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ENGLISH REVIEWER 1 a. Soporific c.

b. Somnolent d. Lethargic
1. Of mans first disobedience and the fruit/of that forbidden tree is
the opening to: 14. Guest house rooms must be _________ by noon.
a. Paradise Lost by John Milton a. Vacated c. Abandoned
b. The Vision of Delight by Ben Jonson b. Evacuated d. Left
c. The Fairie Quenne by Edmund Spenser
d. The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan 15. Which is NOT synonym for gathering?
a. Contesseration c. Collocation
2. The Picture of Dorian Gray is a novel by whose author? b. Conjuration d. Colligation
a. Oscar Wilde c. John Steinbeck
b. Edgar Allan Poe d. Rudyard Kipling 16. Complete the analogy. Obese: Fat: Polydactyl:
a. Wives/husbands c. Arms/legs
3. Who was the captain of the Nautilus in 20 000 Leagues Under b. Fingers/toes d. Brothers/sisters
the Sea?
a. Nemo c. Ahab 17. The President is a loquacious speaker. LOQUACIOUS means:
b. Boneville d. Smith a. Reserved c. Taciturn
b. Reticent d. Verbose
4. What canon of religious literature was finally, firmly fixed at the
end of 4th century AD? 18. Which word is defined by: A great fire, as of many buildings, a
a. The Hebrew Bible c. The New Testament forest, or the like?
b. The Mishnah d. The Koran a. Consanguineous c. Blizzard
b. Conflagration d. Chaos
5. Who wrote the novel The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr
Hyde? 19. You eat like a horse when
a. William Golding c. D.H. Lawrence ________________________________.
b. Robert Louis Stevenson d. Herman Hesse a. Get used to something new
b. Drink large quantities of alcohol
6. No smoking during the cigarette break. What kind of figure of c. Have a healthy appetite
speech was used? d. Run fast
a. Irony c. asyndeton
b. Oxymoron d. synecdoche 20. Unless we find a witness to corroborate your evidence, it will not
stand courts. CORROBORATE means:
7. The Greek dramatist authored Alcestis and Andromache. a. Negate c. Collaborate
a. Homer c. Virgil b. Confirm d. Interpret
b. Euripides d. Sophocles
21. Which word sound different?
8. In the 23rd century BC, Sargon of Akkad conquered a. Fret c. Sweat
Mesopotamia, and became the subject of legends. It is from a b. Depth d. Treat
Sumerian legend that we learn how Sargon established himself as
the cupbearer of the king of Kish in Sumer. What early form of 22. Cat is written in phonemic IPA transcription as:
writing did the Sumerians invent? a. /kt/ c. /kait/
a. Cuneiform b. /kot/ d. /k^t/
b. Hieroglyphics
c. Oracle Bone Inscriptions 23. The IPA transcription /dz^mt/ means:
d. Native Signs a. Waited c. Kissed
b. Jumped d. Wished
9. Memory is the standard song of Cats musical by Andrew Lloyd
Weber. He based his play on Old Possums Book of Practical Cats 24. Which of the following job has the stress on the first syllable?
by whose author? a. Photographer c. Biologist
a. Emily Dickinson b. Psychiatrist d. Secretary
b. John Steinbeck
c. Thomas Stearns Elliot Lowell 25. Which word has a different vowel sound?
d. James Rusell a. Melt c. Breathe
b. Wealth d. Health
10. Which of the following is an incorrect representation of the
Scarlet Letter throughout the course of the novel? 26. Which of the following words DOES NOT contain (voiceless th)?
a. Able c. Angel a. Teeth c. Health
b. Avowal d. Adulteress b. Mouth d. Breathe

11. This one is made from ersatz coloring. ERZATS means: 27. Which word DOES NOT rhyme with the others?
a. Genuine c. Artificial a. Sew c. Due
b. Authentic d. Real b. Through d. Do

12. Spot the correct word to complete the analogy. Donkey & Horse: 28. Which of these capitalized words do NOT rhyme?
Mule::Lion & Tiger: a. I know it CLEAR.
a. Panther c. Thrag b. Thats not easy to BEAR.
b. Leopard d. Liger c. It shows, its a SHEER truth.
d. Lets give a CHEER.
13. Which is NOT synonym for sleepy?
40. Madonnas agent __________ change her name at the start of
29. Which of the following does NOT belong? her career.
a. Worked c. Walled a. made her to c. made her
b. Watched d. Walked b. made d. have made her to

