hubs,
cultural centres, parks, start-up cafs and other indispensable public spaces, so-called third
places, make a valuable contribution to a vital society, now and in the future? How to Make a
Relevant Public Space answers these questions from different angles, based on the five most
important developments within the public space. 'Third Places for All' is an initiative of
international creative guide and architect Aat Vos. The book offers colourful inspiration to
architects and other creatives, policymakers and administrators.

Henk Wildschut - Ville De Calais

Henk Wildschut 2017 ISBN 9789082588507 Acqn 27429
Pb 21x28cm 320pp 300col ills 59

Nearby the harbour city of Calais in France, a parallel world has existed for more than ten years.
Here, refugees from Africa and the Middle East await their chance to cross the Strait of Dover
and reach the United Kingdom. Since 2005 photographer Henk Wildschut has followed the
increasing stream of migrants whose journeys end in limbo outside Calais. Gradually, their forest
camps have grown to resemble a city, with houses, restaurants, churches, mosques, and
libraries. The paths have become a road network, and toilets and electricity have been provided.
Rather than capture personal stories and portraits, Wildschut documents the physical traces of
these invisible people.

The Secret Life Of Date Palms

Archizoom 2017 ISBN 9782970113201 Acqn 27459
Pb 21x30cm 90pp 67ills 47col 32.75

Six date palm characteristics provide the structure of this book: Form, Fruit, Hydration,
Metamorphosis, Shade and Shadow, and Gender. Each investigation draws on Emirati traditions
and tacit knowledge to share a narrative that is infused with sensitivity, genuine curiosity, and
human inventiveness. This is the story of a species that continues to provide great value to the
Middle East. The hope is that the spirit of engagement and ingenuity employed throughout history
inspires others to find value in their own regional resources, climates and cultures.

Reactivate Athens
Ruby Press 2017 ISBN 9783944074160 Acqn 27480
Pb 19x26cm 464pp 220ills 200col 45

Reactivate Athens was conceived in 2013 as a participatory research and design initiative
directed by the RA Lab, a collaboration between the Urban-Think Tank Chair of Architecture and
Design at ETH Zurich and local partners already operating in the city. The interdisciplinary team
critically analysed longer-term processes of urban decline and generated new ideas for the
Athens city centre that mobilise latent resources to address the debilitating impacts of the wider
economic and social crisis. Engaging local residents in an inclusive process to define an
alternative urban vision, the project helped shape the 101 ideas that were further developed and
refined for this book.

Guide To De Stijl In The Netherlands - The 100 Best Spots To Visit

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462083097 Acqn 27481
Pb 13x23cm 128pp 240ills 200col 21.50

Dutch art movement De Stijl, named after the eponymous magazine, has strongly influenced art
and architecture at home and abroad. This guide is the first to assemble the 100 most important
buildings, monuments, and places of interest related to De Stijl in a practical and accessible
guide. Icons such as the Rietveld-Schrderhuis in Utrecht and Caf De Unie in Rotterdam, less
well-known stained-glass works of art, and many surprising facts, details, and practical
information make this a useful guide for people that want to discover The Netherlands in primary

Imagine 10 - Rapids 2.0

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462082939 Acqn 27482
Pb 17x24cm 128pp 140col ills 27

In 2014, a 3D-printed Canal House by DUS architects caught the attention of the world. The 3D
Print Canal House proved the potentials of "Additive Manufacturing" for architecture and
construction. "Additive Manufacturing" provides the architect with completely new solutions for
realizing tool-less production methods, while allowing maximum freedom of design. Additive
Manufacturing is ideally suited for Rapid Prototyping. It is possible to manufacture physical
presentation and functional prototypes with complex shapes quickly and cost-efficiently without
the need for manual processing directly using three-dimensional CAD construction data.

Archiprix International Ahmedabad 2017

nai010 publishers 2017 ISBN 9789462083578 Acqn 27181
Pb 24x30cm 112pp col ills 34

Every two years, Archiprix International invites all 1,700 university-level courses in the field of
architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture to select their best graduation projects
and submit these for participation. This publication displays a representative selection of the
projects submitted, including the nominees and winners chosen by an independent jury, and the
favourites chosen by the participants themselves, supplemented by a representative selection
that offers a picture of the range of designs and the graphical distribution across all continents. In
addition, the book contains the personal data of the projects designers.

Monu 26 - Decentralised Urbanism

Board Publishers 2017 no ISBN Acqn 27492
Pb 20x27cm 128pp 100ills 25col 16.50

Centrality is dead. Lars Lerup does not hold back in an interview entitled "The City Is Dead! Long
Live Urbanization". This issue of MONU discusses what centrality means for cities today and
explore and assess cities that are organized in a decentralized or polycentric way - something we
call "Decentralised Urbanism" - in general and as a strategy to plan the growth of cities and their
metropolitan areas.

