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21:20:14 From Earl Thibert : lol Dani

21:28:01 From mikael79 : hello

21:28:24 From Merc Gar : hi Earl, John and Dani 
21:29:02 From Merc Gar : good evening everyne
21:33:42 From Karl from Canada :
21:36:57 From Charlotte Mays : im cookin and cleanin while evesdroppin,
21:37:09 From Brianna C : Hey Charlotte <3
21:37:29 From Karl from Canada :
21:37:38 From Merc Gar : hi char and brianna 
21:37:42 From Charlotte Mays : HI Brianna!
21:37:43 From Merc Gar : yea
21:37:52 From Merc Gar : lol
21:39:54 From Karl from Canada :
21:42:34 From Clive-Albert Dodd : Hello everyone, hi john hope all is g
oing well.
21:43:28 From Karl from Canada :
21:44:01 From Brianna C : Hey Merce :)
21:44:01 From Karl from Canada : Cindy, your MIC is open
21:48:17 From Merc Gar : lol
21:48:30 From Maury : Just curious John, what is the room limit for thi
s room this evening?
21:49:54 From Charlotte Mays : THis room has 200
21:50:18 From Maury : Quality trumps quantity ever single time.
21:52:13 From Maury : Echo coming from Dani.
21:52:24 From Maury : Echo coming from Dani
21:52:30 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hello Dani & John!
21:52:48 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Echoes from D...
21:52:53 From juliej : echoing
21:53:08 From Maury : No probnlem, thanks.
21:53:27 From Maury : problem, I really do know how to spell, just a la
zy typist.
21:53:32 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thanks.
21:53:57 From Brianna C : Hello Joseph :)
21:54:34 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hi Brianna!
21:55:25 From Ihor : Hallo Dani :) Hallo Guys :) Good to be with You :)
21:55:46 From Brianna C : Ihor :)
21:56:00 From Brianna C : I herd I'm DRUNK :D Good gawd
21:56:11 From Merc Gar : hi Ihor :)
21:56:31 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hi Ihor...
21:56:50 From Merc Gar : yikes!
21:57:04 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hot stuff... eh, Dani!
21:57:28 From Edward Visse : hi all!
21:57:54 From Ihor : Brianna haaai :)))) are You really? :)))))) thats n
aaauuuughty! :)))) :)
21:57:56 From juliej : Hello gang
21:58:09 From Ihor : hai Merce :)
21:58:21 From Brianna C : no, no, no, me not drunk, Ihor :))))))
21:58:22 From Ihor : hai Joseph :)
21:58:43 From Brianna C : I thought I heard YUOU say to Dani : I\m drun
k :D
21:59:00 From juliej : so wha are we breathing?
21:59:02 From Brianna C : and I still cannot type either :))))))
21:59:02 From Ihor : nouuuuu I am not :)
21:59:15 From Brianna C : :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
21:59:20 From Ihor : :)
22:00:06 From juliej : maybe oxigenated
22:00:24 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Go Dani!
22:00:50 From Brianna C : BAM
22:00:50 From Ihor : so neither Brianna nor Ihor are drunk :) it was mi
sunderstanding :)
22:00:52 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes!
22:00:52 From Moksha James : I wonder if CERN is screwing up the Hydrog
en atom???
22:00:59 From Karl from Canada : Star walker can you turn off your came
22:01:09 From Karl from Canada : thanks
22:01:34 From Moksha James : Reality changing all over the place lmao
22:02:04 From Ihor : :))))))) :)
22:02:24 From Brianna C : Please don\t say anything groundbreaking in t
he next 2 mns, gotta tend to the cats real quick :D Merci !
22:02:46 From Ihor : :)))))
22:02:57 From Ihor : New Space :)
22:03:14 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Danii, I have been on a different
timeline all along. Stamford, CT has always been... in my reality. Stanford is a
University in California...
22:03:18 From Ihor : and Kansas is not in Kansas anymore :))) :)
22:03:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Where s Toto?
22:03:57 From Ihor : in :)
22:04:07 From Maury : Jeepus, Dani just told us the secret of all secre
ts thirty seconds after you typed that and then swore us to total secrecy. Sorr
y about your cat.
22:05:39 From Moksha James : funny Maury
22:05:50 From juliej : everything is electronic...block chain keepsthe
22:05:57 From Maury : Saw mention about the Federal Reserve preparing t
o tell CON gress their plans for the new electronic currency they have in mind
. I think it was on my yahoo main page.
22:06:25 From Karl from Canada : Fuck That..!!!!
22:06:54 From Maury : Saw that just this morning, by the way.
22:07:07 From Star Walker : Camera mug shot col , excuse em moi......
........ .. cheers UnFuckers
22:07:30 From juliej : gold and silver will be chnange bac a car with an ounce of
22:09:48 From Ihor : :)
22:11:15 From juliej : paper cash will be like confederate notes...conv
22:11:18 From Karl from Canada : How about we agree not to have any cur
22:11:31 From Star Walker : I can do without any controlled current-sea
22:11:33 From Maury : Effectively that has to be whast the Federal Rese
rve story I saw this morning will be atheir form of identical to the Russian sto
ry Dani just read.
22:11:52 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Only gold and silver coins don t d
iminish in value with time. Paper money loses value when more is printed floodin
g the market. Time is time, so hours are hours. Much better as a medium of excha
nge! I don t trust crypto currencies, because they can be manipulated. I support
time banking!
22:12:16 From Karl from Canada : So can gold and silver joseph
22:13:39 From Maury : Their goal, Joe, one world government, one world
currency. We have known this for quite a while now. They are just revealing th
eir intentions publicly about the currency right now it appears. That is their
plan. For me I see it that way and I also see it will not come to fruition as
they work towards it.
22:14:17 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Maury... and I AM not playing
that game.
22:14:28 From Maury : Me keither, Joe.
22:14:29 From penny dietz : time for your chip implantation
22:14:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : No thanks, penny dietz!
22:15:13 From Star Walker : I do NOT con-sent.. to their fuckery !
22:15:20 From Maury : More than just you amd me, Joe, who either have a
lready walked away or will soon take that final breaking step for themselves.
22:15:39 From John Anderson to d(Privately) : Gotta restart... didn t
sharee computer sound
22:15:40 From penny dietz : cant hear it
22:15:48 From sarah : cant hear it Dani
22:15:49 From Karl from Canada : sounds gone now
22:15:56 From Clive-Albert Dodd : Audio very bad Dani
22:15:58 From phillip s : you need to mute all except yourself
22:16:00 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : made it Brianna
22:16:06 From Maury : Same on my computer. Sound now gone.
22:16:06 From juliej : no sound
22:16:09 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Dani ill send you those pics
22:16:18 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Where is the audio, Dani?
22:16:32 From Star Walker : The sounds iffy..........
22:16:35 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thanks, John.
22:16:35 From Brianna C : Marlena <3
22:17:22 From John Anderson to d(Privately) : much better
22:17:26 From Ihor : perfect now :)
22:17:26 From Maury : Mucho betterer.
22:17:28 From juliej : much better
22:17:37 From Star Walker : There you go !
22:18:11 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "Big Brother is watching you!"
22:18:42 From Maury : Fucking transhumanism on steroids.
22:18:54 From Star Walker : Big brother can kiss my arse !
22:18:55 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Maury!
22:19:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Good point, Star Walker.
22:19:31 From Star Walker : :)
22:19:34 From Maury : They are talking to themselves and their minions,
not us.
22:19:44 From Karl from Canada : There was the hook, they are going to
pay you cryptocurrency to allow them to use your computer devices
22:20:12 From Jayling C : They can take a flying leap into a lava pit
22:20:17 From John Anderson to d(Privately) : I think I m gonna get s
ap[ped for copyright infractions
22:20:22 From Brianna C : Brrrrrr
22:20:22 From phillip s : wonder if Elon Musk has shares in Sonm
22:20:24 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : 1984 is not happening... We are wa
king up!
22:20:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you, Jayling!