30. The movie was ________ the book. 41. Researchers suggest that there are creatures that do not know
a. as c. good as what light means at the bottom of the sea. They dont have either
b. as good as d. as good eyes or ears; they can only feel. There is no day or night for them.
There are no winters, no summers, no sun, no moon, and no stars.
31. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? It is as if a child spent its life in darkness in bed, with nothing to see
a. He worked all night; therefore, he was able to finish the or hear. How different our own life is! Sight shows us the ground
report in time. beneath our feet and the heavens above us the sun, the moon,
b. He worked all night, therefore, he was able to finish the and stars, shooting stars, lightning, and the sunset. It shows us day
report in time. and night. We are able to hear voices, the sound of the sea, and
c. He worked all night therefore he was able to finish the music. We feel, we taste, we smell. How fortunate we are! Judging
report in time. from this passage, we can say that this story is mainly about
d. He worked all night, therefore he was able to finish the ______________________.
report in time.
a. How changes in the seasons are perceived by the deep-sea
32. Select the sentence with the most appropriate order of adverbs creatures
and adverbial phrases. b. The superiority of human beings over some creatures in terms
a. Ramonita prays at St. Matthews Church fervently for her of senses
grandmothers recovery. c. Life of sea creatures at the bottom of the sea
b. Ramonita prays fervently at St. Matthews Church for her d. The differences among creatures of the earth and those of the
grandmothers recovery. sea
c. Ramonita prays fervently for her grandmothers recovery
at St. Matthews Church. 42. (Refer to no. 41) we discover that the sea creatures in the story
d. Any one of the choices is fine. _______________.
a. Live in darkness because no light reaches to the bottom
33. Select the sentence with the most appropriate order of modifiers. b. Hear the sounds of the ocean
a. My father was in Cebu born in the backroom of a bakery. c. Do not hear the sound of sea as they are accustomed to it
b. My father was born in Cebu in the bakery of a backroom. d. Have no sense of hearing as well as sight do not hear the
c. My father was born in the backroom in a bakery of Cebu. sound of sea as they are accustomed to it
d. My father was born in the backroom of a bakery in Cebu.
43. (Refer to no. 41) In the passage a child in darkness is likened to
34. Homophones are: _______________.
a. Two or more words that share the same meaning but a. A deaf child unaffected by the environment
have different pronunciations b. A sea creature with no seeing or hearing ability
b. Two or more words that share the same pronunciation but c. A perfect sleeper, for there is no sound around to hear
have different spellings d. Someone who lives where there are no reasons
c. Two or more words that share the same pronunciation but
have different meanings 44. Any criminal justice system is an apparatus that society uses to
d. Two or more words that share the same spelling but have enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals
different meanings and the community. It operates by apprehending, prosecuting,
convicting, sentencing these members of the community who violate
35. If the world on January 1, 2010 _______________, some people the basic rules of group existence. The action taken against law
wouldnt have been surprised. breakers is designed to serve three purposes beyond the
a. was ending c. had ended immediately punitive one. It removes dangerous people from the
b. ended d. have ended community; it deters others from criminal behavior and it gives
society an opportunity to attempt to transform lawbreakers into law -
36. Ill _____________ their cat while they are away in holiday. abiding citizens. We understand from the passage that the basic aim
a. be looking over c. be looking into of criminal justice is ___________________.
b. be looking at d. be looking after a. Educate lawbreakers
b. To define socially accepted behavior
37. Which of the following sentences is preferable? c. To renew, as necessary, the traditions and customs of
a. The project lasted only three months. society
b. The project lasted three months only. d. The protection of society and its individuals
c. The only project lasted three months.
d. The project only lasted three months. 45. (Refer to no. 45) According to the passage, prosecution is
38. The PAGASA officials often talk about ____________ because a. Actually the removal of lawbreakers from the community
its so changeable. b. Not to be considered the vital part of the criminal justice
a. some c. the weather system
b. a weather d. some weather c. One of the stages in the operation of criminal justice
d. Considered with the transformation of criminal justice
39. Martha is one of the few people who ______ how to operate the
equipment. 46. (Refer to no. 45) It is pointed out in the passage that one of the
a. known c. know effects of the criminal justice system is to _________________.
b. knows d. knew a. Investigate the reasons behind criminal behavior
b. Take immediate action against the community
c. Prevent the enforcement of capital punishment a. Passing c. Eternal
d. Give guidelines for group existence b. Goes by stages d. Has its end

