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A case study on

All Time products in snacks business

Course Title and Code

Marketing Theory and Practices (M501)

Prepared for
Dr. Md. Ridhwanul Haq
Associate Professor and BBA Chairperson
IBA, University of Dhaka

Prepared by

Name Class ID
Tanisa Tasmim Sinthia RQ 10
A.R.M. Mozaffar Hossain ZR 24
Walid Saif Khan ZR 49
56th Batch, MBA Program

Date of Submission
May 23, 2017

Institute of Business Administration

University of Dhaka
Nilkhet Road. Dhaka-1000

Snacks business is a growing industry. It caters the need of customers from varying class,
meets different needs both in home and out of home consumption. So there are
opportunities for heavy marketing and brand positioning. Through creative anticipation.
PRAN group launched All Time Brand that introduced packaged bakery items to the
consumers. Throughout the years, PRAN All Time brand has secured a well-recognized spot
in out of home consumption food industry by successful initiatives.


Bangladesh, a typical south Asian country where people usually have 3 meals per day.
However, it is a common behavior consumers exhibit almost every day life when they stop
for having light foods or snacks in between the meals. Snack items are consumed both in
and outside home. Eating out has become fancy for some and necessity for many people.
Out of home consumption originates from the consumers convenience especially those who
stay a long period of time outside of home. To cater for those consumers, a wide variety of
businesses has sprung up ranging from snacks at a road side shop to the meals at a
gourmet restaurant or fast food points at shopping malls. In Bangladesh, a typical South
Asian country, roadsides shops, especially tea stalls cater the needs of people who want to
have budget snacks. Tea, a very popular beverage and so tea stalls have sprung up almost
anywhere from busy cross roads, or streets, near park or educational institutes across the

For in home snacking, there are traditional foods as well as with changing lifestyle people
have welcomed bakery food items. And since people usually prefer to take snacks along with
tea both in and out of home, stall owners and retailers keep a variety of snack items in their
shops. A very significant amount of those snacks comprise of bakery and confectionary
items such as buns, cakes, or biscuits. Usually these bakery and confectionary items are
supplied to these tea stalls and similar shops by local bakers or confectioners. Many giant
local conglomerates are realizing the potential of this market and doing their best to capture
the shares of the market. PRAN, a local conglomerate is among the first movers which
started to market budget snack products that are produced in factory. Nowadays, a variety
of packaged bakery items is now widely available in tea stalls or shops with similar purpose.

PRAN foods Limited(PFL)

PRAN-RFL is one of the largest food product producing company in Bangladesh which was
established in 1981 through the incorporation of Rangpur Foundry Limited. Since the
inception they have diversified their businesses in processed food items, dairy products,
plastic made consumer goods, light engineering and now have more than 25 subsidiaries.
PRAN which stands for Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally is widely known name
in processed foods and beverage industry. They have established themselves with the
brand name PRAN for different processed foods items which are usually consumed as snack
items such as juice, biscuits, candy, fried pulses etc. But their success story of becoming a
major player in processed food industry does not only depend on a wide variety of product
lines, but also to their extensive supply and distribution channel which enables them to
access even the remotest place of the country. There is hardly any shop in this country
which does not have products produced by them. In addition to that, they have a pricing
strategy too which is relevant to the socio-economic status of the majority of the people of
this country. These all contribute to their deep penetration in the market.

All time Brand

All time brand was launched in the early 2009 with only 2000 packs of All Time breads
aimed at in home consumption. PFL then targeted the Out of Home consumption and
introduced butter bun in two flavorsVanilla and Chocolate under the All Time Brand name.
And soon it became popular among the consumers in the tea stalls. These butter buns come
in 50g pack with MRP 8.00 tk. Now these buns have more variations in strawberry, chocolate
and peanut variations. All time brands now have 46 different products in different
categories. They are also planning to introduce few more products under this brand
including premium cake, multi-grain breads etc. All Time Bread, Buns, and Cookies are the
key products of these brands. Daily volume based production as follows

Product type Daily production volume

Bread, Buns, and honeycombs 1.5 lakh pieces
Cookies and Rust(Toast biscuits) 2 lakh tons

One of the interesting fact about All Time brand is that the approach to build the brand
name. Earlier PRAN foods would launch their products under the brand name PRAN. But
there have been numerous occasions where products under that caused public annoyance
for marketing substandard products and less focus in quality control. During that period
PRAN launched products in several categories through new brand names such asMax Cola,
Tango, Mr. Noodles, Power, Robust, Mr. Mango, Treat chocolate bar, Fit, Canton Soup etc. All
Time and these other brands were launched with their own selling propositions and were
successful in creating perceptions in the consumers mind which were different from earlier
After the early success, All Time has been extended to other categories to get a share of pie
in both home and outside consumption. Variants of buns, slice cakes were introduced for out
of home consumption while Bread, premium Cakes, Cookies, and Rust items were also
launched in quick succession for in home consumption. All of these products also come in
different size and variants.