22:20:55 From juliej : Elon Musk is a computer
22:20:57 From Star Walker : YEP , Joseph !
22:21:15 From Brianna C : YES
22:21:16 From Renae Little : The TV Series Silicon Valley just aired an
episode where the guy had created an algorithym that does EXACTLY what that vid
eo says
22:21:30 From Moksha James : Peoplre have no idea whats coming
22:21:32 From Maury : The funny thing is that we responded at an energe
tic level even before we put our words in this chat. Speaking for myself in par
ticular but I know that is not inaccurate of the rest of you in here.
22:21:35 From Brianna C : was just going to ask if you guys saw the D W
22:22:07 From mikael79 : I actually had dream about this type of world
22:22:18 From Moksha James : I think those chips were quantum too
22:22:39 From jerry : that network sounds just like CERN s WLCG
22:22:57 From Juho William Tauriainen : "evolution of consciousness" bu
zzword... as if the real thing depends on artificial hardware... jeez
22:23:12 From Moksha James : They re here!
22:23:16 From Maury : Line the billionaires up in a row and they will a
ll be for this shit.
22:24:00 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : ok, sent you the pics of the lit
tle green people Dani
22:24:14 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : sorry guys, back now, i was list
ening though , very interesting
22:24:31 From Maury : Sounds like Leelu
22:24:46 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hello to my favourite people in
this reality
22:25:05 From Moksha James : hello
22:25:06 From juliej : Hi Mar
22:25:21 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hi Moksha , hello Julie xoxo
22:25:29 From juliej : xo
22:25:43 From Karl from Canada : It would attempt to eradicate the givt
22:25:54 From Karl from Canada : govts
22:25:55 From Maury : Person Of Interest was a television series that b
asically portrayed that very thing. the computer thing that is that Dani is tal
king about.
22:26:05 From Star Walker : Hey Marlena :)
22:26:11 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : indeed Maury
22:26:14 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hello Star xox
22:27:46 From Merc Gar : exactly!
22:28:35 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I dont think its the evil they s
ay it is so we will be afraid
22:28:39 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : when in fact it is
22:28:42 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : inst
22:28:48 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : ISNT
22:28:53 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : That s the spirit, Dani!
22:29:51 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : they dont want us to find out ho
w much we can really do as energy beings.. because we could break their "machine
22:29:59 From juliej : Winston Smith aka Person of Interest... is a fic
tional character and the protagonist of George Orwell s 1949 novel Nineteen Eigh
22:30:02 From Star Walker : Which it could be , Dani
22:30:06 From Ihor : the agenda is to hijack transvergence, benign holi
stic transvergence if You ask Me
22:30:43 From Merc Gar : hi Gail 
22:30:44 From phillip s : digital is always 2 way traffic, they seek co
ntrol and in getting control we have access by default
22:30:47 From Edward Visse : if we are in a simulation, then we are alr
eady plugged in
22:30:48 From Moksha James : NEO
22:31:17 From juliej : yes Edward
22:31:34 From Jules : Perhaps we should try group meditaions to infulen
ce positive happening so we can try to direct the energy every week?
22:31:34 From Merc Gar : hi Edward 
22:31:45 From juliej : now...we must figure our escape plan...
22:31:54 From Karl from Canada : We may be plugged in but like all soft
ware, what level of access are we allowed..??? not much these days is my guess
22:31:54 From Star Walker : NEO is my name on my home wifi connection..
higher speed now... grin
22:32:17 From Maury : Find your true self, Jules and you are out alread
22:32:34 From Moksha James : Huge crystal under Asheville NC
22:32:37 From Jules : trying:)
22:32:41 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Like shutting down the generator o
n the U.S.S. Eldridge in "The Philadelphia Experiment." Hit the kill switch on t
he Refraction Experiment!
22:33:05 From Maury : Focussed intent is absolutely necessar, Jules.
22:33:19 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : well theres a reason why crystal
s heal.. so you can imagine how imagine what a huge one can do
22:33:35 From Jules : i do but i hear it is more powerful with more peo
22:33:51 From Maury : What is more powerful?
22:33:57 From Jules : intention
22:34:12 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : my sentence made no sense.. my l
ittle crystals heal so you can imagine what a huge crystal can do
22:34:23 From juliej : Hey Tarrin...been sharing your videos - thumbs u
22:34:29 From Ihor : Truth changes everything :)
22:34:39 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : All Consciousness is ONE... Shut d
own the "Great Eternal Lie." We are all connected at the Heart. There is NO sepa
ration... just a Grand Illusion.
22:34:40 From Brianna C : Hey Tarrin, you made it :)
22:34:55 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I think so too Dani, if we all "
downloaded" the truth to those crystals EVERYTHING would change
22:34:57 From Tarrinlupo : @juliej Thanks for the support :)
22:34:58 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : the truth always comes out
22:35:01 From Brianna C : Marlena, you did make sense the 1 st time too
22:35:09 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : thanks Brianna xoxo
22:35:30 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : water always comes up
22:35:33 From Juho William Tauriainen : an advanced enough intelligence
with enough information discerning the f in truth on its own? f in GENIUS.
22:35:33 From Tarrinlupo : Hey Brinanna, little late but made it
22:35:41 From Karl from Canada : Talking about the internet.... that ha
s now come out that the UK govt now want to regulate the internet after the lond
on attack...!!!!!!
22:36:07 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I think the people that intentio
nally hurt any of us should emerge themselves in some loving water ...
22:36:29 From Jules : i hear the monks chants are to provoke feelings w
hich is the tool they use for there intentinons ..different feeling energy = dif
ferent reslts
22:36:37 From Karl from Canada : heavy water Marlena.... lol
22:36:38 From juliej : Time for a water fast!
22:36:46 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : lol right Karl? lol
22:36:57 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : imagine what the memory water wo
uld tell us
22:37:05 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : or tell on some lol
22:37:09 From Sony : @Julesagree with the monk chants...
22:37:32 From Karl from Canada : i magnetise and vortex my water
22:37:46 From Jules : itry intentions with really high energy happy mus
ic and it s gooood :)
22:37:57 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : same.. always good vibes to my w
22:38:01 From Brianna C : I "intend" my water too Karl :)
22:38:21 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : omg the plot thickens
22:38:28 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : OMG Thats messed up dani
22:38:44 From Star Walker : Aaahhh yes hydrogen
22:38:52 From Jules : i can try that...just add things to my water at m
o lol
22:39:04 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : lol Jules.. sure why not eh?
22:39:35 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : WHAT DOES THAT MEAN NOW THEN DAN
22:39:41 From Jules : got raw tumeric at mo :) and lots
22:39:59 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : wow
22:40:08 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : so what does it go around now th
22:40:10 From Sony : Wow is right!
22:40:34 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i am picturing what it looks lik
e so what would it go around?
22:40:53 From Star Walker : I had a feeling you were going to say 0 neu
tron , in this reality..... i believe i heard that right
22:40:54 From Karl from Canada : it s the building block of the univers
e, but it seems that Dani and I are from different universes because we remember
Hydrogen differently
22:40:56 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : where did it go?
22:41:07 From Juho William Tauriainen : I remember from my high school
chem class H with atomic weight 1. Deuterium and tritium were the heavier isotop
es with mass 2 and 3
22:41:45 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i am a science geek .. im wonder
ing how it would even do its thing now
22:41:53 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : so that changes everything
22:42:00 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : so now the water would be differ
22:42:11 From Star Walker : Haaaa Nucleus ......with the atom
22:42:13 From juliej : H202?
22:42:22 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hydrogen makes up the water.. h2
22:42:23 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : now what?
22:43:08 From Juho William Tauriainen : I also remember the teacher ref
erring to hydrogen ions as protons in the context of acid-base reactions
22:43:24 From Karl from Canada : Hydrogen s still hydrogen it s just th
at there is a neutron that was not there for many of us.... how does that neutro
n behave when interacting tith other elements.
22:44:01 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i know but the neutron was the g
22:44:06 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : that held it together
22:44:10 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : H2O2 is "heavy water" as I remembe
r it.