47. The poetic expressiveness and creativity of Japanese women 55. Read the passage below: Life, so they say is just a game and
poets of the Manyoshu era is generally regarded as a manifestation they let it slip away doesnt let life slip away Grasp it while you can
of the freedom and relatively high political and economic status we may never pass this way again. The passage implicates that:
women of that era enjoyed. During the Heian Period (A.D. 794 a. Grab the opportunity if it comes
1185) which followed, Japanese women became increasingly b. There is still a second life
relegated to domestic roles under the influence of Buddhism and c. In the second, life will be gone
Confucianism, which excluded women from the political and d. We will all die
economic arenas. Yet, since poetry of the period came to be defined
solely as short lyrical poetry, known as waka, and became the 56. In which country does the story The Pied Piper of Hamelin
prevailing means of expressing love, women continued to excel in take place?
and play a central role in the development of classical Japanese a. France c. Germany
poetry. Moreover, while official Japanese documents were written in b. England d. Russia
Chinese, the phonetic alphabet kana was used for poetry. Also
referred to as onnamoji (womens letter), kana was not deemed 57. Nothing that happen in this world ever happens by chance; it is
sufficiently sophisticated for use by Japanese men, who continued all part of a grand design. This line is about a persons
to write Chinese poetry, increasingly for expressing religious ideas _________________.
and as an intellectual pastime. Chinese poetry ultimately yielded, a. Dream c. Luck
then, to waka as the mainstream of Japanese poetry. Based on the b. Destiny d. Ambition
passage, mainstream Japanese poetry of the Heian period can best
be described as ___________________. 58. A light dramatic composition that uses highly improbable
a. More refined than the poetry of the Manyoshu era situations, stereotyped characters, extravagant exaggeration, and
b. Sentimental in nature and lyrical in style violent horseplay.
c. Written primarily for a female audience a. Comedy c. Satire
d. An outgrowth of Buddhism and Confucianism b. Farce d. Parody