All Time Bread 150gm, 250gm, 350gm, 500gm, 700gm

All Time Cookies 325gm (Jar and Foil Pack)
All Time Toast 405gm, 150gm, 400gm
All Time Honeycomb, slice cake, French bun 50g, 90gm
Quality management and Distribution: Quality management and smooth distribution of
products across the country made All Time a successful brand. PRAN-RFL group had set up
an industrial park at Habiganj back in 2014. The industrial park was established on 217
acres of land and Liquid glucose, processed foods, flexible packaging, plastic and PVC
products, bicycle, electric cable, glass, and toiletries are being manufactured at the
industrial park. Currently about 50 product lines are operational in the industrial park. In
process foods division, All Time products are produced under strict guideline. Food products
are processed and produced in automatic machines where physical human contact is not
required. Raw materials for this products are mainly sourced from local markets and the
chemical substances that are required are sourced from outside the country. In Dhaka
International Trade Fair (DITF), 2017, PFL had set up a mini live factory to showcase how
butter buns, honeycombs and cookies are produced in the facility with proper quality and
hygiene management.

All Time Products are distributed across the country through their another subsidiary Bengal
Bakers Limited. They distribute the product to the local dealer points, owned and managed
by third party. Then these products are sent to retail points by the local dealer. These food
products have a very short shelf life( around 7 days) thats why distribution has to be very
smooth and quick so that all the local dealers across the country get fresh intake of
products. However, PFL does not have any formal market return policy for any products that
are damaged or got expired in the shoppers or dealers point. Even though there is demand
for buns and honeycombs in the market, sellers are reluctant to keep greater inventory of
these items. So, local distributors send their sales representative twice or thrice a week to
make sure fresh products are available. Even sometimes, local dealers pay for damaged and
expired products.

All Time products are also exported to different overseas destinations. PRAN Exports Limited,
a subsidiary of the Group manages the export of all the PRAN products outside of
Bangladesh through third party distribution or dealership. Using the pre-existing channel All
Time Brand entered overseas market and especially in Asian and Gulf markets they are
earning the greater share of the revenue for the company.

Destination Countries
Europe EU countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy,
Gulf market Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Dubai, Saudi
Asia Malaysia, Singapore, China, Brunei,
Oceania Australia, India, New Zealand

Media Management and Trade Promotion: As a part of their brand building initiatives All
Time brand had aired 50 sec and 10 sec TVCs with the tagline Big Solutions to small

cravings ( ) during cricket series played by Bangladesh team. Apart from

that they have also sponsored a quiz competition in Radio today this year. Recently they
have sponsored a YouTube based short film on mothers day. They keep their media
presence active mainly through TV, Radio and Print Media. Previously they have sponsored
cooking shows, concerts as well.

All Time also has an Official Facebook page and YouTube page by which they keep their
consumers engaged online during different occasions like Valentines day, Mothers day,
Bengali First year, and other religious auspicious days. They post short videos on occasions
through their pages.

Every year All Time products along with other food items are exhibited in the PRAN-RFL
pavilions in DITF. This year to engage people in front of their pavilions, they placed mickey
mouse with selfie stand. In their pavilion they invited Swagoto, Mishu Tausif, Safa Kabir,
Sabila Nurcelebrities who are popular among their TG and broadcasted it live on Facebook.
In their YouTube Page, they have hosted a cooking show where different meal preparations
are demonstrated.

In the trade they mainly have two kinds of promotions. They are 1. Volume based pricing, 2.
Bundle pricing. In volume based pricing they offer free products for a specific amount of
purchase of the same product. They usually offer it to drive up the sale. On the bundle
pricing strategy, they offer attractive pricing for two or more product items.

Competition: Realizing the opportunities, many conglomerates are also entering the
market with their own products. Fu Wang foods, Olympic have already entered the market
with their bun products. But in the OOH consumption category, All Time faces strongest
competition from locally made bakery items. In the home consumption items there are
competitors like Haque foods limited, Olympic, Danish, Kishwan etc. who have their own
product range.

Case Questions:

1. Mention main reasons for the success of PRAN All Time brand.
2. How All Time brand can increase its present market share in the foreign market?
3. How do you think PRAN can assist the local dealers to reduce loss for the damaged
and expired products?
4. What other marketing policies can PRAN All Time brand incorporate to penetrate in
the mass market?
5. What other promotional activities would you suggest to sell their product?
6. How do you think PRAN All Time brand should sustain its local market dominance?