22:44:37 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : thats the water thats at the bot
tom of the ocean, the heavy water that makes up that underwater river
22:44:54 From maddtom . : H1 Zero nuetreonH2 1nuetron
22:45:01 From John Anderson : H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide... not deuteriu
22:45:21 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Anything with 4H2C anyone?
22:45:36 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : this is quite exciting lol
22:46:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Sorry,, John... I was confusing H3
0 with H202 (hydrogen peroxide)... oops!
22:46:23 From Tarrinlupo : That is a very interesting chart, good find
22:46:54 From Dawn Hart : We just got hit here in Houston with a rain s
torm from hell lucky to have power to be here
22:47:10 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : It s been a long time since high s
chool chemistry!
22:47:11 From Karl from Canada : potential of hydrogen is also i rememb
er it
22:47:13 From Sony : Daniwouldnt you know?! Unbelievable...
22:47:14 From maddtom . : monoatomic.....H!... no nuetronmolecular H2...
.(combustible diatomic gas) 1 neutron
22:47:16 From Dawn Hart : I am all about PH
22:47:30 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : so the memory in the water would
also change now...
22:47:37 From Sony : Yes, Dawn, so, so important!
22:47:47 From Jules : could it be the chemtrails changing the water?
22:48:03 From Dawn Hart : big part of dealing with disease
22:48:22 From Star Walker : Yep, from what i learned.. we should have a
lkaline blood.........not acidic
22:48:25 From Dawn Hart : they are on to something big here
22:48:26 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i think we are the ones changing
things by our collective thoughts, so hopefully we get more positive people in
this world real quick
22:48:31 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : That s an interesting hypothesis,
22:48:42 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Indeed Dawn
22:49:00 From Brianna C : Question : has it really changed OR are th
ey telling us their new version of Hydrogen until it s "new formula" reaches a c
ritical mass in collective consciousness/knowledge (as being truth), and THEN ac
tually changes, thus altering .... god knows how much !
22:49:33 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : EXACTLY! Brianna, thats what i w
as thinking.
22:49:47 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : they put it out there , make us
believe then we change it
22:50:02 From Sony : Ahinteresting, Dani!
22:50:07 From Jules : if our blood is more acidic could it link in with
the idea of enhancing the forign frequencies in our body making it more forced
on us?
22:50:24 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : right? thats probably why our li
ver is super huge now
22:50:59 From mikael79 : well atleast neutron doubles hydrogens atomwei
22:51:49 From Robert Munoz : si, yo pieso qeu si
22:51:50 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Ill also participate Dani and pu
t a poll out in my chatroom
22:52:12 From Merc Gar : yeap!??
22:52:34 From Ihor : Dani found an answer from one person that resonate
s as competent: Hydrogen has several isotopes
1. Prothium (hydrogen, to which we are all accustomed) 1 proton, 0 neutrons, 1 e
2. Deuterium 1 proton, 1 neutron, 1 electron
3. Tritium 1 proton, 2 neutrons, 1 electron
22:52:36 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : lots of fucking liars lol
22:52:39 From phillip s : or are we in a RE_ality that is structured th
is way as compared to the ality we started on
22:52:50 From Ihor : Yes :)
22:53:12 From Ihor : he says PROTHIUM
22:53:23 From Ihor : is the most common
22:53:35 From phillip s : home school time chemistry lessons lol
22:53:50 From Merc Gar : lol me same
22:54:14 From Jules : or if u need to be more acidic for the human elec
tricity to work ..could that mean that it could make it easier for us to use the
positive vibes
22:54:21 From Brianna C : Yes Marlena, got a dtrong feeling on thi one.
Mandela Effect is one thing, but perhaps "they" are inserting stuff they want
to alter but cannot without us (us believing it). But that s a whole topic for
a show /discussion I guess !
22:54:30 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : my bf just said if that isnt the
compound anymore then it isnt hydrogen
22:54:37 From Ihor : Dani according to You and Nick is it PROTHIUM that
has been the most common?
22:54:42 From juliej : the edu ca tion system is not all credible infor
22:55:04 From Ihor : right I see )
22:55:08 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : exactly what i was getting at ,
thanks Brianna
22:55:16 From Carn DW : yes i remember
22:55:18 From Sony : Good point, Brianna!
22:55:20 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Collective conscious recollection
alters external reality? How malleable is this hologram? Or... should I say, "co
22:55:20 From Ihor : he says prthium :)
22:55:46 From Sony : Also good point, Marlena1
22:55:54 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : influential perminent change
22:56:01 From Sony : oops!...
22:56:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you, Dani!
22:56:16 From Brianna C : Like minds :) I m getting quite "pinged" to
approach the whole Mandela effects from a different angle now
22:56:20 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : so what do we do now?
22:56:22 From Merc Gar : yeap!
22:56:33 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : of course not belive those LIARS
but how do we do this?
22:56:42 From Sony : This surpasses the media
22:56:49 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : We can now change and heal our phy
sical bodies, transmution...
22:56:55 From jerry : D20 heay water would be the most common type of w
ater if we have the neutron
22:57:01 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Indeed Kurtis
22:57:06 From juliej : build it they will come...or burn it and game ov
22:57:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : No 1984! No Word War III! I do not
22:57:23 From Brianna C : Also calling on Tarrin on thi subject. Maybe
an idea for an open discussion, to see what your gang feels !
22:57:28 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I DO NOT CONSENT
22:57:38 From Jules : if we don t work to make our own dreams come true
, someone else will pay you to make thiers come true.
22:57:58 From Earl Thibert : lol waves
22:57:59 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : absolutely Jules
22:58:06 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hey hey Jules
22:58:14 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Hey hey Earl xoxox
22:58:20 From juliej : i work for me only
22:58:23 From Karl from Canada : Would the Stanley Meyer water engine f
unction if the makeup of water hs changed...??
22:58:25 From Merc Gar : do they want to change all life structure?!? an
d this might inhibiting some of waters abilities???
22:58:27 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Im going to program my own water
22:58:29 From Star Walker : X2 Marlena , .......... NOT CON-SENT
22:58:41 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : <3
22:58:56 From Carn DW : we did all unlock it
22:59:01 From Maury : Well, I still do not really understand the techni
calities of this chemistry discussion but I can still comment. (I can take damn
ed near anything and comment upon it lol). Anyway, This is for our purposes in
this waking up process aimed at those of scientific/chemistry based focus, kn
owledge and interest. Just as the former controllers, archons, what have you wo
rked with what they considered full spectrum dominence, so too is an over-ridin
g full spectum counter being made available to those who will but resonaste wi
th open Hearts.
22:59:04 From Jules : what we imagine we create
22:59:10 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : indeed
22:59:17 From Robert Munoz : i do
22:59:20 From Sony : Yes, but all that is written by them; i.e. history,
science, etc. can easily be altered by themafter all, the mandela effect is still w
ithin a construct
22:59:37 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : now its time for US to take over
our reality
22:59:39 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Maury!
22:59:39 From Dawn Hart : good stuff Maury
22:59:46 From Brianna C : Dani, in my opinion/feelings YES. Felt this
for a long time about water
22:59:57 From juliej : I painted 100% unlock on my well water tank...
23:00:00 From Sony : Agree, Maurytotally!
23:01:01 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i love my UU family, a bunch of
very very smart, no frills , no bullshit kind of people!!
23:01:22 From juliej : human trafficing across the waters
23:01:30 From phillip s : shipd don t even have figure heads any more a
sking permission to pass
23:01:35 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Flood dreams that people have too.
.. not being catasrophe dreams, just memories
23:01:38 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Absoutey, Dani!
23:01:46 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I had the flood dreams also
23:01:53 From Robert Munoz : water can project laser your energies
23:01:59 From Juho William Tauriainen : there was flooding in my dream
last night
23:02:06 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : and like i told yall when i AP i
crash through water above us
23:02:15 From juliej : my brother has flood dreams...i told him that wa
s in another time line
23:02:18 From Sony : Really, Kurtis!? My main recurring dream is about
flooding and tsunamiswow!