48. (Refer to no. 47) which of the following statements about kana 59. Into how many languages has The Diary of Anne Frank been
finds the LEAST support in the passage? translated?
a. It was used in Japan after A.D. 793 a. 53 c. 55
b. It was considered inappropriate for austere subject matter b. 54 d. 56
c. It was used primarily by Japanese women
d. It was for Japanese poetry but not for Japanese prose 60. Three of these books are written by the same person. Which one
is NOT?
49. (refer to no. 47) The authors primary purpose in the passage is a. The Fountainhead c. Animal Farm
to ______________. b. We the Living d. Atlas
a. Trace the influence of religion on the development of Shrugged
Japanese poetry
b. Refute a common explanation for the role of women in the 61. Which of the following sixteenth -century works of English
development of Japanese poetry literature was translated into the English language after its first
c. Provide an explanation for the role of women in the publication in Latin?
development of Japanese poetry a. Christopher Marlowes Doctor Faustus
d. Identify the reasons for the popularity of a distinct form of b. William Shakespeares King Lear
literary expression in Japan c. Thomas Mores Utopia
d. William Shakespeares Sonnets
50. The song No Man is an Island mirrors:
a. Individualization c. Independence 62. Who was the author of the famous storybook Alices
b. Solitude d. Brotherhood Adventures in Wonderland?
a. Rudyard Kipling c. Lewis Caroll
51. Have a good bank account, a good cook, and a good digestion, b. John Keats d. H.G. Wells
Rousseau is pertaining to:
a. Security c. Duty 63. Who was the 1st century BC poet and author of The Aeneid
b. Family d. investment serves as a guide in Dantes Inferno?
a. Homer c. David
52. In the Fall of the House of Usher what is the name of the b. Virgil d. Rumi
woman who is entomed alive?
a. Natalia Doggis c. Lady Madeline 64. Which playwright introduced blank verse to the stage with
b. Arwen d. Mary Usher Tamburlaine?
a. Christopher Marlowe c. William Shakespeare
53. On the street of this position of Gods world I feel neighbor to a b. Ben Johnson d. Sir Thomas Malory
rat, so brother of a worm; forever chasing rainbows at muddy
margins. This line on Quemadas poem is saying that: 65. Read the following lines: Midnight, not a sound from the
a. Life is fruitful pavement. Has the moon lost its memory She is smiling alone In the
b. Life is not worth living lamp light the withered leaves Collect at my feet And the wind
c. Life is empty and meaningless begins to moan. This line mean:
d. Life is full of challenges a. Confusion c. Loneliness
b. Optimism d. Eagerness
54. Life is but a walking shadow, a pun player that struts and frets
And is heard no more. In this line, life is portrayed as:
66. Rizal gave the time of his death in this quotation: I die when the
dawn breaks to herald the day. What is the time of his death? 78. Which among these words has [zh] sound?
a. Sometime sunset c. a. fish c. she
Sometime in midnight b. excursion d. chips
b. Sometime at dawn d. Sometime at
noon 79. __________ is the study of the structure and form of words in
language or a language, including inflection, derivation, and the
67. This line is taken from one of the psalms in the Bible: The Lord formation of compounds.
is my shepherd: I shall not want This line shows: a. Phonology c. Semantics
a. Poverty b. Phonetics d. Morphology
b. Blind ignorance
c. Total submission to God 80. The English word fig is a:
d. Love to self a. phoneme c. bound morpheme
b. morpheme d. none of the above
68. Which among the lines below has the same meaning as this
statement: Our commitments can develop us or destroy us, but 81. Which ED end sound is different?
either way, they will define us. a. Signed c. wanted
a. Flexible commitment is what we need today. b. Granted d. needed
b. We must make full commitment to wordly goals.
c. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to. 82. Because of the typhoon, a number of local businesses
d. Our commitments need not to be planned way ahead. ________ closed yesterday.
a. were c. are
69. The space shuttle is as fast as the wind. This is an example of: b. was d. is
a. Simile c. Personification
b. Metaphor d. Antithesis 83. Which among these words has the ending [d] sound?
a. Walked c. laughed
70. Which Russian novelist wrote Anna Karenina and War and b. Joked d. played
a. Leo Tolstoy c. Vladimir 84. Which word contains a cranberry morph?
Nabokov a. Apple c. Lukewarm
b. Vladimir Mayakovsky d. Isaac b. Tiger d. Hunter
85. The transcription [buk] is written in normal text as:
71. Analyze the given passage by Anatole France: Fish, which are a. banquet c. bouquet
put upon dry land, die, in the same way, monks who leave their cells b. book d. bulk
and mix with the world deviate from their holy purpose. This
passage means: 86. Which of the following is TRUE about languages?
a. A man should stay only in his habitat. a. All languages use essentially the same number of sounds.
b. Death means living another life. b. All native speakers of a language learn the basic rules of
c. Monks living out of the monastery violate their holiness. grammar in school.
d. Monks must always stay inside the monastery. c. While different languages may use different phonemes,
they all essentially share the same syntax.
72. The following taboo phrases were used by which writer? I fart at d. None of the above
thee, shit on your head, dirty bastard
a. Ben Johnson c. Ernest Hemmingway 87. Which among these words has the [z] end sound?
b. William Shakespeare d. Henry James a. Maps c. Buys
b. Laughs d. Jokes
73. Which abbreviation is a regular acronym?
a. enthuse c. econ (as in economics) 88. Which is a compound word?
b. polysc d. AIDS a. Salamander c. Enchilada
b. Eardrum d. Escapism
74. You have two business partners. You make reference to one of
them, Mark Louie Argosino, in an e-mail to an associate. Which of 89. Which of the following words has the initial sound of the voiced
the following sentences is correctly punctuated? post-alveolar affricate / d/?
a. My partner Mark Louie likes to read political biographies. a. Use c. Yet
b. My partner, Mark Louie, likes to read political biographies. b. Goose d. Gesture
c. My partner, Mark Louie; likes to read political biographies.
d. My partner; Mark Louie, likes to read political biographies. 90. Which is a back formation?
a. Goodness c. Enthuse
75. Which among these words has the [id] end sound? b. Unknown d. Prof
a. mailed c. praised
b. judged d. needed 91. The smallest unit of sound that can be altered to change the
meaning of a word is called a:
76. Which among these words has the [sh] sound? a. Morpheme c. Phoneme
a. measure c. usually b. Morphine d. Bound morpheme
b. usury d. push
92. Which word contains a bound root?
77. Which acronym is an alphabetism? a. Rewrite c. Remit
a. UN c. scuba b. Rest d. Redo
b. NOW d. NATO
93. Whether |U| is pronounced as front or back and whether 5. Irregardless of the outcome of the competition, our schools will
rounded or unrounded depends on ______. remain staunchly allies.
a. Vowel harmony c. Tone a. Irregardless of the outcome
(Linguistics) b. Regardless of how the outcome
b. Epenthesis d. Palatalization c. With regards to the outcome
d. Regardless of the outcome
94. The term phoneme as an __________ was developed by the
Polish linguist Jan NiecislawBaudouin de Courtenay and his student 6. She was told to give the award to whomever she thought had
MikolajKruszewski during 1875 1895. contributed most for the welfare of the student organization.
a. Perception c. Concept a. to whomever she thought
b. Ontology d. Abstraction b. whoever she thought
c. to the senior whom she thought
95. Which of the following is a complex word? d. to whomsoever
a. Teacher c. Salamander
b. Blackboard d. Tiger 7. Senator Josef is one of the legislators who are going to discuss
the budget in the Upper Chamber.
96. Which among these words has the [ae] sound? a. of the legislators who are going
a. Castle c. Carriage b. one of the legislators who is going
b. Cabin d. Can c. one of the legislators who has gone
d. the legislator who is going
97. Which is a clipped word?
a. Eggs c. Prof 8. She not only was competent but also friendly in nature.
b. Smog d. Scissor a. She not only was competent but also friendly
b. She not was only competent but friendly also
98. Which is agglutination? c. not only was competent but friendly also
a. Triskaidekaphobia d. She was not only competent but also friendly
b. Ward
c. Irregardless 9. Most student like to read these kind of books during their
d. Antidisestablishmentarianism break time.
a. these kind of books
99. The earliest recorded syllables are on tablets around 2800 BC in b. these kind of book
the Sumerian city of __________. c. this kind of book
a. Mesopotamia c. Babylon d. this kinds of book
b. Ur d. Babylonia
10. It is not for you to assume responsibility, it is, rather, me who is
100. Which is a blend (portmanteau morpheme)? the guilty person in this matter.
a. Scissors c. Trashcan a. me who is c. me who am
b. Smog d. Polysci b. I who is d. I who am

11. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, is so named because

it is a light display that takes place in the northern skies.
ENGLISH REVIEWER 2 a. because it is a light display that takes place
b. as a light display taking place
1. Except for you and I, everyone brought a present to the party. c. because of taking place
a. Except for you and I, everyone brought d. due to the fact that it is a light display
b. With exception of you and I, everyone brought
c. Except for you and I, everyone had brought 12. The giving of foreign aid is a tool of national policy, the hoped-
d. Except for you and me, everyone brought for return is often indirect and long- term.
a. policy, the hoped- for return is often indirect and long-
2. The reason I came late to office today is because the car broke term
down. b. policy, however the hoped- for return is often indirect and
a. I came late to office today is because long- term
b. why I came late to office today is because c. policy, though the hoped- for return is often indirect and
c. I was late to office today because long- term
d. I came late to office is that d. policy, albeit the hoped- for return is often indirect and
long- term
3. When the war is over, no nation will either be isolated in war or
peace. 13. The difference between the candidates is that one is radical,
a. either be isolated in war or peace the other conservative.
b. be either isolated in war or peace a. one is radical; the other, conservative
c. be isolated in neither war or peace b. one is radical, the other being conservative
d. be isolated either in war or in peace c. while one is radical; the other, conservative
d. one is radical; the other, is conservative
4. The supermarket owner hadnt hardly any of those kind of
canned goods 14. Many middle class individuals find that they cannot obtain good
a. hadnt hardly any of those kind medical attention, despite they need it badly.
b. hadnt hardly any of those kinds a. despite they need it badly
c. had hardly any of those kind b. despite their bad need of it
d. had hardly any of those kinds c. in spite of they need it badly
d. however, much they need it
a. take b. bring
15. If I would have known about the traffic jam in the area, I would c. carry d. bring along
have taken an alternate route.
a. If I would have known about 6. The friendliness ________ the Philippine Foreign Minister and
b. If I would of known about American Secretary of State promoted harmony.
c. If I would of known about a. between b. with both
d. Had I known about c. with d. of both

16. Using it wisely, leisure promotes health, efficiency and 7. Since Mr. Dela Cruz was elected President of the organization,
happiness. the members _________ better socials.
a. Using it wisely c. Having used it wisely a. enjoyed b. are enjoying
b. If it used wisely d. Because it is used wisely
c. have enjoyed d. had enjoy.
17. Neither the earthquake or the subsequent fire was able to
destroy the spirit of the populace. 8. I was filing when I returned but I ________ the report that time.
a. or the subsequent fire was a. was typing b. was still typing
b. nor the subsequent fire were c. am typing d. had been typing
c. Or the subsequent fire were
d. Nor the subsequent fire was 9. The Congolese refugees painted a ________ picture of their
suffering in the hands of the Chadian rebels.
18. Of the two candidates for this government position, Jose Maria a. ubiquitous b. exciting
is the most qualified because of his experience in the field.
a. most qualified because c. poignant d.blatant
b. most qualified due to
c. More qualified due 10. Its plain to see, said she, there are too many ands in that
d. More qualified because of sentence.
a. Its plain to see, said she, there are too many ands in that
19. He has not only violated the law, but also he has escaped sentence.
punishment. b. Its plain to see, said she, there are too many ands in
a. not only violated the law, but also he has escaped that sentence.
punishment c. Its plain to see, said she, there are too many and in that
b. violated not only the law, but also he has escaped sentence.
punishment d. Its plain to see, said she, there are too many ands in that
c. violated not only the law, but he has escaped punishment sentence.
d. not only violated the law, but also escaped punishment 11. Suffrage is a privilege in a democracy. Those who are deprived
of their voting right s are normally:
20. She seldom ever wants to try and face the true facts. a. penalized b. criminally- liable
a. seldom ever wants to try and face the true facts c. disenfranchised d. imprisoned
b. seldom ever wants to try and face the facts
c. seldom wants to try and face the facts 12. Join the street rallies and demonstrations! shouted the rallyists.
d. seldom wants to try to face the facts What was asked of the crowd?
a. Sympathy for a cause
c. Empathy for a cause
b. Apathy for a cause