A+u 558 - Herzog & De Meuron: Elbphilharmonie

a+u Publishing Co. Ltd. 2017 no ISBN Acqn 27371
Pb 22x29cm 210pp 230ills 180col 31

A detailed special feature on the recently opened Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg.
Popularly nicknamed Elphi, it is one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls
in the world. The highly complex project has been years in the making, and its distinctive shape is
accentuated by a facade consisting of variously curved panes of glass with light bouncing off
them in all directions. The building exteriors upward thrust also translates to its interior verticality
and the relationship it seeks to build between music and audience. With an in-depth look at the
design process, forms, and materials, a stunning photo essay by Jol Tettamanti, and an essay
by the architects.

Av Proyectos 079 - Dossier Jean Nouvel

Avisa 2017 no ISBN Acqn 27512
Pb 24x30cm 80pp 90ills 60col 12.50

This issue devotes its dossier to the French architect Jean Nouvel, with a selection of the latest
international projects on which the studio is currently working, to be built in Belgium, Holland,
China, India, Brazil, and France. Also included some of the emblematic stations designed by
BIG, Kengo Kuma, EMBT and Dominique Perrault of the Grand Paris Express: a completely
automated metro network that will connect the complete le-de-France (Parisian Region),
including its three airports and ten business areas. And a new construction section focuses on the
key features of eight buildings, all of them made of wood.

Weather Formations - An Architectural Meteorology. Roewu Architecture

Garden City Publishing 2017 ISBN 9789869229449 Acqn 26920
Pb 17x21cm 256pp 200ills 50col 27

When weather becomes part of the design of buildings, new affiliations between meteorology and
architecture emerge. As the interaction with and use of energy and natural flows within cities and
buildings becomes increasingly crucial to the future of urban design, questions regarding the
appropriate formal and spatial expressions of these forces must also be addressed. ROEWU, a
collaboration between Stephen Roe and Chiafang Wu, combines the experiences each brings
from the volatile weather inherent to their respective places of origin, Ireland and Taiwan. This
book offers new perspectives as the intersections of climate and architecture are explored.

Baukuh - Casa Della Memoria

A&M Bookstore s.a.s. 2017 ISBN 9788887071665 Acqn 27421
Hb 22x26cm 120pp 89ills 40col 46

The House of Memory is the architectural symbol of a historical and civil consciousness
characteristic of Milan. Its construction was supported by the municipality in order to provide
headquarters for the principal associations involved in keeping alive the memory of the
Resistance, the Liberation, and the foundation of the Italian Republic. Comprising essays and
numerous architectural drawings, plus photographs by Stefano Graziani, this book describes in
detail how a public work was funded using resources deriving from an urban intervention of a
private nature while respecting both history and context, and developed and realised through a
participatory approach.

El Croquis 189 - Alfredo Paya, Toni Girones, Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia
El Croquis 2017 ISBN 9788488386953 Acqn 27506
Pb 25x34cm 286pp 300ills 150col 54.50

Jos Mara Snchez Garca, Alfredo Pay, and Toni Girons are the subjects of this triple focus
on young Spanish architects. Although based in different cities and regions, they all launched
their careers in the 21st century, and each has since built notable projects throughout Spain and
its territories. Each architects profile includes a biography, a conversation with the architect, an
essay by the architect, and several examples of built works. Gain insight on these three architects
and recent highlights from the Spanish architecture scene, including the Rowing Pavilion in
Alange, the Ibiza and Formentera Music and Dance Conservatory, and the Climate Museum in

From Harmony To Chaos - Le Corbusier, Varese, Xenakis. And La Poeme Electronic

Duizend & Een 2017 ISBN 9789071346491 Acqn 27555
Hb 22x27cm 266pp 260ills 110col 52.95

Le pome lectronique was the multimedia event presented in the Philips Pavilion at the
Brussels Worlds Fair of 1958. The structure and genesis of the event are discussed in this
publication against a background of the conceptual viewpoints of the three artists involved: Le
Corbusier, Edgard Varse, and Iannis Xenakis. Despite that Philips ultimately showed its own
vision of this spectacle of colour, light, and sound, the book deals with the scenario as it was
originally planned, offering a new reconstruction based on an in-depth analysis. Pivotal to this is
Le Corbusiers notion of synthse des arts; in this case, the synthesis of architecture, visual arts,
film, spoken word, and music.