23:02:47 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : use it as a conduit!!
23:03:05 From phillip s : possibly water IS the akashik record itself
23:03:20 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : its part of it Phil
23:03:28 From Juho William Tauriainen : I ve had recurring dreams recen
tly where catastrophe blows away the bullshit and people get really real really
quick :)
23:03:28 From juliej : akashic is program
23:03:39 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : akashic is our personal cell mem
23:03:41 From Merc Gar : hi Claire 
23:03:50 From Star Walker : HUH , water is in my dreams much....
23:03:50 From juliej : gryphons / griffins
23:04:05 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : anyone thats interested in a qui
ck teaching im always available for my family.. just shout me out
23:04:23 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i love your pic Claire xoxoox
23:04:45 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I captured pics of little people
23:04:50 From juliej : spots and stripes
23:04:57 From Maury : The way water is being discussed I see a distinct
parallel with whast the new age community labeled the Akash, or the Akashic rec
ord. Just wondering out loud if just maybe that whole Akash story was the copy
placed within the storyline to copy the actual place the memory , truly was con
tained within. well that just occurred to me and i felt to share it with you al
23:04:58 From Sony : Oh, interesting, Claire
23:05:03 From phillip s : i prefer to call iy conscious record not akas
hik actually but yep just a code program that records each algorythm as it runs
ie DNA imprint on the construct
23:05:05 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I sent D them .. brb.. oh not th
at black goo
23:05:23 From Sony : Agree, AGAIN, Maury!!!
23:05:27 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i call it my real self
23:05:34 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : its just a name
23:05:42 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : a common name so people can rela
23:05:47 From juliej : thanks Maury...Leeloo said it was just another p
23:06:00 From phillip s : what is ity that blocks memory
23:06:02 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : just like ME is just a name so p
eople can relate.. please dont put down a name for only being a name
23:06:19 From Star Walker : eeeehhh yeah , memory wipes........
23:06:43 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I help people go wake up and hel
p themselves with it so please dont do what others do and knock the name of some
23:07:17 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : This is very interesting, Caire!
23:07:30 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Caire...
23:07:34 From juliej : where s Aurora when we need
23:07:57 From Sony : Yes, very interesting!
23:08:14 From Star Walker : Haa ! juliej
23:08:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Claire... my keyboard is playing t
ricks on me!
23:08:17 From Moksha James : yes
23:08:21 From Brianna C : Thank you Claire !!!!
23:08:22 From Elena : same here!
23:08:35 From Moksha James : we agreed
23:08:35 From Robert Munoz : the most bizzare vivid lucid dream i ever
had was mind bogoling
23:08:37 From juliej : rinse & Repeat
23:08:43 From Earl Thibert : i had a crazy dream to Dani
23:09:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I think I need a dose of flying ra
inbow lasagna... then perhaps my typing will improve.
23:09:25 From juliej : You 2 get together...share!!!
23:09:50 From Star Walker : Col Joseph
23:10:04 From juliej : Good dose Joseph!
23:10:43 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thanks juliej.
23:11:04 From juliej : too painful!
23:11:31 From Robert Munoz : 
23:11:47 From Brianna C : Yes, yes, yes
23:11:48 From Maury : I will bet that if a poll were taken right here,
right now the vast, vast majority feels that very same thing. I know for sure i
t extends beyond the confines of this room with people I actually do talk with.
The end point where so called time as we know it runs out and choices will be
made ya or nay and no choice is not acceptable. It would be taken as another ve
rsion of nay.
23:13:01 From GAIL : wtf dani told the gathering clan about being taug
ht binary lat night
23:13:02 From Dawn Hart : I know it Maury as I have told you
23:13:21 From Maury : I know you do Dawn as do I know it.
23:13:30 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : when mom wanted to remember some
thing or she told us to remember something she would tell us to emerge ourselves
in water, or leave our hands in the medicine bowl full of water.. so yeah it is
a conduit for sure
23:13:48 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hey Brianna, Im going to send yo
u pics of the little people i captured
23:13:53 From Star Walker : That makes me think of a song by Rush , Mau
ry.. FreeWill...... no choice is still a choice
23:14:01 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : the easiest way is always the si
23:14:06 From Brianna C : Oh yes Marlena !
23:14:21 From Sony : Interesting, Marlena!
23:14:22 From Merc Gar : yeap
23:14:27 From Maury : You betcha, Star, no choice is still a choice.
23:14:37 From Jules : How about we do a list/post of things on the site
we want to unfuck then see how much we can achieve together each week/month wit
h allocations perhaps and progess reports on our projets?
23:14:38 From Star Walker : Yep :)
23:14:42 From Karl from Canada : I Agree Dani
23:14:45 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : remove the negative people from
your life also, they screw with your positive water inside you
23:14:58 From Brianna C : YES
23:15:01 From Ihor : two night ago Dani I saw You in My dream :) like o
n a cubist painting, as if the image was consisting of three? elements? etymolog
y if it helps, deuterium (n.)
1933, coined by U.S. chemist Harold C. Urey, with Modern Latin ending + Greek de
uterion, neuter of deuterios "having second place," from deuteros "next, second,
" a word of uncertain origin. According to some sources from duo "two" (from PIE
root *dwo- "two"), but according to Watkins the ground sense is "missing" and t
he Greek word is from PIE from *deu-tero-, suffixed form of *deu- (1) "to lack,
be wanting." But Beekes doubts even this. So called because it is twice the mass
of hydrogen. no etymology is available in google search: 0 :) meanwhile: prthvi is
worship of Earth as goddess in Sanskrit
23:15:06 From juliej : Dawn & Mauryplz explain your last post
23:15:06 From Maury : On the water thing, what are the boys in power do
ing with the waters? Gulf of Mexico, pacific Ocean....
23:15:26 From Ihor : :)
23:15:34 From Ihor : welcome :) I will :)
23:15:40 From Karl from Canada : Does vortexing water reset it like for
matting a disk or does it reset it to it s formatted state to allow continued re
23:15:41 From Sony : And Im remembering the situation with a big body of
water being under the Sphinx
23:16:17 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : in my dreams i control the water
23:16:32 From Brianna C : Would like to say something, forgot how to ra
ise hand !!! About water
23:16:59 From Merc Gar : exactly
23:17:03 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : they know the water is what we n
eed for all the answers thats why they are trying to influence the water to be n
23:17:38 From juliej : yes Mar
23:17:58 From Jules : How about we do a list/post of things on the site
we want to unfuck then see how much we can achieve together each week/month wit
h allocations perhaps and progess reports on our projets?
23:17:59 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Left Paw of the Sphinx... under wa
ter... site of the Hall of (Akashic?) Records... all collective memory hidden by
"amnesia"at timmee of the takeover...
23:18:09 From Star Walker : Branna !
23:18:19 From Star Walker : Brianna
23:18:21 From Maury : Excellent observation right there.
23:18:51 From Elena : Brianna... :)
23:18:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : ai "time" of the "takeover"... sti
cky keyboard, sorry!
23:18:57 From juliej : the kids are coming in aware...but the vaxes are
tearing them down.
23:18:58 From Juho William Tauriainen : I sang a spontaneous song of gr
atitude and blessing intent over a local spring when I went to fill a canister w
ith spring water last weekend. Felt like the right thing to do. :)
23:19:18 From Sony : Yes, Josephthat is what I have readjust interesting
how it correlates to the discussion todayif it is to be believed, that is
23:19:22 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : when i do the akashic teachings,
alot of it has to do with how we grab our own cell memory which is the memory o
f our water within us, since all water is connected , so are we as water beings.
. if that makes sense . the other word we use as native people is your water mem
23:19:51 From Karl from Canada : Why is the lightest element feel so he
avy when it s water..???
23:20:27 From Elena : Also Claire.. re the merchant.. & they wanting
to dominate it
23:20:32 From Sony : And the structure of itin all its aspects...