d. Avoidance of the action

13. The statement I am used to the same tales means,

ENGLISH REVIEWER 3 a. there was redundancy
c. there is nothing new
1. The union members cannot ______ the kind of compensation b. there is great news
plan they want.
a. agree on b. agree to d. this is original
c. agree with d. get agree with
14. The Personnel Manager told the Labor Representative: We
2. She has no conception _______ the performance of her duties. have to reduce our workforce. What does this mean?
a. as to b. as with a. Workers have to be more efficient.
c. with d. as on b. Workers are required to take their forced leaves.
c. Workers are warned of possible layoffs.
3. The witness testified _________ the defendants early life.
a. as to b. as on 15. Some media people are charged of corruption. They are
c. about d. with branded as:
a. Commissioners c. Media Grafters
4. It is essential that harmony prevail _______ the departments. b. Corruptors d. Envelope mentalists
a. between b. among
c. with d. with all 16.She ignored the doctors recommendation that she
____________ smoking.
5. Please _______ the book with you the next time you come to my a. should stop b. stop
office. c. will stop d. stops
17. When I came home, the children still ___________ dinner. 35. The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival from a sales
a. didnt finish b. havent finished convention.
c. hadnt finished d. hasnt finished a. obedience b. absence
c. familiar d. suspended
18. She claimed she _________ there.
a. has never been c. had never been 36. The boy gave a furtive look at his classmates test paper.
b. have never been d. had not been a. coy b. sneaky
c. abortive d. underhanded
19. Neither of them ________ expert on the subject.
a. are b. is an 37. All attempts to denigrate the character of our President, have
c. is an d. is failed.
a. deceive b. venerate
20. It cost twice _________ I thought it would. c. malign d. build- up
a. as much as b. as much
c. more than d. most 38. I must remonstrate about the lack of police protection in our
21. The _________ you become, the less time you have for reading. a. protest b. resign
a. more busy b. busier c. restate d. reject
c. busiest d. more busier
39. Unless we find a witness to corroborate your evidence, it will
22. She was much different __________ I expected. not stand courts.
a. than b. from what a. collaborate b. negate
c. from d. than what c. interpret d. confirm

23. We have described that _________ is more important from than 40. He preyed upon gullible people, who easily believe his stories.
being bright. a. incredulous b. easily deceived
a. to be diligent b. one to be diligent c. fickle d. indifferent
c. diligence d. being diligent
41. The lawyer objected that the testimony being offered was not
24. Weightlifter: Strength:: germaneto the case on hand.
a. marathoner: endurance c. goalie: skill a. original b. relevant
b. hiker: agility d. dancer: speed c. connected d. assisting

25. Lubricant: friction:: 42. His speeches were aimed at the plebeian minds and emotions.
a. speed: drag a. sophisticated b. pragmatic
c. muffler: noise c. persuade d. common
b. motor: electricity
d. insulator: heat 43. People dislike his sly ways but granted him a certain
29. Elevator: shaft:: a. surprise b. careful
a. electricity: outlet c. railroad: train c. wily d. cunning
b. water: conduit d. skyscraper: foundation
44. Easy access to credit encourages people to become
30. Hydrology: science:: spendthrift.
a. astronomy: galaxy c. fashion: style a. stingy b. sophisticated
b. fir: tree d. theory: practice c. spender d. moneyed

31. In his address the Regional Director exhorted the teachers to 45. I think it is impolitic to raise the issue at this point in time
discover and __________ each students _______ talents. because the public is too emotional about it.
a. develop: intrinsic c. redirect: specialty a. advisable b. explosive
b. justify: gratuitous d. uplift: unrecognized c. unwise d. apolitical

32. The enforcers feel that the ________ shown by the judges to 46. I admire his tersestyle of writing; he comes directly to the point.
first offenders unfortunately _________ many youngster to embark a. better b. dull
on a life crimes. c. illusionary d. concise
a. harshness: predisposes
c. clemency: encourages 47. His parsimonious nature did not permit him to enjoy any luxury
b. indifference: directs and relaxation.
d. understanding: condemns a. frustrating b. distinct
c. stingy d. vulnerable
33. As long as our political leaders would emulate the virtues of the
great leaders of our country, we shall have economic and social 48. Jose refused to take sleeping pills that might stupefy him.
progress. a. rigid b. dull
a. set free b. embolden c. illusionary d. make numb
c. encourage d. imitate
49. Liza is not a pariah to be shunned and ostracized.
34. I can safely vouchsafe you a fair return for your investments. a. citizen b. parishioner
a. borrow b. grant c. outcast d. benefactor
c. punish d. qualify
50. The wizenedold man in the home for the aged was still active a. replaced b. dethroned
and energetic. c. defeated d. deposed
a. mascular b. clever
c. shriveled d. wise and smart 64. Never in World History was there a leaderless nation. This
passage means ___________.
51. He has the dubious distinction of being the lowest man in his a. nations can survive without leaders
class. b. a leader is always born
a. strange b. satisfying c. leaders come and go
c. doubtful d. existing d. a leader fades away but another comes up

