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Engineer Ali Mirza [b : 1977 CE] And Inconsistencies In His

System Of Believes.
Engineer Ali:
Mirza: Of Jhelum
[ Date of Birth :4:10:1977 CE]
is an aggressive minded person and his mind is illogical and irrational. That is the reason
there are some inconsistencies in his System of believes . How ever it requires a Critical and Logical Study of His
system. Below we are providing one of
The examples of his inconsistent system. It may be noted that the Ebgineer Ali: Mirza: appears to know his
inconsistencies yet he hides them by remaining silent on them . Why because he is not interested in solving the
problem of his Apostate System but to target simple minds of His Follwers
and Listeners. His is probably sure that they shall not study his system Critically,logically and Analytically.
We are providing one of the examples of Inconsistencies which this apostate has attempted to hide.
Of The Religious System Of the Heretic and Deviant Ali Mirza of Jhelum.
Believes of Ali: Mirza: about Qura:n
Engineer Ali Mirza: Claims that he believes that Qura:n is Ghair Makh:lu:q [ Uncreated] . Let it be called Statement
there are only two Logical Possibilities [Al Ih:tima:l Al Aqli:]
Qura:n is Eternal [Qadi:m]
Qura:n is Non Eternal [Ghair Qadi:m] ----------------------------C
Is Neither Eternal Nor Not Eternal ---------------------------------D
There is no fourth Logical Possibility about Holy Qura:n in regard to the Attribute of Eternity.
Consider Ali Mirza: believes in A and B. ------------------------C1
In this case C1 Ali: Mirza is implied to believe that Qura:n is Eternal and Uncreated.

But Engineer Ali: Mirza: cannot believe in this case since this is the belief of Majority of Ahlussunnah [A ha:irah
and Maturi:diah]. His former TeacherZubair Ali: Zai was against this view since to Believe that Qura:n is Eternal
implies that Qura:n is not a Voluntary Speech of Deity [Sivine Essence= Dh:a:tul Bari:], Engineer Ali: Mirza
however believes that Deity [Nounly\Namely ALL-H] Speaketh By His Divine Will and not by the Intrinsic Nature of
Divine Essence which is an implied Involuntary Attribute Of Speech of Deity.
Suppose that Ali: Mirza of Jhelum believes in A and C --------------------------------------C2
In the case C2 Qura:n is Uncreated and Qur;a:n is not Eternal.
If Qura:n is neither Uncreated and Not Eternal then Qura:n is directly Implied to be Neither Created Nor
That is Qura:n is Neither Created Nor Eternal ---------------------------------E
So Ali Mirza: Of Jhelum does believe in A,C and E.-------------------------C3

If Ali: Mirza: of Jhelum believes in A.Cand E then:=

Engineer Ali: Mirza
Either believes that:
Qura;n is Associated with Divine Essence-------------------------------F
Or believes that:Qura:n is Not Associated With Divine Essence ---------------------------------G
Or believes that
Qura:n is Neither Associated Nor Not Associated with the Divine Essence
If Engineer Ali Mirza: Of Jhelum Believes in A,C,E and F,
THEN it means that He believes that Non Eternal Qura:n is Associated [Qa:im Bi Dh:a:til Ba:ri:] With Divine
This implieth that Ali Mirza: Must believe that Non Eternal [H:adith:] is associated With Divine Essence
But Ali: Mirza: does not believe that Not Eternals are Associated With Divine Essence.
Therefore if Engineer Ali: Mirza: Of Jhelum believes in
A,C,E and F then his system is not Consistent id est his system is inconsistent.
If Ali Mirza
of Jhelum
believes in A,C,E and G then:=
Engineer Ali Mirza believes that:=
Qura:n is Uncreated ,Not Eternal and Not Associated With Divine Essence
But he cannot believe in this since any thing that is Neither Associated With Divine Essence Nor Eternal is Created.
This implieth that Qura:n ceaseth to be Uncreated.
This contradiceth A.
So If Engineer Ali Mirza believes in A,C,E and G then His system is inconsistent id est his system is not consistent.
If Ali Mirza of Jhelum believes in A,C,E and H
Qura:n is Uncreated ,Not Eternal and Neither Not Associated With Divine Essence Nor Associated With Divine

He believes directly in Exclusion of Middle [Irtifa: Un Naqi:d:ain \Negation of two Negations].

This implies an inconsistency.
As there is no C7 ,C8........... [and so on] since they are Logically Impossible this completes the proof that System
of Engineer Ali: Mirza is inconsistent.

To the
Followers and Listeners of
Engineer Ali Mirza
How many evidences and proofs you require to be convinced that
Engineer Ali: Mirza: is playing with the believes of Thousands of Muslims.
His Heretic and Apostate Ideas and believes are exposed, inconsistency
For sake of ALL-H and His Prophet do drift away from him.
You have been informed.
1] Do you really believe
that no one understood Islam in the period [ 670
671 CE,1977 EC] until Engineer Ali: Mirza Arrived.

[ Holy Prophet Was Born in 570/571 CE and Died 632 CE, So in the year 670/671 CE exactly one hundred years
had passed. So excluding a hundred years from the birth of Holy Prophet it is implied according to the
Alimirzaite/Jhelumite believes that no one understood Islam since then , and Islam was understood when Ali Mirza
was born in 1977CE . Even in 1980 CE Ali Mirza was just 3 years old. He remained a large period of his life as a
Barailvi. So even in his Baraivi part of his life [ implied according to the Apostate Engineer] , No one understood
Islam .
2] Do you really believe that Islam needs Ali: Mirza to be rediscovered.

Decide AND Judge your selves.