23:20:36 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : yup he proved it , and we did al
so when we did that experiment in UU with the emotions, crystals and water.. int
23:20:55 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : we are suppose to use it , its s
ad that it is suppressed :(
23:21:06 From Star Walker : I watched a demo years ago, the condenced p
ower of water.. like a powersaw cutting through wood..... awesome.
23:21:12 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : not us but the majority..
23:21:23 From Jules : could we write our own program and convert it int
o sound then play it through the water
23:22:07 From juliej : short clip
23:22:21 From Maury : this just popped into my head . A remembrance o
f something.
23:22:23 From Claire Barker : Some of the water is synthetic, and I get
a sense that this messes with the waters connections with us and itself.
23:22:27 From Lemon Panda : interesting idea, Jules
23:22:47 From Rozzanna S : im guessing im really late
23:22:56 From juliej : wow Claire!
23:22:57 From Karl from Canada : Johnathon Goldman using holy harmony p
layed it to a ocean bech area that was polluted and it cleared it..
23:23:20 From Sony : Yes, Clairevery trueI have heard ppl feeling that wa
ter todaydoes not feel the samealso rain...
23:23:28 From Maury : Enya-Water Shows The Hidden Heart
23:24:16 From Sony : Agree, Dani!
23:24:23 From sara-ann : do both
23:24:29 From Brianna C : Easier as a group, always. But not absolutely
necessary, yes
23:24:49 From Robert Munoz : i do it cycles
23:24:52 From Merc Gar : oh, what about the holly water from the catho
lic church?
23:25:01 From Dawn Hart : I stuck my hand in the Colorado river on the
trip with Maury and I told it "I am here" and put Love into it. Remembrance
23:25:13 From Jules : maybe do the sound under water with a waterproof
phone or something then, Maybe if theres enough people then do it to each ocean
23:25:19 From Jayling C : Love it, Dawn!
23:25:20 From Maury : Well I have been taking baths every day for the p
ast full week. Not my usual practice, let me tell you.
23:25:22 From Star Walker : Hi Cindy :)
23:25:26 From Sony : Good one, Merceand one step furtherbaptismacross all re
23:25:37 From Karl from Canada : Vortexing...
23:25:38 From Merc Gar : is this the synthetic water you re talking abou
t @Claire?
23:25:55 From Dawn Hart : Dont say that Maury LOL
23:26:00 From Merc Gar : yeap Sony?!?
Does vortexing water
: Hencea disk
my question
or does it reset it to it s
formatted state to allow continued recordinmg
23:26:07 From juliej : get a funnel to re structure water
23:26:15 From Maury : I hear you Dawn and I understand what you are say
23:26:21 From Dawn Hart : hahahahaha
23:26:29 From Dawn Hart : bathing is good!!!
23:26:32 From Karl from Canada : I can attest.... vortexed water is ver
y different
23:26:37 From Brianna C : Claire, could you maybe post in the UU what y
ou feel synthetic water is ??? This feels important. Thank you <3
23:26:37 From Merc Gar : lol
23:26:38 From Ihor : SWASTIKA I sense relation
23:26:40 From Sony : Oh, wow...
23:26:45 From juliej : with chems
23:26:57 From Rozzanna S : cool
23:26:58 From Nancy Lalonde : We could be also inhaling the polymers in
the chem trails which would dehydrate us.
23:26:59 From Sony : I can see that...
23:27:02 From Claire Barker : Merce I have seen synthetic sea off the c
oast of Australia. My body freaked out.
23:27:24 From Merc Gar : wow!
23:27:34 From Jules : you can use a tandard drill and put a whisk end o
n it and set the drill on reverse lol
23:27:42 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Interesting!! wow!!
23:28:06 From Sony : The alchemy of gold
23:28:09 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Just like i mentioned earlier Da
ni, mom used a medicine bowl full of water and said when we forgot something to
use a bowl of water or immurse ourselves in a bath.. our ancestors used the bowl
but also would go in the river or streams.. yes water is our conduit (i repeat)
23:28:11 From Clive-Albert Dodd : Conductivity maybe
23:28:11 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : more gold... wow!
23:28:18 From Star Walker : Synthetic sea , sounds fucked up , Claire..
23:28:28 From Britt : Gold repells energy.
23:28:29 From Merc Gar : argh, ok thanks Claire, so it isn t connected t
o this Church water!
23:28:29 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Brianna i sent you the pics in D
iscord, also a new link .. see you in there
23:28:46 From Brianna C : Oki Marlena, thank so much :)
23:28:52 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : You are welcome
23:28:56 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : they are so awesome!!
23:29:05 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : ill put them in UU if Dani doesn
23:29:15 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I just translated the Biblical bap
tism of Yeshua (Jesus) in the Jordan River as release of "Soul Memories" symboli
zed by the "dove" coming down upon him... such sensory overload sending him into
the desert to make sense of this massive amount of mental input.
23:29:27 From Claire Barker : Merce. Wasnt specifically thinking of Holy
water, but worth looking at that too.
23:29:36 From Ihor : gold and mercury, land and sea
23:29:41 From Rozzanna S : is the gold a living thing with dna
23:29:43 From juliej : tungsten
23:29:59 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : yeah but isnt it holy because it
s prayed into? all positive thoughts an emotions make our water holy
23:30:03 From Robert Munoz : purity
23:30:14 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Water (immersion by John the Harbi
nger) being the catalyst for "total recall."
23:30:20 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : and*
23:30:21 From Sony : Interesting, Joseph...
23:30:25 From Merc Gar : yes
23:30:36 From Edward Visse : neutral, LOVE
23:30:42 From Maury : Yes, Marlena, water is a very powerful conduit.
That is why this whole discussion is occurring. Started from a chemistry angle
but it has expanded to a much larger consideration. A consideration that is val
id across the board in all interested venues.
23:30:44 From Merc Gar : merging the green and the pink sphere
23:30:48 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : yes the gold dna, the gold table
ts etc
From Karl from Canada : `This is the water vortex tool i use
23:31:50 From juliej : exchange
23:31:51 From Sony : A standard
23:31:57 From Merc Gar : fiat money
23:31:57 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Yes!!
23:32:00 From Elena : and your own gold .. as in the liquid of the gol
den plasma within you!
23:32:03 From GAIL : yes confidence
23:32:29 From Star Walker : Thanks Karl.. the water tool link :)
23:32:33 From Sony : And ancient civilization and goldMayans, Incas, etc
23:32:43 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : you figure the EGYPTIANS always
immersed themselves in gold jewlery and were always carrying water
23:32:55 From sara-ann : streets of london paved with gold :-)
23:33:01 From Merc Gar : and sea shells
23:33:08 From Maury : Obviously there is something about gold that is w
ay more important than a means of exchange.
23:33:08 From Karl from Canada : Gold and silver maintained their state
over long periods of time, they did not break down the way wood, bronze or othe
r metals
23:33:10 From GAIL : maybe it wasnt humans that valued it
23:33:25 From Rozzanna S : We are just water containers
23:33:26 From GAIL : we were made to think it was valueable to us
23:33:28 From sara-ann : golden age :-)
23:33:39 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : and a HUGE conductor
23:33:45 From Robert Munoz : the midas touch
23:33:45 From GAIL : so we hoarded
23:33:46 From Brianna C : Gold as a tool
23:33:47 From Maury : A magnifier of connection .
23:33:52 From Ihor : what about monoatomic gold
23:34:02 From Brianna C : then distorted into |currency"
23:34:04 From Elena : and Greeks
23:34:05 From Merc Gar : yes I learnd that too?!? but there is more to i
23:34:13 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Yesh Brianna 
23:34:27 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i know i always feel better when
i wear gold lol
23:34:28 From Janet Roy : Water and gold are conductors.
23:34:33 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Whats that Merc?
23:34:35 From Maury : It was cheapened into currency.