52. The evidence gathered against the racketeers incriminates 65. Adopting the values of __________ colonizer would be tragic
some high government officials as well. and meaningless independence.
a. exacerbate b. accuse a. the b. ones
c. intimidate d. discriminate c. its d. a

53. Jose does not need a new car, but he traded his old one to keep 66. Colonialism was itself violent in ___________ natural state.
up with the Joneses. a. the b. its
a. to imitate others in extravagance c. its d. their
c. to be responsible
b. to be envious 67. The right form to address an invitation for a lawyer husband and
d. to please others his doctor wife.
a. Atty. And Mrs. Josef Novales
54. The politician is witty speaker but he beats around the bush too b. Atty. And Dr. Josef Novales
much. c. Atty. Novales and Dr. Novales
a. speaks emotionally c. avoids the main topic d. Atty. Josef Novalesans Dr. Novales
b. away from the public d. keeps on talking

55. After all has been said, the issue was a tempest in a teapot. 68. What utterance shows determination?
a. temperature dropped a. This time, I have not made my mind
c. heated argument followed b. This time I wont stop schooling
b. simmered down c. I have good news for you
d. boiled down to nothing d. What a shame, she came back

56. All his life he has tried to be a good citizen, but still he doesnt 69. You wouldnt want to be accused of theft, ___________?
seem to get any place. a. wouldnt you b. wont you
a. change location c. unsuccessful c. will you d. would you
b. take a trip d. miserable
70. An appropriate philosophy of education _________ Filipinos
57. The committee members have gone off, leaving everything at must consider this historical aspect.
sixes and sevens among themselves. a. if b. by
a. harmony b. disagreement c. for the d. of their
c. unproductive d. disorganized
71. The referee may not _________ these regulations no matter
58. Rome was not built in a day! how much you complain.
a. always on the move a. explain to you b. exempt you from
b. accept and bear consequences of your own doings c. accept you from d. expect you from
c. great things require time and effort
d. hatred between forgiven two parties 72. This iPod is my sisters. How about this?
a. This is to him b. This is to his
59. All is well that ends well. The hatchet is buried as the dye is cast. c. This is his d. This is of him
a. The action is done and every feeling is forgiven as it is forgotten.
b. the weapon is buried 73. His ultimately death has left us blinder than we might have
c. judgment is given been. This means?
d. in serious trouble a. Those left behind are left homeless
b. Those left behind are blind
60. Pilar tasted a dose of her medicine. c. Those orphans are left to themselves
a. suffered the consequences c. self medication d. Those who are blind are orphans
b. tasted her glory d. rewarded
74. Which of the following quotations is the best example of
61. Dont trust him completely; he may try to put one over you. aphorism?
a. overcome b. be subordinated a. That is no country for old men
c. to deceive you d. impulsive b. Out of the frying pan and into the fire
c. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
62. Mrs. Gonzales is as good as her last triumph. d. I fear thee, ancient mariner
a. cant be a good all throughout c. as nice as ever
b. cant be bad d. in trouble 75. Adults acquire new words and experience primarily through?
a. formal education c. exposure to their use
63. When a leader is succeeded by another leader, the former is b. use of dictionary d. casual explanation from peers
referred to as __________.
76. The best definition of the meaning of the word.
a. the object to which it refers
b. its general dictionary definition 84. I will take the road less travelled by and be condemned if
c. its use in a particular situation necessary. said one politician. His decision shows ____________?
d. kits corresponding idea in the mind a. regrets come before decision
b. decisions are made despite differences from the majority
77. People living in the mountainous and rugged areas were advised c. decisions are made on the crossroads
about the occurrence of La Nina. This means? d. regrets come after decisions
a. there will be famine c. there will be
abundance 85. What word is not properly spelled and used in these sentences?
b. there will be drought d. there will be flashfloods a. There were commissions on the fare
b. There were confusions on admissions
78. Professionals going abroad to seek greener pasture as one type c. There was confusion on the plane
of _____________? d. There was confusion of directions
a. brain drain b. employment
c. tourism d. migration 86. You should be more __________ instead of being _________
in order to avoid committing mistakes.
79. The modern heroes are understandable products of ones a. literate..erudite c. cautious..impetuous
literary heritage and the present world. Heroes of the present are b. d.
prototypes of the society in which they flourish. This means? practical..passive
a. Heroes are alike, modern and classical
b. Modern society affects the modern literary heroes 87. Only world- class athletes win medals at the Olympic Games.
c. Literature has heroes who represent the people, race and times Michael Phelps won several gold medals in swimming at the 2008
d. Modern heroes are the embodiment of the societys values Beijing Olympic Games. Therefore:
a. Michael Phelps is an all- time American swimmer
80. The victims father refused revenge when he said: b. Australia won the most number of gold medals in swimming
a. an eye for an eye c. Michael Phelps is a world- class athlete and an Olympian
c. Dont take the law into your hands d. Michael Phelps is a swimmer
b. Justice is always delayed
d. Give him the other cheek 88. i. Treasury bills have an interest rate of 6.85% per annum
ii. Savings accounts have interest rate of only 2.0% per annum
81. Identify the Filipino value and its influence on the Filipino youth iii. Treasury bills used to have 9- 10% interest rate per annum
as stated:
a. Lack of Initiative.. Passionism Therefore, it is better to invest in Treasury bills than to just out your
b. Faith.Conflicting attitudes money in regular savings account.
c. Exteremepersonalism.. Individualism a. definitely true c. most likely false
d. Lack of discipline Indifference b. most likely true d. definitely false