23:34:37 From Edward Visse : what if gold holds our memories and it is
23:34:43 From Brianna C : Me too Marlena
23:34:48 From Sony : For the alchemist, it represented the perfection of
all matter on any level, including that of the mind, spirit, and soul. The symb
ol for gold could also be used to represent the sun in astrology.
23:34:55 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i was just thinking the same thi
ng Edward hahah
23:34:58 From maddtom . : silver does is e
asy to is is rare but not so rare that it is imposs
ible to find
23:35:16 From Elena : water & gold.... your plasma
23:35:25 From Merc Gar : like the monoatomic gold, for example! kurtis
23:35:38 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : gold is the only thing im not al
lergic to
23:35:43 From Sony : As a transitional metal, gold is symbolic of flexib
ility on our spiritual path while life experience galvanizes our faith.
23:36:11 From Maury : Water is life and gold is abundance.
23:36:11 From Rozzanna S : love that song
23:36:19 From maddtom . : gold is unreactive...low melting point...
23:36:28 From Karl from Canada : 432hz
23:36:29 From Elena : yes Sony
23:36:35 From Sony : The infamous legend of alchemists turning common me
tals into gold is actually a parable for the human quest to change base vulgarit
ies like greed, hate and selfishness into qualities like love, virtue and compas
sion through the process of self-purification. Ergo, gold is symbolic of this t
ransition of the soul.
23:36:38 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : my boyfriend just said gold has
anticeptic properties and kills bacteria , egyptians knew that , thats why they
also used it to eat off of and drink out of
23:36:49 From Karl from Canada : 440hz is what it has been changed to
23:36:53 From Merc Gar : alchemist always searched in later years of the
ir epoque to change lead into gold!
23:36:57 From maddtom . : gold is rare in earths crust...but enough of
it ot go around
23:37:13 From Ihor : Dani :) gold in Latin AURUM probably related to ro
ot *aus- "to shine" (see aurora) :)
23:37:15 From Karl from Canada : Actually silver does that Marlena, way
more thn gold
23:37:29 From Karl from Canada : that is why they put silver coins in w
ater barrels on ships
23:37:30 From Brianna C : Marlena : gold "dust" into honey for treating
infected wounds
23:37:30 From Sony : True, Karl
23:37:32 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : they used to make gold make up a
nd smear their bodies in gold make up
23:37:39 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : indeed Brianna
23:38:29 From juliej : yes Mar...and crushed lapis lazuli was used for
eye makeup
23:38:34 From Merc Gar : oh, wow! Africa, queen of Saba comes to mind?
23:38:37 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : indeed
23:38:37 From Maury : I repeat because I see it clearly. Water is life
sustaining and gold is abundance in life. How that actually works I do not kno
w but that is strong in me right now.
23:38:47 From GAIL : mer chant then claire
23:38:53 From maddtom . : why not osmium or chromium or heliun or seabo
23:39:07 From Brianna C : yes Maury
23:39:13 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Oh Edward hellohello !
23:39:32 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : they know that gold does wonderf
ul things to us thats why they put high price tags on it
23:39:33 From Star Walker : Edward :)
23:39:43 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hello Edward awe <3
23:40:03 From juliej : awe
23:40:10 From Merc Gar : lol 
23:40:42 From juliej : slave labor
23:40:59 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : also gold is made in dental inla
ys and inhibits the growth of bacteria.. js
23:41:02 From sara-ann : and blood diamonds
23:41:19 From Jules : how about using a wedding ring that has love in i
t instead?
23:41:34 From Merc Gar : its dna
23:42:19 From Brianna C : When it s not slave mining, like in S.A/ they
use a lot of cianyde for gold mining, this horribly polluting... water.
23:42:34 From juliej : wedding ring is a contract
23:42:38 From sara-ann : didn`t heather talk about gold having concious
23:42:57 From Sony : Brittania:Columbia...
23:43:10 From Merc Gar : yeap, before Y2K
23:43:12 From d : and mostly mercury brianna
23:43:26 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : at a restaurant i was in they ma
de a plate that you can eat gold
23:43:29 From Star Walker : i ll call it a commitment
is govern-ment.....
23:44:05 From Jules : or use a gold heart locket
23:44:10 From juliej : mercury is quick silver
23:44:27 From Sony : Yes, Marlenathere is edible gold nowwhich they use f
or cakes, also...
23:44:38 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : yes i made a cake with some
23:44:40 From Maury : What is that saying? Oh yes, he/she has a "Heart
of gold".
23:44:59 From maddtom . : if iron didn t rust it wouldnt make a good ba
sis for money because there just too much of itWith all the noble metals except s
ilver and gold are so rare you would have to cast tiny coins
23:45:00 From juliej : and brass
23:45:19 From Brianna C : thanks D. Yes that too... 2 horrors. We had a
big activist fight here, to stop mining (lots of gold in Ro)
23:45:28 From Ihor : frequency, currency and abundance, gold in Latin i
s AURUM, probably related to root *aus- "to shine" (see aurora) :)
23:45:33 From maddtom . : it would turn out that gold is precious becau
se it is so chemically uninteresting
23:45:50 From juliej : i had an alabaster figurine ov Venus demilo
23:46:10 From Maury : Speaking of gold lots of discussions a focus up
on whast is termed the golden dragons . Just sahing.
23:46:14 From Merc Gar : oh the apple that started the Troyan war?
23:46:24 From Sony : Ah, good one, Maury...
23:46:34 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : oh Yes!!!!
23:46:39 From Elena : yup
23:46:47 From juliej : apple computer still control
23:46:48 From Merc Gar : ah, yes Ed!
23:47:04 From Sony : Ive always gravitated to silver...
23:47:06 From sara-ann : silver is my fave <3
23:47:08 From Jules : lol I painted all the plaster work in my place go
ld :)
23:47:17 From maddtom . : GOlds inertness means you can create an eleab
orate cogen jaguar and that 1000 years later it will still be in pristine condit
23:47:24 From Merc Gar : itvis also connected to the Moon and cancer and
23:47:26 From Moksha James : unconditional love is the highest above ku
23:47:35 From Star Walker : That s showed up too... snakes/serpents in
my dreams
23:47:36 From Moksha James : gold above silver
23:47:36 From Sony : And American Indians use more silver than gold...
23:47:40 From phillip s : was stirling the actual power behind the empi
re age...
23:47:47 From Elena : makes sense to me
23:47:48 From maddtom . : currency only has value because we decide tha
t it does
23:47:51 From juliej : brass
23:47:52 From Star Walker : yep , Kundalini
23:48:36 From Jules : there is a secret tugston mine here on the edge o
f Dartmoor!
23:48:37 From Maury : You are on the correct trail in this discussion.
Keep at it, keep on it. There is a realization to be had from it.
23:48:59 From Moksha James : Maury do tell!
23:49:02 From Sony : I agree, Mauryam getting that sense also, strangely
23:49:11 From maddtom . : Gold has one quality that makes it the stand
out contender for currency....golod is golden
23:49:16 From phillip s : pirates used pieces of 8 silver as the measur
e ... actually spanish silver behing their empire age
23:49:19 From Maury : Nope, realizations come from within, not from wit
23:49:44 From phillip s : credit cards have the gold chip
23:49:45 From Dawn Hart : Currency is energy is more ways than one
23:49:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : You paymarket price for an ounce o
f silver or goolld...
23:49:54 From juliej : the weight of a true copper penny is worth more
than a cent today
23:50:00 From Moksha James : spoken like a true guru Maury (just kiddin
23:50:04 From Moksha James : Yoda
23:50:16 From GAIL : back to value in confidence
23:50:27 From phillip s : blockchain has no direct connection to a meta
23:50:32 From juliej : e x a c t l y
23:50:39 From Karl from Canada : it is going to make it easier to charg
e $30 for a loaf of bread soon..
23:50:40 From Juho William Tauriainen : electronic currency = completel
y virtual, FAKE value
23:50:58 From Jules : you can order a bank card without the gold chip b
ut they make it difficult for you
23:50:59 From phillip s : pluss acceptence
23:51:04 From Maury : It is tempting to give an answering response to y
our question, Moksha but I would far rather you realize it for yourself from wit
hin yourself. That way it is yours to claim as yours alone.
23:51:07 From Elena : except that You are the value in the numbers on t
he screen
23:51:10 From Sony : Exactly!
23:51:11 From Juho William Tauriainen : arbitrary value, total disempow
23:51:11 From Moksha James : please say again?
23:51:15 From maddtom . : unhooked unchained digitized and zero d out
23:51:19 From Moksha James : Claire?
23:51:22 From juliej : i like to gift everything
23:51:23 From Merc Gar : oh, interesting?!!
23:51:26 From Karl from Canada : bitcoin is created using a unit of ele
ctrocal energy, that is the consideration
23:51:28 From phillip s : offer consideration acceptence=contract
23:51:29 From Elena : yes Claire
23:51:36 From Star Walker : Yep, Juho .. digital fake "money"
23:51:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "one dollar and other good and val
uable presents" to make a transfer of real estate (free act and deed)
23:51:57 From Sony : Well said, Clairethank you
23:52:08 From Karl from Canada : it takes enegy to create it
23:52:13 From Elena : you as Unit ...
23:52:13 From Moksha James : Claire can u say again?
23:52:29 From Sony : Againall is perception...
23:52:35 From Sony : illusion...
23:52:36 From Merc Gar : it frequency
23:52:41 From phillip s : electricity is connected to water... steam ac
tually except in renewables solar specifically
23:52:50 From Jules : i always thought they had free energy and just ma
de us paid bills
23:52:58 From Elena : extracting!! from you
23:53:00 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : yes ohhhh lol!!
23:53:16 From Star Walker : Ill-usion .... Sony :)
23:53:16 From Merc Gar : no, have to look into still too
23:53:24 From juliej : Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
23:53:27 From Elena : or.. mining.. from you
23:53:28 From Sony : Currency; Current Sea
23:53:35 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : dont forget the gold thats used
inside mother boards
23:53:42 From Rozzanna S : hmm
23:53:44 From Star Walker : Yep Sony
23:54:01 From Sony : @Star;)
23:54:02 From juliej : it s all in the spelling words
23:54:12 From juliej : yes
23:54:16 From Sony : Oh, yes, Daniyes
23:54:19 From Maury : 4fth Reich
23:54:20 From Rozzanna S : ya i always felt that
23:54:20 From Merc Gar : yes
23:54:22 From Elena : yes Phillip
23:54:23 From Star Walker : ....... thanks to , The Golden Web series
23:54:25 From Dawn Hart : something to do with being off the grid as be
ing ILLEGAL in the not having utilities I know this is all connected to our very
23:55:04 From juliej : yes dawn...i so want to be off grid ttally.
23:55:08 From Dawn Hart : Utilities are some sort of agreement on a muc
h bigger level than we know
23:55:18 From Sony : There you go, Maurythe war was, again, a show...
23:55:33 From Elena : would say much the same Dawn...
23:55:38 From d : oh interesting thought dawn!!
23:55:40 From Elena : You
23:55:41 From Jenny Thomas : Fractional reserve banking
23:55:54 From Dawn Hart : me too I just dont want to go with Tesla sola
r panels not a fan of the company anymore
23:56:00 From Jules : electricity is energy.. we are all energy so the
currency is us..our labour?
23:56:07 From Clive-Albert Dodd : You never get a bill you always get a
23:56:08 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : our money is nothing but IOUs
23:56:19 From Sony : And that all started with the pirates.
23:56:33 From Sony : Piratesseawater
23:56:38 From Maury : I will say this much; the actual physical time wi
ll arrive when the grid will not be necessary for us to sustain ourselves. I
know, I know, not quite yet but I am here saying that will indeed be the case.
23:56:56 From Elena : through labour.. energy.. You
23:57:11 From Star Walker : Out-dated , boring-ass electric grid......
.. and Embarrassing ......
23:57:44 From juliej : most paper is drug money
23:57:56 From phillip s :
23:58:03 From Sony : Agree, Julie J
23:58:14 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : The oligodynamic effect (from Gr
eek oligos "few", and dynamis "force") is a biocidal effect of metals, especiall
y heavy metals, even in low concentrations. The effect was discovered in 1893 by
Karl Wilhelm von Ngeli... so there ya go
23:58:15 From Elena : to control the energy ... the electricity.. whic
h is You!
23:58:29 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : thats for gold btw
23:58:32 From Ihor : so the new hydrogen has NO neutrons and neutron is a
n electrically neuter particle of the atom i.e. it is NOT CHARGED :) what does i
t mean that :)
23:58:33 From Rozzanna S : ya can i get gold
23:58:40 From Maury : We will be self sustaining and not require just a
nother copy of what we currently know or have known. Free energy as being talke
d about bys the likes of the Elon Musks of the world are in effect the replaceme
nt to be offered of the old grid for the new grid they want to sell.
23:58:46 From sarah : cryptocurrency starts off with a limited amount.
once its started off with that amout, thats it, you cant create anymore
23:58:55 From Jules : oh i found out the water bill in the UKis a reque
st and they can t take you to court as it s a request for payment lol
23:59:22 From Brianna C : Nice Jules !
23:59:48 From Sony : Yes, exactly
23:59:51 From juliej : yes yes...many you tube vids on this
00:00:03 From Jules : and thats straight from the citizens advice centr
00:00:25 From juliej : brainwashed to trust
00:00:34 From Jules : from a tenant that had money problems told me
00:00:50 From Star Walker : Exactly juliej
00:01:10 From Sony : There is no more gold backed currency flowing...
00:01:33 From juliej : Game Over! We have Arrived
00:01:40 From Star Walker : :)
00:02:18 From Elena : They re still doing that... even with Steel (lol)
... Zerohedge article on Ghost Collateral
00:03:00 From Robert Munoz : 
00:03:18 From Rozzanna S : hmm
00:03:26 From Jules : i heared he USA tax collectors is a company outsi
de the USA and it goes there from a guy who was high up in the system
00:03:36 From juliej : Every Country has the same story....Arizona does
00:03:48 From Maury : Peurto Rico, Jules.
00:04:00 From Jules : yes thats the one lol
00:04:01 From Star Walker : Yep Maury
00:04:14 From Rozzanna S : ya he was an idiot
00:04:42 From Maury : Not an idiot in the technical sense a sold son ao
f a bitch is more appropriate.
00:05:01 From Rozzanna S : ok ya i like yours
00:05:01 From Elena : all extracted from You
00:05:01 From Merc Gar : the system - the monopoly-rules are the issue!
00:05:07 From Sony : Oh, if you pull the thread on that onea WHOLE LOT o
f stuff unravels
00:05:20 From Star Walker : Col son-of-a-monkey
00:05:31 From Ihor : hydrogen: no neutron no charge :)
00:06:05 From Jules : what happens if you can t pay for them then!!!!!
00:06:22 From Jules : they ut u off dont the
00:06:30 From Jules : y
00:06:33 From Sony : Lhoryes, keep going back to thatinteresting
00:06:41 From Merc Gar : wow!
00:06:45 From Ihor : yes Sony :)
00:06:52 From Clive-Albert Dodd : You never get a real bill for electri
city or water, what you get is a statement.
00:07:12 From Sony : Daniis that Confessions of an Economic Hit Man?
00:07:28 From Star Walker : Yeah that , Clive :)
00:07:31 From Clive-Albert Dodd : Because it s all pre-paid, that is my
00:07:37 From Dawn Hart : EL s = Electricity (Yellow Rose)
00:07:55 From Jules : so if u dont pay the bill and they cut off your u
tilities then u get what u want?
00:07:57 From juliej : elecric lords
00:08:03 From juliej : electric
00:08:16 From Jules : mine is not re paid
00:08:20 From Elena : transmitting utilities .... You, we, are the tr
ansmitting utilities ... the light, or electric/energy/energetic light, transmit
ting utiliities
00:08:22 From Clive-Albert Dodd : You ask them for a real bill as per t
he bills of exchange act
00:08:22 From Maury : Can t help myself; IS RA EL
00:08:34 From Dawn Hart : he is an EL
00:08:42 From Karl from Canada : bills of exchange act which is where t
he procedure is about signing for our consumer purchases..