82. We should work for a total ban ____________of pesticides that

are hazardous to man.
a. on the use 89. She was a Phantom of delightWhen first she gleamed upon
b. by the use my sight.
c. on using William Wordsworth
d. with the use a. metaphor b. simile
c. apostrophe d. hyperbole
83. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. This means
__________? 90. Which of the following words are misspelled?
a. the heart is always correct about everything 1. transgression 2. transcent
b. important things are not always for the heart but for the brain 3. Inmunity 4. Percieve
c. heart should always be over and above the brains a. 2&3 b. 2, 3 &4
d. only the heart can see the beauty of life and love c. 1, 3 &4 d. 1, 2 &3


1A 21 D 41 B 61 C 81 A
2A 22 A 42 D 62 C 82 A
3A 23 B 43 B 63 B 83 D
4C 24 D 44 D 64 A 84 C
5B 25 C 45 B 65 C 85 C
6A 26 D 46 A 66 B 86 D
7B 27 A 47 B 67C 87 C
8A 28 B 48 D 68 C 88 B
9C 29 C 49 C 69 A 89 D
10 B 30 B 50 D 70 A 90 C
11 C 31 A 51 A 71 A 91 C
12 C 32 C 52 C 72 A 92 C
13 D 33 D 53 D 73 D 93 A 1. (4) you and me
14 A 34 C 54 D 74 A 94 D 2. (4) is that is preferred to because
3. (4) eitheror
15 A 35 C 55 A 75 D 95 A 4. (4) double negative: had hardly; those kinds
16 B 36 D 56 C 76 D 96 D 5. (4) Regardless
6. (2) whoeverhad contributed
17 A 37 A 57 B 77 A 97 C
7. (1) original sentence is correct
18 C 38 C 58 B 78 B 98 D 8. (4) was not only but also
19 C 39 C 59 C 79 D 99 B 9. (3) kind is singular, so use this
10. (4) use I instead of me; 1st person singular verb am
20 C 40 A 60 C 80 B 100 B 11. (1) original sentence
12. (3) addition of conjunction though
13. (1) original sentence is correct
14. (2) Despite used as a preposition
15. (4) correct use of subjunctive mood to indicate a condition contrary to fact
16. (2) change participial phrase to a clause
17. (4) neithernor
18. (4) use more because only 2 persons are compared
19. (4) not only and but also placed near the words violated and escaped
20. (4)


1. A 21. B 41.B 61.C 81. C

2. A 22. B 42.D 62.A 82. A
3. C 23. D 43.D 63.A 83. D
4. B 24. A 44.C 64.D 84. B
5. B 25. C 45.C 65.B 85. C
6. A 26. A- WITHOUT 46. D 66. B 86. C
7. C 27. B- INTELLIGENCE 47. C 67.A 87. C
8. D 28. C- FINISHING 48. D 68.B 88. B
9. C 29. B 49.C 69.D 89. A
10. B 30. B 50.C 70.C 90. B
11. C 31. A 51.C 71. B
12. A 32. C 52.B 72. C
13. C 33. D 53.A 73. C
14. C 34. B 54.C 74. C
15. D 35. D 55.D 75. C
16. B 36. B 56.C 76. A
17. C 37. C 57.B 77. D
18. C 38. A 58.C 78. A
19. C 39. D 59.A 79. C
20 A 40. B 60.A 80. C