00:08:48 From Clive-Albert Dodd : The will never send you a bill ever
00:08:48 From Dawn Hart : there are many ELOHIM
00:08:55 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : That s good, Maury!
00:09:09 From Sony : Yes, Maury...
00:09:17 From Elena : Yup
00:09:22 From Clive-Albert Dodd : And it only applies for business, dom
estic are supposed to be pre-paid
00:09:44 From juliej : Battery
00:09:46 From Sony : Yes, we are the current sea...
00:09:59 From Jules : you have to send the created stamped return bill
to the head office in a certain way as they are the only people who know about t
he bill excange system
00:10:31 From phillip s : utilities are the currency of our Lumber (liv
ing labour) or the agreed script receipts as such... pity every country has priv
itised them
00:10:34 From Clive-Albert Dodd : right
00:11:05 From Sony : Danioh, yeahfor sure!
00:11:17 From Renae Little : The long con......
00:11:33 From Dawn Hart : nope
00:11:38 From Elena : which is You
00:11:45 From Dawn Hart : not coincendental at all
00:11:58 From juliej : Thank You Claire for all you I m a P
00:12:00 From Maury : I can do something with that, Sony. Yes we are t
he current see but that is the theft and the replacement for what used to be w
here the real sea was the connector if you will that was not accessible to who
ever the invaders truly are and they used us as their closest alternative. Anot
her one i see clearly hope my written wordds masrginally transmit what I am seei
ng right now.
00:12:15 From Clive-Albert Dodd : A man or woman are the real value, yo
ur time and energy
00:12:23 From phillip s : human body as a unit of electricity litterall
00:12:26 From Karl from Canada :
00:12:28 From Sony : Mauryspot on!!!!
00:12:29 From Merc Gar : the electric universe is a scientific "theory"
00:12:45 From Sony : Yes, Clive
00:12:58 From Sony : Yes, Phillip
00:12:59 From Cindy Howard : originally electricity was suppose to be f
ree. we still have a federal on the books that says that.
00:13:06 From Merc Gar : thanks Karl 
00:13:09 From Britt : They are selling out in norway too
00:13:09 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : ok my lovely family, im back
00:13:37 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : omg my electric bill is ridick
00:13:40 From Dawn Hart : OUr agreement to these services runs deep
00:14:03 From Jules : if they are a private company the just like our t
v licence then you have to make a contract with them for them to bill you... sig
n up with them. Maybe if you get a new house then just don t contact the compani
es to connect you and ignor the letters
00:14:07 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i love HOMEWORK
00:14:16 From juliej : yes dawn...a river runs through it.
00:14:25 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : oh good movie
00:14:27 From phillip s : there is a connection between electricity and
water by the way
00:14:30 From Merc Gar : yeap
00:14:31 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : what exactly do you want us to d
00:14:34 From Renae Little : When the states went bankrupt back in 1933
part of the restitution to the people was to be that utilites would be free, ou
r "statements" were to be an accounting of the dividend that we had received
00:14:41 From Elena : the unit of currency... is You.
00:14:45 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i have all kinds of info on wate
r for you DANI, we can go over it next time
00:14:50 From Merc Gar : it is all connected
00:14:53 From Clive-Albert Dodd : Rene right on
00:14:53 From Brianna C : Gys, love you all, just got sent in "must sle
ep now" mode, and will comply. Will watch the end on the upload. Great GREAT thi
ngs coming out today ! <3 See you tomorrow in UU and Discord to keep pop
ping about all this. Water sleep calling now. A demain !!!
00:14:54 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : EVERYTHING DANI, everything
00:14:56 From phillip s : making electy
00:14:56 From Elena : water conductior
00:15:09 From phillip s : steam generation
00:15:10 From juliej : Water is Life
00:15:11 From Moksha James : Marlena, I think she wants us to "connect
some dots"
00:15:16 From Claire Barker : And shorting out electricity
00:15:21 From Sony : Gold being a major conductor
00:15:21 From sarah : ireland is trying to privatise water... huge oppo
sition from the public
00:15:34 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : ride on
00:15:36 From Edward Visse : electricity can program water
00:15:43 From Star Walker : Brianna
00:15:44 From Elena : Thank you :)
00:15:51 From phillip s : currents in water and elecy currency
00:15:57 From Karl from Canada : i think i just posted the full version
00:16:03 From Star Walker : Bye :) >3
00:16:04 From phillip s : same
00:16:05 From Sony : Thank you so much, Dani and all!
00:16:10 From Merc Gar : thanks Dani and all
00:16:14 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : see you soon Star Wars xoxoxo
00:16:18 From Moksha James : we ufuckin it lol
00:16:26 From Jayling C : Thanks, D, and everyone else also :)
00:16:27 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I love you all very much
00:16:34 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you, Dani...
00:16:38 From Jules : How about we do a list/post of things on the site
we want to unfuck then see how much we can achieve together each week/month wit
h allocations perhaps and progess reports on our projects?
00:16:43 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : thanks for always being there fo
r me and our really awesome community
00:16:54 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : thats for everyone in here , my
UU family xoxoxxo
00:16:56 From Merc Gar : yes
00:17:24 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : you broke out MAURY!!
00:17:28 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : cant hear you man
00:17:32 From Elena : Save the chat maybe?
00:17:48 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Please save the chat.
00:17:49 From Cindy Howard : exactly
00:17:56 From Star Walker : That was to Brianna , Marlena :) .....
00:17:59 From juliej : they created a Dam...
00:18:02 From phillip s : machines have no water
00:18:04 From Sony : Yes, Maury...
00:18:10 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : ohohoh yes!!
00:18:31 From Merc Gar : love your point Maury 
00:18:31 From phillip s : they need us to connect to the water
00:18:36 From Moksha James : good job Maury!
00:18:39 From GAIL : oh yes maury
AND the new hydrogen has NO neutrons and neutron is an electrically neuter particl
e of the atom i.e. it is NOT CHARGED what does it mean then :)
neutrons are not charged are they? )
00:18:40 From phillip s : good one maury
00:18:42 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : he breaks out when its the criti
cal information we need to hear!! check that out
00:18:48 From Moksha James : yes
00:18:48 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : claire... gold=sun!
00:18:49 From Star Walker : Maury :)
00:18:59 From Britt : Dani, did you talk about the dream you had?
00:19:00 From Clive-Albert Dodd : Well said Maury
00:19:05 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you, Maury!
00:19:07 From juliej : Thanks Maury...You re On It!
00:19:07 From Sony : Yes, Kurtisright!
00:19:11 From Merc Gar : thanks a lot Maury 
00:19:13 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i think this is fhe first time i
never talked lol
00:19:15 From Sony : Suna portal?
00:19:44 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Sony -   Yes!! well the gold source/sph
00:19:53 From Kurtis Lorenzo Smith : Its a maybe right
00:20:00 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : YFRT says the Sun is the Exit Door
00:20:15 From Sony : Yes, Kmaybe?
00:20:24 From Elena to d(Privately) : Dani, could you save the chat?
if everyone is ok with it?
00:20:35 From phillip s : quantum piece lol can be + , - or neutral or
all 3
00:20:40 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i was going to write something v
ery cool but ill save it for our homework lol
00:20:45 From Ihor : yes! :)
00:20:51 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : YRFT I mean...
00:20:51 From Dawn Hart : I know this book
00:20:52 From Sony : Ohwowsay no more...
00:20:57 From Star Walker : I have heard that, the sun being a portal ,
00:20:58 From juliej : i heard of this long ago
00:21:02 From Dawn Hart : I have it here
00:21:10 From Sony : Staror entrance...
00:21:28 From Star Walker : Yep Sony
00:21:29 From Merc Gar : strange, indeed!